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Tuesday, Jun 05 2012

Lightening our carbon foot print for OUR CHILDREN  -  @ 05:34:pm
Some have said “Vita” is always the consistent, current "black"
(As opposed to the new black)... Some have said “Vita is her
own “Venus Stargate…and the light of a Tibetan Moon...

We at “Vita are definitely clear, that Vita/life could well be
seen heard and felt as the dark and the light, the sad and happy...
the belief in a more responsible well formed fearless future.

Some might say“Vita is little bit naughty,and quite nice..
Not to mention loved ones, very current and always present and
indeed always paying attention to what is going on…

Some have said “Vita can often times be delightfully amusing
and somewhat alluring..Some have said very private with very
clear boundaries… Elusive exclusive and indeed loving and


We are now full frontal in our new beginnings loved ones.
Julia and Greg have made great leaps into the future with
a very progressive program with her government...

Minority or not, (and what does that really mean in a
genuine democracy?) That we ONLY can have 2 opinions or
choices? Seriously flawed idea my dears, and barely has
any cred in the 21st century!

That is a very amusing indeed must be a patriachal concept
"you can have this or that". Oh dear no other choices no
other NEW ways of being. Thank the Goddess for Bob's
ongoing tenacity and Christine's will to move forward as

We at Vita can barely stop Humming "sisters are doing for
all of us" hahaha! We tend toward a belief she has achieved
what others feared to create!!

“The “Carbon Foot Print Responsibility Package”(must speak
to her people about "Vita's innovative new branding for the
product") Brillante some have said, would have saved a lot
of heart ache early on loved ones!

Ah yes we are dancing into our futures as the "CFPRP" is
being rolled out to assist voters adjust to a cleaner safer
compassionate future as we speak tn Australia...!


The current Government has pressed on with a clear vision
of the new frontiers. Lightening our carbon footprint from
the 1ST of July 2012. Sorry for more details Google it ya
self... It is Sooo.... big I can not make it fit on the page NO not a bad link to BIG!

This opportunity where we all take RESPONSILITY for OUR
future OUR planet... Bless her for her bravery given she
does live knee deep behind enemy lines loved ones!

How tiresome for her to work with people stuck in the past!
A world that is full of patriarchal fear, loathing misogyny
and paradigms that look back NOT forward.DO NOT loved ones
get me started on that old chestnut..Grrrrrr


Click on the links below and see how this forward thinking
brave new frontier looks! It could well be said they are
making genuine steps to assist voters in all circumstances,
(including those that want to create new industries across


We are on our way to making the transition from a polluting
voter to a sustainable voter with a commitment to the next
generation ost of living clean.. The current OZ government
are giving a red hot go! (sorry Julia no pun intended) just
love the term)! It is with a new vigor and commitment to
looking after the earth… Do a search on industries of the
future in Australia if ya wanna know more!

We are in the Transition stage of change loved ones it is
birth and a death to NON RESPONSIBILUTY that is a great
thing for all US!


I will bring to people’s attention that all Australians are
STILL PAYING GST EVERY DAY! So let’s consider the impact of
that over YEAH 12 YEARS, loved ones! As we say at “Vita do
not ask how you have helped the GST ask how the GST helped
one or the next generation over the last 12 years.


Then there are, those more familiar with trashing the earth
rather than caring for it Who is stuck in fear and loathing
by simply saying NO NO NO!! One is beginning to wonder if
“Tony” is a small boy caught in a man’s body!!

Trust me it happens all the time and they are often seen
trying to escape when they don’t like the truth! Sorry if
you unaware of who “Tony is” Google “abbott bolts”...An
article showing us very much the boy inside the man’s body.
What Australians may like to consider is do they want a 3
year old misogynist boy running their local and international
affairs.. Hmmm!


It isn’t the end of mankind loved ones! It is certainly a new
vibrant vital and very exciting new future that we can all feel
proud of.A future we played a part in creating. We can now say
proudly too our children, “we committed our resources to create
a better future that benefitted the whole!

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the
Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our Children."
Ancient Indian Proverb

Be aware and thrilled we are now ready to hold the moon in our
hands! Look to the moon tonight and see the Venus Stargate


Saturday, Mar 31 2012

"Best practice, "ones authentic leadership  -  @ 02:32:pm

“If ones actions inspire others to dream more, learn
more, do more and become more, one is a leader.”“

An authentic leaders courage is apparent they honour
genuine inclusive, beliefs. Authentic leaders have
vision that comes from passion, not position, nor
perceived misplaced power over another. LJK

"Each person must live their life as a model for others".
Rosa Parks

"Men don't monopolize success." Nellie Bligh


As we say at “Vita”, authentic leaders often times thrill
us, with their immense courage vigor vitality and creative
innovation. Authentic leader are willing to acknowledge the
immense journey it takes to reach the mountaintop and to
recognize the crevices that need to be crossed!

An authentic leader makes every step a brave step. Committed
leaders never over committ and complain later! Courageous
leaders travel bravely with grace til they KNOW THEIR journey
is complete!

" Nellie" anothher great traveller and paradigm shaper! Ah
yes a woman ahead of her time, a very brave woman journalist
willing to risk her life, to create new understanding!

Authentic leaders create trust understand & understand
the big picture! REALISTIC leaders allow the future to
be explored fully without fear of the future.

Authentic leaders create skilled teams without ego that
build the future, step by step, they grow and evolve a
clear vision of how things can be!

“This is what truly distinguishes a leader from merely
a follower.”

Authentic leaders create the future and act from courage
not fear, they are thrilled at the opportunity to change!
Genuinely evolved leaders are not bound by patriarchy or
old paradigms of “how things were”, "if aint broke
don't fix it!!

Very interesting concept who is in charge of that belief??
Goddess us,next the nay sayers will try to maintain that
being a misogynist is a "culturtal right.."(said with
irony loved ones)!

“It’s my way or the highway” Or worse “you’re with us or
against us...” GB” said that! Hmmm and look where that has
taken the USA loved ones! Authentic leaders are inspired
and excited by change.

Authentic leaders inspire others, by exploring new frontiers
yet NEVER exploit nor patronize those they lead..Nor leave
others with less and then blame the other for the position
they’ve been left in!

Evolved leaders step lightly on the earth and commit to less
is best. Authentic leaders have the courage to believe in
"Carbon Neutral" futures...

Trustworthy leaders create the future with a collaborative
appraoch consistency and belief in ones convictions. MMm, take
note Julia good verbs and actions will work for you.

Authentic leaders are compelling in presence mind and spirit.
They are committed to motivate, empower, articulate and are
very innovative. Evolved leaders have enquiring minds, one
that makes room for new possibilities. Authentic leaders
embrace complexity calmly and confidently.

The link below is for those who are not familiar with “down under’
and useful to know what is going on beyond ones local frontier
and a look see at who influences who! Remember it is not about
you it is certainly NOT about me but it is about US...

Oh Goddess us one would have to acknowledge with so many voices
to negotiate with Julia is giving it a “red hot go”( really no
pun intended darling!!)

So we at Vita say, "give a goddess a break! Bless her she as
one might say is at the "coal face" of politics! ( which is so
last century, as we know loved ones.)

She is wih no doubt up close and cringing, against the "great
wall" of patriarchy!" Not to mention having to listen to their
"NO can do approach", passé paradigms. Exhausting stuff when one
has moved mountains very quickly and dug into to brave new ways
of being in the 21st century!

I can assure you, it could well leave her my loved ones, very
cross on occasion "banging about in her kitchen cabinet,"(KFP)
See link below)...

Often "times" I suggest, left wondering whether her approach could
do with a quick whip around the chamber, to keep all the ingredients
fresh and palatable. It may well be a particularly useful terchnique,
for those unable to grasp the essence of the future!

Or indeed she could give herelf a generous serve of meet me halfway
and gives herself a cheerful "well done" me! It may give way to know
and trust that souffle her soufflé will rise! Being a 70's girl I am
sure she is well acquainted with the benefits of sharing reasources
and the well loved progressive dinner.”


One could suggest Australia does not necessarily have a “minority
government” “or getting into bed with the enemy’ blah blah blah...
It could well be said they’re simply reframing what a democratic
government could really be and become...

More independent voices, oh how terribly modern loved ones!MMM examine
and hear more than 2 sides of the story! Goddess love that paradigm!
We at “Vita” suggest Bob’s people are about to have their day in the
sun if people actually start paying attention!

Oh and “independents with good content could well become very very
fashionable very NOW very soon! The challenge is truly on US loved
ones and, up against the woeful yelling of the old guard…

Call them what ya will the patriarchy, the fear mongers, the nay
sayers, or worse “that is not possible people“. It could well
be said these “folk” (thanks KR) tend to take a “turn back the
clock” ‘I will stamp my foot and yell at you approach,”


(It is a well known fact “never yell at others unless they’re
in danger”. Take note “TA ” and ya friends “Barnaby & Brandis”.
Some have said they are the real new mafia,"dirty carbon foot
gangsters! Leaving their mark spilling their garbage all over
the place and determined too make us all pay for their mess
and skepticism!

Yelling and the use of force are very unattractive behaviors,
not viable tools for clear communication! It is certainly does
not win the “hearts and minds” of the next generation committed
to a sustainable future nor for those born in the 21st century!
As Lady Gaga says "we were born this way"!


Often time the nay sayers use the language of fear of the future
and speak of “annihilation” they are exhausting in their lack of
vision or hope! Those who speak of ‘annihilation” should be aware
very aware it could well be a large projection on their part!


As I have mentioned previously, be aware and alert loved ones
“Vita's people and her "domain are step by step moving to the
Lower East Side of the mountain top. Yet will often times slip
very quietly into the East Village, to shake the cage mad raise
her voice at the world behaving very badly!

More on Vita’s love made visible international exchanges very
soon. See you all on Vita’s new cyber mountain with new wildly
exciting vista's...

Don’t ask what leadership has done for one ask what one
is doing for the love of inclusive empowering leadership


Sunday, Feb 26 2012

The Gift of the future it is truly "TIME"  -  @ 02:17:pm
Change is Chaos Change uplifts US all
It truly is "TIME" loved ones!

We must all resist our reflex to resist change and
growth. When one truly enbraces change we ALL become
current and able to flow into a wiser enlightened
world! We are able to be more open loving ourself self
able to work together and grow to love and accept the

We must all reassess and rethink old patterns of
behavior resist these patterns that stifle us. We
must evolve and live in our bigger selves to allow
a better world to evolve..

Be open to genuine progress love for what can be the
future and creative pursuits that enhance the future
happiness for us all. Move past old blocks and
are old reactive behaviors’. To create the future
we can commit and accept current changes that are
real and must be acted on NOW!!

“'Our federal caucus is in a precarious position,”
Gough Whitlam

It is time to reposition rethink outdated beliefs!
It is time to respond openly to our self and others
with hope honesty and collaboration.


When this occurs we are all able to revalue genuine
positions and needs. that will create open dialogue,
communication and genuine respect.

We are all capable of change, There is no longer a place
for controlling patriarchal tendencies, which steal our real
power. We must rise above ego based and fear driven pasts.

Don't allow denial of happiness to reign, examine where
one is caught by “I’m right you’re wrong”. Examine one’s own
actions behaviors and belief systems. It may well be time
to make some well earned adjustments and gracious gestures.
for the good of the whole!!

It may well open doors to a larger more fulfilling
world. Release old judgments of self and others. Get
real relax, act with verbs and actions. Step up have
confidence in the journey examine and embrace ones
genuine role in the big picture!!

Assess and examine what that role is and what that role
will become.. Honor ones soul and then one is CAPABLE
of honoring the other…Belief in the self brings belief in
others. We are as one is the adjustment that may well need
to occur!!

Having belief in our own worth, rightness and immortality is
the last veil we must all lift. When one does it will uplift
one and reunite us with the greater good the evolving self
within not without.

We must be brave and pull this thin, transparent veil aside
by truly choosing to engage fully with a willingness to grow
accept what is and what isn’t!

Choose to engage from ones true gift, wholeness over old
ego based fragmentation. fear pride and perceived control
over the other…When we lift the veils, of these dark clouds
we will be free from the past, only then can we all truly
“move forward”!!

It is time we choose the future not the past! This is essential
and can be achieved with dignity genuine grace that benefits
agreement for the whole.

Our divine inner self awaits our acceptance so it can bless us
all with the powers and gifts we have always possessed. Now is
the “TIME to live in ones bigger self share ones genuine gift
with the world so it benefits us ALL.

Be confident that if one express our truth we have nothing to
fear. The consequences are possibly our own fears. When we
express our genuine truth, we are able to move forward feel
confident we are able to be clear safe and move forward..

"The greatest test of all is the ability to heal oneself.
Choose to develop consciously,& be a model of the bigger self.
Humanity depends upon brave evolutionary women and courageous
revolutionary men to create and believe in the best for US all.
Those who choose to cultivate themselves and model what we can
create together is indeed thrilling with immense possibilities.

Let us reclaim the phrase `one nation.’ I seek a nation that
is truly one nation, one in which all Australians can share
regardless of race or gender, or other attribute, regardless
of where they live and where difference is not a basis for
exclusion. We do not live in such a country. We are not yet
truly one nation. But it is the task of political leaders to
build one.“
Senator Penny Wong
Senate Maiden Speech, 2002

Don’t ask what change has done to one. Ask whether one is
willing to be the change LJK

For Julia KR and all those who choose a more courageous
visionary future!


Friday, Nov 04 2011

Vita speaks on world integrity & "Occupying Wall St" with warmth and comfort  -  @ 02:31:pm
(This is a feature article loved ones)



MMmm, it is interesting how humanity and even countries
can appear quite fixed and determined to live personal
myths and “convenient truths”. This appears to be the
case worldwide living under others paradigms for so long,
people are dulled by the pain and lost, their sense of
what they truly need and entitled to!

Allowing dare I say patriarchy to rule their “walking”
It could well appear though when it goes bung they need
some one to blame! Sadly it has fallen on the lovely
Obama It could be suggested that the long term consequence
of Wall St greed war mongering and America’s personal myth
has gone “BUNG”(that is to say Broken)

An attitude of we no best attitude and inward looking
approach has left them on the brink of acknowledging,
they are not necessarily the king of the castle nor
prey tell a first world country at all!

We can see quote clearly wide spread homeliness very
obvious poverty has kicked in big time! “state side”.
One would have to argue that indeed it has always been
there and simply polarised by what occurred with the
Wall St crash in 2008 among other bad decisions.


One could look back to “Georges reign and well before
and see the cracks were in the advanced stages and well
on the way to bringing down an outdated empires paradigm
of it self!

One has to question & truly wonder what George really
understood about "weapons of mass destruction" (where
were they)and the implications of war, international
diplomacy or good manners! moreover One has ask what
was his framework of reference, world peace or genuine
friendship, with the world he was "using" outside of
America? It could appear as Abba would say, "winner
takes it all!

"We at “Vita” are inclined to think this approach to
capturing the minds and hearts of nations around the
world has been a dismal failure! It could well appear
the "Arab Spring” was bound to happen! It becomes very
apparent a third generation are” pissed off’ and very
weary of the tyranny and greed of the past whether in
the west or the east.


The “West’s” “Occupy Wall St in New York has inspired
a NOT on our watch", is now a world wide phenomena
As Bob said over 30 years “the times they are changin”

Interestingly the patriarchal tyrants, “removed in the
so-called. “Arab Spring" had reigned approximately for
30 years in most cases! It could well appear social change
takes forever and tyranny takes its toll!

A new generation born to social media have” watched voiced
and now in the process of creating change on their, OWN home
soil creating their own shape and framework that pertains to
their belief systems! Moreover, committed to a future they
wish to create!


Obama’s arrival in November; 2008 gave great hope and placed
great pressure to build a new future to revalue redefine,
redevelop the values of 7 generations! A big gig really an
opportunity to love the other as would have our self-loved.

Imagine prey tell speaking with integrity and acting from
compassion Oh la la! The potential for Obama is still

Obama in his first 3 years, as the current US President has
certainly given it a red-hot go! He has turned up the volume
to create fundamental change on so many levels! It has certainly
takes vision courage and a lot of resistance from others to in
fact implement that change.. However, he is giving it his best
“loyal lions” best shot!

A very complex job to change the minds and paradigms of seven
generations, who may well have been “living in a dream as
opposed to “living the dream,” I guess we all need at times
to reassess, what we are really trying to create as we grow
and evolve!


For the brave tenacious people, “Occupying" Wall St we
are here for the long haul. As the winter sets in and the fall
looses its leaves, we may need to consider getting on-line and
importing some divine sustainable woollen hats gloves scarves
and NEW blankets to keep US warm as we reclaim the future!

Images of their blanket range coming soon to Vita's new site!
Also a labour of love and a work in progress! Oh lala as my
Web/Tech man says "one can never have enough widgets and APPS

See how much the Canadians love the innovative textile Australian
made company)Otto and Spike below!

We may well also need more comfortable seating for the latest
“US FALL”,As mentioned before the best seating we at “Vita”
have ever protested on comes from “down under.” at the fabulous
very hip retail outlet with an online shopping portal

The owners of these 2 fabulous stores, are people who not
only know their product, they are very aware and alert
when it cones to loving fully, speaking from integrity
and so know their audience and absolutely know their

See Otto &, Spike, and “Know your Products” sites above
at Vita’s banners all Vita’s banners rotate so please

Alternatively, click on the links above for more

Don’t ask what the “Occupy Movements are doing to one
ask what one is doing for the “Occupy Movements


Tuesday, Oct 25 2011

"Know Your Product and consider ones ethical behaviour  -  @ 02:45:pm
Did Mr. Bush Ever Really Know His Product Or How
Best To Brand The USA? Has Barack Obama been blamed?
moreover, is he wearing the US “fallout as opposed
to embracing the "Arab Springs?



A quote from the New York Times October 2008

“President Bush has agreed to play host to a summit
of world leaders soon to discuss the global response
to the financial crisis, a senior White House official
said. No date for the meeting was set, the official


Hmm how many people did engage or genuinely wanted
to attend a summit that Mr. Bush hosted. One has to
wonder whether others were just being polite! We
at “Vita” are quite clear the turn up may well now
be very poor!

Given the way things have turned out in the USA the
"Bush's" legacy could be seen as quite disturbing
if not extremely alarming to the naked eye!

World leader throwing shoes and scurrying to their
“notebook calendars” to avoid MR B these days with
excuse that may well look like this!

"Sorry George washing my hair that week and engaging
in random love making with women I barely know “
Ciao Bella"

A possible legitimate excuse from (the current
Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.)

Or this may come from Goldilocks given she was invited
Oh ‘no I could not possibly come George, given it is
well known all your chairs are far too hard and worn
out! Similar George yet, NOT unlike your governments,
belief system! So passé!

Anyway, George “I am waiting for my shipment of fab
"Australian Tessa chairs" from the lovely folk at
"Know your Product.

I am sorry George, "they have better ethics and far more
sustainable comfortable chairs, not to mention a far more
informed dialogue than you could possibly offer up"!

Rumour has it “Hilary may well have said that, of
course Julian has always understood about right timing,
truth and sheer gossip! So hard to know who dared be
"plain about the mouth with George at all really maybe
Laura and the girls?

We at Vita imagine Georges events would be an absolute
event managers’ nightmare. One can only despair at that
part of American history!

Given his poor record of happy outcomes, his lack of the
smarts or evolved effective accomplishments, over his very
torrid reign. Tragic really. Oh and the wasted savouries
are a disgrace given the amount of hunger I on the world!

We would absolutely love to see the list of George's
perceived successes. His swing on real collaboration
and win-win strategies, are very very questionable
during a reign that could well be seen as fearful
paranoid greed and destruction that has certainly
damaged the “American brand of “living the dream”

Part 2 of this series will be up tomorrow loved ones


Wednesday, Mar 23 2011

Patriarchy not that strong or reliable actually  -  @ 02:29:pm
Patriarchy built on a culture of Bullying and control
Some have said what does not kill us makes us stronger!
However if one looks at the current world situation and
the global disasters occurring right now one genuinely
wonders how true that could really be?

As I have said before and I will say it again, Patriarchy
could well be the a chronic illness that is now destroying
the planet!

“A social system in which the father is the head of the
family and men have authority over women and children.
A family, community, or society based on this system or
governed by men.”

For those wanting further clarity here is a wikipedia

Also as I have mentioned before “Bills “people at Microsoft
have not included it in the Microsoft Thesaurus.However a
further search gives us this definition..

“A social system in which men are regarded as the authority
within the family and society, and in which power and ALL
possessions are passed on from father to son..How right can
that be we may well ask!!?

One has to question what exactly patriarchy has handed on to
generation after generation? Look at the current inheritance
we have seemingly acquired, climate change nuclear power war,
poverty hunger, fear loathing bullying despots

QUESTIONS must be asked how did this come to be, who exactly
is setting the parameters of power and control, and what is
that control truly based on? It is quite likely outmoded
beliefs, behaviors greed, unwritten laws hypocrisy and guilt!
Ah yes the legacy of Patriarchy..

Mmm I wonder what Susan B Anthony would think of how far the
world has evolved in 100 years?

It could be said we're currently seeing quite clearly so called
"leaders of the free world", making deals with such people to
maintain very transparent manipulative ego based attempts to
maintain their status quo!

All very questionable means of developing a cohesive fair
genuinely evolved world! Patriarchy it could be said, is
based on winners and losers. Your wrong I am right oh yeah,
true linear thinking so John so George so wrong!! It is so
last century.. Look at the legacy that Reagan and the Bushes
left America with!

It could be said that is why the despots are so terribly cross
and are "revolting" right now with such a vengeance! "They
could well appear to "protestth" too much!" Yes we get it you
are quite possibly revolting very dangerous and extremely

It could well appear "the good guys" NO LONGER know really
what to do! They have lost their imagined control! They
now know how expensive and convoluted it can all get when
one tries to control the other!

The patriarchal games are worn out like unloved shoes. It
is over loved ones. Lets move on let go, start a new way
of thinking and being!

If one is paying attention, is interested in an evolving
world and can see clearly with the naked eye, we are all
becoming the losers at the expense of US ALL!

Lies lies & more lies, have kept the strangle hold of the
patriarchy precariously alive. Patriarchy has been a very
convenient construct/ truth that suits societies that
obviously do not believe in the other as it would have
its self believed and honored..

Beliefs that smack of low self esteem, controlling
behaviors bullying, misogyny and maybe genetic memory
of lies and deep ingrained patterns of hypocrisy!

Suiting those only concerned with self-preservation
and winner takes all! MMm the "super duper powers" may
well be perpetuating Patriarchal myths?

Ah yes it is all so last century, so George and John (no
not the Beatles).As George B said if "ya not with us your
against us."

Hmmm that depended on what days some perceived the enemy
as enemy, or as a convenient friend! Central America
Libya, Iran the list goes on and on..All very convenient
truths at the time!

Oh yes the ethical breakdown of the world is alive and well!
The first worlds financial breakdown, the associated massive
job losses, Walls Street bonus-greed and "lazzire faire"
approach ,"Bush's war machine and anti-terror sectors that
perpetuate fear and loathing of the other..

Shameful destructive behavior that has achieved nothing but
endless grief. The housing debacle in America and Ireland,
(among numerous other so-called first world countries) has
become obscene!

Housing speculators or thieves (depending on ones perception)
taking full of advantage of others position, grief and limited
resources, “appraisers inflating valuations, lenders knowingly
overlooking house buyer’s documentation that could not sustain
loans, fully knowing the mortgage would be sold on to someone
else more greedy..For what purpose one MUST ask has this system
helped the whole?

“Credit-ratings agencies providing triple-A ratings to risky
sub prime mortgages knowing many were up to 10 times riskier
than similarly rated investments” ..

Meanwhile those given to believe they can “live the dream” are
now homeless under employed and wondering why they have been
positioned to believe in a patriarchal system, that could well
appear to have NO genuine intentions to love the other, as it
would have itself adored and rewarded!

Wakeup world Patriarchy is so last century and NO LONGER VIABLE!
Welcome to how the so called “third world has lived forever!” It
could well appear the first world has fallen on its own sword and
now feels hardly done by!

This is an enlightening book and worth a read that gives a birds
eye view of fear of loathing in action...

Not to mention the lovely Donna Mulhearn's uplifting book that
will give one inspiration and courage to believe in the human

Some have said Vita is an opportunity to participate practice
and experience ordinary courage, to face ones self and live with


Thursday, Jan 20 2011

Nature takes control or natural occurrence?  -  @ 12:50:pm
One has to ask what is a natural occurrence?

Well as we often say at "Vita" don’t ask what the
globe has done for one ask what one is doing for
the globe! As our darling Barack says, on the issue
of harmony success human rights & the need for human

“"History shows that societies are more harmonious,
nations are more successful and the world is more
just when the rights and responsibilities of all
nations and all people are upheld.

This “including the universal rights of every human

(Oh la la Goddess love this man and bless his parents
for remembering to love fully and offering him to us


Well if you’re not aware of what is going on or paying
attention beyond ones own “WII twitter or own navel ..
The so called “first world” is being shaken to the core
on so many levels….

First, the devastating murders and injuries of too many
in Arizona and now a month of wide spread flooding across
Australia. This is not lessening the endless misery world
wide...Haiti, Brazil and so may other places experience
unrelenting misery, in their countries forever it would

However the devastation across Australia is being seen as
the largest “Natural” disaster since cyclone Tracy on Xmas
ever 1974

This disaster has wreaked havoc from the one end of the
central east coast of Australia through Victoria to as
far south as the apple state” Tasmania… A country submerged
in water to the point where “gumboots” have run out in QLD!

Do check these out though Vita loves her gumboots from the lovely
"Snug Ugg Australia people!!

The mammoth clean up will take not months but years to clean
up particularly in QLD… The ramifications are for us all to
accept and live. The "fruit bowl" will be empty and bamboo and
hemp will become the new cotton, Crops will need to be replanted
and fruit regrown! Sustainable housing and the quick fix housing
shortage and greed of developers will need to be reexamined, as
Australia rebuilds it's nation...

As Anna says "This is critical right now,to get that supply
chain fully functional" ... So my loved ones that includes
us to play a role.

We at Vita acknowledge how our new technology is crucial to
playing a key role in contributed to keep the supply chain,
going up the Eastern seaboard to get resources and food
through to those in need.

So many compassionate aware people have sent support via
their tweets and kept us in the loop. That is how our
new technology can be and must be used effectively, to
help the whole.

The practical hands on assistance is also uplifting as
over 50.000 volunteers turned up in Brisbane, QLD over
the last week too give savor and volunteer to assist
those affected due to the floods in so many Brisbane
suburbs and country areas.

This is extremely heartening, yet an extraordinary
show of compassion and understanding for what truly
matters in such times.

"Thousands of other unofficial volunteers simply
roamed the city in "utes" and four-wheel drives,
stopping in wherever help was needed.”ABC news

Don't ask what your garden is growing for one ask
what one is growing in ones garden Ask ones self
how self sufficient and sustainable we ALL are?


Tuesday, Sep 07 2010

Australia's waiting for a sustainable future  -  @ 04:05:pm
The Australian 2010 Federal Election has gone..
We all appear to be sitting in a leaky boat.
(Commonly associated with people judged for
making ‘bad” life choices..Other who also
crave a stable life in fact.}
Hmm indeed it could appear we may well have been in
the boat together now!

Over time, an insidious paradigm of fear
of “the other”. Injected fear into peoples
consciousness’ that has numbed our sense of
compassion. Apathy, anger and unfounded fears
have remained the ruling force....


We have waited for the election outcome and
are within site of green moist land! We sat
on the fence, put the remote finger on a
very long pause. Now we must see how the “3
wise men” decide to mange, their fears and
our world .

The alarming divide, between a belief of "them
and us" is now dangerously entrenched and may
well sink all our vessels…

We have fallen on our sword and forgotten the
bigger picture. We have forgotten how to make
decisions. We have forgotten to collaborate and
consult. We have discarded love and the future
of the whole.

We appear to have given our power away yet again,
to those, we are not sure we trust. Then left
wondering why our best interests are not being

A nation that sat on the fence of choice, Perplexed
by their own position, perplexed by what we really
value… Genuine needs has been left in limbo.

We are exhausted and painfully exasperated by a
lack of clarity and action. We have given our
power away! Real communicating collaboration and
action has not been forth coming.. The rhetoric
remained, shallow self serving politics” is so
last century, and no longer “cuts the mustard”

Eleanor once said, “Your damned if you do and
damned if you don’t” One wonders whether this
is genuinely true. Could it be that it simply
takes courage and less self-interest?

We must consider a new ideology, clear ways of
communicating that engages the whole. A nation
that has the choice to vote, has recognized that
those who represent these needs, were not clear
on what was asked of them….A conundrum indeed…

We now have an opportunity, as a nation to break
the patterns and systems of the past. We must be
brave and willing to create new ways of being.

This can only be achieved if we are committed
to building a more evolved inclusive future.
This is not possible under a system that is

The penny is dropping currently in suspended
animation, as we all hope and wait for the
‘3 wise men’ to take this on board.. Act
in accordance to the whole.

Neither major party did either they sat
on the fence of change Australia’s voting
constringency followed like sheep!

As a society it could well appear, we have
accepted false hopes, and false promises..
Our belief in a democracy manifested into
an alarming narcissism!

It is clear a heavy veil, conceals a genuine
lack of self-trust and belief by the voting
public thus self interest as prevailed.

Seemingly powerless in a flawed democratic
process! we call choice.. It could well appear
we have resorted to “dunno” or, “I am looking
after my own desires and wants.”

We are in the “Transition Decade…The genuine
visionaries have not even stepped up yet…
Andrew is giving it a red hot go and put his
integrity on the line...

Gough I am sure is still wondering
when will we believe “it is time”...


Saturday, Sep 04 2010

The Birth of a sustainable Australia  -  @ 09:49:am
Part 2 of of Australia’s painful birth-
"3 Wise Men" that are new at birth

Surely“It is time” as our dearest Gough
would say, to step up make real change
and put visionary beliefs into practice?
We can and must make the brave choices.
ACT in a decisive way that creates a
genuine sustainable 21st century …

Many have played a role in ensuring a
"known status quo". This tragic state
of affairs has created a complacency
entrenched in our belief systems.

Bless Julia for giving it a red-hot go,
stepping out of the known ways, to create
what could well be a very positive new

A brave act, given an ill conceived time
frame, advice from those with what may
have been shabby self serving agendas…

Nevertheless birth is always messy. The
process is very painful. Someone has
to push forward.As the history of birth
has shown us. The outcome however gives
one love new hope and inspiration!

Ah dear and as for John and Bronwyns
self proclaimed, love child. One has
to wonder, whether he (Tony Abbott)
was found, under a drought ridden,
cabbage bush chewed by locusts?

(The word "locust" is derived from the
"Vulgar Latin)'.

It could well appear he exists on ego
driven, power at any cost, and a hunger
for control of the other. Or he may,
like George (Bush), " be doing it for
his daddy")? We are unclear on that too.

However it could appear his desire for
power is, mirrored by stunning and very
simplistic mantra’s, which are not that
clear A fear that smacks of " just trust
it will be really scary"...

Lulling those who have misheard or not
understood, into a state of gob snacking,
fear and misinformation.

Alarming indecision and general confusion
has left people in a state of discontent
confused, about the role they can choose
play in "democracy."

The qualities required are quite clear a
government, that is inclusive with it's
dialogue, compassionate, conviction and
genuine thought through policy.

This is the obvious approach to move the
whole process forward. Our discontent has
become apparent, "the times are a changin".
We are slowly seeing the soft tinkle of
a "stable" emerald green light.

Australia may well have made a choice
about our future on election day, that
is commonly spoken of as “a protest vote”)
Hmm protest or disgruntled choice?

Whether one is conscious alert and aware,
or not. Bob has walked all the way without
ego to the Mountain.. Mostly alone in an
melting glazier.

Bob has certainly kept on message, with
clarity and his feet dry.. One can see
people listened and have heard what the
message was.

That could bode well for our future. Hello
he engaged people in what matters to them.
Bridging 2 centuries, he truly believes in
building a sustainable future for Australia.

In that time, several alert aware and empowered
generations have evolved and been born. Saying
"it is time" we must act NOW! We are ready for
our voices to be heard.

A new voting paradigm where we are determined
and willing to really participate. An inclusive
future that values genuine content by our
representatives is mandatory..

We are now positioned to take this tenacity
and truth to the mountaintop. It could well
be said, Bob is the real “true believer”.

He is quite genuine about what is practical
and very possible. He has taken all his
people with him.. The believers are growing
and are becoming more vocal.

Bless Bob for that, as opposed to others
who created the mantra “true believers”
Abandoned for 12 years, they then became
“aspirational” voters.. Eager for more
products and prestige, in the Howard

The “true believers” possibly thought the
GST offered them the opportunity to join
the “business world” as they registered
for their ABN? Living a dream they were
told, would ensure they became the
“haves and no longer, the have nots?

Lift their status with the promise of
so called "choice. A paradigm offering
credit cards, products and "better'
prospects …Buoyed on by the existing
patriarchy.. Ah that was the Howard
years! Left them with personal debts,
they are now unable to sustain...

They have been left with no choices,
accept personal debts to pay, or
become the have nots again.

Horrified by what that actually means.
They now have unsustainable debt casual
work expensive private education bills
more stuff they need, over sized houses
and real fear of the future...

In their rush for position product and a
better way of life, they began to chase
an unattainable dream that it could well
appear occurred in America on a mass scale…

It has taken 3 generations for them to see
that particular dream has not come true and
is unsustainable and they would like Barack
to fix it right now!!

Barack is giving it a "red hot go" to create
a new paradigm more a sustainable dream that
is indeed involving a very painful birth…

As I often heard in New York this summer,
"Please help me, I am not a beggar,I just
need help, this could happen to you!" Sadly
it is happening to so many here and there.

We will see how "independent" our Australian
regional, independents can be in creating a
more sustainable dream as opposed to a flawed
status quo….

May Julia keep calm breath deeply and push when
the time is right!
opendocument#Demography News


Sunday, Aug 29 2010

Australia's choices of 3 wise men?  -  @ 07:43:pm
Walking to the Mountain or Stepping
of the Cliff?

