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Vita is a well-known Goddess who lives on the only Mountain in Darebin. Her column is an inspired look at her world and her attitudes to love, spiritual matters world politics and the less examined issues of life in the 21 century.

Thursday, Aug 04 2011

Cleo Vita and the Goddess within  -  @ 12:51:pm

(Be aware loved ones this Vita article is a feature
article NOT a News story NOR a sound byte.) I am
reliably informed having spoken with one of my
favourite journalists) See Vita's quick links on
the right for more on this award winning Goddess...

So curl up in your favourite chair and spend some
quality time at Vita


It is a well-known fact that quality leadership takes
compassion and trust. Teamwork, co-operation, tenacity
and genuine insight. Qualities that allow true leaders
to stand tall, lead the way, while lovingly, taking all
their people with them…

(Preferably with very delicate carbon footprints.)



“If ones actions inspire others to dream more, learn
more, do more and become more, one is a leader.”

“A great leader's courage to fulfill a genuine belief
is a vision that comes from passion, not position, nor
perceived power over another. LJK


As we say at “Vita”, true leaders often
tines thrill us, with their immense courage
vigor and innovation. Genuine leader are
always willing to swing of the mountaintop,
too allow the future to be explored fully.
“This is what truly distinguishes a leader
from merely a follower.”

As we say at “Vita” true leaders are not bound
by patriarchy or old paradigms of “how things
were”. True leaders inspire & inspire others,
by exploring how NEW "Carbon Neutral" futures
will and must be built and created...Take
note Julia good verbs and actions, (as I have
indeed mentioned to Kevin some time back!)


Over 60 international countries consistently now
read "Vita". Here are some of my top TEN countries
loving and laughing at Vita’s " southern winter,
retreat."(A new vista coming very soon, very excited
about that loved ones)


Some have asked, "Does money speak louder than words
and love" , and what does it speak of prey tell?” At
Vita we are inclined toward a healthy approach of
“Sacred Ethics and Commodity Ethics.So very modern
so now! (love is the gift that speaks loudest
full volume is always naughty but nice my loved


Of course, the Australian dollar is very buoyant and the
"no worries", Australians have always been dedicated to
“Vita”. They regularly take “refuge” relax laugh and kick
back on Vita’s mountain!

(The Australian government could certainly take refuge and
heed this practice, with a more compassionate approach on
“the refugee” aspect themselves!

Ah, yes the USA of course are always in the top three at
“Vita". Power in numbers they say." They're certainly
having their own issues, juggling the books right now!
Thank the Goddess some have said, “Vita is a place one
truly can live the dream!


As one has mentioned before the enlightened Ukraine’s can't
seem to get enough of Vita. We are a tad wary of their very
consistent intrigue. Nothing here for them except love and
good home made “Kutia” (a Christmas dessert with honey, nuts,
poppy seeds and wheat.) They are possibly looking for new
“varenki" inspired dishes as they head toward autumn? They
too are often in my top five..

Of course the Russians make their presence felt at "Vita" and
are seen in hot pursuit behind Ukraine, left ‘”smarting’ about
that no doubt.Ah yes bless the French as they continue to arrive
with aplomb and elegance lolling about in Vita Bliss..


Very curiously Cleopatra's people have whisked their way to
the top three earlier this week! Oh, lala looking for very
rare pearls and fresh Goddess speak no doubt.They well know
that “Patriarchy is so last century and quite relieved to
find them selves at Vita!


The Greeks have arrived at “Vita” amd are obviously looking
for cash flow and some fresh Spanakoptia or maybe freshly
baked Baklava? A local source can be highly recommended by
request only here at Vita ..


Mmm then, the very naughty “great leap forward people” are far
to often seen and heard, snooping about possibly looking for
secret goddess business. “Oh we want we she’ got, Oh they do go
on and on, trying to claim sovereignty over things that are so
NOT theirs!


The list of international “Optimism” goes on and on the lovely
Melanie Coombs is certainly doing great things to reinvigorate
the Empire with her new cross-cultural venture, coming soon to
Vita's banners.. See her new venture here and previous
incarnations of her endless optimism


She too is making as we say at Vita a “great leap of courage
and faith with her future Her new new site and international
venture is coming with Vita to her NEW Mountain top...

Be aware and alert loved ones “Vita is moving to the Upper
East side of the Mountain..Yet will often times slip very
quietly into the East Village (Manhattan that is!

More on Vita’s love made visible international exchanges
very soon. See you all on Vita’s new mountain with new
wildly exciting vista's..

Don’t ask what the Goddess has done for one ask what one
is doing for the love of the Goddess within


Monday, Mar 07 2011

International Profile Quality Clients Quality Products at Vita  -  @ 05:50:pm
After 10 years climbing the mountain, it becomes apparent
from the pinnacle and from base camp that. Vita it could be
said and acknowledged is very influential and creates waves
of joy and much intrigue world wide…

We at Vita are ceaselessly poised and always in action…Our
accomplishments and the hand of faith has found us with a
very devoted following over 10 years.Vita it could well
be said attracts those who recognise compassion integrity,
respect and genuine love. A world that is hungry for love
has found Vita the place to be seen and enjoyed!