As I have mentioned before Patriarchy is so last
century. Patriarchy is no longer a viable or a
relevant way forward.

The rhetoric of sustaining an inclusive world is
not a viable option. Verbs, actions & compassion
have been sadly lacking...

“A social system in which men are regarded as
the authority within the family and society,
and power and possessions are passed on from
father to son”


As a world, we have stepped off the path
of clarity kindness, love and compassion
for the whole…Our genuine self has been
strangled and struggling to be heard. Or
indeed articulated all. Our higher voice
over, the greedy face of desire is muted.

It could well appear we've forgotten to
love the other, as we would have, oneself
loved. The politics of humanity could well
be actually at stake here…


We are witnessing a world with very out
dated paradigms. Right and wrong, more or
less, city or country, Love or hate. It
could well appear we have taken a position
of paralysis or zealot like behavior. Our
various veils of belief and actions…Is this
karma or alternatively an alarming inertia?

A world that’s endorsed, “If their not like
us, we will make them behave like us.” Take
all that they have or deny them entirely”.A
baron spiritual and benign position indeed..
That is so not working loved ones!

Toxic controlling fear Based attitudes and
actions are, with out doubt is impacting
moreover, imploding on us all.

One can see transparent frail paradigms under
the guise of democracy. Ironically equating to
“winner takes all”.

Be it refuges country people, homeless people
"created" war zones or those suffering in so
called “natural disasters”. Or prey tell those
seen as not trying” to fit in”, to patriarchal
demands. Be it citizens from the east or the
west my dears!

A lack on all our parts to understand another
and feel what they feel or understand what they
need or want for that matter..

What one has to ask, is who has determined the
benchmarks of these attitude and behavior. Power
brokers” faceless men” or did we give our power
away? One can see either way we are on the fence
of the future. DISILLUSIONMENT is in our face that
is a mirror of what we created.

The history of patriarchy is upon us, a mean
narrow spirit that dissipates us all. We must
choose new ways of being. “We can do it”.

“Let’s make a wee leap forward & give a little!”
The desire to have more is encouraged, fearing
those with less has been the sustaining factor.

Let us hope in Australia the “3 wise "chosen men
“can see past patriarchy and consider the bigger

Lets manifest the 3 wise men are visionary and
able to step out of old paradigms ego and their
little desires.

Lets see if they can be part of a very necessary
now, inclusive “transition decade”.Lets all make
the choice to sustain humanity.


Monday, Jul 12 2010

Bear witness be wise to ones personal myth  -  @ 02:34:am
Our intuition allows us to relinquish control of our human
desire and bear witness to our soul and the desires of the
other..This allows us to liberate a part of ourselves that
is often times hidden and silent…Let go of ones personal
myths, ones fears and the projections that one places on

Sweep aside perceived difficulties fly like and eagle, swim
deeply into the new and unexplored realms of ones own reality
See the potential in ones self and the other.

Value the opportunities that abound from fearless exploration
and acceptance of the other….Take love and adventure in both
hands and love it for several life times..Be mindful sensitive
brave and kind...Learn and love to listen and hear to anothers
way and their experience. Be resourceful resilient realistic….

Be ready for the new.Be eager to explore another's experience.
Be willing open and very mindful of ones self and the other.
Discern and expand ones self and self-knowledge..Be presemt
proactive generous open. Be non judgmental, allow ones self
to be free and allow others to live freely….

Our path to self-determination pushes the limits of “skillful
desires” to see how far we are able to go. Be brave be beautiful
and confident and allow others the same….

Live from love not fear and always be in the mood to share sing
and dance on top of the world… Love the other as one would choose
to be loved…



Thursday, Jun 10 2010

Make change to create change  -  @ 12:54:pm


Oh, how ironic Getup bless them, have suggested such
an endearing, and very sensible if not practical plan,
that will empower enliven and evolve, the direction and
control, of Australia’s next federal election.

Indeed if we are all prepared to contribute $12, a week
to take charge of this election and determine what really
matters to US ALL!


“With the small change one spends on coffee, we can all
help turn our principles” into viable progress. A very
innovative method that will establish a very important
shared responsibility that without doubt will create
mutual benefits, for US all in the next Federal election.

It would appear the “Mining industry is having a wee bit
of trouble with this concept of sharing! One may well
ask "who owns what"? As we at Vita have mentioned often
who really owns the earth and the resources she gives

Mmmm let’s give that some thought eh?

We at "Vita' are inclined to think the original owners
of the country may well feel hardly done by on this issue…
Let alone the rest of US! However given more say and self-
reliance on the issues of resources. They, could well be
open to the idea of mutual benefit for all!

It could also appear to the naked eye and those that
are less greedy, that this is not exactly the case as
it stands right now! Oh, lala Gina and her friends
are very cross about having to share indeed! We nay
not invite them to our next progressive dinner!


Getup have launched "Australia Getup 2010'.We can all
chip in, $12 a week until polling day,so we can create
a voters funding source to power our grassroots movement
that truly empowers and informs the electorate!


”It is’ time for action to solve the climate crisis. It's
time to fix the broken mental health system. It's time to
protect Australia's precious forests, too dispel the ABSURD
conservative hysteria about refugees.


In 2010 GetUp is running the largest ever-independent
election effort seen in Australia. LETS tackle Tony's
extreme conservative agenda head-on, get "Kevin" to
step-up on the issues he's seems to have abandoned:

THAT is climate change and refugees. This is ALL about
putting VOTERS back into politics. With the loose change
in our pocket or purse we can contribute and make a very
empowered difference.

Politicians tend to talk about change however it actually
takes an empowered electorate to actually make it happen.

In 2007, GetUp shocked the political world by running the
biggest, most EMPOWEREED grassroots election campaign seen
before in Australia. In 2010, the momentum is growing

•Bring Obama campaign's Camp Obama'
to Australia as Camp GetUp: weekend-long training
integrating powerful stories with strategy and skills
to transform members into persuasive campaigners;

•Staff in targeted marginal electorates to help over
ten thousand GetUp members mobilise and to contact
swinging voters to talk about refugees, climate
change, healthcare, forests and more;

•People with commitment, ‘GetUp” and GO at ALL polling
booths in marginal electorates than the major parties,
to talking about the issues that are important to US!

•Online tools for voters in electorates across the country
that cut through "politics as usual", so we ALL get fully
engaged with our futures and this election;

•An advertising and media, campaigns that challenges the
political establishment and shape the national agenda.

We can all contribute as this campaign needs significant
resources, to make it viable, not just in the final weeks
of the election but right NOW. An infrastructure must be
built too put organisers in place to channel our energy
and talents starting now.

By contributing we invest in our own ability, with the
capacity of over three hundred thousand fellow GetUp members,
to create a better and fairer Australia.

We cam all contribute a meaningful role, be a part of
the change

Vita and the Getup Team

Tuesday, May 18 2010

Who owns the earth us or them ?  -  @ 11:43:am
"Property is theft" they say, we at Vita are inclined
to agree, our Lindsay is trying to change the paradigm
of several generations, who it could be said are stealing
from mother earth and are quite sure it is their "GOD"
(and I mean GOD) given right to do so and not share the

This concept is All in the belief it is for the betterment
of the Australian nation. Go figure.. Profits they call it
or as we at Vita know it as "commodity ethics", as opposed
to a more dignified and honorable paradigm "sacred ethics".

That is give and take, sharing and GENUINE MUTUAL BENEFIT

Try explaining all of this to the original owners and make
it believable that all will be uplifted by profits for the
sake of the NATION!!

Meanwhile Jen ( bless her for addressing several generations
grieve) is flat out building new housing for the original
owners on land they own and yet leased back by the government!!

Oh la la how very interesting this all becoming as we


"Super rich mining companies are running full page ads
in the papers this week, trying to scare the Government
into abandoning their new tax on mining profits.

The resources tax would mean less money in the pockets
of mining executives and more for the superannuation of
Australian workers.

We must act quickly, the industry scare campaign might
scupper this reform just like they've been scaring off
action on climate change.

We must ALL stand up and make them get real with our
own parody ad.. We can do this by exposing the real
beneficiaries of the worlds mining industry's scare
campaign. Which as can be seen via these Super rich

We can make it happen by moving elegantly and with a
very genuine truth, by honoring & sharing with the other
all our wealth both commodity and sacred to us all!

(Figure it out loved ones and GETUP AND ACT NOW)

The big miners are giving it a red hot go to hold the
economy hostage, with very thinly veiled threats of
sending their investment elsewhere in full page newspaper

It's the same strategy they've been using for years to
thwart action on climate change. We can't afford to let
another mining boom pass us by without securing a fair
share of the wealth for those who own the resources: the
Australian community.

So what is this super profits tax? The proposal is simple:
a 40% tax on profits made from exploiting Australia's non-
renewable natural resources such as coal and other minerals.

It means more of the profits from Australia's mining boom
will end up in the community, not on the balance sheets of
corporations. We may not have the dollars of mining giants,
but working together we punch well above our weight.

Let's all chip in to put our parody ad right alongside theirs
in the newspapers this week to ensure the mining scare campaign
doesn't go unanswered:

Our minerals wealth are just one part of this very vibrant
vital country. These resources are limited; one day our luck
will run out. We need to embrace the paradigm of sharing
resources and that wealth today. Thus is essential so we are
able to invest in our economic future..

We must not allow this to go on nor let ANY mining magnates
line their pockets with Australian resources. As we at Vita

Vita and the Getup Team

Thursday, Apr 22 2010

Get up and have some influence  -  @ 01:12:pm
Getup and have an influence on the Health of the

Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of GetUp
members have joined the campaign for better mental
health reform... A substantial of $116 million for
community mental health scheme has been announced by
the Government in it's sweeping health care reform

It is indeed a commitment and acknowledgment of this
largely overlooked very complex, far reaching health
issue. However 20,000 more young Australians will
begin too receive the help they desperately need.

More importantly, the Labor Federal Government are
genuinely stepping up where others have not and
committed to a much needed national overhaul of
mental health services and more funding for those
who need this health support.

Federal Health Minister, the lovely hared working
Nicola Roxon, has acknowledged that there's "much
more to do" and in the days and weeks to come, we
will hold her to that.

The GetUp "campaign will continue to put mental
health on the national agenda until patients and
their loved ones receive all the support and much
need. resources and services they need!!

Today, it is important to reflect on what GetUp members
have achieved." Below is a snapshot of the incredible
breadth of influence GetUp members have achieved and
very much honored, through their ongoing commitment to
creating much needed change in health reform...

"A huge petition calling for mental health reform & much
needed investment in youth mental health services will be
presented to the PM by Australian of the Year, Prof. Patrick

"Over $85,000 was raised for a TV ad that aired on national
news and will continue to run for weeks to come. Over 12,000
faxes flooding the offices of Premiers & Chief Ministers last
weekend. In the lead up to COAG the biggest twitter petition in
Australia. Premiers Bligh (QLD) and Keneally (NSW) personally
responded to the Twitter campaign, (whilst in Canberra at the
COAG talks).... Ensuring our voices were heard as the talks and

The Getup campaign is only just beginning. Mental ill health
is the leading killer of Australians under 45 and the leading
cause of disability for all Australians. There are major gaps
in our services, that need to be addressed NOW...Millions of
Australians continue to suffer and be marginalized year after

Experts in the mental health sector, that includes Australian
of the Year Prof. McGorry, Prof. Ian Hickie and many others,
have done an incredible job pushing for mental health reform.

With their expertise and continuing passion of tens of thousands
of GetUp members, we'll keep up the campaign to reform mental
health care in Australia.

Click below for a summary of the Federal Governments
announcements, and share your thoughts about the next
steps in our campaign:,86439,3

When we all work on the health of a nation we are able move
forward with dignity and an inclusive belief that enhances
the whole...

We must create a genuinely inclusive approach that can and
must achieve real change, to evolve and grow the future of
our health as a nation!!

Vita and the GetUp Team

Tuesday, Nov 03 2009

When Harry met Daryl  -  @ 03:51:pm
Twittering away and the consciousness raising
of nations

Oh what a time it’s been Harry announced
to our “Daryl” of variety television fame
(on Australian television) , late last month
that the American’s have embraced the other,
and implied they could be well be moving toward
“Zero tolerance" for xenophobia. Yet they still
appear to be perplexed about irony...

What is more amusing and deeply ironic is that
the show was a rehash of what could been seen
as a very dreary dated show from another time
much like fear of the other, HAS become
EXTREMELY dreary indeed.

We at Vita mentioned on another well-marketed
social networking platform that compassion and
prey tell integrity may well "out race' twitter,
chatter and cyber bullying.

Goddess me imagine plain gossip finger pointing
and blame could well be something of the past if
more Of US stepped up and spoke out like the very
plain about the mouth Germaine says,

“All societies on the verge of death are masculine.
A society can survive with only one man; no society
will survive a shortage of women.

Hey Hey that was so last century so not now please

The content and format of a bygone Australian variety
show desperately trying to find a new niche in the very
right now naughties maybe?? Alternatively, to be kinder
maybe a trip down memory lane for those who lived before
the Internet and twitter.. Yes it is true prey tell my
wee young ones!!


What does become of old formula’s belief systems
and variety shows? We will just have to see how
“Rove’ reinvents after 10 years on Australian TV??
A random voyage into the use of twitter on network
television was witnessed last Sunday on the variety
show "Rove". The very gorgeous singer John Mayer was
keen to show Rove the benefits of this new software

With the magic of John's twittering to all his people
in Melbourne an array of Halloween bootie was delivered
for “Rove” the shows host. TV personalities’ may never
have to leave the set again...

With guests like John; Twitter could well become the
new home delivery of CHOICE... Terrific for ALL those
wanting 15 seconds of fame or a new business plan as

Twitter is it delivering what you really need?

Could Twitter be the new home delivery service of
the next decade of course it is essential they build
relationships with the founders of “Foursquare” to
make a realistic go of it.. Otherwise it could be
quite difficult to manage and a tad random as some might

Foursquare a venue savories and genuine dialogue

For those not across it yet foursquare gives “users’ the
option to ask where one is and HELLO can I join you! How
delightfully old fashioned, yet so refreshing to see!

Given this BUSINESS opportunity is made VIABLE Foursquare
would be the logistic end of the business in this strange
world order of “ what are you doing? Where are you? Can we
have it RIGHT NOW with no commitment or no strings attached?
Oh and a serve of scallions THANKS...”

There are exciting implications and a massive market
segmentation biting at the bit to have everything right
now I wonder what it is they WANT...

Twitter and Foursquare could well be creating a
new world order of home delivery and making all our
dreams come true.. These new communication tools may
have some genuine need on a far more practical scale!

It could well bring people back to HELLO!! talking in
real time and munching down on their immediate want.
Ah, ya ya the franchise opportunity are massive for
those wanting to deliver to a really NOW generation…

May the Goddess persist and gather her people to love
the other, as we would have ones self loved whether by
carrier pigeon a firm pinch or just the simple art of
genuine connection and meeting in real time …

AND THIS FROM SUSAN who worked her message from coast to
coast as she walked across America to have her voice heard!!

It was 20 years after her death that her message was heard and
women in America were able to vote!!

I beg you to speak of Woman as you do of the Negro, speak of
her as a human being, as a citizen of the United States, as a
half of the people in whose hands lies the destiny of this
Susan B. Anthony

Unlike John Mayer Susan could not wait for the world to change..


Tuesday, Jul 07 2009

Jose Ramos Horta on East Timor & Western Sahara  -  @ 11:50:am
President Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor is in Melbourne
on July 23rd 2009, to share his passion and knowledge of
his country East Timor a country in renewal.. Jose will
speak at length, about Western Sahara and East Timor.
He will discuss the striking comparisons and all the
associated sadness and ongoing grief that goes with
misplaced communities trying to regain their cultural
identity, land and sense of place.

He will examine what has really been stolen from these
2 populations??? What are the ongoing cultural, human
spiritual and economic costs for these people?

His Excellency, President Jose Ramos-Horta of Timor
speaks on the parallels between the similarities
and the plight of these two nations

Followed by a Q & A with prominent supporters
Kamal Fadel a truly dedicated delightful and
very charismatic advocate of the Western Sahara.
A genuine and very loving representative of the
Saharawi people. Kamal now lives in Australia and
is also the Ambassador to East Timor....

Janelle Saffin Federal Member for Page will be
present ans speak. She is also a passionate
supporter of the Western Sahara people....

This extremely current event will be chaired by
the lovely Lyn Allison who is current President
of the Australia Western Sahara Association

A short thought provoking inspired and heart
wrenching documentary on Western Sahara as it
is today, will be screened on this absolutely
"must be there evening"in Melbourne Australia
on July 23rd 2009.

Thursday 23rd July 2009
5.30 to 6.45pm
Kino Cinema 2
45 Collins Street, Melbourne

Tickets: $10 at the door
Advanced bookings:
(Collect tickets by 5pm and pay at the door)

Click on the link below for more on the
activities of Australians supporting
the needs of the the Saharawi people.

This is an absolute must DO!! loved ones


Sunday, Mar 08 2009

Parents birth a viable world  -  @ 01:37:pm
Lets do it for the next generation. lets move
forward and create a viable future..

The USA and Australia are the ONLY two developed
countries without paid maternity leave. One is
inclined to question how we as society's value
those who birth the world??

The Australian Federal Government has delayed the
introduction of the paid parental leave scheme -
waiting for the Productivity Commission to report
on it's findings...The Government are making grand
promises to parents around Australia regarding
Parental Leave. But frankly not acting on it...
One wonders about the priorities and seriously
their ideas on stimulus and genuine productive

The Productivity Commission has now reported and the
evidence is in: government-funded paid parental leave
is good for babies, good for parents and good for the

And at $450 million a year, it's a sound investment.

We've just found out though that a decision on whether
to include paid parental leave in this year's budget
sits on a knife's edge.

Click below to sign the petition telling the Government
this delivery is WELL overdue..We'll take it directly
to Canberra next week as the Budget decisions are being


The Government's excuse for not introducing it -
the global financial crisis - simply doesn't stand
up. Paid parental leave has proven economic benefits.
It will stimulate the economy, retain parents in the
workforce, and safeguard the nation's future

A government-funded parental leave scheme would mean
those working in small businesses or in low-wage
sectors will have access to something previously only
the domain of those lucky enough to work within big
corporations that have their own scheme.

Decisions are being made now about this year's Budget.
This is our one opportunity to show the Government we
aren't willing to wait any longer for paid parental

There's no good reason to delay this scheme any longer
without our/citizens support, the Government will without
doubt sit on its hands and do nothing.

It's easy for a government to make grand promises like
this - now it's up to us to make sure they deliver.
Join the Getup petition above today and we will deliver
it to Canberra next week.

Vita and the Getup Team

Monday, Nov 10 2008

Madelyn's grandson Barack Obama  -  @ 10:03:am
Barack Obama yesterday in the New York Times
"about the job ahead as the next president
of the USA"

"I do not underestimate the enormity of the
task that rises ahead,? he said. Some of the
choices that we make are going to be difficult,"
he says."It is not going to be quick and it?s
not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves
out of the hole we are in. But America is a strong
and resilient country."

Sadly Mr Obama?s grandmother Madelyn Dunham was
not present in the physical to hear her grandson
speak these words, but we at Vita are sure she
was in spirit.

Madelyn died, peacefully hopefully knowing that her
grandchild has made American history and that change
is great and magnificent...

Madelyn will be aware as she moves to the higher
place that great things will come to be as America
shows it has grown up and has taken love into it's

The lives of her children her grandchildren and
those that will come in future lives yet to be
born, are NOW changed for ever.

Her grandchild poised to become the next President
of the United States

As we say in Australia it is time, one is inclined
to think America has seen the light not the color
for the first time in its history. Baracks days in
the sun have just begun..Obama has ascended to the
highest seat in the American landscape.

One feels sure he will take his entire nation and his
people with him, as he makes this historic journey for
the world....

Madelyn lived through extraordinary change within her
lifetime Madelyn was born at at time when women were
cast the right to vote through "Harry Burns"..She saw
the securing of the vote eventually for ALL women in

"(On June 14, 1919, Congress passed the 19th
Amendment giving women the right to vote.
Ratification for this important ammendment
was certified on August 26, 1920).Harry Burns
at 24 years of age had the casting vote...)

Madelyn lived through the great depression, the
Second World War the fall of Saigon, the invasion
of Iraq, the birth of Timor as a nation.

A woman born in 1922 who understood the
?economics of poverty?, that has a very ironic
twist in her grandson?s ascension to the ?white
house". Particularly right NOW as we watched the
USA's "walls' coming tumbling down around them...

We look forward to seeing Obama take his first
BRAVE steps up his mountain and with bold graceful
leaps for the next generations that follow. May
those steps be magnificent that realign to revalue
America?s future. May he make giant steps for human

Let us look forward to the journey ahead, as one
that can only be more willing to love fully. A
vital future that is ready to evolve a potential
that is enlightened and inclusive.

A more compassionate love filled America we can
but hope for US all..

Don't ask what Obama will do for one ask what one
will do WITH OBAMA


Thursday, Oct 02 2008

Wall St becomes homeless and thoughtless  -  @ 10:45:am
Have we hit the commodity ethics wall...?? Mmm we
at Vita are inclined to think so.....The economic
meltdown is all around us..Americans are now living
in their cars.. This is Sooooo not sustainable nor
ethical nor anyones language...

Karma has well and truly caught up on Wall Street
and impacting on the streets and affluent life's
of Americans not just the working poor and the
really economically deprived world wide..

Maybe they are NOW getting the picture of how the
other half of the world lives? This entire situation
is tragic deeply shameful and indeed appalling..That
is that ANYONE is unable to sustain Maslow's basic
pyramid of human needs...Interestingly he was born
100 years ago this year in April.....

Bring on sacred ethics working in sync with the
ethics of human kindness and equality for US ALL!!

Greed begets Greed. Love begets love,genuine giving
begets genuine giving..ONE can not BUY ones self
out of ONES KARMA!!Giving is giving stealing is
stealing....May Wall street become homeless and
find out how others suffer in the world!!

Getup will not let us "meltdown"
With the world and the nation focused on Wall Street
today, we need to make sure the other great meltdown
is not forgotten.

In our first campaign together, as GetUp's new National
Director, I want to ask for your help in calling on our
Prime Minister to make some viable financial decisions
that safeguard our economic prosperity into OUR future.

That means investing in a clean energy economy. We must
let the PM know we want to be an economic winner with
this full-page newspaper ad highlighting the economic
opportunities for Australia in switching to a renewable
energy economy. See the ad, and donate to help put it
in the paper here:

In the next 8 weeks the PM will set Australia's carbon
pollution reduction target for 2020. Placing this ad in
our national papers will place it directly on Kevin Rudd's
kitchen table at a crucial time.

The US economy is crashing thanks to irresponsible decisions
yet who'll be there to bail Australia out if we don't pursue
the responsible economic course and build an innovative clean
energy economy?

For a strong chance of better targets, we need to reframe the
climate debate around financial risks and opportunities. We
have 8 weeks to show Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull that
our future economic prosperity depends on them climate-
proofing our economy."

Simon Sheikh National Director GetUp

Don't ask how the world sustains one ask ask how one is
sustaining the world......


Thursday, Sep 18 2008

"Oh Mr McCain you have done it again"  -  @ 12:15:pm
"We may well ask why NO ONE is talking about
McCain's first wife."?

One wonders how some men can live with themselves
and really believe they can be ?King of a country
when it could well appear from this very telling
comment at the New York Times.He may well be an
empty shell not a rare pearl at all.....

McCain?s approach to his first wife according
to this quote below....

?The one who was badly disfigured in an accident.
He abandoned and divorced her to marry an extremely
rich younger blonde who he was having an affair with?
So much for "Christian values"! What kind of character
does that point to? Is that the kind of person we
want leading our country??

The authors name has been withheld from this quote
on VITA for privacy and legal reasons this quote
is out their in the public domain.....
Vita's Management

One has to ask is this "maverick" honorable
behavior.We at VITA are inclined to say NO

"My marriage ended because John McCain didn't
want to be 40, he wanted to be 25,"
Carol McCain

If one believes the suggestions in ?Bill?s
(GATES) very curious dictionary. A maverick
is non conformist and the odd one out eccentric
a rebel strange or weird..Ah ya ya take ones
pick of these concepts and make up ones own

How horrid and distasteful but not uncommon,
that is...for a man to replace one woman for
a seemingly BETTER silent version. Or maybe
with John's choice of Sarah Palin a woman
that may lift ones fractured status to heady
heights? One that can elevate ones hopes and

Is this Maverick,or misogynist behavior?? Or
is it simply REMARKABLY COMMON and "Sooo" last
century darlings" with some types of men?

This type of uncaring behavior could well be
exclusive to those with low self-esteem and
an inability to love the other, as they would
have themselves loved.....Just a thought my
loved ones....

Perfect now there were 2 new replacements apparently
a gorgeous blonde young wife, an ?Alaskan bomb? shell,
with a very common touch? Boldly if not with a large
dose of ?what could be seen as guile?, reaching out
to all those other seemingly disempowered Republican
women across America?

Oh dear me how tragic and Deeply MISGUDIED is
that.We may well ask?.Hmmmm, what a brilliant
well thought out strategy, A yes the "Palin plan"
"lets get Sarah Palin down from Alaska, that is
so obscure people will think it is brillante
darling" not to mention so maverick so NOW!!?

Mmm I wonder if a Republican PR machine would
say darling or consider "brilante"ideas? More
amusing asides....

This could well be the strategy taken from the
back room ?Hollow men? in Washington?What is
the last century patriarchal saying ?if you
can not beat them join them" Poor Sarah sadly,
I guess it is her Karma catching up with her....

Oh, Mr. McCain ?you have done it again? Ha ha
that is hilarious indeed. This reminds us here
at Vita of our very home grown "Pauline Hanson".
Pauline was as fate would have it Australia?s
favorite fish & chip woman. She was considered
a "Maverick" by those in Gymbie and the region.

Pauline to gave politics a "red hot go"(as my
dearest Scout would say.)Pauline certainly did
change the face of Australian politics for a wee
moment.We are still reeling from Pauline's right
wing home spun fears...

Ideas thinly veiled as policy and belief systems
of the little Aussie battler in Australia.There
is still a strong smell of vinegar in the hallways
of Canberra, they say and a shrill voice can be
heard late at night, asking ?do you want sauce
and a side of racism with that love??

Pauline was another genuine self styled politician
who totally believed, and was swept away with her
own 15 minutes of fame. Thank the Goddess her voice
was was drowned out and she went on to "dance with
the stars" at Channel 7...

Sarah should give Pauline a call before she goes
too far and has to give Alaska back to the Eskimos
and the Polar Bears? Not a bad environmental policy
for Alaska..We can see it now Sarah on "imperialism
and the environment"

"John I think we should all leave Alaska I think we
have over done invasions in the 20 century and I am
feeling a little bloated after all that "BOMB Alaska".

Hilariously yet perversely Sarah is lifting John's
profile and status right now One has to wonder what
kind of "cred" does he want to have associated with
his so called "maverick ways"?

With Sarah at his side who appears to have no genuine
interest in empowering women nor to make informed
decisions,about what they carry in their bodies or
whether they are even entitled to make choices about
that at all ?..

Yet worse she thinks guns are terrific it would appear
from history that guns and children are NOT really a
great mix..Go figure where Sarah is coming from......

Although all these characters beliefs maybe genuine to
them and those they say they speak for. DO they both
truly, represent the collective genuine voice of America
in the future or a country that is decline, that may
well loose it's voice?

Hmmm Mr. McCain we have to ask is he a true maverick
and keen to see women have a voice? Or is just a 20-
century man in the twilight of his life living off
the back of a woman with children and guns?

Sarah Palin could well be expected to take the blame
when it goes belly up?We at VITA suspect the Republicans
will blame her when they loose the election?Oh yes they
will say "she really was not appropriate nor the right
woman for the Job" and they could well be correct.

For Susan B Anthony, My mother Benazir, Hilary,
Kim Gandy our lovely Joan Hutch Hussein and ALL
the women of the 21st Century?

See Vita's quick links for "Joan's" site "Emily's
List's" "NOW" for more on Kim's work with women
having a genuine voice in the USA....


died 14 years 5 months and five days
before women in the USA had a right to a political


Monday, Aug 25 2008

Consider the mountains women climb  -  @ 09:30:am
Women Birth the world!!!

There are only two developed countries that don't
have paid maternity leave...Australia is sadly one
of them. This should not be a luxury that women
need to beg for or simply not have available to

This shocking situation leaves us lagging behind
Tanzania, Iran, Burma and Djibouti.

"Paid parental leave is not just about valuing the
well-being and development of children; there is
also an economic benefit in retaining people in
the workforce and safeguarding the nation's future
prosperity. It is time Australia caught up!!

Well this is the chance we have long been waiting
for - the Productivity Commission is finally looking
into the issue. Click on the link below to sign the
petition" on this imperative issue....


"It simply calls for a minimum of six months paid
parental leave.. We'll deliver it direct to the
Commission and the Government: We need long term
commitments for women futures," given they do birth
the world and bring our children up!!!

Almost every other nation on earth can see the
necessity even the very poorest - then surely it's
time for Australia to start looking after women/the
next generation and how they are valued in the world

"Australia currently leaves it up to the individual
employer to decide - and those in the retail and
service industries have almost no access to paid
parental leave.

That's why a joint statement was signed yesterday by
more than a dozen prominent Australian organisations
advocating a minimum of six months paid parental leave.

Join us in the push for paid parental leave by signing
the petition above....

Our lives change and things only happen in society if we
can demonstrate enough of us demand the government get
with the times. One can help make this change by signing
the petition today."
The Getup chaps

Don't ask what a woman has genuinely done for one
ask what one has genuinely done for a woman in the


Friday, Aug 08 2008

Golden transparent voices  -  @ 11:58:am
We must apply our creative powers and allow the Tibetan
truth to be told. We must trust our integrity and speak
our golden truth Trust our intuition use our will power
to consciously override self-doubt or fear to speak out
for what is right for ourselves and the other...

Ultimately it is universal LAW a fundamental right, for
us all to have our voices heard and listened too..It is
imperative that we act on our love make something
happen that is golden and transparent.


Getup and speak up
"GetUp's TV ad has hit the headlines as Kevin Rudd
arrives at the Beijing Olympics, urging him to speak
out on the issues in Tibet. The ad, made with the
Australia Tibet Council, is going to air either
side of the Opening Ceremony, click here to watch it:

We sent the PM a copy of the ad, and he has pledged to
raise human rights issues in Beijing. We know this sort
of diplomacy works -

Last week the PM condemned the media censorship around
the Olympics and the Chinese Government eased their
control on media coverage of the games.

There is stil one hurdle left to clear the Seven Network,
in response to the media interest our ad has generated is
now denying the fact that we've booked the ad space.

Unfortunately for them we have on our desks a confirmed
booking sheet suggesting otherwise! Whether or not Channel
7 decide to uphold the values of free speech, one can watch
the ad for oneself here:

Most interesting NEWS here at VITA TODAY!!
For what ever reason we at VITA are unable to link to
this campaign by Getup.... So go to my quick links and
click on the GETUP SITE and then click on their campaign


It's vital that after the Olympics the world does not
'switch off' on Tibet - that's why we're planning more
ads for the closing ceremony and beyond. Stay tuned
for opportunities to help get the message out soon.'
The getup team

Wednesday, Jul 23 2008

Love is the answer not fear  -  @ 09:08:am
Ending Mandatory Detention in Australia-NOW

Opportunities to change flawed history and
revalue our future are the moments we must
embrace and love for many life times to come

Getup is right across this imperative issue
and keen as Pimms to resolve this pressing

We must all act with determination and love
to 'end a regrettable chapter of Australian
history that caused unimaginable suffering
to some of the world's most desperate and
downtrodden. The currnet Government has
launched an unexpected but long-awaited
inquiry into immigration detention

The system that placed the next generation of
children in detention, sewn lips, the Cornelia
Rau affair not to mention global condemnation
from the international community."

This current Federal government Inquiry on the
issue signals that they are genuine in their
beliefs about dismantling 'MR HOWARD'S Austrailia
policy on mandatory detention".

A cruel and inhumane detention regime that denied
fundamental human rights. 'For the first time they
are asking us for our views."

"If ever you have despaired at the treatment of
asylum seekers, add your name to GetUp's petition
and speak up for those who can't..WE must all
play a role and end this ongoing national shame:"

"So many times the community has rallied against
mandatory detention, finally we have an opportunity
o consign it to the dustbin of history."

Now we must demonstrate to the Government that we
demand a humane system for all our people.For over
a decade, governments have treated asylum seekers
with contempt. They have been denied basic rights
and dignity

Previous government have "opted for the shabby
politics of fear. This is our chance to stand up
and demonstrate that Australians demand decency and
genuine humanity.


"Together we will show that harsh treatment of the
vulnerable is unacceptable in our community. This
Inquiry is a moment we have been waiting for to show
that what was thought to be popular in the electorate."

It is imperative that we show the world that our love
much stronger than our fear. Speak up today to right
over a decade of wrongs.

WE must all be part of showing love not fear...So sign
click on the link above and shake the cage of a world
behaving badly

Vita and the Getup team

Thursday, Jun 26 2008

Unique sizes amid intervention  -  @ 04:52:pm

Last Saturday marked the first anniversary of John Howard's
'NT Intervention'...However, one is compelled to ask, what
affect has this expensive intervention accomplished? The
challenge for the current Federal Rudd Government is to
reexamine re ?evaluate this ?intervention?...Then and
ONLY then will we truly empower Aboriginal communities?

Given white society has already "intervened?& marginalized
the custodians of this sacred land for over 200 years. The
Howard Governments intervention is an absolute irony indeed!
Their land their cultural and languages have been consistently
diminishing and intervened with since the arrival of Captain

Howard?s patriarchal,intervention was a misguided attempt to
better life? through ultimately restrictive economic sanctions.
The NT intervention is controlling and disturbing!

The previous Prime Minister remarked that the "intervention"
is'"a final solution." This is a very scary concept indeed...

?We now know that the architects of this intervention took
just 48 hours to formulate this policy.?With NO consultation
with those being intervened AT!!!

We must examine this flawed broad-brush intervention that
is apparently "helping? Aboriginal communities with health,
alcoholism child abuse... Indeed mammoth issues, that are
symptoms of a much much larger problem.

The real issues is rooted in lost life's and a disappearing
culture That was the original ?intervention?. Be like ?us?
or suffer the consequence and sadly they are?

This one "size fits all" intervention may be a convenient
concept when making fashion choices, for young models
with low self esteem. However completely ill shaped when
using it as a way to JUSTIFY saving life's and money...
Is it the right means to achieve a healthy equal society?
A question that is worth consideration...Also is this the
most transparent and effective way to help a disempowered
part of Australian society regain it's dignity, given we
have ignored the issues for so long!!!

Frankly, my dears we at VITA feel this intervention
smacks of "you think your life is miserable now, try
to survive with even less (money/ resources) and see
how it goes...If you DON'T do as we say we will give
you even less than what you have....

Using what appears to be a misguided tactic with
already disempowered people. The intervention smacks
of last century parent/child psychology.Horrifying as
it stands in so many of these communities, we still
must question what is the best way to assist these
communities revalue their lives? We will see how
Jenny's approach differs ???


The current Federal government MUST consider a more
compassionate approach to these 'emergency measures'
inherited from the previous Howard government.

?Last week GetUp visited some of the communities that
are affected by the legislation, too find out what?s
actually being achieved in these communities.

GetUp members are taking a proactive approach to have
the Aboriginal communities voices heard...By uniting
and asking the current Federal government to remove
these undemocratic one-size fits all approach of the

See the video below from these communities and send a
message to the Rudd Government, to rethink the harmful
elements of the intervention, not roll them out:

A transparent consultative approach is essential that
protects human rights, not strips them away. We must
create the opportunity, during this period of review,
to leave the government in no doubt that the broader
community expects more than a ?rushed, blanket approach
that threatens to do more harm than good?.

Getup ?will synthesize our comments on the petition
above, into a formal submission to ensure our concerns
are also considered. Click the link above from the NT
and take action:

Be a part of empowering solution,


Monday, Jun 09 2008

elephants and bikes  -  @ 03:25:pm
After World Environment Day, one is left perplexed
as to why Kevin Rudd and Brendan Nelson are even
discussing the petrol at the bowser given it is
nearly empty......

Hello bike riders they're arguing about rising
petrol prices whilst ignoring not only "the elephant
in the room - our rising greenhouse pollution.."

They have seriously taken a macro problem and have
diminished it down to micro management of an entirely
irrelevant issue that neither can control...

And although 'revolted" I am moved to use Tony Abbott's
words and say that "I am disturbed" by the this lack
of insight from both sides of the fence by not
addressing the real issues.......

(Mind you Tony was disturbed by Art he had not
seen, nor obviously understood which adds up to
parallel stories really ...!!

"We don't need to remove the GST on petrol, we MUST
start weaning Australia off its oil addiction, with
a 3 point recovery plan - massive federal investment
in public transport

We must establish laws for dramatically more efficient
cars, and an Emissions Trading Scheme which includes
transport.We're tired of waiting for the bus while
our politicians dither in Parliament. Tell your MP
we NEED far-sighted, low-carbon transport solutions

The world is running out of cheap oil and head-on
into the climate crisis caused by burning fossil
fuels. World oil prices have more than quadrupled
in the past six years and more than doubled in
the past year.

At the same time, transport is 14% of Australia's
greenhouse pollution and rapidly rising. For both
of these reasons we need to move Australia away from
oil, and fast.

Previous governments have failed to prepare
Australia's transport system for rising oil
prices. Our governments, Federal and State in
partnership, must begin making major long
term adjustments now.

First, we demand a world class public transport
system starting with a $5 billion investment from
the newly created Building Australia Fund.

Second, we must include transport in the Emissions
Trading Scheme. Third, we need mandatory fuel
efficiency standards for all vehicles to match
other OECD countries.

Tell our political parties about the three steps to
kicking Australia's oil addiction and jump-starting
cleaner transport"

And this from the USA quote of the day in the
New York Times

"I paid so much for gas to get to work I couldn?t pay my
car payments anymore."CLEVELAND WHITESIDE,

a farm worker whose car was repossessed because gasoline
prices have broken his budget.



Tuesday, May 27 2008

New bench marks for peace on earth  -  @ 02:19:pm
As one of the very last acts of the Howard Government,
Brendan Nelson bought $14 million worth of cluster
bombs -

These weapons that contain mini-bombs, some of which
remain unexploded on the ground for years awaiting
innocent civilians. It's the first time Australia
has bought such a weapon, and one we would hope the
new Government would categorically reject.

But right now, as the international community meets
in Dublin to ban them, the new Australian Government
is going out of its way to frustrate the process.

They're calling for their 'SMART 155' bomb to be
excluded, and for rogue nations who persist in
using cluster bombs to be permitted to do so.

We've got just a few scarce days left before the
fragile international agreement is drafted.

Sign the petition today telling Kevin Rudd to
ban the bomb: no loopholes, no exceptions.

Thousands of civilians have lost their lives
and limbs, mainly children from Cambodia, Laos,
Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.
So much so that the international symbol of the
campaign is a limb.

Just last week the Pope took the unusual step
of calling on the international community to
outlaw the deadly weapons.

But our government has refused to accept that a
total ban on cluster munitions has to prohibit
countries from assisting other nations who use
cluster bombs. They are also arguing that the
Smart 155 is not a cluster munition, despite
having no independent tests on its safety and
refusing to provide any evidence to back up
that claim.

The UK Prime Minister yesterday reversed his
decision to exempt his own weapons, leaving
Australia increasingly isolated. We should be
encouraging positive international agreements
to save lives, not hindering them.

Tell the PM today - as this decision is being
made right now - to ban the bombs:

The Government is hoping this issue will slip
under the radar without anyone noticing -
but the stakes are simply too high to ignore.
Despite technological advances, cluster bombs
can't distinguish between combatant and
civilian - we need a strong international
treaty to prevent horrors like those experienced
as a result of land mines... That decision is
being made right now in Dublin.

The PM has shown what a 'creative middle power'
can achieve - advocacy on Tibet, ratification
of Kyoto, the Apology. Remind the New Rudd government
that we as a nation MUST be setting new bench marks
of integrity compassion and peace.......

Thanks for being part of the solution,

The GetUp team


Friday, Mar 21 2008

Control and Freedom in Tibet  -  @ 06:41:pm
Coretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights leader
Martin Luther King, Jr., recently said that if she had
to pinpoint the most important message she has learned
in her life,

"it would be that love is the most powerful healing force
on earth, and it is available to us all. If we can learn
how to love one another, there is nothing we can't do."

We are able rise above, and rise in love, when we practice
the art of loving with our partner and our world in a very
conscious manner on a daily basis.

It means that you can be honest with ones self. One is then
able to live ones heartfelt values - Our truest intentions &
valued commitments - by matching our words to our deeds.

Blame lack of communication and respect of the other
keeps the sad game going. It keeps stealing all our
wealth ? It is giving it to an imbecile with a lack
of financial skills. or ability to love
Dear one,wise up.
Hafiz quoted in The Gift
translated by Daniel Ladinsky

In Tibet, practitioners would sometimes be instructed to
go into a cave or canyon and alternately yell compliments
and insults at themselves, listening to the echoed sounds
and watching the mind's reactions to the praise and then
Glenn H. Mullin in Gems of Wisdom
from the Seventh Dalai Lama

To Practice This Thought: Make a CD of ones own personal
barrage of self justifications praise self deprecating
insults. Play it back to yourself and note how one
responds to this way of being.

Show ones love for the Tibetan people and sign the petition


Wednesday, Mar 19 2008

Past complacency and genuine power  -  @ 05:49:pm
Commitment reality and action from "Getup" and VITA

Saying sorry was an extraordinary first step on our
journey to GENUINE reconciliation. Now is the time
for real action... Starting with closing the 17 year
life expectancy gap that exists between Indigenous
and non-Indigenous Australians.

That is why Indigenous health professionals across
the nation are descending on Canberra to meet with
the new Federal Government this week -

Our first chance to send a clear message we NEED a
national partnership to end this preventable crisis.
What happens this week will help determine a health
equality for an entire generation to come...That's
why we'll be there with our close the gap petition.

It is imperative we act so add your name to the
GETUP petition to close the shocking 17-year life
expectancy gap, before another generation is
condemned to third-world health conditions!!!

When GETUP joined Oxfam, ANTaR, HREOC and NACCHO
in this campaign in April last year we laid out
the challenge before us: "we want to give ALL OUR
politicians an unflinching new mandate!!Backed by
tens of 1000'S to extend the fundamental rights to
life and health to every citizen of our wealthy

Together we must continue to RISE to that challenge.
Kevin Rudd has stepped up to this commitment and would
appear to have made a genuine commitment to close the

We must ALL continue to shake the cage of this APPALLING
PAST complacency we must ensure the current Federal
Government match their commitment of being "Sorry" with
genuine incisive action.

This week is our opportunity to make that a reality
that will take bold political will. We have the power
to create that will -

Add your name to the 40,000 GetUp members who have
already signed the petition, and we'll take it straight
to Canberra with the message that Australia demands real
health equality for all citizens..

SO whether you live in the region or not show ones will and
commitment for a healthier love filled world for US all!!


Friday, Dec 28 2007

Benazir and meaningful intentions  -  @ 12:21:pm
Benazir the truest embodiment of a goddess as left
her body and left us her spirit and courage. That
is to love fully to speak from the heart, love who
we are and love who we can all become together.

?Bhutto?s death will have a lasting impact on
Pakistani politics..
Salim Bokhari, Editor of The News. Forbes

?They (Pakistan) don't want democracy. They don't
want me back and they don't believe nor want women
governing nations. So they will try to plot
against me," Ms Bhutto said before her death, at
the political rally she was attending yesterday?.
Benazir Bhutto the Former Opposition Leader of

One must be prepared to live and love with the
truest and most meaningful intentions as the
opposition leader Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan
did for Pakistan...

Life became extra challenging but she walked
the talk and died for the truth of Pakistan to
act out that truth? To achieve this one must
have gracious goddess inspired integrity as
Benazir did.

She has left her body form/knowing, yet her
spirit of truth and bravery lives on in all
of us.. We must all live courageously and
always believe in our higher/ bigger self?.
We must live that higher self in every moment
as Benazir did....

When one is current, the current is strong?
ONE then will fly on the mountain as Benazir
did ?Benazir was a true living Goddess that
was blessed with poise, discernment and deep
felt compassion.

When we behave as she did then and only then
can we all truly live the dream without fear
or hatred of the other?

Those who do things without being told draw
and live and love fully as I am sure she did
in her loved filled life. When one does this
one will get the most out of life and are
handsomely rewarded for it?

We need to assess as a world whether killing
for the cause or dying for the cause are useful
paradigms to live by... They are so "pre" Julia


For Benazir a true and courageous Goddess?

As an aside it would appear some one has shut
down her official website Mmmm interesting me
thinks? I could not access it ?I hope it returns
soon as it must?


Sunday, Dec 16 2007

Clive Western Sahara's voice in Melbourne  -  @ 11:49:am
The blight and fight for freedom in the
Western Sahara continues...

So be at the .....
Incetic Pivot AGM
20th December 2 pm
Melbourne Exhibition Centre 2
Clarendon St
Southbank (just over the Yarra
river on Spencer St.)

Clive the camel says "may the fleas of a
thousand camels infest the arm pits of any
one exploiting the resources of Western Sahara".

Incetic Pivot, Wesfarmers and Impact are 3
Australian companies that are unconsciously
importing phosphate from the disputed zone.

We are intending to inform the shareholders
of Incetic Pivot to the major Social and Ethical
issues that are effecting the refugees in the
Western Sahara.

Volunteers and interested parties if you
could meet at 1.30 pm to distribute material
and lend your support in a peaceful assembly
it would be greatly appreciated by the current
refugees of the Western Sahara, that do not
have a voice in Australia.

Clive will be on the back of a Ute visiting
the business sections of Melb through out the
morning. Could people/US/WE MAKE time to call
the talk back radio stations to speak on this
crucial issue.

Hope to see you there for a chat with Clive.
More from OUR ABC in Australia


Don't ask what our world is doing for US...Ask
what WE are doing for the world ....


Monday, Dec 10 2007

United we grow together  -  @ 09:58:am
Whoever Sees US has seen themselves. Those
who don?t can not see the whole of US!!

Well what splendid TIMES we are in the previous
Federal Government are heading out to sea and
could well become a VERY MINOR PARTY .They
are certainly NOT part of my new feature film
and will certainly have NO DIALOGUE written
for them.

They are part of a very bad dream that went on
for far too,long. Maxine Penny Julia PG, Kevin
the rest of the NEW LIVING DREAM team/crew have
arrived. They are, well ensconced in Canberra
and cleansing out the old negative energy left
behind by a very shabby crew, who created a very
B grade movie?

Australians have had their voice heard and they
have spoken through the tyranny of the past and
spoken their TRUTH and asked for better dialogue,
A dialogue that is filled with transparency love
and compassion for all of US....

They NEW Australian Labor Government sworn in and
it would appear committed to great verbs, and very
prepared to act on then in a meaningful way, that
incorporates the whole. They are getting on with
the business of good governance sustainable
kindness compassion and a well-defined evolving
script ?.

?Our days in the sun of come ?as the lovely Adam Elliott
would say?. Bless him and his new project?

See his link in VITA's quick links

The backbenchers in the Liberal Party have had their
third eyed opened and appear to be thrilled to see
the back of John and his friend Peter...
Or was he John?s real friend Hmmmm?)

A lot of soul-searching will need attention at the
Liberal Camp.It would appear to me that possibly
their chakras need to realign before there would
be any progress at all. Their exploration for new
talent may well be a fool?s paradise...I suggest
a good composting of the whole team maybe in


Article 23.

1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of
employment, to just and favourable conditions of work
and to protection against unemployment.

(2) Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right
to equal pay for equal work.

(3) Everyone who works has the right to just and
favourable remuneration ensuring for them self and
their family. An existence worthy of human dignity,
and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of
social protection.

(4) Everyone has the right to form and to join trade
unions for the protection of their interests.

Article 24.
Everyone has the right to rest and leisure,including
reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic
holidays with pay.

A goddess prepared to walk new frontiers
with the Chaser goddess crew and go to where
no Goddess has gone before...

Always the visionary and at the NEW frontiers

Thursday, Dec 06 2007

Kim Gandy is very NOW  -  @ 03:34:pm
Vita talks to Kim Gandy President of "NOW"
National Organization of Women (America)

Part one of two

How many women are using your website as a
resource for political information and as
a means of activism for themselves?

I think it's over 100,000 hits per day, and
we have just under 200,000 members who will
consistently participate in our Action Alerts
system and get our every-two-weeks email
newsletter of actions and news.

Does "NOW" know the breakdown of who these
women are? (geographical socio economic)

This isn't information we've tried to obtain
about our own members, via the website, so
of course we don't have it on those who aren't
NOW members but will simply use our website
for activism, information, research, etc.

What are the issues that are paramount and are
consistent over the time you have been involved
with NOW?

I've been involved in NOW for 34 years, although
the subtexts of the issues have changed over time,
the six priority issues themselves have been pretty
consistent (they are in no particular order, as we
consider them all to be equal)

a. Equality for women (trying to put equal rights
for women into the U.S, constitution, that will
end discrimination. Equal educational opportunities,
equal job opportunities in both professions and
previously male-dominated occupations,

b. Reproductive rights ( having access to birth
control and abortion, including access for young
women and low income women.. Ending oppressive
measures such as forced or the involuntary
sterilization of women, forced use of birth
control such as Norplant Basically the right
to decide whether or not to have children

c. Ending violence against women this is of
course self-explanatory, includes rape, sexual
assault, domestic violence, stalking, violence
against abortion clinics. Federal funding for
the prevention and services.that offer support.

d. Lesbian rights (freedom from discrimination
based on sexual orientation or identity, including
employment, housing, public accommodations, and
other benefits available to heterosexuals.In the
past 10 years this has also included the right to

e. Ending Racism (women of color, obviously, suffer
from dual oppression, and we work to end all kinds
of discrimination that affects women This includes
strong support for enactment and enforcement of civil
rights and hate-crime laws)

f. Economic Justice (equal pay, access to the workplace,
women-friendly and family-friendly workplace policies,
social security and pension laws, living wage laws,
housing discrimination, etc.....

And of course there are so many more issues that
we work on, like women's health, body image, images
of women in the media, misogyny in the media and
elsewhere, increasing women's representation in
elected office, etc. etc.

What impact to you see the NOW website having for
women accessing information and being empowered
to have a voice? Do you see the impact of change
happening via the use of the NOW site?

We get a terrific response from women who appreciate
the comprehensive nature of our site and the fact
that they can take action on so many different
issues at one time. We often get a very quick
about-face on issues when we bombard a company
with email messages from angry women!

See part 2 of this interview tomorrow on
VITA's late edition

Click on this link below to see more about
Kim Gandy

Also see more on Vita's quick links at the
NOW site


Wednesday, Dec 05 2007

Women creating the future  -  @ 03:33:pm
Vita talks to Hutch Hussein, National Co-Convenor of
EMILY?s List.
Part 2

How has the use of the EMILYS List website enhanced
grass roots activisms influence and reach to women
who may never had a voice before?

Directed donation of money to candidates which neither
major party allows you to do via their party machinery ?
ensures that EMILY?s List provides choice and doesn?t
shy away from only supporting ?progressive women?.

It gives progressive women a voice in a political
process beyond their vote. Since 1996, we have
facilitated these donations 30% used to come
via our website and that is now 50% and that
is $650,000 that women candidates previously
didn?t receive and in some cases it may have
meant the difference in going into debt post
a campaign. The biggest impediment for women
not running for office is often lack of

As an aside were you aware that 58% of blogging
sites are by women and in fact maintained
longer than men?s blogging sites!

No. interesting fact.

How has having the website changed your
sense of influence and activism for women?

It definitely gives us wider reach and also
allows our expat members to stay in touch
and still have the opportunity to shape the
society of their home country. Websites are
a powerful tool for the global citizen and
has expanded our influence and opportunities
for activism for women.

Given what we have just witnessed in Australia
with the Federal election, do you see that
women are leading us into the 21st century in
global framework.

Yes indeed, it allows women to be much clearer that
joint partnerships are shaping our society our world.

Is it is happening and has the internet
influenced that change?

Yes, it provides a different sort of
accountability and a different form of
activism (apart from rallying in the
streets) and influence.

For Maxine McKew - Member for Bennelong
and JOY who is indeed a mentor of the

Monday, Dec 03 2007

EMILYS LIST offering real choices  -  @ 05:51:pm
VITA talks to Hutch Hussein,
National Co-Convenor of EMILY?s List.

PART ONE OF TWO .............
See Part 2 of this interview on Wednesday 05th
ON the late edition of Vita.....

How many women are using the Australian EMILYS LIST
website as a resource for political information and
as a means of activism for themselves?

We are actually in the process of updating our new
website to feature a mechanism to count the official
?hits?, as well as make it more interactive by
allowing people to participate in our interactive
polls as well as providing opportunities to lobby
on key issues.

Lots of women currently use it to find out accurate
statistics on the number of women in parliaments,
within the ALP. ALP?s history and record on affirmative
action and on what issues we have been active on via
our news room?s press releases.

What are the issues that are paramount and are consistent
over the time you have been involved with grass roots
activism particularly for women?

The consistent issues for women that have been paramount
over the 15 years that I?ve been involved with grass
roots activism are actually very similar and revolve
around EMILY?s LIST?s core principles which candidates
must endorse in order to gain "EL" support

These being- equity, diversity, pro-choice, and the
provision of equal pay and childcare. Sadly, given the
constant attacks on them by conservative governments,
the battles continue.

What impact does the EMILY'S LIST website having for
women accessing information and being empowered to have
a voice? Do you see the impact of change happening via
the use of your website as ?new voices?? HOW?

The EL website allows women whether they?re in Warburton,
Wollongong or Wooloomooloo to gain knowledge,empower them-
selves about the issues and to assist in the campaigns
of progressive Labor women candidates..

Our ?Donate? page allows for the Donation of ?Money,
Time and Resources?. So people can choose to

a) Donate money ? EL has NOW channelled over $650,000
from progressive men and women from across Australia
to the campaigns of progressive Labor women candidates.

For many members, their involvement in EMILY?s List has
provided a new freedom relating to how they spend their
relatively small amounts (or sometimes larger) of their
disposable income.

It?s about progressive people using their financial clout
to be instrumental in change. By choosing to be a member,
you?re contributing to making a difference as part of a
nationwide network. If you then contribute to candidates
of your choice during elections, It allows women to be part
of creating significant change. That is how progressive people
can spend their money to have an influence on genuine
change in government.

b) Donate time to the campaigns of candidates. Progressive
women and men are realizing that they can transfer their
intellectual clout into political clout and that is what
EMILY?s List is about. Believing that this bridges the
gap enabling a greater number of progressive women are
elected to Australia?s parliaments.

c) Donating resources to the campaigns of candidates.
Individuals or businesses offering a service to EMILY's
List or candidates eg. box of stamps, reams of paper,
printing, venue hire, prizes for fundraising etc.

All these ensure women have a voice beyond the electoral
box in determining the kind of society they want. The
website definitely allows us a reach beyond our membership
to do this.

See VITA's quick links for the both the American &
Australian EMILYS LIST links and check out Koori
women who are inclusive and mean business below!!


Wednesday, Nov 28 2007

Maxine's future and Gough's grand children  -  @ 03:45:pm
Goughs, grandchildren have spoken?.Kevin and the
gang have arrived in Canberra..very very safely.
The Australian public have made a grand genuine
gesture for sweeping change in this country.

Johnnie said 'if we change the government the
country will be fundamentally changed forever"

Yes thank you for that astute observation John..
A FINAL and possibly accurate truth, he uttered
just before setting the Liberal Party, aimlessly
adrift in a very leaky boat. John is gong back
to whence he came....His new de/fences have
been built on the North Shore's of Sydney....

We are now able to create a compassionate future
that incorporates integrity. Choices that benefit
the WHOLE and NOT just, the elite?.This in effect
is the polar opposite of the previous Federal
governments swing on what they identified as the
?peoples choice?? Their concept of being ?comfortable
and relaxed? was quite at odds with what was actually
going on in fact?Hmmm.. lets have a look at the current
refugees right now who are living in detention??

The previous Federal governments CONCEPT of work
choices was quite special...Mmm?we could have
had too much work not enough work or no work. Goddess
me, that is in fact NOT choices that we really NEEDED!

The previous Federal government offered a ?choice? for
all the wee Aussie battlers? to become part of the chosen
elite. A flawed false belief system that denies commitment
to equity for the whole..This was a strategic attempt at
changing societal understanding about genuine choices.

It highlights the previous Federal governments passion for
a class system User pays and you can have everything..Ah
yes little johnnies "Winners and losers". Not a genuine
system that created long-term equity for all..Where is
Jackie Kelly's electoral officer now we wonder? No where
to be seen I imagine.....

Ultimately, one suggests these choices have proved
very debilitating for anyone not identified as one of
Johnnie's winners. Choices that left out the other
and perpetuated fear of the unknown. We were denied a
commitment to loving all and a long term vision.

It was a government that looked back to a TIME when
Roast on Sunday was a must do and Chardonnay was not
popular yet. These paradigms momentarily changed the
fabric of our society. Hessian is an easier fabric to
cut but very plain and harsh to wear.Silk is a natural
state sensuous and very sustainable..

Check this film out and remind ones self of little
Johnnie's work choices and bless Fletcher Jones

In the last 11 years madness descended and the
main game was focused on a "ME ME ME" mentality
and the notion that one is better by having more
and judging the other as wrong was a Liberal Party
mantra ......

One could run ones? own empire,send ones children
to private schools and even pay exclusive rates
for private health care. Have their very own unmanageable
mortgage, matching curtains, 2 cars a large credit card
debit and plain rice for years to come?.Mmm what-fabulous
choices Johnnie gave them NOT!

Oh yes and bless the ?great undecided voters for their
insights?. HELLO, how much choice did they need? This
of course could alternatively, been an appalling lack
of ability to make a genuine choice for ones self? One
wonders are they people who like being, led by the
nose and TOLD what to choose?

For example the swinging voter, on (SBS), ?INSIGHT? on
November 20 that suggested she could not trust "Kevin"
because he had been a diplomat?What a conundrum she had,
to decide between a liar and a diplomat? Big choices
to make, did she not remember TAMAPA AWB children in
detention etc? I hope she had a little more insight by
November 24th 2007.

We at VITA management can SEE that ?Howard?s battlers?
have seen the choices they made NOT work out so
well for them? Now having contemplated eating the PLASMA
TV, and realizing the expensive garden hose they bought
at BUNNINGS?s has NO USE with NO water..That their carbon
excesses are becoming embarrassing to the neighbors and
they can not afford to drive the children to private
school anyway....

They have seen the LIGHT and made clear transparent
choices that will resonate for their grand children.
It is painfully obvious they are NOT comfortable and
relaxed as the previous Prime Minister suggested.

As a society we have moved away from a life, of absolute
betrayal lies deceit and expensive choices, that really
have ONLY benefited a few. We have regained our self-
determining spirit. We have stepped up to the mountain
top and created OUR own choices. We have chosen NOT
to live with unpalatable and fundamentally INHUMANE
behavior and belief systems!

We have chosen and identified the difference between
continuing in muddy waters and chosen fresh aqua blue
lakes. The vibration of our souls has integrated our
heart felt needs. We can NOW incorporate something
exceptional that creates REAL choices, as opposed
to something that removed REAL CHOICES ?.

We NOW have the opportunity too move away from this
continuous betrayal and misuse of power. We have RID
ourselves of those that would DARE to define our
choices. Australia has realized it truly is TIME
to revalue redefine our VITA/LIFE'S. We are now
ready to decide what and WHO matters in our
life?s and consider the future of our children?

There is much to be done. Rebuilding restructuring
and envisioning a genuine future with 21 century
current choices Care compassion and considerations
are back in style and on the Federal government
front bench with a NEW LABOR GOVERNMENT.

We have made our choice a choice between a government
that was ?commonplace? cruel without consciousness,
for a Federal Government that has the opportunity to
LOVE fully and build a Gough inspired VISION for the

We bequeath/give Maxine and Julia to to our children


Tuesday, Nov 20 2007

The voices for peace  -  @ 07:24:am

"When Sam McMillan and Louise Barry - two young
Australian women who know the real cost of war -
began their quest for answers, they were only two people.
GetUp members have since joined the call and suddenly
we were 40,000 strong.

Last week, Sam and Louise personally asked you to
join them for this final push, and we grew to 60,000
in 48 hours. But still their calls to meet the current
Prime Minister remain unanswered - and the Foreign
Minister last week merely brushed them off.

But the stakes are far too high to just give up. Sam
and Louise will travel back to Canberra this Thursday
to make one final attempt to deliver our petition and
get some answers. And to help them put peace back on
the national agenda. We're planning an online media
blitz with a powerful new web ad to get the message
out to hundreds of thousands of more Australians.

How far can we spread Sam and Louise's message? That
is up to US. Just $50 can show the ad directly to 3000
Australians, $100 will double it.

Please click below to see the ad and give what you can:

We've seen throughout this election how effective the
internet is in framing the national conversation.. Now
we want to put Iraq right where it should be: on a variety
of webpages viewed by voters and in the forefront of
Australians' minds on the eve of the election..

For good measure we've also booked a full page ad in
the newspaper read by the very people who can really
influence the current PM -the voters in his own

Not only could this be the last opportunity to hold
the current PM accountable for taking Australia to
war on false pretenses and without parliamentary or
popular approval..

It is also an opportunity to tell Mr Rudd if elected that
he has a mandate for peace. This is our opportunity to
create change and the course of history for the better..
Which will make Louise and Sam's message all the more
powerful when they arrive in Canberra...

Donate now to take their urgent message directly to
hundreds of thousands of Australians who can vote us
out of this war on Saturday November 24th 2007

Sam and Louise simply want the man responsible for
dragging Australia into this conflict to hear from
the Australian people and provide some answers about
how he intends to end it. Mr. Howard can ignore two
Australians. He can try to ignore 40,000, or maybe
even 60,000. Yet at some point, through adding new
voices, we become too many Australians for Mr. Howard
to ignore. By being proactive we must get some answers.

We have taken one giant step closer to restoring humanity
accountability and consciousness and make inroads to
ending this war"/invasion.

Please give what you can: click on the site above
The Get Up Team

Make peace a reality have ones voice heard

Tuesday, Nov 13 2007

A government gone overboard  -  @ 10:56:am
11 days out from the Australian, Federal Election
and we find the Federal governments lack of
credibility and integrity is smacking us in
the face again ?.

With the incarceration of Tony Tran, a Vietnamese
born man wrongly detained as an illegal immigrant?
For 5 years! His wife deported and his son that was
placed in foster care until Tony's release?.

It would appear the whole system of immigration and
deportation, needs to be redefined and given integrity,
to ensure any sense of human rights in Australia.

We are seeing consistent Federal government
flaws in social policy, repeatedly, in this
obviously cruel and heartless system. How
many more people have been detained by the
government in out of sight facilities.. More
to the point for what reason? Not to forget
the refugees who are currently being held in
Villawood Nauru and 6 other centers across

Exactly how many people are in the Federal
government?s holding pattern are caught in
this insidious and cruel system? It is simply
outrageous inhumane, behavior and policy by
the current Federal government.

To see this obvious disintegration of human rights
in Australia is embarrassing and deeply disturbing?
A country that prides itself on a fair go has a
government that has moved the goal posts for who
is entitled to get a fair go it would appear?.

What kind of government removes people from their
lives and creates policy that leaves people in a
state of flux for up to seven years? In February
2005, a mentally ill German citizen holding an
Australian permanent residency, Cornelia Rau was
in detention as an unauthorized immigrant for a
total of ten months.

In May of 2005, 33 other people were identified as
wrongfully detained under the Migration Act.?This
included ?Vivian? who was forcibly deported to the
Philippines and then went missing..(She has since
been, found).

As of May 2005, it was unclear how many people had
spent time in an immigration detention facility. By
late May 2005, over 200 cases of possible wrongful
immigration detention were referred, to the Palmer

In October 2005, the Commonwealth Ombudsman revealed
that more than half of those cases for a week or less.
Twenty -three other people incarcerated in detention
for more than a year and two of these were for more
than five years. It goes on and on?...

In a press release from the Minister of Immigration
Kevin Andrews in October 2007, on the current the
Federal governments position on refugee/humanitarian
intakes for Australia 2007-08 he says:

?Australia has the right to ensure that those who come
here are integrating into a socially cohesive community.
From early 2008, the capacity of migrants to integrate
into the Australian community ?will be formally assessed
through an interview.?

It begs the question by whom will they be interviewed
by, what are the questions being asked,and what are these
peoples skills and knowledge on human rights? let alone
their grasp on the needs of people seeking refugee status.

?Those who are assessed as representing an
unacceptable integration challenge will be
refused permission to migrate to Australia.?

One wonders what this actually means given
the unacceptable methods the Federal Government
has used to date to determine who stays and who

The current Immigration Minister goes on to say

?For Australia?s immigration program to be successful,
it needs the support and acceptance of the Australian
community. This will only be achieved if they have
confidence in the integrity of the program."

"Responding to issues where there are concerns about
the benefits of certain aspects of the program is not
only justified, it also protects and reinforces
the integrity of Australia?s overall immigration

Yes well indeed I am sure Vivian Tony and Cornelia
and many others have doubts about the integrity
of the current Federal governments immigration
stance..As we all should..What needs to be
scrutinized is genuine values on human rights
in Australia. How are we valuing the other? What
as a nation is acceptable; immigration policy
and does the Australian public have confidence in
the current system?

Bring on the election and we will see whether
this government is placed in exile for ever?.


Friday, Nov 09 2007

Sage advice on who will be sorry  -  @ 12:41:pm
Dear friends,
The next few weeks are the one of the most
important times in Australia's political
history. One of the main issues at stake is
whether one side of politics will retain
complete control of the SENATE (our political
house of review).."

As it stands it presently has been reduced to
a mere rubber stamp as the Coalition have the
majority of control...We must restore balance
and accountability to the Senate by voting
the Coalition out of their monopoly.

"With only two weeks to go, each one of us
can make an enormous difference this Federal
election. Recent polling shows that Victoria's
Federal Senate seats rest on a knife's edge,
and the balance of power could be decided by
just a few hundred votes.'

We know that our "Save our Senate" message can
change votes and restore balance to our Senate
even amongst Liberal-National voters, fewer than
one-third think the Coalition should have total
control of the Senate.

Just a few hours of your time could make the
difference between an independent, balanced
Senate and three more years of a rubber stamp."

Come to the activities below .. Participate in
creating change in the future of Australia
Join us on Saturday the 17th of November the
last weekend before the coming Federal election.
Participate to get our message to 1000's of voters
in Caulfield, Kew and Malvern.

Click on the link in VITA"S quick links for more
details of how to play a part at the GETUP link

OR Email to get involved
outside Melbourne.)

2. Join thousands of GetUp members on Election
Day. We have a plan for election day.. one that's
innovative, fun and effective. We won't be telling
people who to vote for, but we will be asking them
to end the Coalition's Senate majority.

We will distribute: *Fortune cookies with sage
advice on a balanced Senate *Voting pencils that
will be printed with Senate messages
*Save our Senate" ...T-shirts*Posters and
flyer's..All of our materials are researched,
tested and have proven effective with voters,
no matter who they want for PM.

Now all we need is your help on Election Day.

Click on the the link to sign up!,86439

With only 15 days to go, it's crunch time! Let's
save our Senate!

Oliver, Amy and the GetUp Grassroots Action team.

This election may well hinge on climate change -
so we hope to see you at Walk Against Warming -
Australia's biggest climate change rally -
near you this Sunday!


Thursday, Nov 01 2007

Unhealthy men and their issues  -  @ 09:04:am
Federal Election 2007
Unhealthy and unhelpful comments by TONY

Yes, well as I have previously mentioned is
Tony the kind of man we would trust with our
Health issues? Apparently launching events
is more important than doing something about
the Health of a Nation?

And then his litany of bad behavior to go with
it ? Rude to a dying men, late for debates, and
snapping retorts at the Federal Shadow Minister
for Health Nicola Roxon ?

This is truly shabby shabby behavior indeed?Tony..

Tony suggested he should not have been ?dismissive?
of a dying man?Indeed?A man who is campaigning for
Government subsidies for a drug to help those with
a disease that is terminal.. Given the circumstance
that Bernie dying from an ?asbestos-related
disease mesothelioma.'

One would hope the Australian Federal Health Minister
might see the concern in a more enlightened way? As
opposed to a political stunt on Bernie's part? That
truly is perplexing if NOT gob smacking from a Federal
Government Minister frantic to maintain his very own
tentative existence in Parliament..

A disease Bernie acquired through bad work conditions
it would appear...Ah yes the Health of a Nation and
compassion is obviously (NOT) at the forefront of
Tony?s consciousness...Tony suggested Bernie was
? pulling a stunt by attempting to deliver a
petition to Mr. Abbott's Manly electorate office?

Hmmmm wouldn?t that be Bernie?s democratic RIGHT
as a voter to highlight the NEEDS of those with
a life threatening disease to the Health Minister?..
One wonders whether the Federal Government wants to
do something about this situation??

Would it not have been more useful to do take a
proactive and constructive approach to Bernie's
petition? Rather than be remarkably dismissive
of the situation TONY??

One would have to question who's health Tony
is concerned about...11 years in office and
NOW they want to do something about the state
of Hospital management in Australia..Hmmm

Then of course there is the issue of the costs
of flights to and from events for ministers?,Whose
economy and environment is paying for that we
may well ask?

Me thinks the Federal Government is unsure
whether to be in flight or fight??.Or simply
feel very very very sorry for the state of
their own health?

Check out 'EMILY'S' List of women across Australia
interested in the Health of a Nation

We do have choices we can make with compassion
and care


Friday, Oct 19 2007

Joining clubs and speaking the truth  -  @ 01:13:pm


Yes well the day of truth is rapidly approaching
and the boys in the big end of town want us to
believe their truth... (The government)

According to Peter, Julia?s a communist hilarious
indeed and even more scary the Labor Party has been
stacked with (male) union heavies...Shock horror!Tell
us something we don't know.Certainly this is worth our
consideration. It is something, we all know they the
(Labour Party), battle with themselves...Yet unlike
Groucho (Marx) people do join clubs that will have

One has to be amused at both parties desperate grab
at the MY SPACE and the YOU TUBE generation, in an
attempt to join their clubs...That is seriously
tragic... Lets face John suggesting children eat
apples on MY SPACE, when what they want is faster
broadband is truly hilarious...Bordering on pathetic..

According to stats from the Parliamentary Library
the Liberal Party is well represented from the big
end town.So what is the Federal governments point?
Different club different criteria..


"Alexander Downer, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey
are all former Liberal Party staffers. Brendan
Nelson is a former National union boss. Outer
ministry member Andrew Robb is a former Liberal
Party federal director and staffer. Chris Pyne
is a former staffer. So is Fran Bailey. As are
Parliamentary Secretaries Greg Hunt & Tony Smith.'

One could also look at a more alarming fact that
Australia' 2 major Political Parties, have been
dominated by so called "educated" white Anglo Saxon
men since Federation. One would have to see this
truth as more alarming and more galling, than Julia
being part of a student think tank in her 20?s?

Within the current parliament representation of
women across the Senate and the House of Reps
is ONLY 28.3%....

This alarming fact seems to have been obscured
by the commies are coming in 2007?Which is
completely ludicrous...For Goddess sake lets
get some perspective on issues of truth. What
is to be feared and what is really going on here?
This glaring imbalance of women's representation could
well be addressed and revalued as well. Given we are
willing to consider and value equity and balance
of power for the whole....

On ABC?s "Lateline" program last night Pollsters
suggested the 2007 Federal election will be run
and won on the issue of the economy..I guess if
you tell people that enough they will believe it.
A yes the slow boil... What is ironic about that
is the average voter is indeed juggling, their
own precarious economy of needs..

Consider the cost of home loans petrol prices
childcare costs, every increasing food costs,
health care and education costs? Ah yes living
in a country with so called choice.

"You can have it if you can afford it.." With
an underlying menace/ terror that if you can't
it's ones own fault....Ah Mark's aspirational
voters have become the working poor... Ah the
lucky country...How lucky can one be or become?
It would become apparent we are living in a users
pays society and the more one pays the more one
can have.. One could begin to believe one 'should'
simply try harder and believe the 'truths' that
are fed to us.Regardless whether they are boiled
dry or NOT....

This type of approach smacks of stand in the naughty
corner until one remembers what the teacher said!!
or is it worse one has not listened and therefore
it's the individuals own fault? Mr Howard and his
club said spend up buy property get ahead...

Now it appears this has left the aspirational voter
considering appetizing ways to eat the Plasma TV now
that Pizza is of the menu....And possibly wondering
where they went wrong? After all they did what they
were told???

As Eva Cox has said ?are we an economy or a community??
That is what is worth considering when people go to vote
on November 24th 2007??We need to examine the current
Federal governments swing on truth..

What does prosperity actually mean in the personal realm
of ones own economy of needs? What does community mean
within an economy?

The current government told us to be aware but not alarmed
of the other. Well frankly I think we should be aware of
what they are advocating..John and Tony speak about their
truth, but who's truth is it and how is affecting the whole?

Can we trust such people that blatantly lied about(Tamapa)
children overboard a government that incarcerated asylum
seekers children..A patriarchal government that NOW say
they are ?saving? aboriginal children with more control
mechanisms that are stripping aboriginal communities of
fundamental rights..?

Who's children will we care for and HOW are we caring for
them is inconsistent and patronizing indeed!! 40 years (or
is that 200 and what?) of neglect.. AND NOW this Federal
government who are unable to say sorry want to control
the situation in Aboriginal communities..Consider if
they came to communities in the growth corridors and
took this approach? What would the backlash be?

An insidious veil under the belief they are protecting

On a personal level John's friend Tony was not even
clear whether he had an extra child or not. Can we
trust a chap in charge of Health who has had unsafe
sex..Not to mention overlooking his own obligations
of child support payments? Then backed out of the
whole idea of parentage..What a weird debacle that
was...So would one want to trust a man not conscious
of his own behavior and the impact on the other??

One may well wonder what the war on terror is about
and who is creating the fear of the other? It would
appear terror has arrived in the growth corridors
of Melbourne/ Sydney, in a different form.

One can plainly see credit card debit is being sought
to simply survive or live the consumer dream..Interest
rates that are apparently not going up... but hello
have consistently gone up under the Howard government.
Families that are unable to make child care affordable,
part-time and casual work that is not and will never be
sustainable to truly live the dream.

The present Federal Government say we have the lowest
unemployment in 30 years. However what they neglect to
point out is the bench marks of what reasonable employment
options are, have changed dramatically in the past 30 years..
Change the truth change the goal posts..Of course repetitive
words become belief and people forget what was and what can

The slow boil of a communities consciousness is about to
burn into the open pan..What truth as a society, do we want
to live..What will we choose to believe and who do we trust??
Who's hands are we leaving our future in?

Lets really talk about truth and economies of scale and
see what truth prevails..Bring on the election of 2007!!
What do we bequeath to our children??

Friday, Oct 05 2007

The cost for a nation and a governments decline  -  @ 04:07:pm

'When the Government saturated us with their Climate
Clever advertising campaign, GetUp members rallied
to raise an unbelievable quarter of a million doll
ars plus to successfully air our climate spoof ad
during the AFL Grand Final.

But government spending of our taxes to advertise
their party policies must stop now. Before another
dollar of public money is spent, sign the urgent
petition to tell Mr Howard and Mr Rudd that we
demand an end to government advertising designed
to spruik not inform:

Every day of inaction is literally costing us $1
million in advertising. Some of it is legitimate
but this Government has spent more than any other
on its own advertising - estimated at almost $2
billion. Our Government is now one of the biggest
advertisers in Australia, and one of the highest
spending governments in the world.'

This flagrant misuse of OUR money by the Australian
Federal government, is without consultation or any
consent by US the voters.

The last federal Labor government did the same,
as do current state Labor governments - While the
Greens and Labor are making some positive noises
there is nothing effective in Australian law to
prevent this unbridled abuse of public trust and

Rumors abound that John Howard even intends to
break with time-honored convention and continue
taxpayer-funded propaganda during the election
period itself.

Sign the petition now - and we'll put your name
to the $2 billion invoice we'll send to the
government for our monies spent:

Imagine what $2 billion of our taxes could do -
close the Indigenous health gap, fill the major
shortfall in public schools funding. Double the
Government's spending on climate change. Yet
that money has been largely wasted on political
self-interest, this is simply insulting to the
Australian taxpayers.

The GetUp team


Monday, Sep 17 2007

Self determination & freedom to speak  -  @ 02:55:pm
Australia Western Sahara Association (Victoria)
asks us to join them at a Peaceful Community
Assembly to highlight the plight of the
Saharawisi people in the Western Sahara

Friday 21 September
12 noon in front of Incitec Pivot
70 Southbank Boulevard
Southbank Melbourne.

To be addressed by Senator Lyn Allison,
Australian Greens Senate Candidate
Dr Richard Di Natale & and ALP
representative is to be confirmed.

Sultana Khaya a Saharawi student brutally
assaulted during a peaceful sit-in by
Moroccan security forces 09/05/07 in
Alqady Ayad University, Marrakesh. Due
to this attack, Sultana has lost an eye
due to her NEED for self determination
and willingness to speak up.

This is a call to Incitec Pivot to notify
their shareholders of the legal and moral
issues of sourcing phosphate from Moroccan-
occupied Western Sahara not mention Morocco?s
on-going human rights abuses against the
Saharawis to, claim their legitimate right
to freedom of speech and self-determination.

For further information



Monday, Sep 10 2007

Transforming truth  -  @ 04:29:pm
Well APEC is over the talk fest is done! The security
fences are down in Sydney(much to the delight of a
very disgruntled Sydney population)?

Yet the APEC crew seemed more tentative than when than
began. At least 4 APEC leaders are on the way out and
may wield less influence OR have created GENUINE CHANGE

So one wonders who will be leading the "chase: for the
APEC agenda in the next 3 years. Who will 'facilitate
economic growth and prosperity across the region'.
Who will benefit and what will the genuine benefits
be and for whom?

More to the point who is defining what is trade
cooperation, and investment in the Asia-Pacific for
the future.. Hmmm it will certainly not be John and
George,(no not the Beatles). Although that may well
be something Paul and Ringo could well consider as
new career options? After all Bono and Bob?s genuine
successes in changing paradigms and the plight of
other, could possibly been somewhat more meaningful
within the big picture?


APEC apparently is committed to ?non-binding
commitments, open dialogue and equal respect for the
views of all APEC countries regardless of the size
of their economy?.'But apparently have 'aspirations'
to do something to improve regional matters...Hmmmm
words words words?.but really what do they mean in
the truest sense?


The ABC ?Chasers? tested the security measures,
before the Canadians arrived. Stretching the
love between the big end of down and the police..
Leaving one to question how much money is required
to create the SECURITY put in place?..What is it
we fear again......?

Bless the 'Chasers' for stretching the boundaries their
tenacity and very naughty sense of humor? Afterall one
would surely think it is important to check the quality
assurance of a system..Obviously not fool proof!! Who
are the foolish ones we ask ..Maybe the tax payers?


Our great diplomat Alexander saw the humor in it and
assured us all the ABC "Chasers" were not going to
hurt anybody?. Just a wee bit embarrassed with our
short comings on national security.

They may like to check out the security at LA airport
for future research and hardcore approaches on secuirty
(Please remove ones shoes and beard when entering the
secure zone)....The NSW police were not amused nor
pleased at all. Ah yes a country with low self esteem
and shabby security what an amusing debacle..

What is it we were securing again?

Ah yes Australian irony and "larrikin' antics lost
on the other it would appear...

One wonders whether the ?Chasers? contract will be
renewed at the ABC? That's what you get with free
speech and action...Anyway, George seemed thrilled
that the Americans are ?kicking ass? in Iraq. How
articulate can one world "leader' be about invasion
death and misery.

Meanwhile the Chinese are looking at, lowering their
misuse of the environment and gave Australia a CUDDLY
endangered bear to look after. John cut some deals to
give Vladimir uranium to keep the home fires burning
in Russia? John seemed slightly awkward at his demise
in the public arena yet thrilled at his ability to
organize a cities shutdown and protect us from the big
?T?. He even apologized for the overkill of protection
and hello..?inconvenience," Maybe he is practicing
saying sorry (before he goes)?for other unforgivable
major inconveniences that have been inflicted on the

Bring on Maxine and a sustainable truthful future?.

To speak a word of truth is to transform the world.
Paolo Friere quoted in Living Peace by John Dear

To Practice This Thought: Speak truth to someone
who has genuine power and genuine love of the


Sunday, Sep 02 2007

Racing for global targets  -  @ 12:33:pm
This week, the world comes to Sydney Australia.

Well Sydney is in lock down and so is the racing
industry... Mmm interesting timing ..Who will
win the race we may well ask..??

APEC and Critical Races
Leaders of 21 nations are converging in Australia
for APEC, in part to determine the critical next
steps to tackle climate change. The problem is,
Australia's Prime Minister and George Bush are
planning to use the event to sidestep important
commitments to binding greenhouse gas targets.

Faced with this international crisis, GetUp is
going global with our friends at Avaaz. We have
created a 500,000-strong email and photo petition
of world citizens to be delivered direct to our
global leaders.

We need the rest of the 21 APEC world leaders to
hold strong and we want every one of the 1100
journalists covering the summit to alert the world
to the impending scandal unfolding in Sydney. No
more hot air, we need the binding targets experts
agree must be put in place to cap temperature
rises at 2 degrees.

The world can NOT afford to delay! So join more
than 80,000 Australians by adding your name to
the petition below.

You are also invited to upload your photo to our
global visual manifesto which will be unveiled
starting Friday in a special ceremony at the site
of the APEC meeting in Sydney Australia
It will then roll out around the world to Kyoto,
the North Pole, the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Sign the petition below calling for binding climate
targets and a real shift to clean energy. When you upload
your own personal climate target image at the same time,
we'll deliver it this week. You can use an old photo of
yourself or take a new one with your mobile phone with
a target - a dot with circles around it - on the palm
of your hand. Start by simply signing the climate
action petition now.

See site above or click on the GETUP link at VITA's
quick links.....

On Friday, we will gather to pass a massive 144-square
metre floating canvas of our own target to surfers
who will take it out to sea at the iconic Bondi Beach,
followed by a replica event on Saturday at the Reef.
Sunday, we are set for Melbourne.

Click on the site if you are interested in being part
of these events and we'll send you the details.

Scientists agree this is humanity's golden window to
stop climate change, and with an election and round two
of Kyoto talks just around the corner, this is the moment
for every concerned Australian to exert maximum pressure
on world leaders, including our own.

Click on the Get up site to put your name to the petition
for real poltical leadership to reduce our global polluting

Thanks for showing the world what we really stand for,

The GetUp team


Monday, Aug 20 2007

The power of women' voices  -  @ 06:55:pm
Blog is a Feminist Issue- Women?s voices resonate
in the Blogsphere

Women are using blogs and online forums to build a
political voice that is inclusive and transparent.
The capacity to reach more people, and have ones voice
heard has become not only possible but is escalating.

Liza Sabater; Publisher of the ?culture kitchen?
website says; ?some of my readers are mothers I meet
at soccer or at gym events involving my children. I
have had friends who have thanked me for the site
because, "you help me make sense of all information
that's bombarded to me from TV and newspapers". I am
not just a blogger or online pundit. I am a real
person and a real mom who helps people gather an
understanding of politics by evaluating the spin
from the facts.?

Liza is a ?netactivist?, a blog publisher and news
media consultant. She is the creator and lead writer
of Her site features in the
Top 100 progressive blogs [] in the
United States.

She was born in New York City and worked as a Latin
American Literature college instructor before joining
the corporate world. Liza is a ?wordsmith?, she has
worked as a writer, translator, and freelance journalist.

Liza was a panel member on the political track at the
BlogHer conference in Chicago 2007. The BlogHer site
burst into the Blogsphere 3 years ago. BlogHer? is a
community website where more than 9000 women have
registered their blogs.

The site created by Lisa Stone, Jory les Jardins and
Elisa Camahort came to life after, Stone posed the
question, ?Where are the women bloggers?. Blogher is
a forum where women can post their views and share
experiences and beliefs they have about life in the
21st century.

The third Blogher annual conference was an extraordinary
logistical feat .. 'A World of Difference' was held in
Chicago this past July and was host to over 800 women
mostly American bloggers featuring a massive contingent
of political artistic technical and the ever present
business "mommy" blogger...

The three-day conference focussed on how blogging is used
and how women?s voices are resonating online and ?making
a difference?. Liza said 'The influence of women in
technology blogs has grown dramatically, thanks in part
to women like Mena Trott (Six Apart) and Mommybloggers at
(BlogHer)." See my quick links for Mena's Corner.....

PEW Internet and American Life Project is a key research
organization that follows the trends in the various media
which people use to keep aware of issues. In these times
of ?citizens media,? of particular interest is how people
use the internet to have a voice. Their extensive research
shows that ?twice as many Americans used the internet as
a key source for information about the 2006 campaign.

A post-election survey shows that ??the 2006 race produced
a notable class of online political activists. 23% used the
internet for political purposes. These people: called
campaign internet users, actually created or forwarded
online original political commentary or politically-related

Former Premier of Victoria, Joan Kirner recognizes the ?use
of this technology as a valuable tool and an accessible
resource for women to have ones voice heard and listened to.

Hutch Hussien the Convener of ?EMILY?s List (Australia) says
of the Australian EMILY's Lista website (see my quick links0
?it definitely gives us wider reach and allows our ?expat?
members to stay in touch and the opportunity to shape the
society of their home country?.

Websites are a powerful tool for the global citizen and has
expanded our influence and the opportunities for activism for


Thursday, Jul 19 2007

Blogher Chicago and political women  -  @ 07:20:pm

Below is the AGE newspapers edited version
published in "Next Technology " section Tuesday
17th of July 2007......

Stay tuned to VITA for my original content.

The use of blogs and online forums to build a
political voice for women will be discussed at
this month's third annual BlogHer conference
in Chicago, US, titled "A World of Difference".

see Vita's quick for the Blogher link

The three-day conference is expected to host 1000 women.
Liza Sabater, a political panel member at BlogHer and
a participant in the conference, believes blogging has
improved women's opportuniy to have a political voice

see my previous article and interview with LIZA

"Some of my readers are mothers I meet at soccer or at
gym events involving my children," says Liza, who
is also the creator and lead writer of Culture Kitchen,
ranked by as one of the top 100 progressive
blogs in the US.

see Vita's links for the Culture Kitchen link

"I have had friends who have thanked me for the site
because 'you help me make sense of all information
that's bombarded to me from TV and newspapers'.

"I am not just a blogger or online pundit. I am a
real person and a real mum who helps people
understand politics by evaluating the spin from
the facts."

Another of the speakers at the conference will be
Kim Gandy, president of the US-based National
Organisation for Women (NOW), the largest
organisation of feminist activists in the US with
500,000 members.

Kim recognizes the use of the internet as an invaluable
tool that is empowering women. She says the NOW site "has
definitely exposed more women to the organization"."Women
who don't have time to attend meetings or events are able
nonetheless to participate in effective activism."

It raises the question how has the internet empowered
how political voices are heard and acted on? According
to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, twice
as many Americans used the internet as a key source
for information about the 2006 presidential campaign
as from the previous election.

While Australia has been slower to follow this trend
some sites are growing in influence. EMILY's List, the
national organization aimed at getting more progressive
Labor women elected to parliament, uses its website to
foster interaction among members.

EMILY's List convener Hutch Hussein says: "It definitely
gives us wider reach and allows our 'expat' members to
stay in touch and the opportunity to shape the society
of their home country."

see Vita's quick links for the American and Australian

The BlogHer site burst into the blogsphere two years ago.
It is a community website in which more than 9000 women
have registered their blogs, posted their views and shared

The site was created by Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and
Lisa Stone in an effort to answer the question, "Where are the
women bloggers?"

They will all be out having a voice at Blogher in Chicago 27th
28th and 29th of July 2007
See you in the windy city next week...

Thursday, Jun 14 2007

Freedom to live fully  -  @ 05:00:pm
My dearest compassionate loved ones and loving human

The World Refugee Day rally is nearly upon us. A prolific
amount of promotional work has been achieved to highlight
this important cause. We are sure there will be a great
turnout to rally against the glaring injustices of the
Australian Federal policy on the issue.

There will a fabulous group of speakers confirmed,that
include Senator Kerry Nettle. 10,332 people have already
signed a petition against the new detention centre on
Christmas Island (including a prominent Federal Liberal

In August 2007, it will be six years since 433 Asylum
Seekers, rescued by the captain and crew of the Tampa.
They were unceremoniously rejected refugee status in
Australia and expected to leave without further ado or
immediately in fact..(where are they NOW we ask??)
Mmmm this a topical one for the well known TV show???
That would top even David Cassidy or could compete
compartively with those hit by lightning.....

The rest of the TAMPA issues is an embarrassing
history and a major international travesty of justice
Not to mention a lack of international respect and
etiquette... Or love of the other for that matter.

It is also a violation of maritime conventions and our
human rights obligations. The Tampa incident 6 years
ago, marks the beginning of the current Australian
Federal governments unjust undignified and gob
smacking, com passionless behaviors..and their'
"Pacific Solution'. Ah ya ya (who does this
statement remind us ALL of??? Very scary stuff

Sunday 26th August 2007 1pm
- on the Sandridge Bridge,
SouthBank, Flinders Street end -

The Refugee Action Collective (Vic) is organizing this
event to commemorate this shameful moment in Australia's
recent history.It is also to protest the continuing legacy
of policies that stop asylum seekers from gaining refuge
in Australia. It is to protest about mandatory detention
deportations, temporary protection and the lack of genuine
compassion that is being shown by these types of policies.


The 'Pacific Solution',and the new Christmas Island Detention Centre.

The enormous new detention camp on Christmas Island is 1,000
kms off the Australian mainland, where no-one can hear you
scream in pain.and deep saddness for a life/ VITA we are all
entitled to have.... Freedom to love and live fully.....

One can collect posters at the bookshop at Trades Hall -
if you can spare half an hour to do some postering in ones
local area, please swing by and pick some up.

Have ones voice heard and BE THERE !!!

Come along and shake the cage of a government behaving


Saturday, Jun 09 2007

Essential issues at LaMama  -  @ 09:59:am
Friends of La Mama...

Come along and support LaMama Melbourme's
community shows next week:

Mon June 11th, Tue June 12th & Wed June 13th
Carlton Courthouse

In Our Own Words
With The Big Issue and Friends- storytelling, poetry,
photography and song

Directed by Adriano Cortese
Artistic Co-ordinator: The divine funny and very busy
Mari Lourey
Performed by Vendors of The Big Issue and friends
Big Issue vendors and their friends will attend
writing and photography workshops run by a diverse
group of industry professionals.

The workshops are intended to foster the natural
inventiveness and originality that many of the
vendors display regularly in their daily life.

They are arguably one of our highest profile,
marginalised groups and this will be the first
time Big Issue vendors will present their own
work at LaMama.

Proudly supported by City of Melbourne, the
Ian Potter Foundation, Big Issue Australia,
Wesley Mission Melbourne and La Mama.

Three performances only @ 7.30pm
Ticket prices $10 full/$5 concession
Fri June 15, Sat June 16th & Sun June 17th
Carlton Courthouse

Le Corbusier?s Dream??
Written and directed by Caitlin Dullard
Produced by Steve Dobson
Performed by tenants from the Carlton flats
Carlton in the 60?s and the Government wants
those ?slums? cleared. A hotbed of crime,
drinking and debauchery.

On the other side of the world ?visionary?
architects are designing housing tower blocks
one mile high. What?s the answer? Send in
the Housing Commission. The locals fought
but the legacy remains. 40 years on and who
lives there, and what do they think?

This is the second collaboration by the
Writer/Director Caitlin Dullard, &
Producer Steve Dobson with the public
housing tenants from the Carlton Flats.

Following their highly successful Playing
Pokies at Carlton Courthouse (2006).

Three performances only @ 7.30pm
Ticket prices $15 full/$5 concession
Tue June 12th ? Sun June 17th at La Mama

Ticket prices $20 full/$10 concession

Bookings 9347 6142 or
Or click on the LaMama Melbourne website in my quick
links on the right fro more more more at LaMama....

Always willing to see the essential issues

Thursday, Apr 19 2007

Women's initiatives- frequent and fabulous  -  @ 11:01:am

"The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and
realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for
Rachel Carson

See Vita's quick links fro more on the incredible Rachel

"Ecological restoration, allied with the creation of ecosystem-scale
wilderness reserves, represents the main hope that the organic quality
of wildness may someday be resurrected in human souls and in all
life-places on planet Earth."
Stephanie Mills - 'In Service of the Wild'

Frequently one has many ideas, dreams and thoughts that can
be acted upon?. Often times we live on past disappointments
and what did not happen in the way one perceived it could
well be?

We create false expectations that drive our desires. Beliefs
that one did not believe in and act on with integrity and
conscious clear dedication and faith ??..Often one over
looks what one ought to devote ones time too. Staunch
and loving, dedication are always best practice.

One can be concerned with what one should do, as opposed to
what one is able to do and is doing. One must revalue revise
revisit reinvent @ remember what one came to the world to act
upon with, and for.

Be dedicated loyal and open to the future. Create allegiances
and assurances that build and sustain the future for the whole?
Be magnanimous gracious and committed to what one offers and
gives back to the earth/world. Be splendid dignified and decent
in all ones actions?.

Zero tolerance for unsustainable patriarchal bad behaviors


Monday, Apr 09 2007

Always wide a wake @ loving  -  @ 08:34:pm
"Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are
not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation
of" humankind.
Henry Thoreau

Always carry hope and optimism in your heart and mind. Ask ones self
'everyday what is the gift of myself? What is it one wants to manifest
and create? What is the gift one wishes to give back to the world?

Always use ones knowledge and experience with compassion @
kindness. Always be present never look back to what one may have
done wrong. One can always correct and realign ones karma and act @
behave with integrity and good intent...Always REMEMBER that ALL
our ...

"petty fears @ petty pleasures are but the shadow of reality."
(Henry Thoreau)

Always love every moment one has because that is ALL we have.....
Always speak out and correct an injustice that one sees being
done or has been done....Always live your courage and strength.
Always be ones own power..

Always share the love and power of ones self, Always be aware
of ones effect on the other..Always be aware and act from a
place of love for ones self and the other.

When one makes a wish, Always ensure one truly believes
enough to manifest and last several life TIMES.

Be absolute in ones love and conviction. Always contribute ones
love and create a better world that takes into account the
conditions for the "whole"...

Never, share ones dream with a skeptic nor blame others for ones
grieve?Never live without courage. Always be staunch and clear
about ones sense of self and ones freedom to live and LOVE
fully in that self/ body/place ???Be free to be ones true self
AND be at peace with that choice...

Be here today and look forward to what tomorrow will BECOME......
As Henry Thoreau said "our truest life is when we are in our
dreams awake"

However mean your life appears, meet it and live it; do not shun
it and call it hard names."

Wide awake and full of the day


Thursday, Mar 15 2007

world changing  -  @ 06:33:pm
Be the change in the world one wishes to see

Live with clarity integrity self responsibility

Not only must one TALK about CHANGE ONE MUST behave and BE the actaul change

Be current influential and always present??.


Sunday, Jan 21 2007

Burrup and priceless heritage  -  @ 07:03:pm
From the Getup team

This week, over twenty thousand of you rallied & helped
turn the tide to protect an area of priceless heritage
many didn't even know existed: the ancient Indigenous
rock art on the Burrup Peninsula.

Now we've got their attention. In a stunning backflip,
both the Western Australian Government and Woodside
have just dropped their opposition to heritage listing.

This is a huge step towards saving the remaining rock
art from destruction, and making Burrup what it should
be one of the world's most well-known and safely-visited
heritage sites. The West Australian reported, "...

Woodside director Keith Spence said yesterday their
company had changed its position after being which has
been influenced by public opinion...".

We still need to keep the pressure up to drive this
campaign home for the real 'win win' victory our economy
and our ancient Indigenous heritage deserve. Woodside
are now asking for their proposed Pluto mining site to
still be allowed as a condition for their support for
heritage listing. That's right, they want to have
their development cake and eat it too.

This isn't nearly good enough when experts from all
sides of politics, heritage and industry agree further
development should be moved to other suitable sites,
and all the remaining rock art saved.

Support the change in direction, but tell them we're
watching, and want real heritage protection - including
boundaries that ensure all further development occurs

Go to the Getup site on Vita's quick links for
more on this important issue

We're nearly there: decision-makers are now listening,
and hearing they need to be encouraged. So if you haven't
already made a submission, now is a great time to remind
them we want boundaries that actually protect Burrup's
rock art.

Thank you for being part of this,
The GetUp team


Sunday, Dec 03 2006

Saving Sacred Heritage  -  @ 12:50:pm
The Getup Team reminding us about sacred sites
setting boundaries........and the role WE can all

"Last week, over twenty thousand people rallied & helped
turn the tide to protect an area of priceless heritage
many didn't even know existed:

The ancient Indigenous rock art on the Burrup Peninsula.

Now we've got their attention. In a stunning backflip,
both the Western Australian Government and Woodside
have just dropped their opposition to heritage listing.
This is a huge step towards saving the remaining rock
art from destruction.

Making Burrup what it should be - one of the world's
most well-known and safely-visited heritage sites.

The West Australian reported, "..Woodside director Keith
Spence said yesterday the company had changed their
position after being influenced by public opinion...".

Thank you and congratulations.

We still need to keep the pressure up to drive this
campaign home for the real 'win win' victory our economy
and our ancient Indigenous heritage deserve.

Woodside are now asking for their proposed Pluto
mining site to still be allowed as a condition for
their support for heritage listing. That's right,they
want to have their development cake and eat it too

Experts from all sides of politics, heritage and industry
agree further development should/ must be moved to other
suitable sites and all the remaining rock art saved.

Support the change in direction, while we tell them
we're watching/ hearing and listening...We must have
real heritage protection - including clear boundaries
that ensure all further development occurs elsewhere.

GO to the Getup site in Vita's QUICK links
and click on the CAMPAIGNS link.....for more on
this sacred issue.....and the ROLE one can PLAY and
have ones SAY on....

Decision-makers are listening, and we need to ensute and
encourage this essential site to be saved. So if you
haven't already made a submission, now is a great time
to remind them we want boundaries that actually protect
the rock art."


Monday, Oct 30 2006

walking for changing climates  -  @ 04:35:pm
"Walk Against Warming
1pm - Saturday, November 4, Melbourne Town Hall

Get your community, family, kids, friends and everyone
else you know all together... and get ALL of them to

Walk Against Warming on November 4!

Walk Against Warming is a fun afternoon out, where one
can show our support for action on climate change
find out what one can do to help prevent dangerous climate

So many people have seen An Inconvenient Truth and want
to play their part - and this is the perfect place to

Walk Against Warming is happening right across Australia,
and events will be taking place across the world in support
of the International Day of Action on Climate Change.

The Walk is supported by over 20 different groups that
will include development organisations, health groups,
unions, environment groups and people just like Us!

In the lead up to the state election, there is no better
way to show our support action on climate change. Together
we can make sure all political parties have strong climate
change policies - and don't use this crucial issue as a
political football.

When: Saturday, November 4, 1-3pm

Where: Melbourne Town Hall

Walking to: Birrarung Marr... for music, speakers, stalls
and even a sustainability circus!Bring: family, friends,
kids, bikes, placards and happy faces ready for a fun

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW and find out more...

Check out what's happening across Australia:

Wednesday, Oct 04 2006

Creating genuine change & truth  -  @ 12:22:pm
Creating ?conversations for change?

Changing the past.... Creating & valuing NOT controlling
the future..... Opening the dialogue and acting on the
truth of the matter.....

What of OUR role in "climatic change" we well may ask?
We must ALL take responsibility for the CHOICES we make
NOW ......So let go of BLAME and control of the other...
Be responsible and sustainable with ones thoughts and
behaviour/ actions....

Be open and willing to take action act and speak
in ways that improve and sustain the future......Affirm
what can be... Do NOT create disappointment & expectations
of the past....Live right now..... Create a better place
to play... Maintain ones vilgilence in a sustainable
inclusive future that benefits the WHOLE .....

Let go of past paradigms that ONLY maintain the few...
We must bring all our people with us and act as ONE..Do
what one can do in creating a sustainable and viable
future .... Get involved and build a better world that is
self sustaining and offers hope for the future....

This from the talented passionate articulate not to
mention dedicated Frank Ryan........

?Acknowledge, respond". Step up to the line
play a meaningful role in our "climate crisis"

"Be excited about and assuaged through taking action."

"Ensuring the magic does not obscure the message.That?s
our MO"

Stay tuned for a review of climatecrisis and Al's passion
for sustaining the future.....

Inconvienent truth

What do we bequeath to our children?


Friday, Sep 29 2006

A change of climate  -  @ 11:52:am
Getup and impact on climate change

"Everyone's talking about global warming and the climate
crisis and now there's a new way to show our elected
representatives we're serious.

Be part of a national campaign that's redrawing the map
of Australia, so that every person concerned about climate
change can stand up and be counted, wherever you live.
Together, we're starting a new movement to drive the
message home to politicians at all levels of government.

This is not a problem for somebody else to solve it's the
issue in our backyard. That must be addressed by ll levels
of government.......

This is bigger than party politics, bigger than special
interests, more important than short-term economic gain
and each of us can play a part in the solution by taking
a stand for our future.

With more than 15 million Australians of voting age,
we're aiming for a target of 250,000 people to help
create a groundswell for change in every electorate
across the country.

Join the Getup gang just click on the link below to
add your name to the Climate Action Map now.


If one is having trouble with this link please go
directly to the link on the right in VITA's quick

GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community
campaigning group. We use new technology to empower
Australians to have their say on important national
Getup crew

Don't ask how the climate is changing you ask how
you are making climate changes


Tuesday, Sep 19 2006

Examining the paradox's of life  -  @ 08:43:am
"The dew on the grass is present in the moment without
any drama. The full harvest moon on the water is both
simple and profound. . ."

"We will never be able to live the paradox of how
the ordinary and the extraordinary come together if
we are not willing to accept life as it is."
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in Awakening the World

To Practice This Thought: Observe and be present,
And do make a fuss/ step up to the line if one sees
the injustices that are occurring.... Be extra ordinary
with the very ordinary (see below)

Consider how things have been or could have been.
Be ready and willing to act on what can be.....

The Age today

Howard and his friends paradox/issues on control of
the OTHER.......

What the Australian Federal government considers
worthy of discussion..Yet another major paradox...
that appears absurd and a down right outrageous
proposal one may examine......

"The Australian Federal government has not ruled
out requiring potential Australian citizens to prove
they understand values like respect, equality and a
'Fair go' even if they have lived in the country for
30 years."

Fair Go import and Export Hmmmm......

OH hello are "New Australians" getting are fair go
NOW or have they ever?? Who was employed to build the
Sydney Harbour Bridge and other major projects that
have built the foundation of what we have become?
Who were the workers who have filled the factories?
in the 50's 60's to NOW.....

Diversity and Respect

Who are the citizens who have played a role in creating?
A diverse and multicultural society ...Who are the
Citizens who have brought diversity respect culture to
what Australia has become to date......?

What is a "would be Aussie?"

How will this be defined or determined?

"Proposed radical strengthening of immigration laws
would require would-be Aussies to know Australia's
history, culture and values as well as English before
being granted citizenship."

Who's history and values shall we include?

Shall we also share about the stolen generation of
the original inhabitants of this land....Will we be
including a range of Koori languages..? Maybe Greek
Italian and Arabic languages as must haves...Shall
we talk about the poverty and theft of land of the
original inhabitants...

Hmmm how will we explain Mr Howard?s "lucky" country?

What are sufficient ties and WHO is community??

"Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration Andrew Robb
yesterday released a citizenship discussion paper that
calls for submissions on the merits of introducing a
formal citizenship test."

Could this be reinventing history for a NEW
generation< Who's truth will it be?/b>

What could this test possibly be? Who would
identify the issues off community engagement? What
are these people?s values and beliefs?? Do the live
with love & respect? What is their concept of "a fair
go? we may well ask"?

"Mr Robb said the test was directed at the majority
of new, younger immigrants and exemptions would be
considered for older people. The paper says the Federal
government would consider whether people who had lived
in Australia legally for 20 to 30 years had sufficient
ties to the community could be exempt from the test."
"Or would it still be advantageous to such individuals
and the community to require them to pass a formal
citizenship test?" the paper asked."

Who will be testing these values based on what?

"Values that may be tested include freedom, democracy,
equality, respect, compassion and a 'fair go'. These
prospective citizens could be asked whether they
are willing to commit to these values."

"The government also yesterday announced that new
immigrants would have to wait four years for ones

Australian citizenship, under laws expected to come
Into effect in 2007.The government is taking
submissions on the paper until November 17th 2006.
(Not from the site below but Vita's people will find
out where how and who..... )


More on this bizarre and disturbing issue soon.....


Wednesday, Aug 23 2006

Super/iron Goddess's Rule  -  @ 01:20:pm
A message for John and George???.. the end of
Patriarchy No not the Beatles......)

The birthright of a super/iron/goddess is always
within us ready to, evolve into full bud? We super/
iron/ Goddess?s create and evolve our own futures
& build our own vision to ensure that we can all grow
to our fullest, potential.

We are all capable of nurturing & loving our very own
birthright. It is our birth right to have FREE.... WILL.

That which comes from the earth of our soul will always
grow and BLOSSOM if allowed to be free. Our highest dreams
will come true when bathed and showered with active truth
We must all have the right to express our reality and be
free with ones truth. Trusting there will be no judgment
reprisal or punishment?

We can ALL LIVE this through upholding and sustaining,
the best of ones love & best intention?


Super/iron goddess?s never expect to be disenchanted
nor disappointed & in fact rarely are.

except with patriarchy, (which according to the
dictionary I have at hand means)

"Primitive form of government where oldest man of
tribe is leader"

Hmmmmmmm Who were those furturists we ask ourselves?.....
Who are they NOW?

Click on the link below to get a particular viewpoint
on the inter- related issue.

> Future studies

A new paradigm The Super/Iron Goddess

Super/iron/Goddess?s are ahead of their time.
They are willing to bravely create and explore new
frontiers, Allow others free will to determine their
own destiny.

Super/iron Goddess?s WILL always navigate their
own vessel. Super/iron Goddess?s never take credit where
credit is not due.... Super/iron Goddess's heal and never
steal what is not their's to have and to hold.

(Who was that trashed Africa in the last few centuries.
We may well ask ourselves?)

Super/iron Goddess?s love and live a journey of
Divine, exploration & expansion, of our OWN making.
Super/iron Goddess?s live & act, on ones own dreams
for LIFE??

Super/iron Goddess?s sail in every ocean, every
major sea, touching every continent as they go??See more
soon on the breadth of countries/continents that press
on Vita?s com.

Coming HERE VERY Soon

Super/iron Goddess?s are not prepared to stay
Static & safe in days gone by. As my dear Goddess super
/iron ?Scout? would say ?quick sticks Vita we must
away & plant the seeds of a new spring awakening?"

Super/iron Goddess?sare evolutionary & autonomous,
creating themselves in ones own divine image and those they
wish to emulate.


We live and love from the heart. We speak from the
heart. We love who we are and we love what we can
and will ALL become..... We see all things without
fear or mistrust. We see through what is right &
indeed what is wrong. We work/and walk the path with
all we call our true spiritual family. We act/be as
Impeccable as ONE.

We cause no intentional pain and suffering to
the other. We give others choice We do not deter/mine
others destiny nor intervene, to feather our own nest.
We Walk OUR own path yet take ALL our loved ones with

(Hello who intervened in Vietnam Afghanistan Iraq etc
....the list goes on and on) shall we unpack this?

We HOLD our own/COURSE & love the other fully. We
LIVE in/ with integrity & behave accordingly. We act
from a clear conscience and take a stance, without
Blame or bullying....

We always have our needs (as opposed to desires) met
We always come from the BEST of intentions, that
endeavour to see clearly the needs of the other. We
are diligent with our clarity....We maintain trans/
parency-and never consider leaving the other in limbo....
Woomera Baxter Nauru etc.....!!!

We act with an open heart...We do NOT offer crumbs or
"just enough". We will make the cake and share it too.......

We take the larger view and always share our bounty.
WE include the WHOLE not just the few. We are WIPS
(works in progress)...

We love the other as we would have our-self loved? (FULLY)
& leave NO one wanting........

acceptance of the other always leads to peace as opposed


Thursday, Aug 17 2006

Our Core Power  -  @ 01:17:pm
We can change the past by being present NOW. WE can create
the future by changing memories and reactions from the past.
Be pleased and courageous that it is possible to create
MAJOR change and difference in our lives? BY Letting GO
of old ways of being. These old ways of projecting,fears
and toxic thoughts on to the other and ourselves? impede
our present...... US/ing outdated tools of anger fear or
even CONTROL to disguise our REAL pain simply defines the
past NOT the present ?

We can ALL be who we truly are, when we let go of these
old tools and other people?s projections, yet given enough
rope, alcohol toxic thoughts or fears ... It may well be
the case we are capable of ?hanging ourselves"

We must ALL find NEW TOOLS of LOVE and KINDNESS that make
US the best WE can ALL be. As the lovely and talented, Judith
Lucy mentioned on Andrew Denton ?practice practice practice".
Sadly she was talking about her consumption of drink and using
her humour to maybe hide her sadness........ However she is a
very canny woman who has found her BIRTH mother and uses her
?art to express herself" FULLY...

Judith has obviously pushed back the DEMONS and created an
income out of her talents and is able to exprees her deep
dissatisfaction with how the world wanted her to behave!!

See the site below for more on Judith's right to response
on patriarchal radio and more from David Hicks lawyer and
his swing ON justice and TRUTH in the world.......

We can act on what we can control AND we we can ALWAYS
change our reactions to what we can't

However shaking the cage of a world BEHAVING BADLY IS
our day consider US/ing what could be ones CLEAR /
SHEER will and desire to change and grow in to the
?Garden of ones delight? (Carol Bridges)?

Expressing our REAL thoughts and feelings to the other
can set US free to live a TRUE present ??. ALL of US
are entitled to live within a more loving, emerald
green sustainable future?

We must all ?practice BE/ing aware and inclusive of the
whole?and mindful of the fragility and strenghths we all

For RD who C/should have been 43 today
(1963 -1994)

Sunday, Aug 13 2006

Airborne and best behaviour  -  @ 01:13:pm
It could well appear to the open heart and those with
eyes to see that the Australian Federal government, are
making a very good attempt to pevert distort and change
the exsiting paradigm of several thousand generations
of people who have lived through not on the land......

See Vita Friday, Aug 11 2006 - Moving into the

Let alone the NEW arrivals in the last 200 years and
those, in what they call the growth corridors.......
Ay ya ya...... Where are we NOW, we may well ask and
where will we be if this continues?

Are they TRYING, to take US back to a controling past??
NOT create a BETTER freer and liberating future?? What
is the Federal government?s definition of ?reform?? In
the dictionary at hand it is defined as transformation/
change. For BETTER OR WORSE??... Could they well mean
reformation? It is still an inadequate explanation for
the situation we find ourselves in?.....


This is a very vile and frightening state of affairs?.
It appears to boil down to flawed ideas regarding better
/ worse. HAVE/HAVE NOT ??failure and fractured concepts
of WHAT success actually IS or could be??..

The Demise of Television and Social Conscious

Big Brother-Reality TV?

Then there are attempts to define these beliefs as a
?game??? ?Big Brother? surly and controlling appears
to challenge the ?Housemates? through Bullying with
the lure of cash?.....

Yet do these ?tasks ?and activities enhance the quality
of these ?housemates? lives/ longevity? Does it shift
and evolve them in to a BIGGER BETTER PLACE or simply
leave them WANTING for something they may not actually

Does this stretch the ?Housemates? or is it a cost to
their fragile souls that they should NOT have to bare??
Is it true that what, re/nearly kills us makes us
stronger? Can others really define our success and
tell us HOW to go about it?

?Big Brother? could well be defined as tyranny & terrible
humiliation in ACTION and VERY public indeed!!! It begs
the question what secrecy clauses have these ?Housemates?
signed?? How much of their fragile BEING has BEEN re edited
redistributed and resold at a later date at their expense?
For what purpose? MONEY!! ONE can NOT take it with US when
we leave??

Those who are encouraging this sort of thing and those who
may well NOT be spoken to, nor seen again after October
could all join forces. They could well be advised
to to take these considered thoughts on BOARD... We could
redefine the coalition of the willing and a better place to
play ??


It begs the question willing to WHAT?? Cause immeasurable
and frightening damage to the life energy of several
generations of innocent refugee's and their children by.
Disallow THEm THE rights to live as ONE.)

Step up to the line ? Getup? and sign the Petition on
the site below if you have NOT already done so . We are
Now close to affecting the POSITIVE fate of those
looking for a place to call HOME ?

?90.000 signatures have been gathered TO STOP asylum
seekers who arrive by boat, including children, from
being sent into detention overseas.?

"Help put GetUp's petition message in the sky for next
week's Senate vote! We need all of US to sign up and
STOP the Howard Government from this patriarchal and
patronising behaviour...Click on the " Getup"
link on the right to sign the petition. Get UP and
act...... Tell EVERYBODY or donate now to get us

Prepared to go airborne and bounce back every TIME

Friday, Aug 11 2006

Moving into the "plenty's"  -  @ 11:48:am
We are now rapidly moving out of the naughties
& rushing toward the "plenty's".....with possibly
more HOPE and integrity....Lets not get ahead of ourself
and squeal with pleasure just yet......


The plot and the social conscious of the Federal
Government is begining to show, like the frill on a
Goddess?s gown or the clean skin on her bikini line???

Three Liberals have crossed the floor in the Australian
Federal governments, lower house. Over the proposed
?Migration Bill?.

Judy Moylan, Petro Georgiou and Russell Broadbent are
Mutinous as opposed to MUTE on the issue! The Nationals
MP John Forrest has bravely and with integrity stepped
back ?as the party's chief whip having abstained from
voting", on this contentious issue. (He may well have
read Wednesday?s VITA and found he truly is a (WIP)
?Work in progress? and has NOW seen more than, the forest
for the trees!!)

B F G M: their objections

All three MP's are opposed to the Federal Government's
dreaded Migration Bill and have NOT supported it..
Thank the Goodness/ Goddess in them, for objecting to
this as what can only be seen as an appalling approach
to the Immigration Policy, by Howard?s people?

It would become apparent that it portrays and highlights
a very limited, attitude to their level of respect for
HUMANITY as a whole. Let alone taking IN/ON potential
?New Australian? citizens - PEOPLE who may well require
love, support and a place to call HOME??

It is all perception really and in the Federal governments
case it would appear fear based, neglectful. & worst of
all indicates their hatred of themselves and the other!! Crossing_the_floor

Sonya?s Conundrum and Career Choices

Ah ya ya.. what of the ?backlash against the somewhat
Controversial IT Screen Goddess calendar that is
proving more than a full time job for Sonja Bernhardt,
the woman behind the Australian project that grabbed
International headlines?, in July 2006.

Sonya has been flat out like a Goddess sculling pimms,
?for 12 whole days (imagine being a Goddess 24/7
Sonya??)? Exhausting sweetie!

?Following the announcement of the calendar, she put
in 20-hour days replying to hundreds of individual entries
on blogs and forums criticizing the initiative. The calender
had intention, to raise the profile of women working in IT.?

Hmmm I wonder if she popped, into VITA on July 10th
We thought some lovely thoughts were offered
up? Not to mention very useful business advice from us at
VITA that was well worth consideration.

Goddess me I doubt Sonya has been to every single blog.
If this was the case I hope she used her TIME effectively
to research and identify GLARING gaps in the bloggers
market, particularly for the emerging Australian IT
world ?(software ideas and much needed export products

If this was NOT the case she may well have put the
"calendar before the Goddess"
& overlooked a much
larger market grab for future IT Goddess's???as was
mentioned on Wednesday ...."think big better and more
beautiful my dears".

"I think I have been into every single blog. It took 12
days working 20 hours a day. On most the blogs I found, I
left comments and then returned to address responses raised
by the bloggers." ? Sonya

Has Sonya given up her day job to defend her calender?
Product developemnt could be more helpful for the long
term Goddess BLOGGER!!

Some of the content above is sited from the lovely
Louisa Hearn in today?s Age with value added extra?s
from ?MOI?.

Goddess's leading the world in to the 21 century

Sunday, Aug 06 2006

Evolution of a nation  -  @ 10:11:am
It is indeed well and TRULY TIME (as our gorgeous
GOUGH would say) for Mr Howards people to hit the frog
and toad. Or maybe charter a boat to a deserted island
and ALL of them live happily ever after....

Vita's people suggest they do this quick sticks or have
their names popped in the freezer section. (Stainless
steel of course, that has been bought on ones 2nd credit
card), by those who have been thrown over/board by the
Federal government .....

OR Hello.... learn to listen and hear......
Or CONSIDER a very old fashioned belief of Wallking
together - By taking ALL our people with us

Policy framework for The Federal Government

Vita?s WAY/ LAW LOVE 8 step discussion points

>1. Love the other as ONE would have ONES self LOVED!!!

2. Building and growing relationships/ partnerships.

3. Respect and acceptance of the OTHERS WAY OF BEING

4. Listening and hearing the voice of the whole

5. Acting with compassion and living through others eyes


7. Maintaining and sustaining the dialogue

8. Ability to work/ walk ALL the mountains and love the


(Of course these LOVE/LAWS rely on being EVOLVED

It is painfully obvious the Australian government

"Let's cut through the humbug on this matter. In the
orchestration of the destruction of my Government, no
rumour or innuendo, from moral turpitude to financial
corruption, was deemed outside the rules of the game,
because in this country the Establishment makes its
own rules and sets its own canons of taste."

Gough Whitlam

Who were/ are those people again?? When exactly did
they arrive? Were they ON the guest list?? Did THEY
come through the right doors?? Have they filled out
the right forms??? Have they ever had been displaced?

Bring on the Federal Election bring on the revolution
Bring on evolution of OUR nation!!!

Evolution always with me.... always in my eyes


Saturday, Aug 05 2006

"Get up" and be inclusive  -  @ 02:26:pm
Below is content PROVIDED yet with some VITA thoughts
from the gorgeous GETUP GANG

"Something insidious and remarkably dangerous is about
to happen to the very heartland of Aboriginal Australia
& neither the traditional owners," nor anyone else have
been warned NOR informed..........

"Under the guise of promoting economic development for
indigenous Australians, the Federal Government wants to
RAM through" unthought through NEW legislation
this Tuesday the 08th of August.

This "proposed legislation WILL actually impact
future generations
of Aboriginal livelihoods." "It's
quite possibly the most important law you've NEVER
heard of........"This ?ultra extreme ?government are


"This particular law will amend the iconic Land Rights
Act, stripping away power from one of the only
true and proper representative bodies."

"The Land Councils, while pressuring Aboriginal
communities to hand over control of their lands for
99 years. This is profound disrespect, many of those who
this new law affects, most have not even been told. Only
OUR senators can put the brakes on this legislation, to
allow time for real debate and understanding."

"Tell them now these seismic policy changes are far
too important to rush through let alone in endorse!!

"While the Federal government claims the 99-year leases
are voluntary, traditional owners are being cajoled" and
what could be seen as BULLIED into signing away BIRTH?
rights fundamental to US ALL. (LOOK at the Melbourne TRAM
ways debacle...... (MORE ON THAT particular BULLYING issue

"Their rights to their land just to secure basic
services that WE ALL deserve, like houses and schools."

"The original Land Rights Act was an iconic piece
of bipartisan legislation. This is a rush job - that is
being glossed over and scarcely discussed, understood &
widely contested........"

"A scant one-day Parliamentary inquiry MUST NOT be
permitted to rubber stamp a policy that will leave four/
future generations without land or leadership."

"Even federal government senators expressed 'alarm
and concern'
at this totally inadequate debate. We
must tell OUR senators" to OBJECT and shake the cage

WE must "delay the vote until they have done their due
diligence as lawmakers, and sufficient time has been made
for ALL the traditional owners to be properly consulted........"


"The Northern Territory is flourishing with indigenous
culture and living languages. Yet, all Australians know
there are also many deeply confronting problems - and
all parties agree we must urgently find new ways forward",
in rebuilding MUTUAL respect inclusion and communication.

"Land is the best asset that Aboriginal people have
for economic development. Not one Australian economist
has argued that taking land or leadership away will
deliver positive economic results."

"Even the conservative Minerals Council of Australia
thinks the Government is on the wrong track with its
attack on Land Councils.

"The economic or any useful case has not been made.?The
long TERM social consequences are untested. Traditional
owners have been excluded from this decision that will
deeply affect" US ALL for generations to come.

Play a role AND stop this before it's too late.


Wednesday, Jul 26 2006

The currency of Susan & days in the Sun  -  @ 10:41:am
For Susan and Stacey: Gratitude for the women who have
gone before us

This from Stacey
Yesterday was, July 25th 2006,

"Dr. Masaru Emoto planned to celebrate his fourth annual
'Thanks to Love and Water Day' at the Sea of Galilee,
in Israel. Due to rising conflict, this physical
gathering has been postponed."

Gratitude is a bridge to peace,it is fundamentally
important that we establish coherence between the
heart and mind. We have a tremendous opportunity to
gather in Lightof the current conflict."

"We can create peace by being peace through the
power of Gratitude and being open to graciousness."

Yesterday was also the Day out of time, a new moon
is rising, AND we celebrated our 42nd Day of the
World with gratiude and the "Gratitude gathering."
A powerful day, indeed!"

"Let's gather our collective power and celebrate
together, aligning hearts & minds worldwide to peace
fully bless the waters of the world, those within and
without, with our Love and Gratitude."

"In honor of our 42nd Day of the "World Gratitude
, you are invited to join us for a
Sunset meditation, as well......"

"We will be facing the light, with our Love and
Gratitude, breathing in thanks and releasing TRUE
appreciation for all that IS, and all that has been,
and all that may BE.

To find info on local Sunset times, go to the link

Wiith Gratitude to Susan who died 100 years ago in the
pursuit of creating a voice for women.... sadly she died
20 years before women got the vote in the USA.......

Interestingly "In 1979, Susan B. Anthony's image was
chosen for the new dollar coin, making her the first
woman to be depicted on UScurrency."

The size of the dollar was, however, close to that of
the quarter, and the Anthony dollar never became very
popular. In 1999 the US government announced the
replacement of the Susan B. Anthony dollar" ( more
on this on the site above......)

See Vita November 11th 2002 or the link above for
more on this extraordinary coarageous pioneering

For her LIFE we give gratitude

Thursday, Jun 29 2006

Get up & Go in Melbourne  -  @ 01:45:pm
Yesterday in Melbourne estimates of near 150.000 workers
stepped up to the line, shook the cage and said NO to
the Federal governments IR laws. We heard from those
that have now felt the pain of losing their power
losing their rights to work and have the right
to a reasonable wage taken away.

We heard from the lovely Kim who found his leadership
feet, in the whirl of civil outrage. Surrounded by the
power and comfort of a buoyant Melbourne crowd. The kind
and quitely spoken Steve was seen to portray moments of
passion for his issue

We heard from union members and those who were reminded
of what can be lost, when we divide and TRY to conquer
our people. They were all present and proud to have their
presence felt and their voices heard.

Under the guise of choices ??
And then Kevin (ANDREWS IR MINISTER) said this from a
safe distance)

" We have delivered, as a government, a period of relative
prosperity in Australia." it begs the question relative to
what and who exactly has prospered from the last 11 years?

" People have got jobs, they've got... more people in
work in Australia today then we've ever had. The lowest
unemployment rate in 30 years, we've had a 17 per cent
increase in real wages over the last decade."
and this prey tell!!

What Kevin fails to state is the nature of that work
(casual employment or short term contracts). The vast
increase of living costs over 30 years.. Or indeed what
a "real wage is"? The words do NOT make sense and
he does NOT give a realistic picture for most Australians
actual experience.(Except for possibly those in the big
end of town.)

Kevin fails to expalin or examine the complexities
of needing to have 2 incomes to just cover basic costs,
regardless or whether one is in a family or NOT... He
does NOT address the continued dilemna that faces women
of "real" and equal wages."Regardless whether one is
a sole parent or in relationship.. The ongoing conundrum
of who is responsible for parenting and who forgo's a
career to do this. ( $3000) is not a long term solutions
Do the math ......)

Let alone the rates we NOW pay childcare workers, to
bring up OUR children (very little considering they are
the future.) The loss of community committment and quality
time with ones family be it spirtual or family of origin.....

He fails to examine or explain the situation of the under
employed, the hidden unemployed and those "they" deem as
the "vunerable". Who truly will be left on the scrap heap
of Mr Howards Australia if we do not maintain the rage of
these decisions that lack discernment or thought.
Decisions based in another time and another paradigm that
are deceptive and insidious.

We must step up to the line and OBJECT STRONGLY. as this
federal government is NOW NEGATIVELY effecting us in ways
that will impact on generations to come ........

However some more pleasing news from the crew at "getup"

Since last week, our GetUp petition to stop asylum seekers
being detained offshore has surged from 33,000 to 78,000
signatures. To give you an idea, together we would now fill
the Fritz Walter World Cup Stadium 1.6 times.

Congratulations to GetUp members old and new who have once
again worked together to make the people's voice heard
inside Parliament. With OUR support behind them, courageous
MPs and senators did not budge. The eleventh-hour attempt
to pass new detention legislation, prior to the Prime
Minister's visit to Indonesia, failed..........

Now we hold firm. In the next six weeks dissenting
politicians will be under intense pressure to buckle
& vote yes when Parliament reconvenes in August. We
will therefore table this petition in Parliament again -

With the full weight of each and every name added since -
and continue our support for politicians from all parties
who've expressed serious concerns about this law.

If you haven't already signed, please click on the link
below to help us reach our new, biggest ever target of

Only two weeks ago, veteran political journalist Laurie
Oaks said that anyone who argued against the proposed
migration changes to the Senate Inquiry was "wasting their
time". Now it's another story in the media. Instead of
another rubber stamp for party politics, this is a fight
for discerning principles and integrity for the betterment
pf all.

Let's use the opportunity to grow this overwhelming message
of public unity, and remind our elected representatives that
we will continue to hold them accountable.

Maintaining integrity and my RAGE

Tuesday, Jun 27 2006

heard & spoken in the 21st century  -  @ 11:31:am
Lets evolve and innovate not implode and reinstate ways
based in outdated methods. Lets take all our people with
us, not some of the ALL. Lets question the basic wage and
reinstate humane and basic rights......for the whole....

Don?t suffer in silence. Don?t accept less of what is
offered simply because they say it is good for Australia?s
economy. Don?t accept that less is always best?.. Don?t
be complacent. Be the boss of you step up to the line
and demand more acceptable and fair industrial relations
law, within Australia and the world for that matter.....

Revalue and redefine your rights and terms... Play a
meaningful and valued role in the world. Have your
voice heard and listened to??Act and behave as a 21st
century empowered worker. Lets NOT turn back the clock
to work ethics of the industrial revolution.....

Do not be "unheard and unspoken?

"Get ready to act for your rights on June 28th 2006
National Day of Protest Unions and Community.
Stand together against Howard's IR laws Mass
Rally and Protest

June 28 2006 10AM
Fight for Fair and Just Work Laws for all

Gather at these points:

o Trades Hall
o Federation Square
o Spring St
o Southern Cross Station
(previously Spencer St)

Then march to the Bourke St Mall for a mass rally and

Union Starting Locations on the link below

Never unheard or unspoken

Monday, Jun 19 2006

Crunch time for compassion  -  @ 11:06:am
"Dear friends,

It's crunch time. This week, Australian
Federal Parliament will finally decide
whether to throw out our existing refugee
laws to suit Indonesia or whether to stand
firm for chidren and human rights.

In a rare moment in Australian politics,
representatives from every major party in
the country stood together, last Wednesday
to receive.............

our 32,000-strong GetUp petition
to stop this legislation.

They have told us they urgently need more
support to stand firm in these final days.
Help get 50,000 signatures before the final
vote this week!!!

The stakes are extremely high. Remarkably,
a Government-controlled Senate Committee
has recommended this law be rejected entirely,
or at least seriously amended.

Politicians from all the major parties -
including 10 Coalition backbenchers - now
are conveying serious concerns and showing
a level of compassion for the other.

But in order for these decision-makers to
stay strong, WE urgently need a groundswell
display of public support.

Take part in this crucial national petition
to stop Australia's refugee laws from being
changed for the worse. We're now aiming for
a target of 50,000 signatures before the
Parliament votes this week.

The petition calls on Senators to reject a
new law that would send all asylum-seekers
who arrive by boat, including children,
into detention overseas. Already more than
30,000 Australians have signed this essential

For these decision-makers to stay strong, &
demand serious reforms or vote against it,
they urgently need our support.

Please join in and take a stand, sign the
petition by clicking on the link below."
The Goget team and others

Click on NO Child in Dention link

Shaking the cage of a world behaving badly

Saturday, Jun 10 2006

Unraveling things that matter  -  @ 12:18:pm
Make the things and people in your life matter. Examine
and actively create the story of your life. Play for
all your worth. Believe in how valuable ones story
can be. Create and attract the characters that will
enhance and grow ones story. Tie the threads of ones
life together and let truth love and knowledge come

Open your heart and offer love where you have not
offered before. Partake in the world in new ways
that empower and create positive change in the
world. Speak up where you have remained silent.

Take life by the horns and make it beg for more!!
Shake the cage of a world behaving badly. BUT do
NOT "suffer in silence".

Our lives begin to end the day we become
silent about things that matter.

Play the role of your life and participate
fully for yourself and the other. Take care
of what's closest to your heart.


Monday, May 29 2006

B1 and B2 with no pyjammas  -  @ 06:31:am
A republic with no bananas and stuck in old skin's

We are now living in a country that definitely has low
self-esteem. A government prepared to invade another
country on the premise that it has weapons that did NOT
exist. Or could it be worse a government that is paranoid
and may well need long term counseling to get over
their mental illness?

We now live in a country that can?t even bring it?s ?war
hero?s/ war victims home with dignity. We now live in a
country where a government appears unable to determine
whom it should feed or how and whether profit is theft?
(Food for Oil).

We now live in a country where Industrial Rights do not
exist. We now live in a country where petrol can cost more
than food for a week. We now live in a country where education
and employment are a privilege NOT a right. We now live in
a country where we have several generations of an underclass
that may never know what full time or even part time work was.

We now have a welfare system that punishes those out of
a redefined labour market. We now have a skill shortage and
offer no useful training or reskilling of our people.

We now have according to ABS stats from 2003 that indicates
34% of employees do not have fixed work start and finish
times. (Casual work being the inference). We now have new
paradigms of what working hours and working rights are.

?The number of employees who work overtime on a regular
basis increased to almost 3 million in November 2003,
according to figures released by the Australian Bureau
of Statistics. This is an increase from 33% of all employees
in November 2000 to 37% in November 2003. For the most
recent period of overtime for employees who worked overtime
on a regular basis:

38% of employees (1,132,700) were paid for the overtime
21% of employees (628,500) had overtime included in
their salary package
33% of employees (985,900) were not paid for the overtime

From ABS stats (currently on the ABS site from the year
2000). Casual workers made up 1.6 million of the study
excluding owner managers of incorporated enterprises.

Those in this group Were not entitled to both paid sick
leave nor paid holiday leave, and who identified themselves
as being in a casual job.

many were young - 41 percent were under 25 years old;
over three quarters of those aged 15 to 19 years were
full-time students;(No doubt paying their HECS debts
and or praying for a career)
over 75 percent worked less than 35 hours a week
(44 percent worked 15 hours or less a week); and
The basic wage is set at around $12.50 per hour

We now live in country where we pay people to victimize
others. We now have designed government programs that will
manage and patronise the vulnerable and underemployed. We
now have employmnent incentives to sell these people to
the lowest bidder.....

We now live in a country where we turn back those with
less and place them in third world countries or on deserted
islands never to be seen or heard of again. We now live in
a country where we sack people by text message or worse
(leave a message or not as the case maybe. )

Thanks for coming thanks for your work and playing
a meaningful role in a society we once called the lucky

A society where the rich get richer and the poor get
poorer and worse apply for another credit card to
maintain their status as aspirational voters.

We now live in a country where a government values a
monetary surplus as more than, the value of its population
and the populations needs.(Services and basic rights).

We now live in country where user pays in every way. We
now live in a country where men work longer and women work
part time outside the home yet still juggle "home duties
as. part of their birthing rights....Where childcare is a
luxury and credit cards are necessary to pay the bills.......??

We now live in a country that has an opposition party
unable to see beyond its own careers and branch stacking.
As opposed to attending to Maslow's belief of Self-

"Described by Maslow as an ongoing process involved
a cause outside their own skin. People on this level
of need, work at something very precious. This is a vocation
or a calling in the old priestly sense. These people are very
fine, healthy, strong, sagacious (that is,very smart) and

We now live in country that lacks courage to become a
republic and has no bananas due to global warming. We
now live in a country that shows no compassion or love
of the other. We now live in country that appears to
offer struggle and despair not hope. We now live in a
country where Maslow?s Hierarchy of needs is a luxury to
speak about.

....And what of the Javanese and East Timorese we well
may ask ourselves and think of their plight!!Bring on
better choices and compassion...
Always living and looking at what is precious

Tuesday, May 23 2006

Pure water for Andena Cordillera  -  @ 02:57:pm
"In the Valle de San Felix, the purest water in Chile runs
from rivers, fed by 2 glaciers. Water is a most precious
resource, and wars will and are being fought for it.
Indigenous farmers use the water for their survival.
The effective use of this resource has ensured no
unemployment. The glaciers provide the second largest
source of income for the area.

Under the glaciers has been found a huge deposit of gold,
silver and other minerals. To get at these, it would be
necessary to break, or destroy the glaciers - something
never conceived of in the history of the world -

This would imvolve making 2 huge holes, each as large as
a whole mountain, one for extraction and one for the mine's
rubbish tip.

The project is called PASCUA LAMA. The company is called
Barrick Gold. The operation is planned by a multi-national
company, one of whose members is George Bush Senior.
The Chilean Government has approved the project to start
this year, 2006.

The only reason it hasn't started yet is because the farmers
have a temporary stay of execution for the glaciers . If
the comapany destroy the glaciers, they will not just
destroy the source of exceptionally rare pure water,
they will permanently contaminate the 2 rivers so they
will never again be fit for human or animal consumption
because of the use of cyanide and sulphuric acid in the
extraction process.

Every last gram of gold will go abroad to the multinational
company and not one will be left with the people whose land
it is. They will only be left with the poisoned water and
the resulting illnesses.

The farmers have been fighting a long time for their land,
but have been forbidden to make a TV appeal by a ban from
the Ministry of the Interior. Their only hope now of putting
a stop to this project is to get help from international
justice. The world must know what is happening in Chile.
The only place to start changing the world is from here."

We must say No to Pascua Lama Open-cast mine in the Andean
Cordillera on the Chilean-Argentine frontier.We ask the
Chilean Government not to authorize the Pascua Lama to
protect the whole of all 3 glaciers.

We must protect and save the purity of the water of the
San Felix Valley and El Transito. Maintain the quality
of the agricultural life of the region of Atacama. We must
ensure the quality of life of the Diaguita people and of
the whole population of the region."

Click on the site below for more information and
direct action. Play apart in saving our water



Friday, May 05 2006

Billy the Kid  -  @ 04:48:pm
Billy the Kid goes to Beaconsfield

?The effort to rescue two miners trapped one kilometre
underground at the Beaconsfield gold mine is progressing
slower than rescuers had expected.?

Oh our Billy is a brave and dedicated chap, he is been
down at Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania drilling meticulously
and with caution to free 2 union men stuck underground for
over a week!!! Being practical and supporing the worker!!

He is a man of the people they say? Alert calm and not
particularly alarmed? By all accounts, Bill is never seen
out of uniform. Did Bill arrive with no baggage in the
tiny hamlet of Beaconsfield?? Or does he simply have no
dress sense? Is he dedicated to the cause and his fellow
worker? Or could there be wee bit of self- promotion
going on?

Could Bill be ready for a sea change whoaing the football
team on the apple island ? Would Bill move of shore
abandon the aspirational voter in Melbourne?s West?

(Bill has recently won pre-selection for a hotly contested
safe Victorian Labor-held seat, and ?is regularly touted
as a future leader of the Labour party).? I suggest he
get thee to his tailor quick sticks, or at least speak
to our Paul on good dress sense ......He does look quite
charming in pale blue.....

Mining and Safety
Apparently Bill described the delicate operation of
drilling through the mine walls as "like trying to drill
through a goat's head". I don?t think that kind of
analogy will win him the animal liberationist vote!!!
Let alone my board of managment director who is quite
fond of goats and was appalled to hear of such talk!!
Was he referring to the Billy Goat or the Mountain

Hmmmm and what of the village and those who wait for
their loved ones? What of their future in Beaconsfield?
The mine has offered pay of one month after the miners
are on save ground again. Are they being paid now prey
tell with penalty rates and compensation for their current
predicament? I hardly think egg sandwiches and I Pods
are enough to compensate for this dreadful situation.

Buddhist Thinking
Bill say?s "I'd like people to be employed, for a very
long time but a month's a start?. How long is a long time
in these trying times of casual employment and Mr Howard's
new IR standards one may ask?? How long is a bit of
string how thick is a union rep or a wall of stone??


The vibration's not causing any major concerns, which
is good", (in the mine) Bill said. However I suspect
his comments to Tony on late line in August 2005 may well
cause vibrations and sirens to be heard on Parliament?s
football field, within Canberra in 2007.

?I think there are plenty of good players,on the frontbench
now, but it is always important - as you would in any Grand
Final - that you bring in some new blood to compliment the
experienced heads that are already there.?

Bill Shorten

Goddess speed to bringing the miners to safety in
Beaconsfield Tasmania

Saturday, Apr 22 2006

Hearing and listening to our voices  -  @ 12:08:pm
A press release from Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.

Call to Action:
Could Mr Howards people banish all boat people......
This must be an appalling joke or more likely a travesity
of justice and mostly like a misuse of power!!!

"This is a very serious request for your help....

A scandalous and brutal Bill has been proposed by the
Howard government to block all access to Australia of
all asylum seekers arriving by boat, both for processing
their claims and for settlement if these claims prove

We need a dozen Liberal and National MP's in Parliament
to become confident enough to cross the floor and block
this legislation; We also need two Senators to cross the
floor and block the passage of this Bill - no matter how
its amendments try to obfuscate the sneakiness of its

If you are a citizen of Iceland or the East-African
nation of Djibouti, and you hear the latest news coming
from Australia about the way it intends to deal with
asylum seekers arriving unannounced by boat on its shores.
It sure must sound like a bad joke:

"Australia, the country made up of Irish and English
convicts and other boat-arrivals, who came to its shores
a few centuries ago in an 'unauthorized manner' - without
asking the indigenous population for permission - to
populate a country that was declared "terra nullius" -
worthless land

2 centuries later Mr Howard's people "are attempting to
banishes all boatpeople seeking asylum, and intends to
lock them up on useless islands and in bankrupt nations,
forever if need be...."

This is not a joke and there are just three weeks to
stop these proposals to become laws. There are MANY
things you can do - and you MUST do them

What's the case?

Under the new legislation proposed, everyone who enters
Australia - not just already "exised" islands, but now also
the mainland, will be "deported" to immigration detention

Refugee jails such as on Nauru or on Papua New Guinea's
Manus Island. Australian laws will not be enforceable in
these camps, and independent non-government lawyers will
not have access to these asylum seekers. Also, after the
assessment of these asylum seekers is complete, they will
not be allowed to live in Australia, but they will be sent
as refugees to "other countries".

(if these countries are prepared to take them).

In the words of a young ABC Radio Reporter during the
Easter weekend news broadcasts, "under the new laws, all
of Australia is excised from the Migration Laws."

Of course this policy once again is based on a lie and a
misrepresentation: regardless of the spin, it is NOT
"illegal" to arrive in Australia without a visa to seek
asylum, and the term "unauthorised" is similarly based on
a misrepresentation: under the UN Refugee Convention.

As well as deriving from article 14 of the International
Declaration of Human Rights, people seeking asylum using
boats are well and truly authorized to enter Australia for
that purpose - the only problem is that this has not been
enshrined in a law or in a Bill of Rights for Australia.

You may want to be reminded that the UN Refugee Convention
was formulated for Boatpeople not for Container people, or
for Trainpeople or Planepeople.

See the examples of the boat stories on our website - filled
with Jewish Refugees - that formed the trigger for the UN
Convention here:

Ask Father Frank Brennan, the Jesuit Priest and Lawyer,
who served as the pastor at the Woomera detention centre.
He labels the Australian government "people traffickers"
under this new and abhorrent arrangement:

Canberra joins the people traffickers (Frank Brennan,
Sydney Morning Herald, April 17 2006

See also the Amnesty International Press Statement:
Changes to Australia's Migration Act a travesty of
justice (Amnesty International Australia,
Press Statement, 13 April 2006):

What you can, and MUST do:

Demand that the Federal Labor Party unequivocally opposes
this Bill, no matter what the amendments are or will be,
because it tries to permanently destroy Australia's
obligations under the UN Convention.

Demand that the ALP reverses this Bill in Full given it
wins the next Federal Election - without ifs and buts,
and that it is loud and clear in the media about this
reversal, right here and right now.

Contact Federal ALP leader Kim Beazley: /member.asp?id+pe4

Contact Immigration Spokesman Tony Burke MP:

Contact your local ALP Member:

Coalition MP's in Parliament
The list of MP's in Parliament who are already concerned
with the proposed legislation is once again spearheaded
by Petro Georgiou MP, Member for Kooyong. Not surprising.
Please see our contact details for eight parliamentarians
who also had conscience to a certain extend last year,
when Georgiou together with Ms Judi Moylan launched the
Private Members' Bills, and during the debates over the
Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005

Please add your local - or nearest - National or Liberal
Party MP, and add others as you see fit. We need about a
dozen MPs in Parliament, who cross the floor on this issue
and fiercely oppose this most draconian of all proposals
concerning asylum seekers and refugees.

The Power of the Senators
We know that the government has a slim majority in the
Senate. We also know that someone such as Senator Barnaby
Joyce met the West Papuans on Christmas Island, that he was
duly impressed with the genuinity of their asylum claim,
and that he was outspoken about that in the media after
he returned. We also know he's a maverick, who does exactly
what he wants.

We also know that Senator for Victoria, Steve Fielding,
wants to honour family values. How's this policy for
destroying families, or splitting them again apart of
children and women will find a "Free Range" Refugee Jail,
mercilessly couped-up nonetheless, in breach of a raft of
International Conventions?

The People's Border Protection Plan
It seems almost like this is the Refugee Advocates'
Last Stand - protecting Australia's Borders from being
meddled with by terrorizing politicians. I believe that
this is the final plan John Howard dreamt of during the
Tampa stand-off during 2001, but he could not pull it off
at that time.

Do not allow this cruel manipulation of refugees to happen"

Act from compassion and make your voice heard on this issue

Tuesday, Apr 11 2006

The Vaile of Wheat & Mutual Obligation  -  @ 02:29:pm
" if I hadn't been with a Catholic priest, that
would've been the end of my reputation!"
Nancy Bird

Flying legend Nancy on how what she was wearing could
have been perceived as a "risqu? outfit" in the late 30?s.
She was known as an impeccable dresser while flying her
Gypsy Moth. and obviously knew who to be seen with. without
losing her integrity and reputation?? The lovely Nancy who
is a major pioneering woman pilot in Australia, knew the
implications of her dress sense, the importance of who
was present and how it would be perceived by others.Not
to mention a courageous flyer at the cutting edge.....

Unlike others in our present federal government who are
presently in deep denial of who they are mixing with and
who decided what and how anyway.......

In Nancy's profession decision making is fundamental to
flying and landing.....They appear unable to be in flight
or fight......

We appear to live in a country with low self-esteem if we
look at little Johnnie and his friend?s behavior over the
AWB debacle? (Very clever sell on a public asset and give
it a new acronym?

Distance yourself and when it f.....s up blame your ex,
their big brother or their new partner? A government
divorce is pending and at it?s most likely to be messy

Really they are not dealing with welfare issues in
Australia so Goddess knows why they perpetuate this
belief about themselves that they gave tuppence for
the Iraq people with ?food for oil......?

No mutual obligation there it would appear either.
See Tim?s report at the Jesuit Social
research department, on this rather
telling issue below.

If we compared each groups, needs neither are
benefiting with or without Federal Government know
how and to do.....The Danes seem to have a better
grip on the issue.

(An aside)
They took our Mary (of Tasmania not
the mountain..... ) and have turned her into a
'bloody come and see what we have got"......

It could well appear the Federal government have no
understanding of this concept in any framework. They
are obviously unaware of what their job may well entail.
It would appear the Iraqui people have gained very
little from the "food for oil arrangements"
The government appear unable to follow through and
make decisions, about who is even making decisions.
(Very Get Smart........) Definitely in the cone of

Mr Vaile and friends seem unaware of key paper work on
the issue and worse willing to say it was not ?my? fault?
very unsatisfactory. This of course based on a fabulous
belief ?it was a highly respected major Australian
corporation that was involved? Possibly before we sold it
on......??? Mr Vaile has obviously not seen Mike Moore?s
?The Corporation?.

Seriously who are these people and how long do we have to
endure them? They appear to have been undiscerning with
whom they gave money to and / or unaware of the implications
and fallout of this incredible, gob smacking international
stuff up.

They are behaving like the little brothers who are not
allowed to tag along nor make key decisions, yet secretly
do and then wish they hadn?t........ "That's not fair you
are going to some where tricky yet exotic, we would like
to help you trash it"'. This of course under the Vaile
we are being helpful........?

In the end big brother is going to get payback in-one
form or another. I suggest the AWB will not be asked
to play with the big kids again, and Alexandra John and
Mark may have to eat alone in the playground and play
alone in the Australian wheat fields.

Yet what of the average Iraqi woman and child who is
feeding them and who will in the future?? There appears
a possible Vaile of deceit going on here!!

Friday, Apr 07 2006

Sporting Gods on water  -  @ 04:16:pm
Easter is a upon us and Professor Doron Nof, a respected
Oceanographer at Florida State University has been flat
out on a new theory in walking on water........

?Rare conditions could have conspired to create hard-to-
see ice on the Sea of Galilee. Suggesting that a person
could have walked on water, as has been suggested when
Jesus is said to have walked on water.?

?The study, which examines a combination of favorable
water and environmental conditions, proposes that Jesus
could have walked on an isolated patch of floating ice
on what is now known as Lake Kinneret in northern Israel.?

?Nof figures that in the last 120 centuries,the odds of
such conditions on the low latitude Lake Kinneret are
most likely 1-in-1,000. But during the time when Jesus
lived, such ?spring ice? may have formed once every 30
to 60 years." (Long enough to secure a sporting event)

?Such floating ice in the unfrozen waters of the lake
would be hard to spot, especially if rain had smoothed
its surface?. In today's climate, the chance of springs
ice forming in northern Israel is effectively zero, or
about once in more than 10,000 years," Nof said?.

The findings are detailed in the April 2006 Journal of
Pale limnology.

Was it the objective of the creative team of the
recent Commonwealth Games to undermine this theory?
Was AFL sporting icon Ron Barrassi trying it on with
us and trying to create this illusion during the recent
Commonwealth games?

Or was it, as it sadly yet genuinely, appeared an old
chap wading ankle deep in his best slacks,in Melbournes
Yarra River?

Those who choose to believe some can walk on water are
not happy with Professor Nof??s research and hypothesis
and have sent a substantial amount of ?not happy Dr Nof?

Maybe Ron Walker and John So could create a ?sinking?
fund to send our favorite football identities on a world
tour to test the theory. They could watch for ice to
freeze over (of course at appropriate spiritual spots)
and then make the dash before others notice their pure
wool football socks are dragging them down.It could
well rival viewings of "mary on the mountain"

Given the passion Australia has for football icons it
could well be a whole new angle on exports or a new
extreme sport to be introduced at the Winter Olympics.

It is a pity they did not do a longitudinal study before
embarking on this world breaking performance by Ron at
the recent Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Given the fickle yet pleasant weather it could be well
seen as hasty yet ambitious research by Mr Walkers
creative team to prove sporting icons are ?Gods?.

Maybe our divine State Minister for Sport and Pleasure
is preparing to do his own exploration and research on
the issue of walking on water? As was noted in a Melbourne
daily paper our Justin ?Madden? is shedding weight having
turned into a tubby boy since becoming the Minister for
Sport and Pleasure.

Obviously Justin is trying to redefine his role model
status big time?..or less as the case maybe..Goddess
forbid?Justin be seen as a light weight Minister
unable to rise above the water line.

Given his extreme sport stature I can see Justin striding
across lakes throughout the world? Mmmmm

Justin dolls could well be, a really winner at all
our spiritual events as the footy season kicks back in
for the 2006 season????

But as Doron said "We will leave to others the question
of whether or not our research explains the biblical
account." Or indeed whether sporting icons deserve God
status and more fish and loaves than they can eat?

Stayed tuned for this thrilling study
How Ice Melts and how delightful it can be
: Longstanding Mystery Solved


Wednesday, Mar 29 2006

Creature comforts in Freetown  -  @ 04:14:pm
Luck and comforts in Freetown

How lucky is the lucky country and do we want
to share that luck???

?Runaway athlete?s relaxing at curl curl beach,
doubts are being raised, and they are now being
processed. A further six runaway athletes from the
Sierra Leonean Commonwealth Games squad have turned
themselves in to authorities in Sydney, as doubts
were raised over the legitimacy of at least two of
the asylum claims.?


Well it is on in earnest here we have the
language, of judgment and fear being generated by
local media in Melbourne, on the position of a
group of people they really have limited knowledge

?Sierra Leone attach? Robert Green and his wife
Jan, who looked after the team's needs in Melbourne,
said they were not convinced that the circumstances
of two of the athletes ? Tucker and Marion Bangura
? were as dire as claimed? .

Why prey tell are these two people been given a voice
on the issue. Who is representing these athletes? The
Green's are certainly not looking after the Sierra
Leonian interests or needs now!

What are the legal implications of such blatant
hearsay? Who is Jan Green, and what allows her
to speak out about others experience?

"Marion in particular was the most comfortable
of all of them?.( What does that actually mean is
that wrong she was comforatable? Jan is obviously
quite comfortable to speak on the issue)

How interesting that Mrs.Green thinks ? having
creature comforts? owning a mobile phone, being
articulate and able to access money does not allow
?Marion? to fear for her life???

More to the point why are we allowing these kind of
outrageous commnents to be placed on people who have
not been given a voice? YET????

It would appear they have already been judged at
some level by having their visas revoked early
(they were originally to April 26th 2006) .This
decision seems to add to the position of creating
?wrong doers that must be dealt with swiftly?.

Yet why for wanting a different life certainly
their approach does not obviously sit well with
Amanda and John. Yet 12 athlete?s have reappeared
presumably to have their case heard fairly and
without prior judgment. The athlete's now have
2 weeks to state their case to Australian

As a country (Auatralia) thrives on its creature
comforts and a hunger for the credit card. We are
not well positioned to define others experience
of starvation civil war torture and fear! We have
a government unable to say sorry to the original
owners of this country....

?Sandy Walker, 19, a lightly built 200 metres sprinter,
said that due to his history as an anti-government
activist, his life would be in danger if he were sent
back to Sierra Leone. "I cannot go back, I will be
killed or worse," "I do not want to say too much
because I am very worried for my family.?
he told The Age?

And this from WHO on Sierra Leona

"The health situation is grave in Sierra Leone, which
still has the highest child and maternal mortality
rates in the world, and it is even worse in Kono.
Nearly one out of every three children dies before
his/her fifth birthday, and women have a one in six
chance of dying during pregnancy and childbirth.

Malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia remain the major
killers, and children the principal victims.
Destroyed clinics, impassable roads, and low
literacy levels make it hard to provide adequate
care ? less than one in 10 women in Kono, for example,
know how to read."

It is remarkable these athletes have come this far.........

As the lovely Dame Edna said on closing night of the
Commonwealth Games 2006

?Possums ... this was an historic event because only
10 minutes ago Melbourne just finished paying off
the 1956 Olympic Games," Lets be historic in our
choices with these athletes and not make them pay......

Let?s redefine the ?lucky country? and become a
country with compassion and an understanding of the
others experience.

What happened to a fair go??More on this issue soon.......

Monday, Mar 27 2006

A Dame a Duck and Bollywood  -  @ 05:52:pm
A Dame a Duck and Bollywood

The 2006 Commonwealth Games are over the closing
ceremony was yet another extraordinary sight that
was explained away as apparently very Melbourne?

?Grinspoon performed centre-stage, surrounded by
brightly costumed ballerinas wearing the colors
of Australian Rules football teams.? Bizarre if
not a tad surreal.

The divine and delicious singer/songwriter Paul
Kelly followed, performing his hit 'Leaps and
Bounds' to the appreciative Melbourne crowd."

Ben and his BodyRockers then took to the stage.
A cover was next, obviously Neil was unavailable
and Sarah ?Blasko? got the gig. Sarah gave a very
disconcerted version, of the Crowded House hit
'Don't Dream It's over'? Apparently as a ?tribute
to the thousands of Games Volunteers?. What is
the context of that prey tell that volunteerism
is a good career choice a must do??

More disconcerting were the snowflakes!! 'Four
seasons in one day may indeed be the case in
Melbourne but more of a concern is the global
warming that seems to have altered our Melbourne
weather for ever!!!

In to the Melbourne Mix
Nervous sporting stars out of context royalty,
old Kings of Pop, under employed actors Bollywood
stars our Edna ( with 1000s of disturbing look
alikes) and the wee boy with Michael's Duck.
They all had their moment in the sun or in fact the
splendid fireworks. Ah yes a city of sport and pleasure

The future of State Politics

Is John So coming today?" Or is he ?on the move? as
is being implied in the Melbourne press. Mmmm where
does that term spring from? Will he do a ?Walker? or
are they just good friends? Was that a rent a crowd
last night? Or Mr Walkers and Mr So?s close and
intimate friends? If so Lavina may move of the weather
and be up for ?Lady Mayor? given who she is has been
prrrring with lately??

Team effort

Was it a team effort to get the Commonwealth Games
2006 to Melbourne???? Or was it left entirely up
to poor old Ron to create his own career steps??.??
And seriously who wrote that speech the ?greatest
coalition of Commonwealth nations ever seen?.? Very
spooky speak indeed?????

As we head up to a state election in October will
we see some new team players over on the ?right?
side of the field???

More importantly where did the product range stem
from promoting Mr So. Has Jeff abandoned the sad
and depressed and returned to what he knows best
marketing his favourite team (no not Hawthorn)??..

Is Steve really losing popularity and where were
Justin our gorgeous Minister of Sport and
Pleasure and our Mary of the Mountain last night ??

Maybe Steve Mary and Justin need an events manager
a product range of their own and reskill there
backbenchers as cheer leaders in the lead up to
October 2006.....

Did you pack your own luggage or is that x box

? Police Commissioner Christine Nixon today said
efforts were underway to "maintain the assets" of
the village.?

Ah ya ya what is Christine implying? That sporting
types will steal the white goods??? Traders in the CBD
say shopping has not been wildly enhanced by the games,

However, how many X-Box game consoles and flat
screen television can you fit in your hand luggage
without looking suspicious?? Seems to me slightly
ridiculous since they lost a whole countries sporting

Mmmmm who does own the white goods and how and to
whom will they be issued after the event anyway???
Were they bought or donated to the village??
Will they be donated to Wommera or Villawood??

It is a tricky business who decides who owns what???..
Think how all those Commonwealth countries must feel
about being owned by the so called empire.
?Are we all in this together???

Thursday, Mar 23 2006

Fear of Sporty types??  -  @ 07:31:pm
"The price of freedom is to be true to yourself"

Recognize that how we think is so much more
important than what we think.

To understand the present and anticipate the future,
one must know enough of the past, enough to have
a sense of the history of a people.
Lee Kuan Yew.


And then there is this:

"Australian media reported on Thursday that up to
70 percent of Sierra Leone's team went missing
during the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

In Melbourne,2006's Games the former British colony
has registered a team of 23 competitors. Seven of
Sierra Leone's Commonwealth Games team have gone
missing. Bringing to nine the number of Games
athletes unaccounted for, police said on Thursday."

Impoverished Sierra Leone was racked by a brutal
civil war from 1991-2002 that cost thousands of

Some interesting facts on Sierra Leone
Infant mortality rate:
total: 143.64 deaths/1,000 live births
male: 161.06 deaths/1,000 live births
female: 125.69 deaths/1,000 live births (2005 est.)

Definition: This refers to child mortality risk,
which is defined as the probability of dying
before age 5 (5q0).

Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 39.87 years
male: 37.74 years
female: 42.06 years (2005 est.)

"Tanzanian boxer Omari Idd Kimweri & Bangladeshi
400 metres runner Mohammad Tawdihul- Islam
are also reported missing."

"Sparking fears they would try to remain in Australia
illegally." Sparking fear in who one may ask???

It is one thing to be part of what was once the
"Empire"another to deal with civil war, then seen
as something to be feared........

These people have been identified and selected as
world class athletes, who it would appear above all
the complexities of what has occured in their own
countries have reached a world class standard of

Apparently authoriies are presently concerned for
their safety. After April 26th it becomes an entirely
different matter I am sure!!

Which when we see the idealogy of fear and the
current approach to refugee's and prey tell
Australian citzens being removed 'from the
"lucky country".It is not a good look......

Maybe they have been quite taken with the new
Australian tourism campaign and are having a
look see. How apt that we have used the term
"where the bloody hell are you" for the campaign".

Pity they did not win "Gold" Silver or Bronze
before they "disappeared" as I am sure it would
look quite different and would impact considerably
on this rather unfortunate situation.
We will just have to see how this will unfold. I
wonder what "Mr T" Vivian and Amanda are thinking
will this be another kind of "bungle" ......??
Or will we look at how we think???


Tuesday, Feb 28 2006

creative voice and who's choices?  -  @ 05:12:pm

"On Friday it was announced that the Office of
Film and Literature Classification, which rates
films and decides what can be shown and not shown
in Australia, would cease to be an independent body
and instead become a part of the Attorney General's

This is a highly disturbing development.

"Commentator David Marr suggests that Attorney
General Philip Ruddock's annexing of the OFLC
is a step towards much greater censorship of the

"Mr Ruddock has been active in the efforts to have
a number of films banned in recent years, including
most recently "Mysterious Skin."Many of these
films played at the Chauvel, and hopefully important
controversial films will be able to play there in
the future."

"Let Ruddock know how you feel about this issue.
Write to him, call him, or email him. If you?d
like, identify yourself as a member of FLICs
Film Lovers for Independent Cinema."

Let him know that we as individuals and we as
a group are watching him!

"Tell him:
Open discussion is a crucial tenet of a healthy
democracy, and no political body should have undue
influence in deciding what gets seen and what doesn't.
The rating system works well to restrict who can view
films - it is not the job of government to prevent
adults from viewing genuine works of art, no matter
how controversial."

It is essential the OFLC should be an independent
body, responsive to the Federal government yet
with a mandate that allows it to officially operate
at arms length."

"In much the same way as other statutory bodies such
as the Australian Film Commission and the Australia
Council for the Arts."

"It is only in this way that the OFLC can properly
serve its responsibility to both the public and
the government."

OFLC's slogan "is "Informing Your Choices".
It is crucial that they do exactly that rather than
making our choices for us. It is imperative to
reverse this decision and maintain the OFLC's
independent status."

Below are the contact details to convey your
thoughtson this important issue of creative choices
and important independent voices:

The Honourable Philip Ruddock
Attorney General
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: (02) 6277 7300
Fax: (02) 6273 4102


Wednesday, Feb 22 2006

A bid 4 Freedom  -  @ 05:29:pm
A bid 4 Freedom is on again:
Glen Eira City Council Gallery
Public Transport:
Tram Route 64, Bus Route 623
Map 68 A2

There's a large carpark on the West side of the Town
Hall enter from Glen Eira Road.

Exhibition is from March 1st 2006. Come to the
auction on March 5th 2006

Support refugees abandoned by the Federal Government by
purchasing an art work.

"Senator Vanstone has been giving the impression that
the refugee-in-detention problem has gone away in
Australia. It hasn't. It's just moved.Too often, whole
families are being thrown out of detention centres &
onto the street with nothing to support them.

No government benefits, no Medicare, no education (not
even English lessons). You'll get an insight to this
appalling situation at the site below and click on the
"experiences" link.......

Charities and welfare groups are trying to pick up the
pieces. It's a crippling burden. 'Bid for Freedom'
is a major art auction of paintings and sculptures
by 101 artists

Among them some of Australia's most collected artists
to help raise money for the Brigidine Asylum Seekers
Project. The auction coming up is the third.

The first auction two raised $150,000. Why am I telling
you this? Because you're invited and we must address
this critical situation with genuine compassion.

All the works are donated. All the money raised gets spent
where it's most needed (on luxuries such as ... toothpaste).
You can see the quality of the works yourself.

They're all at:

Bid early..... Bid often......"

Sunday, Feb 19 2006

The ongoing Plight of the Sahrawehsi  -  @ 09:18:pm
Floods in the refugee camps: Saharawi Red Crescent


Saharawi Refugee Camps.

"The Saharawi refugee camps in the Algerian region of
Tindouf have been hit for 6 solid days in the last week
by uninterrupted torrential rain and floods, which has
caused considerable material losses and several injuries
among the refugees.

The heavy rains over the past few days "has washed away
the homes of about 50,000 of the 158,000 refugees who have
lived in desert camps near the Algerian town of Tindouf
since fleeing the disputed Western Sahara territory."

This has pushed thousands of Saharawi families to leave
their homes in the camps to spend the nights of Thursday
& Friday on the few hills above the camps, for fear of
being carried off by floods.

According to initial estimates from Saharawi Red
Crescent (CRS) teams, over 12,000 families at least
now lack shelter, the floods have also taken their
few possessions and food stores.

Not forgetting that the CRS has no stock of tents,
having not received aid in this form during the whole
of 2005.

This has rendered the situation even more difficult.
In view of the gravity of the situation, the Saharawi
Red Crescent warns about the danger of epidemics within
the refugee population.

All the more because the stock of medication is also
exhausted, and the stock of emergency food will be
used up between now and next month. (9 Days away)

The damage has not only affected the homes of Saharawi
citizens, but also destroyed government establishments
and institutions of prime importance, such as schools,
hospitals and clinics.

These torrential floods not seen for many years have
struck the Saharawi refugee camps hard and caused
considerable a situation that is already
very precarious for a population that has long been
living as refugees in an unforgiving environment.

The Saharawisi are now faced with this natural
catastrophe which has brought further suffering to
the Saharawi plight.

The Saharawi Red Crescent wishes to launch an
urgent appeal to all international organisations, to
non-governmental organisations, and all active members
of society to come urgently to the aid of the refugees'
pressing needs and to the thousands experiencing
the hardship of homelessness.

We must ACT quickly so as the situation does turn into
another devasting disaster. The Saharawi Red Crescent,
as well as appealing to save the lives of thousands of
women, children and old people in distress, takes the
opportunity also to ask donors to undertake emergency
action to HELP re-build hospitals & schools which have
been badly affected.

The Saharawi Red Crescent also urges the United Nations'
institutions, responsible for the protection of refugees,
notably the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and
the World Food Program (PAM) to assume their rightful
responsibilities in relation to this EXTREMELY serious
situation, where this whole population of refugees has
been devastated."

To give financial support and find out more on how you
can help click on the link below then click on Donations

specify this cause to donate too!!!

Friday, Dec 16 2005

Loving our children  -  @ 01:05:pm
Today in Melbourne there will be a Rally to march for
a Non violent world and to OBJECT LOUDLY against

The Rally will be at 5.00pm in The Bourke St Mall.

Be there to show your distaste for bad behaviour,
support a LOVE filled world!!! Come and shake the
cage of a world behaving badly!!

Be there to balance out present circumstance. We must
as a community/ a world demand with what really matters
and keep our priorities straight and clear.
Love the other as we would have ourself loved.

"Common Dreams
Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Annual UN Report: Plight of the World's Invisible Children
Willing to make LOVE visible and remembering to
love fully.........

Wednesday, Dec 14 2005

Unique gifts that show you "Care"  -  @ 10:45:am
Make your gift unique this christmas, the gift of
yourself or a gift that changes the lifes of others.
Keep it simple but let it show you Care

Below are some "Unique gift ideas that help people
in need"

"Are you struggling to find a Kris Kringle present
for your colleague, stocking filler for the children,
or gifts for family and friends?

The CAREgifts Catalogue is the perfect way to
express ones generosity.

CAREgifts have sixteen unique gifts to choose from.
visit the site below to find a unique gift that creates
change in anothers life. It creates the difference
between having and not having.....

"Find the ideal item for someone special. In return,
you will receive one of four beautiful cards to send
to loved-ones for each animal, water, plant and
education gift you purchase.

These are gifts that make a real and lasting difference
to poverty-stricken families, the CAREgifts Catalogue
helps us to build a better world ? while celebrating
the joy of giving with others.

Simply call 1800 020 046 or visit the website below
today to buy a unique gift to help people in need.

Monday, Dec 12 2005

Demonstrating love  -  @ 11:40:am
As our world becomes smaller, through a growing
common culture, the true test of community will
be our tolerance for our most profound differences
and love for the most challenging among us.
Wayne Teasdale in "A Monk in This World"

To Practice This Thought: Observe ones own intolerance
and fearful thoughts talk with family and friends
about one way you can demonstrate love and tolerance
in our world community.
Open to demonstrating true love

Thursday, Jun 09 2005

Can you walk the talk Minister??  -  @ 08:39:pm
VASS's response to the DIMA Minister's press
statement on funding for Arabic resettlement
support in Melbourne.

The Victorian Arabic Social Services stands by it the
statement in its Media Release of 1st of June 2005. In
this statement it exposed the favoritism and sheer
lack of consistency in the Department of Immigration
and Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs? (DIMIA) method
of fund allocation for settlement services to newly
arrived refugees and migrants.

?The Minister?s response attempts to confuse the issues
and the Australian public on the allocation of funds to
these vital services.

VASS is arguing that, as an Arabic ethno-specific agency
in Victoria, it represents an important service model that
is focussed, intensive that suits the needs of a segment
of newly-arrived refugees who require specific types of
assistance and attention.?
Explained Dalal Smiley, Chairperson of VASS.

?The Minister?s statement that 9 agencies and 20 projects
have been funded in Victoria to assist 7000 newly arrived
refugees and migrants from Arabic speaking background is
yet to be proven.

?VASS is asking the Minister to compare apples with apples.
He has avoided explaining the reason for the glaring
differences between funding allocations to Arabic-speaking
ethno-specific agencies in Victoria versus those in NSW.?

VASS?s share of the $3.5 million that the Minister claims
to have generously given, would have been a mere $70,000

However this amount would have made a tremendous difference
to the lives of families and youths from Sudan, Somalia and

? As an ethno-specific agency VASS plays a unique role
in the lives of its communities. It does more than provide
a service. It is managed, staffed and run by the communities
themselves. It is often the first point of contact for these
communities on arrival.

It is increasingly a one stop-shop where they can access a
range of other services, programs, and support. VASS is a
fundamental link for these communities. It helps to
familiarize them into the Australian system of managing non-
government organizations.

"Our clients are not passive recipients of a service.
They become active citizens who understand how to
influence decisions at the local, state and federal

?By excluding VASS from the mix of funded agencies
that target Arabic-speaking background migrants and refugees,
the DIMA Minister has dealt a blow to VASS which cuts deep
into the heart. He has damaged our contribution to
building the capacity of our communities" to grow and be
self determining.

The essence of this intial support by VASS is to
ultimately assist communities to be able to create their
own futures and be independent.

"The Minister has shattered our trust in a government
institution who made a commitment last year to help and
support us with essential funding. Our communities will
be worse off, as a result. ?

?We ask the Minister again to reconsider his decision.
We reiterate the point that neglected complex settlement
needs as those experienced by our clients, can lead to
more serious and complicated problems in the long run.?

See previous article below for the DIMA Minister's
"home page" for more details. Write to the
Minister and support VASS and the communities
they support.

Thursday, Jun 02 2005

Federal Funding to VASS  -  @ 04:53:pm
Arabic Community Facing Serious Disadvantage

VASS a key non-government agency that supports
Arabic speaking communities in Melbourne, are devastated
by the announcement of the slashing of their funding source
from the latest Community Settlement Services Scheme funding
round. The peak body says this is ?going to jeopardize the
well being and welfare of our communities?.

The lack of funding will impact on newly arrived settlers
that includes migrants and refugees from Iraq, Eritrea,
Somalia & Sudan.

?VASS lost its settlement funding in 2004 and has been
operating through the dedicated efforts of unfunded staff
and volunteers. This was done with the belief that funding
would be reinstated in 2005."

?To maintain such a crucial service for these communities
to love and live fully funding must be reinstated by the
Australian Federal Government. NOW!!!.?

VASS is demanding urgent talks with the Federal Minister
Peter McGauran to intervene in this matter, to allocate
funds for much needed services by more than 7000 Arabic-
speaking background new-settlers in Victoria.

VASS said that between the years 2000 and 2005,
17,574 new Arabic-speaking settlers have arrived in
Victoria & NSW. Victoria receiving 41%, and NSW, 59%
of this intake.

The total Federal government funding, that is (allocated
by DIMIA) in this funding round to Arabic ethno-specific
settlement services, for Victoria and NSW was $928,311.
NSW has received 80% and Victoria 20% .

DIMIA funds only one Arabic ethno-specific agency in
Victoria while it funds eleven in NSW.

VASS currently assists up to 500 clients a week
with, five newly arrived settlement clients every week.
These clients approach VASS for more focused and
intensive types of settlement service and assistance. The
client group we see have a range of complex needs and will
also receive access to other essential services at hand.

VASS is deeply concerned over its viability to continue
operating and assisting settlement clients without the
adequate if not essential resources.

?The choice by DIMIA to centralize its funding into lesser
number of agencies in Victoria means those settlement clients
have limited choices of funded agencies to approach. What we
are asking, is for a more inclusive and fair distribution
of resources. Restoring our lost funding will go a long way
in assisting our clients with their complex settlement needs.?

?This inadequate distribution of resources, has lead to
to the creation of insurmountable settlement needs.
The result of which we are now seeing in a second generation
of young people who are demoralized disenfranchised and,
disengaged from a place they are unable to call home.
They too are being "neglected" or unsupported just as
Their parents were not adequately assisted either."

"This shortsighted policy and funding decisions perpetuates
inter-generational disadvantage. What DIMIA neglects to
adequately fund now become a much larger issues that
other Departments will have to pick up later?

To add support to VASS and the communities that require
these essential services email the Minister responsible
for this short sighted decision and support this essential
issue. Also checkout the press release on the Ministers site
in response to this issue.

To offer your support to VASS and the affected communities
click on the Ministers "home" page, and send him an
email coveying how you feel about this issue. Shake the cage
of a government behaving badly!!

Not accepting of beneign indifference ignorance
and those with no compassion

Sunday, May 29 2005

Critical Intelligence  -  @ 05:57:pm
The See/C Factor

Do you contemplate compassion and act with
courage? Do you consider others feelings
and contemplate the care they have shown?
Do you communicate your needs and consider
what other communicate to you?

Are you conscious of the reactions you have? Are
you comfortable or careless with yourself? Do you
apply the same belief with others?

Do you ?chew over? the consequences of these
actions? Do you show your concern for others? Do
you challenge your own belief systems? Are you aware
of creating your own conundrum?

Be creative, considerate and conscious. Consider
the See Factor
It is with no doubt under your nose in
the present world crisis.
Be critical and conscious with your intelligence

Thursday, May 19 2005

Evolutionary women in Melbourne  -  @ 06:08:pm
Below are two events worth considering

Thursday 26 May, 7pm:
Public meeting guest speaker
Aleida Guevara, Che Guevara's daughter.

"Che and the winds of change in Latin America."
Storey Hall, RMIT (Swanston St, near corner of Latrobe).
$12 / $10 conc.
Bookings & info from Ocean Press: 9326 4280

Saturday, 28 May 2005 11.30am: Book Event
Introducing Dr Suad Amiry author of
Sharon & my Mother-in-law.

State Library of Victoria
Village Theatrette, Entry 3La Trobe Street, City

Followed by a light lunch.
Entry: $20 Bookings: Randa 0413 184 449.

Sunday, May 08 2005

A capacity to listen  -  @ 06:15:pm
To have true wisdom is to see things, including people
for what they really are. Only then are you ready and
able to listen with rapt and full attention to another.
This is a good test for one, being able to hear and
listen to anothers way is a true test of this wisdom.

Be it ones partner friends and or even those with whom
you having opposing belif systems this is a skill that
takes effort and attention.

Can you listen to anothers belifs and ways of being
as if for the first time, and just see it for what it
is without judgement? Can you offer alternatives without

To Practice This Thought: Increase your capacity to be
understandimg of others experiences limitations and
ways of thinking. Be open to others ways

Sunday, Apr 17 2005

Being your best  -  @ 05:25:pm
Fearing others is fearing yourself. Belittling others is
belittling yourself. Accepting others best will always
bring the best out in you. Offer your best and you will
be rewarded by the best in others.

Wednesday, Mar 23 2005

Who creates our language???  -  @ 01:21:pm
Only a renewed consciousness of the worth of each and
every one of us can provide the beginning of a new
politics and of community that could bring us together.
Jim Wallis in "The Soul of Politics"

To create this new consciousness is a formidable
spiritual and political task. We can make it possible
through practice courage and good books on the issue.

To practice this thought : Be conscious of your own role
in this change. Consider how it impacts on the whole. Do
you speak, think and act to create a better world for all?

See what George at Berkley has to say on the issue?


Happy Easter

Tuesday, Jan 11 2005

Committment to our children 2  -  @ 05:56:pm
(This is a repeat from the 04th of Jan as my freind and
confidante who does the housekeeping on Vita deleted that
particular version.) If you have read this article already
think of it as your favouirite news show coming back and
giving you new perspective on the issue.

Well we are 11 days into 2005 and the people of Sth East
Asia continue to struggle to make sense of what has happened
to them. They are barely able to comprehend HOW to rebuild a
new world worth living in, as they deal with the immediate
grief and despair of so much loss of life and the world they
had been living in.

While the first world, it would appear seems to be struggling
with its commitment and responsibility to follow through on its
said intentions to assist those on the Indian Ocean...

Tim Costello's team, appear to have been caught up in
ideology and missed the point. Thank the Goddess that
sense and action has prevailed. a>"Care Australia'
understand there own branding and have acted it out by
accepting a genuine helping hand that can be used
effectively NOW. They obviously recognize a JOB they have
defined as "caring in action".

As Jan Egeland the UN emergency relief co-coordinator has
said, "People (in Bam) are frustrated because they still
live in temporary shelters." These people do not have the
luxury of deciding where money is best spent and considering
its original source. In fact the mere fact that the large
donation offered (to World Vision) has come from ?gambling?
is totally appropriate. It redefines others greed and despair
and revalues how the countries along the Indian Ocean can
revalue there own life?s.

This kind of meaningless discussion and rhetoric is gambling
with others lives. Jan notes that the $US2 billion pledged for
Asia is equal to all the emergency appeals in 2004 for other
nations, such as Sudan's Darfur region and the Democratic
Republic of the Congo."Mr. Egeland says in the Congo, a
"tsunami" took place each month" This money is essential
in stopping thousands of preventable deaths from disease
and hunger."

"The rich world should be able to foot the bill for
feeding all the children in the world,? "Its one day's
worth of military spending."

Indeed as a western world we need to redefine and revalue
where we place our INTENT and PRIORITIES. Do we value the
other, as we would have ourselves loved / valued?

The plight in Sth East Asia as heightened this question loud
and clear. Some would say this tsunami was a "natural disaster"
I am inclined to believe it is NOT I see it is neglect of the
other and the neglect of our planet.

Spending resources on "military defence and self protection is
a very specific "unnatural disaster? It is a manufactured and
fearful response of the other at the other.

Sri Lanka has lost a generation of children. Whether by
weather or war, children continue to be taken or neglected
in many forms throughout the world be it Africa Georgia
the Middle East Somalia the Congo, the western Sahara,
Sth America, Vietnam, Sweden Germany, Central Australia,
or prey tell Middle America and so it goes??.. This is
neither natural nor right.

It is actually, neglect in a world that rarely loves the other,
as it would have it self loved. Self-interest is turned on its
head when we are forced to show compassion in circumstances
we now find ourselves in. The Universe will always shake us
into our futures and insist that Compassion is paramount.

As we move into the naughties we must address the issue that
encompass letting go of fear and being safe to understand and act
with compassion and the need for us all to loving fully

So as you go through your day reflect on whether you have
considered another?s needs above your own. Have you wept
because you felt another?s pain? Have you offered help where
no help has been?

Consider that another?s needs may differ or even be the same
as your own. Do you consider loving the other as sacrificing?
the self? What do we bequeath to our children? Mmmmmmm
Considerate of sacrifice. and a deep commitment to love
Not to mention keen to keep our awareness of the ongoing
issues that will effect the area for years to come

Friday, Dec 31 2004

Pledge your heart  -  @ 10:54:am
Australians have opened their hearts and shown how abundance
can be shared and pledged to those in need. More than
14 million dollars has been pledged through the Australian
Red Cross to the devasted countries of Sth East Asia.

This expresses and proves what can be done when compassion
reigns and resources are shared. To Donate to the Red Cross
click on the link below and help rebuild and renew the life's
of these peoples who so need OUR HELP RIGHT NOW.

Give what you can and rememer all love given will always be
returned in unviresal karma . Acts of kindness and compassion
is our Ultimate source of love and our truest strength.

For to live in our dreams awake and make them real we must
all particpate and offer what we can. Particularly to those
who are having their lifes destroyed and devasted right
NOW in Sth East Asia. (not to overlook the massive neglect,
saddness and poverty that has been created all over the

We must act from the heart not just pure logic. The symbols
of compassion from your imagination will show you what you
need to know and do next. Bring your love out into the open,
but do it with kindness and compassion for yourself and
the other. "It?s not about being right; it?s about being
willing to communicate" and offer what one can as the aid
agencies are proving.

Even if there isn?t a simple solution within sight. Once
we act on our love the words and actions will start flowing.
Resistances will disappear and new paths will unfold for us
all. Open your heart in order to experience the pleasure
of caring for others.
With only pleasure in my caring

Wednesday, Dec 29 2004

Giving with genuine support  -  @ 05:28:pm
Roll on 2005 leave the past behind begin anew Let
your energy amp be turned on and ark up the volume.
Be ready for a love filled summer in the south and a
long cosy winter in the north. Allow yourself the love
we all deserve and yet some more. Make it specific don't
hold back.

Make for patience simplicity and generoisty of spirit.
Be a little impulsive and think trust and true love.
Anticipate but do NOT hesitate to act on your love
Be ready for the dawning of new love filled era as we
move deep into the Naughties.

Connect with those you share a common dream and then
enact brand-new plans with impeccable timing. Create
a world you wish to particpate in.

Keeping in mind the plight of those in South East Asia
right now who also need our help. Consider what you have
and what you can offer to others in need.

Care Australia are just one Australian international aid
group that are supporting those in the tsunami
affected areas of Sth East Asia. To play a meaningful
part you can make a single gift, by either donating online
at the site below.

or call 1800 020 046. To give a monthly donation and
support CARE's ongoing committment and emergency work. You can
also become an Emergency CAREgiver. (click on the emergency
care giver link on the site above.
Offering only the best of intentions and meaningful

Friday, Nov 26 2004

Love in action  -  @ 05:42:pm
As a great Kennedy once said (with Vita embelishments
"don't ask what your community, your council, your state
your government are doing for you." Ask what meaning
and action YOU ARE TAKING to love fully and make the
world a better place?

Below are just a few activities that could engage
you and bring in to focus the plight and struggle
that others face and have faced!!!!

Sunday 28 November:
Melbourne Social Forum at Ceres,

Lee St, East Brunswick.
Five plenaries, 36 workshops, the Dili All Stars, Myrrh,
Trickle Down, Shaking the Tree choir, Poets for Peace.

For more details and a map visit


Wednesday 1 December, 7.30 pm: "Spirit of Eureka -
The Struggle Continues" Public Meeting,

With refreshments, music 6.30 pm).
MUA Offices: 46 Ireland Street,
West Melbourne.

Speakers: Humphrey McQueen, (historian and activist),
Gary Foley (Aboriginal activist), John Maitland (National
Secretary CFMEU), Rob Stary (Criminal Defence Lawyer and
Civil Rights activist).
Chaired by Paddy Crumlin (National Secretary, MUA).

Wednesday 8 December, 6.30pm:
John Martinkus is in Melbourne to share his experiences
in Iraq

Travels in American Iraq with journalist John Martinkus.
The journalist who has survived a kidnapping in Iraq speaks
at the
Trades Hall Bar
Cnr Lygon and Victoria Sts,
Carlton South.
A New International Bookshop event.

Thursday 16 December, 8pm:
Music for a cleaner future (Nuclear Free
Australia benefit)
@ Laundry, 50 Johnston Street,

Sulo, Checkerboard Lounge, The Disclosure Project
Blue King Brown featuring members of Skin.
$8 concession $10 full price.

Victorian Peace Network
Suite 2, Victorian Trades Hall Council,
54 Victoria Street, Carlton South Vic 3053.
Phone 613 9659 3582 .

Always an active particpant

Friday, Nov 12 2004

Sacred Men Sacred Kingfisher  -  @ 10:55:am
You are invited to meet Darebin's human Kingfisher
Ray Radford

Australian Greens candidate for Rucker ward, Darebin City

"Ray Radford, the Australian Greens candidate for the
ward of Ruckerhas been holding a series of
residents meetings in the ward to try and meet as
many people as possible."

"Ray is most interested to meet you and to hear about
any local issues that you may have. Or perhaps you
have some questions that you would like to ask him?"
To date Ray has organised 11 community house talks,
including his walk on Sunday the 14th of November 2004.

You can select a meeting time below:

Monday 15th November, 7.30-8.30pm,

Tuesday 16th November, 7.30-8.30pm,

Wednesday 17th November, 7.30-8.30pm,

(To get these locations contact Ray by the email below
Sunday 14th November, 10.00-12.00pm (approx.)
"Rucker Merri walk*

Sunday 14th November, 1.00-3.00pm, at Johnson Park,
Bastings St.

link www.greens

"If you are unable to make it to any of these meetings,
but you have an issue or a question that you would like to
raise, you can also contact Ray on the same email:"

Or do go on the walk and discuss your concerns about the
region with Ray. He has lived in the Darebin region for 35

*On the Rucker Merri walk, Ray will show walkers the weird
old homemade water fountain, the mysterious World War II
tunnel, magnificent basalt columns, some of Darebin's
native wildflowers, and the spectacular Northcote gorge."

One of the highlights will be a tour of the wonderfully
revitalised and re-vegetated Merri Park wetlands. It is
one of the few places along Merri Creek where frogs can
still be heard.

Ray is also hopeful that we will be seeing the beautiful
Sacred King Fisher. The walk will leave from outside the

Westgarth Theatre in High Street
10.00am sharp on Sunday 14th November

The walk should take about two hours. Walkers are advised
to bring your fancy spring hat, sun block and water.
Maybe some picnic savories and a pair of sensible walking
shoes would be in order.

So step out and walk the walk, with this man who is passionate
about his issue.
Take the opportunity to participate in Ray's sacred path

Thursday, Nov 04 2004

Lioness love for the self determining  -  @ 01:09:pm
Where do we go from, here? How long do we wait for change
to occur and the world to work with us? The Saharawi people
have been waiting for 30 years to reclaim a place
they call home too live and love fully within & on their
traditional homeland.

Below is a brief history of the Saharawi people?s plight
and the world?s response to the issue over a 30-year period!

1. "In 1975 the United Nation?s Commission noted majority
Saharawi support for independence for the Saharawi people."

2. "The International Court of Justice rejected Morocco and
Mauritania?s claim of sovereignty over this territory on the
North African Coast."

3. "Morocco?s response was to ?send? 350.000 people over the
border (The ?Green March?)." (See website below)


4. ?In 1976 ten of thousands of Saharawi fled"/ ran
for their lives. They dispersed into refugee camps in
Algeria. "There were reports of napalm attacks and the
slaughter of livestock by Moroccan forces. The Saharawi
Arab Republic? was born.

As we have seen time after time. A new wall between the
vanquished and the vain was built. ?A wall that stretchs
2.700km's was erected by the Moroccan Government to keep
the Saharawi people from returning to their homeland.

5. "War ensued that lasted until the 1991 UN backed cease-

Several generations of people have now been born in this
unforgiving desert. (?the temperature reaches a scorching
135 F in summer and plunges below freezing in winter.")

They are a courageous, articulate people waiting, to be
genuinely supported by the world so as they are able to
go home.

6. "A UN backed referendum on self ?determination has
been stalled" for over 14 years by Morocco. The Saharawi
continue to wait and work toward leaving their life in
exile in the Western Sahara.

The area is in fact the last remaining colony in Africa.
The refugee camps have been largely built by the Saharawi
women. 80 per cent of the camps are made up of women &
children. As the fight for their homeland continues.

It is now nearly 30 years on and an Australian/ Greek
born Lioness put her love where her heart is, in April
2004. She went with an Australian delegation to the
region to offer her support and document the Saharawi's
life in action in 2004.

Georgia has documented the current situation of these
brave disenfranchised people in a series of eloquent
still photography. Georgia Vlassopoulous a Melbourne
born artist has a photographic show at

until the 5th of NOV 2004.
(10am -600pm)
(New International Bookshop
54 Victoria St Carlton

If you miss the show you can make enquiries at the
bookshop to obtain further ?limited editions? of
Georgia?s divine work.

Yvette Andrew a film making Goddess from Sydney, was
also part of the April delegation and has made a half
hour documentary on the Saharawi plight. This will be
shown again in February 2005

Stay tuned to the Vita channel for more on this issue,
Yvette?s film and Georgia?s still photography

Always with the best intention and actions running parallel

Wednesday, Oct 20 2004

Sustainable Love  -  @ 11:19:am
Is true mentoring ?coaching to competency? or caressing
the brilliance that is already there? When considering
ones role in another?s life notice the difference in
what is said, what is offered and what is expected.

Is it a mistress ? servant role, oppressor,and victim? Is
it one of being boss or just bossy, fearful or empowered?
These associations and disassociations will make all the
difference between action and non-action, self awareness
or faliure to act on ones own strenghths.

Is the relationship based on mutual benefit? One is not
up the other down. Each one is able to work and enhance
the others skills and knowledge. Each has authority
within their own right.

Consider whether it is a relationship based on trust and
mutual respect. Is it a shared experience, where all are
uplifted and thrilled to participate?

For a relationship to maintain growth and change it must
be nutured and given hope. All relationships will blossom
and be sustainable if one is mindful of such matters

Consider and honor the role that each one in your life
gives and examine your level of participation. To fully
experience and understand relationship, one must
appreciate these sadly yet sometimes overlooked


So as you looks at the day gone by, have you honored
your love and those you wish to lavish with that love?
Have you made a friend of your own fears and self
denial? Have you shown the secret part of you without
fear of rejection? Have you offered and shared love
where none has been?

When push comes to shove we must sustain our love and
live in the garden of our delights.


Flat out sustaining our love

Wednesday, Oct 13 2004

Shaping a better world  -  @ 11:41:am
In his book ?Original Self?, Thomas Moore writes about
the sadness that occurs as we grow and evolve in to our
lives. Slowly and silently losing ?the original self?.
This occurs gradually over time, through the influence
if not indoctrination, by others. Othere beliefs, and
toxic projections are often what wear us down time
after time.

We are bombarded with rules of how we should behave, how
and what we should be thinking. Values that define ?right?
and ?wrong? The worst aspect of this is losing a sense of
ones own voice and the right too speak out.

At this point in history, this attitude of right and
wrong is being manifested through, the relentless
barrage of fear being pitched at the world?s population.
By men who insist waging wars and trying to "put the fear
of God" into us will be beneficial for our futures. They
believed ?pre emptive strikes? would deter others from
reactionary behaviour. They could consider there own

This particularly patriarchal and pompous attitude
is beginning to show the cracks and flaws in how people
percieve their world. On Saturday the 9th of October in
Australia the people spoke. One wonders did people really
find their voice???

Do people really believe that Australian political
parties control interest rates??? They would need to
be more interested? Do people really believe that the
economy is being managed well??

Who do you define as the one juggling casual/ or tentative employment/contracts. Who is the one managing the cost of
your child care and the cost of living? What is good economic
management and defined by whom??? What is the point of a
budget in surplus when children are starving to death??? Is
that sound economic management??

We need to examine our belief systems consider "who chooses
our beliefs? We need to rise up from the ashes of what has
been our walking. (imperialism, patriarchy,and imposed fear
of the other.) We need to transcend these terrible and life
sapping ways and reclaim our original self.

One must consider who enters ones DOMAIN. It is a
necessity TO STOP,
those, who one certainly
does not
wish to entertain. Be careful who's domain
and boundaries you cross.

You may well find the game not so amusing, when you face
the consequence of your actions. Spamming others site is
act of violence if not an invasion of anothers space. Be
very aware of what the consequences will be!!!

We have been bombarded with rules of how we should behave,
how and what we should be thinking. Allowing others to rule
our walking. Values that have defined ?right? and ?wrong? The
worst aspect of this is losing a sense of ones own voice and
the right too speak out.

A new world order needs to be nutured. People must relearn to
express their ?original self?. To find their ?souls vitality?.
We must allow ourselves to be confident in speaking from the
heart, and making themselves heard.

The world over people must reclaim their true natures, and
and be heard. Humanity must be caressed and nutured back into
the ?original self?. Love and kindness must make a come back.

Anger control ego spam and false fears will be eroded. These
old rules are no longer useful in shaping the way people,are
choosing to see the world.

?Be mindful of all your daily matters, and then you?ll
be just living within unborn Buddha-mind.
Originally no one is deluded?
Baankei Yotaku

Living the original self acting from the voice

Saturday, Oct 09 2004

It's TIME for fresh breath in Australia  -  @ 09:40:am
"When the traffic lights are red in New Delhi, they display
the word "relax.? Every time you come to a red light".
whether it be literal or perceived, (manifested as
hesitation to act).. Instead of sitting grinding your
teeth, frozen into indecision or merely complacency.

"Try seeing it as an opportunity for practice. Connect
with the in going and out-going of the breath. Be one
with the breathing." Then act.....

Tenzin Palmo in "Reflections on a Mountain Lake" and
thoughts on the issue from Vita. (See the link on
the right "Vita's Mountains", for Tenzin's site.)

It is Federal Election Day 2004 in Australia and
one could well take this advice. Consider these thoughts
when you reach the ballot box today. Consider what it is
you bequeath to the next generation. Is it new breath and
fresh ideas? New ways of being, or outdated/ 1950's
patriarchal attitudes and behaviors?

Whom to you consider your family? Whom do you include?
Who is left out who is allowed in? Is it made up of
what they tell you or some-out moded framework?

Consider what is actually needed in your life in the
village you live in the country you consider home and
the world at large. What is the role one plays in
creating that future? What role have you chosen?

Do these old ways serve us well? Will they take us
too the mountain top or leave us hungry in the cave?

Take a moment as Tenzin says and take a new breath in
and release the old breath out. Be in the moment. Then
act from a place of love and imagine a more viable,and
sustainable place to play.

"To Practice these thoughts: Work brief periods of spiritual
practice into your daily activities. Then act from a place
of heart. "Dancing on the mountain with fresh ideas and
fresh breath in every moment. Don't fight it. One must
let something go,too remember nothing new can
arrive if we make no room for it.


It's not too late to change ones mind.

Saturday, Oct 02 2004

The end of an ERA of LIES  -  @ 03:25:pm
Be part of a growing number of Melbournians who
chanted with a passion, for peace on Friday night.
Attend the second rally for this weekend to end the
lies. Step out and step up for an opportunity to have
your voice heard in the name of peace and a world that
loves fully.

at State Library, Swanston St, Melbourne

Part of nationally coordinated events on
End the Lies
3 October 2004

Organised by Victorian Peace Network and endorsed by a
wide range of groups including A Just Australia, Rural
Australians for Refugees, Victorian Trades Hall Council
and affiliated unions, Timor Sea Justice
campaign, churches, peace groups and more!
Living a loved filled life

Friday, Sep 24 2004

Films, Fashion and Civil unrest  -  @ 01:45:pm
Democracy is about more than election campaigns, where
the major parties focus their messages on just one per
cent of the population: the 10% of 'swinging'
voters in the 10% of marginal seats.

It's also about the issues that the major parties aren't
talking about very much: truth in government, Iraq, refugees,
Guantanamo, greenhouse, reconciliation. We have campaigned
and rallied and made them national issues. We need to make
sure these are national issues during this election.
So vote twice this election: vote at the ballot box on

9 October and vote with your feet on 3 October
by participating in the END THE LIES: bring the troops home
rally and concert.

This is part of nationally coordinated End the Lies
events over weekend of 1-3 October]

Hear real people as opposed to robots or spammers
talking about real election issues:

* Terry Hicks, father of Guantanamo detainee David Hicks
* Greens leader Senator Bob Brown
*Margo Kingston, author of 'Not happy John'
1.30pm Sunday 3 October at State Library
Swanston St, Melbourne.

Victorian Peace Network 96593582

28 September, 6pm: You are invited to the Warmongers
Cocktail Party! Drown out the Land Warfare Conference

Cocktail Party at the Melbourne Aquarium! Come along and
crash the party!

Dress: Black tie or your Shark suit. BYO cocktails and
finger food! Party starts 6pm
The Melbourne Aquarium.
cnr Queenswharf rd & King st.


Wednesday 29 September, 8.45pm:
Premiere 'Time to go John'

(A compilation of fifteen short films documenting pivotal
moments throughout Australia's recent local and international
history, from the Iraq war to detention centres, the GST, anti-
terrorism laws and reconciliation)

Presented by Rod Quantock
@ Lumiere Cinemas, 108
Lonsdale Street.

Further screenings at the Lumiere: Friday 1st October
at 9:15pm; Sunday 3rd October at 5:00pm; Tuesday 5th
October at 7:15pm

Wednesday 29 September, Brian Deegan Melbourne

Fundraising Film Night: "Somersault", Cinema Nova,
380 Lygon Street, Carlton.
$20/16 includes pre-film finger food.

Thursday 30 September, 7.30pm: 1st Advanced Screening of
'In the Shadow of the Palms' (documentary filmed in Iraq
prior to, during and after liberation)

Q&A Session with producer-director Wayne Coles-Janess
@ ACMI , Federation Square, Melbourne City.
$15/13. Info Tuba Boz

Victorian Peace Network
Suite 2, Victorian Trades Hall Council, 54 Victoria Street,
Carlton South Vic 3053.
Phone 613 9659 3582

So slip into something fresh and elegant engage in the future
bring along some sacred ethics and your vision of a better world
Come play in the creation of an exquiste new world.
A place to be seen and heard

Thursday, Sep 09 2004

World Peace Now  -  @ 09:54:am
Well it is now three years on since the tragedy in New York,
and yet the violence goes on. The world lives on in fear and
grief and knee jerk violence against the other.

It is estimated that over 11.000 civilians have lost their lifes'
in Iraq during the American "liberation of Iraq". Yesterday's
body count of US soldiers who have perished is 1000. Some have said
they have sacrificed their lifes' and have ultimately saved others.
"Go figure", how does that work??? Who has truly been spared this
outrageous situation. Not to mention the latest events in Russia.....

(Headlines from the Australian ABC news last night and this
" US launches new air strikes on Fallujah*
*Beslan video fuels Russian grief, anger*

*Russia threatens to liquidate terrorist bases*

Irene Khan, (Secretary General, Amnesty - of Ammnesty
International) spoke in Adelaide Australia on Wednesday
at the (Hawke Lectures).

She discussed similiar issues that I have addressed below.
Irene Khan essentially discussed the fundamentals that
identify our need to grow and evolve as a more humanitarian
world. For the necessity of world governments /leaders not
to simply react to terrorism with further violence that
perpetuates terrorism!!! As we can see to simply respond with
acts of mirrored violence, merely perpetuates the vast and
inhuman behaviour that is raging on right now!!!.

We would better placed to change the paradigms that create
the problems. Re empower those who have been victimiised and
their lifes' destroyed by the princple "fear of the other."
The world's leaders objectives should include working from a
humanitarian base to revalue the situation and re create a
new world order based on humanitirian princples.

Bring the troops home rally and concert
[nationally coordinated End the Lies events over weekend
of 1-3 October] 1.30pm Sunday 3 October
from State Library

Victorian Peace Network 96593582

"Deceitful behaviour has become an everyday feature of
parliamentary politics in Australia. That deceit has
encompassed a wide spectrum of issues, from war and weapons,
to refugees and detention, from forest and Greenhouse policy
to health and education issues. Often the blitz of mass media
advertising and the constant spin of the parties' campaigns
turn the community into passive spectators, or simply turn
people off. "

"Our aim is to provide positive and public means whereby
people can express their concerns about Iraq and the lies
of war."

Posters and flyers can be found on the link below


Support the campaign at

Actions to take:
* Distributing information including flyers and/or posters
* Forwarding emails to your own email lists/members
* Making a donation
* Publicising the campaign on your website or in printed
* Organising a local/workplace meeting on deceit and truth
in politics. We can help with speakers.
* Writing letters or send press releases to local papers
* Organising a 'No lies" bus or train group to the rally.

Play a role in revaluing the world

Friday, Jul 09 2004

The business of a sustainable society  -  @ 04:28:pm

With greater scrutiny than ever on the corporate sector,
it is vital if not essential for those with an interest
in corporate social responsibility to understand the critical
issues that are imperative to create change.

"Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Business Ethics Forum aims
to encourage dialogue between business and the community on
values and ethics.

Join speakers Justice Neville Owen (Commissioner, HIH Inquiry),
Christine Charles (Newmont Australia) and Sharan Burrow (ACTU
President) to engage in debating real strategies for rights,
sustainability and responsibility within the business world."

Tuesday July 13, 6.30 to 8.00 pm
BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne
$75 per head


Be apart of creating viable/ vital sustainable changes

Friday, Jul 02 2004

Survival of the tribes  -  @ 05:57:pm
Tribes of St Kilda
Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

"That patch of swamp and sand dune south of the Yarra
at once the preserve of mansion rich and famous the
entertainment zone of the suburbia up and down the Luna
Park train, shake and shimmy on the Palais floor cesspit
swimming, crime, sex and addiction the modern yuppie bull
-dozers tear down the walls of stories."

"The Tribes of St Kilda is a theatrical montage of one of the
most fascinating Australian treasures: the people who made it
what it was, make it what it is, and plan what it will become."

"A community cultural development theatre project presented by
students from Swinburne University and the local community.
Devised by students from Swinburne University," Melbourne.

Creative Direction: Stefo Nantsou

Project Design consultants: David Franzke, Angela Pamic,
Bronwyn Pringle

Production Manager: Lisa Parris

Where: Theatreworks, 14 Acland St, St. Kilda

Dates: Fri 9 & Sat 10 July @ 8pm All Tickets: $5

Bookings: 9534 3388


Friday, May 28 2004

Donna' s Compassion  -  @ 07:09:pm
For the people of Fallujah

Facts about Donna
Donna Mulhearn is an Australian peace actvist who has been
in Iraq during the invasion of Iraq by the " coalition of
the willing". Initially Donna went to Iraq as a "human
shield". Donna witnessed and quickly recognised the enormity
of the human destruction misery and terror that is currently
effecting the people of of Iraq.

Donna was in Fallujah with an "international team of
humanitarian workers who went to the beseiged town to
help distribute medical aid and evacuate wounded

They were "shot at by American soldiers when her team
tried to accompany an ambulance containing medical aid
across the city of Fallujah." Donna's, work (DURING THE
PAST 5 MONTHS) has been running a home for homeless Iraq
kids in Baghdad.

Donna was held for 24 hours as a hostage in the town
of Fallujah. She was released when it was recognised
the support she was actively particpating in, was genuine
in it 's intent. It was recognised she was purely there
to assist the people in Iraq being affected by the war.

Donna has played an active role in liaising between Iraqi
people and the occupying forces. She is reporting on the
war from the perspective of someone on the ground who is
seeing the true imapct of war on human kind.

The Australian Governmnets response to Donna

The Australian Prime Minister said:
"If you behave in a foolhardy fashion in an unsafe
environment, then the likelihood of you being hurt,
captured or even killed is the greater,"

Vita's Thoughgts
Greater than what??? How does Mr Howard value the greater
human suffering of the Iraqi people.??? Where do the victims
/ civilains of this war go, while the "coalition of the
willing", create democracy??? Does Mr Howard think the
people of Iraq "are in the wrong place at the wrong time"
Mmmmmmm......... Vita

And what about Alexander?????

The Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, "says Ms
Mulhearn is being reckless and is only in Iraq for political
reason. He went on to say "Go to America and stand outside
the White House with a gigantic banner reading:

'I'm from Australia and I protest'," Alexander said.

Vita's Thoughgts
It begs many questions...... How much danger does Alexander
want Donna to be in??? Maybe he could go with her for morale
supprt. Given his position it could be quite helpful to her.
Where is Mr Downer's compassion???..... and prey tell are
the Australian troops in Iraq for any thing other than
political reasons??? I am inclined to think Donna's actions
are admirable, sound and from the heart. More so than any
response from the "coalition of the willing".

Donna's Story Fallujah 7
- The Roadblock

We began to walk down the empty, dusty road towards a
collection of concrete blocks and razor wire where the
soldiers were guarding the roadblock. Behind us was a
queue of hundreds of cars full of ordinary people from
Fallujah - terrified and trying to flee to safety.

A few had already given up and turned around after gun
shots from US soldiers warned them not to come any closer.
Fallujah had become a bloody prison - no one was allowed
in or out.

We couldn't see the soldiers but we followed the same
procedure as a few days before. Hijabs off so it was clear
we were western, arms in the air, passport in hands and
message on the loudspeaker:

"Hello American soldiers, we are unarmed foreign civilians,
we are trying to leave Falluja - please don't shoot."

We repeated this a few times and walked slowly towards the
checkpoint. I squinted into the distance as I heard our
message echo back to us, but there was no movement ahead.
We were half way down the road in no-man's land when finally
I saw the outline of a soldier in the distance. We repeated
the message and heard his faint reply: "we won't shoot,

Relieved, we walked the rest of the way to meet him. He
was surprised to see us, and a little on edge, but greeted
us cordially. About ten others hovered around with machine
guns in hand a little bemused by the sight of us.

We explained that we had been in Fallujah to help deliver
and distribute aid and that we were trying to get back to
Baghdad. The soldier in charge agreed to let our two cars
pass through. That was great news, but it was not enough.

"What about the others?" we asked. The "others" being
hundreds of families from Fallujah sitting in their hot,
overcrowded cars hoping somehow to escape the hell that
had descended on their city. There were anxious women,
frightened children, crippled old men and young men of
fighting age who just didn't want to fight.

"You must let these people through," we pleaded."They
just want to travel to safety." The solider in charge
hesitated. "They are civilians with a few belongings
just wanting to escape the violence."

We put the case for another five minutes or so and finally
the soldier responded. "Okay, we'll let the women and children
through," he announced as though he'd made a great concession -
but a concession that was useless. This soldier didn't seem to
have a grip on local culture, so I had to remind him.

"The women don't drive cars. And if one or two of them do
they can't go alone without the company of a man from their
family," I told him gently.

His concession would mean that none of the hundreds of cars
in the queue would be able to pass. He nodded: "Okay, we'll
let the old men through ." Again, this would have allowed just
a few cars to pass. I didn't understand the logic in forcing
the young men to stay, and questioned him. "The men who want
to leave don't want to fight you -

Surely you want to let them go so they are not forced to pick
up a gun to defend themselves against you?" The soldier in
charge didn't respond out loud, but one of the others did,
perhaps not meaning for us to hear.

"We want them all in there together so we can finish
them off all at once, it makes it easier." I would have
taken this unbelievable statement as a joke had not the
soldier in charge reiterated his command immediately.
"No. The men cannot leave. We have orders."

We headed back to the queue of cars. The people were
waiting patiently for us, their faces were hopeful. A
translator explained: "The woman and children can go,
and the old men."

A clean-cut man in his forties standing near me
grabbed my arm. He held his baby daughter in his arms.
"Can I go?" he asked with desperation

My heart sank. I had to explain to this Iraqi man with
his baby, wife and car full of kids that he could not
leave the bombing, the shooting, the chaos of Fallujah
on a public road that belonged to him.

A tank from a foreign country which had come with claims of
"liberation" was taking this man's freedom before my eyes.
Freedom to take his family to safety. Freedom to live in
peace. Freedom just to live.

I put my head down. "No," I said. "They won't let you
go." Hardly believing the words as I spoke them. "They will
let your wife and children go," I said knowing how stupid
that would sound to him.

"How can they go alone?" he screamed pointing to the empty
drivers seat where he would have to sit for his family to
escape to safety. The fear on the face of his wife crushed
my heart into pieces.

This scenario was the same for so many of the families in
the queue. I couldn't take it anymore, couldn't bear to see
these families turn back to God knows what. We headed back to
the soldiers to try again.

We told them the cars were all driven by men with their
families. Not allowing them to pass would mean refusing
women and children a passage to safety.

"Do you know the Geneva Convention?" we asked, not
really expecting an answer.

The head guy shuffled from foot to foot as he deliberated.
We stood holding our breaths with our fingers crossed. "Okay,"
he said. "Men can pass, but only if they are accompanying a

Yes! That would at least ensure the women and children could
get out, and many of the men. We went back and explained the
new condition. For people who couldn't hear we just pointed
to their car and gave a thumbs up. They clapped, cheered and
yelled out: "Thank you, God bless you ".

But it was a bitter-sweet victory - tempered by the fact that
the only reason the soldiers allowed anyone through was because
a bunch of foreigners were watching and reminding them of the
Geneva Convention. They should have just let them through
because they were Iraqi people wanting to move about in their
own country. I shuddered to think what was happening at other

Still there were the young men. There was a large group
in their early 20s in the back of a pick-up. They would
not leave Fallujah today. We could not give them a logical
reason and did not repeat to them the threatening words of
the soldiers.

So we got back into our cars and slowly led the way through
no-mans land toward the check-point. They searched our cars
and we were ushered through. The car behind us, packed with
a large family got through too. They stuck close behind us.

I turned my head to check what was happening. The soldiers
were doing thorough searches of the cars. It would be a long
day for these Fallujans, but hopefully they would eventually
drive to safety.

As for the young men who didn't want to fight - they would have
to go back to the hell of Fallujah and face the uncertainty of
being a civilian caught in a war where there were no rules.

As we drove away, I was overcome by sadness as I remembered
the fear and desperation on the faces of the people. I couldn?t
help thinking: why should these people be so frightened
that they are forced to flee their own homes?

Why are they now refugees in their own country? Where
would they go? How long will their lives be upside down?

How long before the killing would stop and promised "freedom"
would come? There were no answers as we drove away to the sound
of another bomb blast shaking Fallujah???
Donna Mulhearn
Is salaam alaykum - "Peace be with you"

Monday, May 03 2004

Art and loving fully  -  @ 03:01:pm
Below are details from the Melbourne Age on the plight that
presently faces asylum seekers in Australia and a group of
over 100 artists response to their plight. If you are in
Melbourne, this is a must see and do event.

From this morning's 'Age':
"The Australian Government denies support to people seeking
asylum, and actively bars them from earning a livelihood and
accessing mainstream services ... this results in people being
vulnerable, open to exploitation and dependent upon non-
government services and ad hoc instances of charity."
- Marc Purcell

"Those on the bridging visa are not eligible for Commonwealth-
funded assistance including Centrelink benefits, access to
accommodation services or settlement support services such
as trauma counselling and the 510 hours of free English
classes for other migrants.

When asylum seekers are released into the community, it
is often on condition that they cannot work or obtain any
government support.

" No income, no education, no health benefits. They are
free to be destitute."
So open your heart and help
create better options for those seeking freedom and a
better life.

"Many only survive through the help of people such as the
Brigidine Nuns. In the Nuns' case, sometimes out of their
own stipends. Last year, through the generosity of nearly
100 artists and many bidders, over $70,000 was raised to

This year, more than 100 artists have donated close to 150
works which will be auctioned on Sunday 9th of May,
Mother's Day. (The exhibition of works opens on Wednesday
the 5th of May)

You can see most of the works, on-line, now at:


... it's a taste; there's nothing like seeing the real

"You should come. It's a wonderful event. A sea of smiling
faces. There's entertainment, food and wine and if you bring
your mum, she can get sketched. You could go home with a very
fine, and very reasonably priced, work of art."

Glen Eira Arts Complex Art Gallery
Glen Eira Rd (cnr Hawthorn Rd)
Caulfield 3162

Wednesday, May 5 to Saturday May 8
Wed-Fri 10 am - 5pm
Sat: 1-5pm

Sunday, May 9
12:30 'til it's over

aware of the art of loving

Tuesday, Apr 13 2004

Choices that have been made  -  @ 02:17:pm
Below is an article from the Victorain Peace Network that is
well worth considering where ever you are in the world. The
choices that have been made on the war in Iraq are impacting
the world over. One needs to seriously consider whether these
choices are worth re-evaluating, rethinking and without doubt
reconsidering for the betterment of human kind/ness.

So if you are in Melbourne on the 22nd of April 2004, consider
hearing former ONA officer, Andrew Wilkes shake down the core
issues on the war in Iraq and consider where we go from here!!!
The statement below is also worth considering from Mr Bush
"'taking the law in to his own hands"!!!

Mr Bush' talking up "improved conditions" and his swing
on lawlessness

"The situation in Iraq has improved. But you're right,
it was a tough week because there was lawlessness and
gangs that were trying to take the law in their own

The lies of war and the future of democracy "per se"

Hear former ONA officer and whistleblower Andrew Wilkie
speak in a Melbourne Public Meeting

8pm Thursday 22 April

At New Council Chamber Trades Hall (enter from
54 Victoria st, Carlton South-near Lygon st)

Note: Flyer and A4 poster available for download at:


"The Howard government took Australia to a terrible war in
Iraq on a lie several in fact: that the war was legal, that
it was about weapons of mas destruction, that it was about
"fighting terrorism.

With over 800 Australian personnel still deployed, we share
responsibility for the mounting death toll and the chaos in

Hospital, schools, water and electricity are in a critical
mess, and unemployment is estimated at between 50 and 80 per
cent, far worse than before this war.

Saddam Hussein has been removed from power at the cost of
almost ten thousand Iraqi civilian lives, the ruination of
the economy, and the destruction of previously accepted
standards of international law In particular the exclusion
of nations invading other nations unless under immediate

Meanwhile other known despots considered friends of the
United States, from Burma to Saudi Arabia, from Uzbekistan
to Pakistan, are armed and supported. Today, the people of
Iraq are subjected to an illegal occupation by the invading
forces, protecting the interests of big business who are
benefiting from the privatisation of Iraq's economy a policy
supported by the American-appointed puppet "government",
without any right of the people of Iraq to say whether
they want their economy sold to global corporations!

What are the implications of Australia's government's lies
of war - not only for the people of Iraq, but for Australian
democracy? Are the intelligence agencies being politicised
and told what to say by the Howard government?

Why won't the government admit it was wrong on weapons of mass
destruction? Why won't they admit that war on Iraq has without
doubt strengthened the very people it says the "war on terror"
is supposed to be targetting?"

This is a must see discussion by "ONA official and courageous
whistleblower Andrew Wilkie." GO and hear more from this
informed and forthright humanist. Consider this issue that is
affecting us all. Open your heart and your mind to these
important questions.
Humanist Society of Victoria 98579717
With a great love of human kindness and compassion

Wednesday, Jan 14 2004

Compassion and the love of children  -  @ 02:59:pm
Be aware of the role you play and the decisons you make that
will affect others, whether it be positive or negative. This
is something those in the political arena could well heed the
world over. As we continue to see suffering and punishment of
those who have had their human rights their spritual rights not
to mention their basic rights to live taken away. By those who
seem to be playing "God" with human kind, which isn't very kind at
all. Those who deem to have the right to remove others rights will
face their own karma. As the saying goes two wrongs do not make a
right. Allow others their freedom so we can all live as one.
As we move into 2004 and the year of the Monkey let us act with
compassion and love the other as we would have ourself loved.
Below is a website to remind us of freedom that has been taken
from those who have had their power and life force taken from
With freedom for all in mind and heart

Friday, Oct 17 2003

Born without Fear???  -  @ 08:40:am
Are we born with fear??? or do we inherit fear?? One can always
feel anothers fear. Whole lives can be lived in fear. It can even
be created for us and packaged up. Often times it is, someone elses
fear projected on to us.

We can be taught to fear, have our fears taken advatage of by
those possessed with more fear. Our fears can be relived over
and over. Control and manipulation can maintain our fears. Often
fears are used to discredit anothers integrity and position in

Wars are built on fear. The unknown is a fundamental weapon for
creating fear Fear can be out of proportion. Fear will destroy a
persons fragile fabric. So next time you feel fear imagine the
true origin of that fear. If you consider the use of fear on
another be concious of the consequences and the havoc it may
wreak and the impact on another. Consider what you fear and why?

Mostly though we must diminish our fears and allow understanding
for our percieved or "real" fears. We must work together and
geninely be supported in ridding ourselves of our fears.
We must remind ourselves of what it is to live without fear.
For George Bush and others who misuse their fear.
Way over others fears

Monday, Sep 29 2003

One kind of love  -  @ 05:31:pm
To create change you must summom all your energy and "be
the change you wish to see in the world." So summon your
energy and be the creative divine and loving soul that
you are. Act only to love and empower others.

Ghandhi said "power is of two kinds. One is obtained by
the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times more effective
and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment."

So be aware of how you use your power/love. Is it to to
empower or disempower. Do you use your love to control
or empower the other??

Consider your motivations are you allowing others to take
control of their own destiny or are you controlling their

Check out this site below (it may well still be under

Empowered by my own love and destiny

Monday, Sep 15 2003

Participation in love  -  @ 05:32:pm
Love is sacred so be sacred with who and what you love.
Love is valuable so treat it with the value it deserves.

To love is to honour yourself and those you share that love
with. When our relationships are pure and we allow the universe
to work through us, we are able to learn as we go. Experience
the relationship as an unfolding not something to control.An
ongoing particpation where both parties are able to play their
role and offer what they can offer. Learn to share your truth
and particpate fully with your love it is always willing to be
valued and acted upon
Knowing the value of sacred love

Wednesday, Jul 09 2003

Laleh and Laden  -  @ 12:56:pm
This is for all those who have lived a brave and meaningful life.
Who have had the courage to be who they are and love what they could
become. For the bravery these two women showed they are truly great
spirits and truly lived until they died.

This is for those that loved them and loved who they could become.
This is for the people of Iran and this for the people from Iraq.
This is for all those who consider the position of another before
their own. In fact it is for all of us to remember our courage our
wish to be loved and love the other as we would have ourself loved.
For Laleh and Laden

Thanks to ABC Melbourne News for this compelling and important news

*Twins mourned after surgery fails*

"Twin Iranian sisters joined at the head since birth 29 years ago
have died within hours of each other after surgeons in Singapore
separated them in an operation they knew could cost their lives.

The deaths of Laleh and Ladan Bijani from massive blood loss after
an historic 52-hour operation by 28 specialists and 100 assistants
plunged Iran into grief and brought shock and tears to Singapore's
Raffles Hospital, where the surgery took place.

"We were hoping to try and do better than the worst odds. But alas
we didn't make it," hospital chairman Loo Choon Yong said.
"When we undertook this challenge, we knew the risks were great.
We knew that one of the scenarios was that we may lose both of them.
Ladan and Laleh knew it too," he said.

The twins, who died within 90 minutes of each other, said last
month they were willing to risk death for the chance to live
separately because of their very different personalities.

Both had law degrees, but Ladan - the more outspoken of the two -
wanted to be a lawyer in their home town of Shiraz while Laleh
wanted to be a journalist in Tehran.

Family friend Zachia Shirakhan says both women had been optimistic.
"I saw them before the operation, they were in their own room and
they were making jokes. They were laughing and they were very hopeful about the future,"
she said.

"Each one of them was making jokes with the other sister, saying
'I'm really tired of you, all this time you've been sticking to
me, why cannot I get rid of you'."

The operation, led by neurosurgeon Dr Keith Goh, ran into several
major complications. The women's blood pressure had been fluctuating
and surgeons discovered the brains were more closely linked than
previously thought."

For L and L with genuine love

Saturday, Jun 28 2003

James and the Indigo Children  -  @ 12:58:pm
As we look at the day gone by did we think of the other? Did we act
from love or need? Ask yourself in every moment are you dancing your dance or the dance of another? Are you acting from fear of what may never be? Or are you acting from a place of renewing the love? A place of great hope and delicious moments. Don't give what you need offer what the other needs.

Honour all realtionships and give thanks for the love that was offered in the moment and remember it for what it really was. Exquiste moments are gifts from the goddess and the spirit within. As are the Indigo children. The have come to revalue the world.


"Psychic Children Speak to the World Festival" in Ashland from July
18-20th 2003. There are still openings for the festival, so if you're on the fence and are still thinking about attending. Go to the website below

link emissary of

"1. We are thrilled to announce that Beso, a world renowned child
peacemaker and artist, will be joining us for the whole weekend.
Beso is originally from the Republic of Georgia, and had a profound
spiritual awakening while battles were being fought in the streets
outside his home. He realized that every child has a role to play
in promoting peace,
and immediately began turning his attention toward
his now famous art. He is considered a master and a genius, the sort
that comes along once in a lifetime.

He has been hailed by the leaders of countries (including President Clinton) with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to see his art.
Beso will also be painting a special piece while the conference is going on. We are so honored to have him with us for the festival."

"2. Several years ago, Dr. Ilchi Lee of the Dahnhak organization
in South Korea, organized a scientific study with around eighty
children to see whether psychic gifts could be awakened through a
system called "Brain Respiration."

"The children were first tested for these special abilities, with
very ordinary results. Then they were given exercises and movements
that would open the different energy centers, and after two days were tested again. Remarkably, over 25% of the children were able perform
fetes such as distinguishing letters written on a folded piece of
paper concealed in an envelope, read simple thoughts projected by
another person, and read newspapers while blindfolded.

The study has been heralded as a breakthrough in psychic research. The affects of "Brain Respiration" has recently been confirmed by scientists at the University of California in Irvine (UCI)."

Loving those with eyes to see. Full of gratitude and grace for
the love that can be.

Monday, Jun 02 2003

Bliss and despair  -  @ 03:40:am
Do we need others to fight "our battles"? Do we need others to defend our rights?? What is the fight? Who is the defender and who is being defended? Who defines our experience for whom and by whom? Who points the bone. Who cuts the deepest wound in us and where does the Goddess live? All this and so much more.

"?Each and every one of you, is a being of Light. But there are those who have agreed to come forth in this time and defend the honor of the Light, those who are Spiritual Warriors. It is difficult for many to accept that of the position of a Spiritual Warrior.The more that they struggle against it, the more that they become dark and the more that they struggle against it. It then becomes an endless battle within themselves, their life and
their environment."


Author of Beneath Buddhass Eyes Tony Anthony comments on the spiritual path of a warrior/ soldier

"My hope is that you will take all the pain and suffering?the confusion?you are experiencing, and out of it find that there is a deeper meaning to life which lies just beneath the surface of all the craziness. There are many ways to find the sublime bliss which lies beneath everything. Meditation is one. It is possible to visit the place where God/ lives. I know it is there, and may you find it."
Weary from the battle fields of life in the North East.
Yet always loving fully and bubbling over with bliss

Monday, May 26 2003

Vita for Governing Goddess (GG)  -  @ 02:57:pm
"Prime Minister John Howard is facing political pressure to consult with
Opposition leader Simon Crean before he chooses a new governor-general.
There is also a push for that person to be a woman/GODDESS."
Could it possibly be VITA???!!! Send an email to the Prime Minister with this suggestion (a gentle nudge never hurts.)

Presence and good manners are just not sufficent. Peter has clued on and realised the obvious skills and attributes needed for the job. "Queensland Premier Peter Beattie believes a woman may be best suited to the role."At these times when we need someone to play a healing role, perhaps a woman would be the best choice," he said.

" Vita is at the cutting edge of all things great and gorgeous"
Vote One Vita for Govenor General


Vita's Personal Assistant Xxx

Tuesday, Apr 15 2003

Carry your own unbrella  -  @ 11:53:pm
"The United States has launched talks with divided and distrustful Iraqis
today in the southern city of Nasiriya on how Iraq will be ruled now
that Saddam Hussein has been deposed."

"As participants gathered in the city, scepticism ran deep among once-exiled
groups united by little other than their delight that Saddam's rule was over
and unease at being seen as too close to the United States."

"From the beginning, independence has been our manifesto. We don't accept a US umbrella or anybody else's." And yet as Mae West said never let a man put anything over you accept an unbrella. Another well known Goddess
proclaimed be particularly wary of men with imperialist umbrellas
With umbrellas for all seasons

Wednesday, Apr 02 2003

The visions that inspire change  -  @ 06:30:pm
Be fearless and act on your convictions and others will be inspired to
support your ideals. Often the first people to break away from conventional
thought are the one to define a new way of being. Given the circumstances, of what is going on in the world at present, there is a solid need for a "fresh voice and vision." We must make a collective move to change the paradigm of them and us.

Those who are ready for change will support leadership led by love not fear. We must be confident that we can and are able to make a difference. Transformation and change are for the sake of the greater good. So love and respect the other as you would have your self loved and respected. Check out this site on Australian born journalist John Pilger a man who will not "be silenced"
With the vision of the afghan white mountains.

Monday, Mar 31 2003

"Our hands" must be untied- 2 months later  -  @ 12:38:pm
Jabbar Hasan is the director of the Iraqi Community Association,
a charity that supports Iraqi refugees in Britain. This is an
extract from an interview in th Guardian on his perception of
the plight of the Iraqi people and the world at large Tuesday
February 4, 2003.

"The reason why Iraqi people seek asylum in other countries is
because they fear for their lives. When I ask people why they
left their country they had no alternative. This has been the
answer for years now."

The war "will not make the situation any better for the Iraqi
refugees. War only means destruction and death of innocent
civilians. Even after the war, there is no guarantee that a
democratic government will be reinstated in Iraq. The war will
only end Saddam's regime."

"Our dilemma is that if Saddam stays [in power] for any longer, many
more people will be victims of his regime, but if there is war there
will be an equal number of people who will be victims of war." Does
that justify the war?"

"If there is a war with Iraq, more people will flee the country to
the neighbouring countries as happened in the 1991 uprising after
the Gulf war. One million fled to Iran and another half a million
to Turkey. Those who can, will come to Europe. We hear from the media
that the armies of the US and Britain are building up [on Iraq's
border], which means another wave of refugees will flee into
neighbouring countries. We are already overwhelmed by demand for
food and shelter for refugees and after the new immigration bill
since January 8, our hands are tied."

Tomorrow the first of April at 11.00am, take a moment to pray for
an end to this conflict. Pray to the God/Goddess that gives you
hope and inspires change. Let us create a new paradigm of peace,
for the generations that follow us. Bequeath your love not your
fear. We can and must make change now.
Untying our hands with love

Saturday, Mar 29 2003

Act from love not fear  -  @ 08:18:am

Stop the War rally:1 pm Saturday the 29 March
State Library

"Bring the troops home! How many more wars?" What do we bequeath to our children???? "Bring your friends, family and neighbours. Show John Howard we are determined to continue to express our opposition and abhorrence for a war that we did not want and will not support."
Posters and flyers can be downloaded at the website address below

In memory of All those who have died in this invasion and prayers of hope for 19 year old Jessica Lynch and others still listed as missing. Step out again Melbourne, and show your objection to the BHB invasion.

Wednesday, Mar 26 2003

Move toward Peace  -  @ 12:16:am
"Live bravely in both light and dark, reach out and in, borrow bravery when we feel especially frightened. Extend bravery from our inner wealth within. Turn bravely towards all that faces us, and hide bravely when that is all
we can do. Most of all,love ourselves bravely, truly,madly, deeply, so we can truly love others".With peace in mind for the Iraqi people and all those under siege in the world.

Monday, Mar 24 2003

Paul Moran a man of integrity  -  @ 01:11:am
In ?one crowded hour? a baby girl lost her father, ?in one crowded hour" a woman lost the man she loved and the father of her child. In ?one crowded hour? a mother lost her son. Just over 24 hours ago the Australian freelance photographer, Paul Moran died while in the pursuit of visual truths, through his work as a freelance cameraman. While on assignment for the ABC, covering the American driven war in Iraq. Paul and journalist Eric Campbell were in the ?Kurdish controlled? area north of Iraq when this tragic event occurred. Like Australian photographer Neil Davis before him he was by all accounts passionate and driven. He was impeccable in his pursuit of the story, ?a tremendous man, with incredible contacts in the region?. He was a professional who never lacked integrity, in his compassion for the other.
In memory of Paul Moran
With deepest sadness and sympathy for his family and friends

Friday, Mar 21 2003

Peace Rally in Melbourne  -  @ 08:44:am
Again Melbourne people have stepped out and shown their desire to love fully and show their objection to war. As you go through your day send out thoughts of peace,love and light to all those who are directly being affected by this "prescribed" war.Consider your own position and role in creating a love filled world. Participate in creating that change. Act from love not fear, control or anger. It is possible to reevalute revalue and readjust the future. Act now on your willingness to create and build a new foundation for all who walk the earth.

"Contrary to ABC and other news reports, on two-hours notice, more than 50,000 people filled Swanston Street from one end to the other in a fantastic and angry expression of opposition to the war. Telling John Howard it is not too late to listen to the Australian people and bring the troops home. The rally stretched five long city blocks and stopped all cross -traffic in the city."

"Many people, particularly further away from the city and in regional
areas had no chance to come to town given the short notice George Bush
gave us.For this reason, we will be doing it again today Friday".
Melbourne State Library 5.00pm."
Be there with love Melbourne

Monday, Mar 10 2003

"Karmic interconnectedness"  -  @ 03:53:pm
Alifa Saayda writes on ,about a world in turmoil a world ravaged by violence and war. A world she now currently finds herself living in Trying to make sense of of an "unconnected" world Alifa states "we find also a profound longing for interconnection." I to believe we have "a built-in ability to develop wisdom" and compassion for the other.We are capable of creating a new formula and building a braver more stable loving world.

It is possible to make change, find our interconnectedness with the other.We must change the old rules of justice and inflicting pain and suffering on the other."The possibility of learning compassion" is an essential aspect of this. We are compelld to work toward understanding our "karmic inheritance". Revalue and realign our position on "understanding the other" The seeds of change are among us, what do we bequeath to our children??? Let us find the way forward through our interconnectedness."An act of karma,(literally, means action )". For Alifa and all those who look toward the seeds of change in our world.
Planting the seeds of change
Vita XXXXxxxx

Saturday, Feb 15 2003

Melbourne speaks from the heart  -  @ 02:04:am
On Valentines Day in Melbourne 2003, Victorians of all ages, from
all regions and suburbs stepped on to the CBD streets to speak
about love not war. A diversity of cultures, and many religions
gathered at the newly developed Federation Square, to make
their voices heard. To have their objections to the B.H.B. war,
?war on terrorism? heard seen and felt.

Victorians stepped forward in massive numbers, not seen since
the Vietnam war protests,to convey their distaste and demonstrate
their ability to act from compassion and love of the other. The
atmosphere was alive with the sounds of 200.000 people chanting
singing and speaking from the heart, with one succinct message,
to cease the madness, that these three ?Musketeers? are trying
to impose on the world.

The message of a need for negotiation and ? a need to do better?
was conveyed loud and clear, again and again. Over several hours,
objectors of war and many who have lived through them shared their
words of passion and hope for a better world. The issues came in many
and varied forms.

The passionate songs of the insightful Mark Seymour, members from
the union movement spoke with clarity on the real victims of war.
Church representatives gave telling truths about the plight of those
currently living in a state war.

Peter Garret; spoke of what ?histories pages? have shown us, the
havoc and pointlessness war inflicts on human beings. Emphasising
the importance of ?considering all options?, and considering the risks
and losses that occur through such fear driven action.

A teenage Kurdish girl spoke of a childhood destroyed, by war and wept for
family members she will never see again. Another passionate young woman
from Melbourne?s Iraqi community spoke with remarkable composure and
intense passion about her first hand experience of a life under siege, and
shared a perceptive understanding of what B.H.B ?s proposed war is truly
based on.

A remarkable and moving experience, that was discerningly documented by a
broad range of local media. Given the urgency of this issue it is certain this
Melborne response will be mirrored in communities and countries all over
the world. It is essential that this be done, to build momentum, hope and
encouragement to ensure world peace So where ever you are step out
make a stand and object, to this proposed war, by these three war mongers.

With hope and compassion for all who live in the world
Om Namah Shivia
Vita XXXXxxxxx


Tuesday, Feb 11 2003

Buddha's eyes and men who live bravely  -  @ 08:20:pm
Well as Mr Bush and his friends (who are they??) mount their
campaign against ?a war on terrorism? I sit pondering the distinctions
between wars of any kind. The thesaurus. on a Microsoft computer
defines terrorism in a range of ways ?violent behaviour, hostility
cruelty and intimidation just to mention a few explanations. However
it seems to me that all wars have a central theme that surely covers
these descriptions.

Meanwhile in a recent American survey geography has not proved to be a
strong point, with the poll depicting that less than 20per cent of those
surveyed, knew where Iraq was More shockingly 58 per cent of those surveyed
were not clear where the USA was placed on the world map. Which is beginning
to become apparent, ask the players over at NATO. It appears that they?re
not that keen to play ball, particularly as it seems to be in their backyard.

However Vita although always keen to chew the fat thrash, out the issues be
a little speculative and probing, never mistake it for judgement of another.
This is a defining time in history where we must all find our courage, our
compassion, our desire to act from love, not fear of the other, not anger at
not having control of things we percieve we need.

The movement is building, momentum is growing to change a situation that is
being seen as inevitable. War does not have to be inevitable .So whether you
are in Connecticut, New York, Calgary Prahran or Baghdad, remember,
remember, make choices act from your inner knowing, don?t give your power away
and say no to war.
In the lotus of life


Thursday, Jan 30 2003

Women weep and men throw stones  -  @ 04:11:am
As women detainees weep in Nauru, wondering where home is
and contemplate the purpose of their existence. Generations of
children continue to die, of war related causes in countries all
over the world. Without food, clean water and basic medical
supplies the devastation is endless and so pointless.

As men in the first world contemplate a major assault on distant
places and continue their rhetoric about, who are the wrong doers
and declare the enemy as else where or hiding. In Nauru stones
are exchanged instead of dialogue or explanations of when
refugees from war torn countries will no longer be detained.
The Australian Immigration Minister prefers to say these people
are being processed, and the delays are self-imposed. How can
this be? These people have no power over their situation, no
bargaining rights, no contact with the outside world. When
will sense prevail and action taken that is compassion driven,
not power or fear driven?

Meanwhile Dr Blix and his inspectors want more time to work in
Iraq and thousands of US and allied troops continue to have a
presence in war-ravaged Afghanistan. By all accounts ?scouring?
the country for the previous regime. All under the guise of ensuring
a world free of pain and suffering, yet the suffering goes on. When
will we stop this madness and love the other, as we would have
ourself loved? When will peace be valued more than war? It is possible,
make your voice heard and object to this imposed war.
With peace in mind

Wednesday, Jan 29 2003

The Afghan Girl and Peace on Earth  -  @ 02:13:pm
As one reflects on the state of the world as it stands
today, what is Mr Bush and his allies pursuing? To what
end and to whose benefit will war make the world a much
better and more peaceful place for all. Or will it just
be for those that paticipate and play "ball" with power
hungry men calling the shots?

One must question and examine the bigger picture, and
how it impacts on others. The validity and meaningfulness
of Mr Bush?s tough talk ?all means, including military? is
indeed a frightening and indeed tragic, position to be talking

He tells us ?If you want to keep the peace you?ve got to have
the authorisation to use force.? Yet is this potential war
about authorisation or force? Vita has a sneaking suspicion
it may well have more to do with self- proclaimed authority,
ego and ?force?.

This is all just points out levels of control and who has
control in the world. This type of rhetoric and tough talk
just highlights despair and fear throughout the first world
and the third.

Vita as you well know is one who has spoken of loving the
other, as you would have yourself loved. Accepting others
uniqueness for what it is.

How many more generations of people all over the world must
lose their lifes, their dignity there family, there homes,
communities there health, there crops, under the guise that
war truly is a viable means to create peace.

As you go through your day consider the plight of all the
Afghan girls, whose life?s have been changed forever. An
affluent first world photographer, who?s intention appears
inquisitive, catching a moment in time of just one of these
girls and then capitalising on that moment.

Seventeen years on it appears a honourable gesture to find
and identify this girl. But is it helpful? What do we learn
about this gir?l Indeed it is a miracle she is still alive,
yet still living in abject poverty, She has birthed the next
generation, giving an impression of hope.

Remarkable really given the way her country has been ravaged
and destroyed over her lifetime. by many that brought there
own "weapons of mass destruction"

Indeed a philanthropic fund has been established to help
?the afghan girl?, but I feel it is too little to late. In
this emerging situation will another ?compassionate? and well
meaning photographer photograph an Iraqi girl and track her
life over the next 17 years? What will it mean? Will her life
be changed forever because of war or because of peace? War is
not an option for world peace.
With deep love and sadness

Sunday, Jan 26 2003

Power in the present  -  @ 10:40:pm
Let go of the ego amd the personalities desire to control. To do this
allows for a cleansing and healing experience, which will alow the gold
in your heart to show. Reflect on the goodness and trust you have shared
with another. Honour the past, but one's power lies in the present. Act
in the present.

Sunday, Dec 08 2002

Carmens Courage and Joans Vision  -  @ 04:25:pm
As we near the end of 2002 we see, the original inhabitants of
Australia have their stories told and forever remembered, through
the poignant images of film. Four aboriginal filmmakers and actors
recognised at this years AFI for their work. We rejoice to see the
film industry show its compassion and respect for the previous untold
truths of this extraordinary people.

Emily?s list in Victoria has boded well for 13 new Labour women voted in
to parliament in the continuing Bracks Government. Apparently ten years
ahead of their agenda. This is a bold and fabulous step forward for women
in Parliament Susan B Anthony would be impressed. In particular Vita would
like to acknowledge the member for Yan Yean for her brave steps forward
for the next generation of women.

On a Federal level Carmen has taken her integrity and left the front bench
of the Labour Party and Nicola feels let down. She could possibly consider
who and what have really let her down. Is it fear of the existing patriarchy
and being unsupported in the bigger picture? As with Emily?s list apparently
the ?blokes? really felt ?we are just humouring you? in response to the quota
to establish women?s representation in Parliament. Nicola may well be on
a slippery slide with that existing attitude still entrenched. Carmen has shown
courage and maintained her integrity and was not mentored as she well
should have been. Nicola really should have a chat with Joan.

Mean while we have a Prime Minister who seems to be stuck in an imperialist
paradigm from another time and inappropriate place still unable to say sorry
and waging war threats against an imagined enemy in foreign parts.
Has he considered whether he may well be the enemy?

In sisterhood

Monday, Nov 11 2002

Gough and Susan, evolutionary women and revolutionary men  -  @ 12:31:pm
Remembrance Day, a time of mourning for great men who were
done in. What does Vita remember of this day? Tears and hope
for the future gone due to the ?Dismissal?, in 1975
of the Labour Federal Government in Australia The great and
gorgeous Gough done in by those with no vision and a lot of
ego and fear.

Gough is a splendid and visionary man of action and has
great love in his heart. He allowed several generations to
have choices. Where are those choices now? Where are those
visionary politicians?

Unlike Susan B Anthony in America, Gough has seen the fruits of
his vision acted out in his lifetime. For Susan?s vision to be
realised, another generation of women pursued and won the vote in

Securing the vote for American women took another 20 years.
The single vote of a young Tennessee man was crucial to change
history in America for women.

Harry Burns was to cast in favour for the right of women to
vote. He carried a letter from his mother compelling him to
be a ?good boy? and vote with his heart.

On being asked later why he voted in the affirmative he said
? a mothers advice is safest for a boy to follow?. On this
occasion it was indeed true. Lets hope George Bush?s mother
wields some influence in the current situation and carries
love in her heart and visions of a love filled world.
With inner patience and inner truth.



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