"Vita" is impacting and stirring the hearts and minds
of 80 countries world wide..Interestingly Vita’s top
10 countries include all the so-called world “super
duper powers”.

The USA is clinging to the cliff face and the top spot..
They spend a considerable amount of time visiting "Vita."
Slipping on occasion in to 2nd spot behind Britain and
often times lingering behind Australia...

Mmm maybe having Julian onshore in Britain has helped the
British push further up the west side of the Mountain? It
seems to us at "Vita," the battle lines are drawn on that
tragic state fear, driven international debacle.Could well
be a case of “we want we they’ve got.”

The elegant and precise Germans are consistent at "Vita" and
hello those who believe in “great leaps forward often stalk
and menace around in Vita’s top ten..Ah yes the Russians bless
their stoic mo nonsense ways, are right up there in the top 5

We suggest they are spending quality time at Vita looking for
the latest in Australia's leading textiles, company Otto&Spike…

A textile design company who are so on it when it comes to
warmth.Their 2011 range has 216 new products offering a new
children’s range, coming soon to their site. Meanwhile have
a peak here at their Flickr site below..



Ohlala our Julia “Gillard, the current Australian Prime
Minister, was recently spotted wearing a fabulous gem from
another favorite client at "Vita", a Yarra Valley Jewelers
from the innovative people at:


Ah, yes Julia could not be more thrilled to be bejeweled by
Tim and Liz Peel from the divine jewelery heaven in the
Yarra Valley..

This choice by Julia Gillard can surely only lead to great
acts of love,commitment and many visionary come
The Oil Cartels of the “United Emirates" appear to have taken
a fancy to Vita; some have said they could well be considering
an exchange of exotic Australian “gem quality champagne or MMm
cognac diamonds for precious oils!

However, we in the know figure they are just trying to keep up
with Julia when comes to precious stones and unique Australian
made jewelery…

Of course the French are always a constant at Vita, as we know
they are quite taken with Australian film and loved Melbourne


This film was directed by another darling at Vita Oscar winner the
talented Adam Elliott and produced by one of Vita’s dedicated client


More on Vita’s top ten countries and clients very soon

As some have said if one is NOT reading and shopping at
Vita one is truly missing out....


Saturday, Aug 07 2010

New York a journey of hungry dreams  -  @ 10:51:pm
OH, la la loved ones 17 days on the island (Manhattan)
that is... An eternity in every moment pleasure and pain.
A city of endless conundrums, a city with desires
a city waiting and working to living the dream...

A city full of sadness and isolation acted out as
"flat out and ready to dance and fight for the dream
for several life times and still wonder why... “

A city that is listening yet not often hearing,
or feeling out loud, a city that wants to know
but is flat out rushing into its future!

Clean dog’s elegant women, cheeky clever men and
crushing poverty, endless garbage and those who’s
savor is not valued as it could be honored.

Thanks seems an unfamiliar term, it could
appear a constant battle to be seen and truly
understood, Judgment second guessing the others
motivation is alarming and endless..

Questions seem frowned upon or create fear or
at most would a makeover be the answer?? Hard to
comprehend why so many have been left wanting foir
so much that may or may not help!! ..

Shopping choices that leave one spent and re thinking
Zen on the lower west side, A mirror inti the first
worlds desire to own the lot and wonder why it is still
is not happy!!

A perplexing and disturbing greed that has left the
city vacant and hungry for more but for what?? The city
is in decline and yet renewal giving it an opportunity
to reassess it's future and what it values ...

A humble and respectful home in the East Village,
that gives comfort, genuine humor a recognizable
kindness, not often seen in the city... My beloved
East Village is a vision of hope valued cultures and
respect... Indeed a place one feels at home!

New York offers very raw gutsy villages within a city
that lives 24 seven, A city lost for words with the
volume turned up! New York lives with wild abandon and
a very apparent weariness that is skin deep...

A city desperate to love fully speak from the heart
and show of it‘s splendor, A city that carries the
rich memories of 7 generations in the palm of its
hands .

A city, that demands ones attention and often times
leaves one hungry for silence.A city that is fiercely
proud and willing to tell ya so...New York is on wheels
flat out moving into the "Transition Decade" with hope
and an unfamiliar fear and pain of what the future will

A city where sincerity and follow through will refresh
the spirit of the heart…A multicultural banquet of fear
and hope A city that gives blessings and mixed comfort
via the food it creates.

Food is in fact love made visible..Manhattan has it all
both love and fear! Fatty over processed fast food that
can cause havoc on the body and soul paralleled by very
inspired food memories that often times takes one back to
previous lifetime!

Organic whole foods in Union Square that reminds one
there is still hope, for a healthy future. Organic
Produce that give one faith it is possible we can all
grow and share together as a healthy world!

Oh the blessing to BE at home in the loving spirit
of the crew at Hotel 17 Hard core New Yorkers who
appreciate irony and the joy of love and light..
Hotel 17 nurture it's guest, take ones hand and
help one rise above the craziness and heat of the

Hotel 17 has endless exotic stories and local
talent all reedy to entertain and amuse those
that choose to play and journey across Manhattan.

A genuine love and willingness to offer savor
without fuss or fancy pretentiousness airs …

Quirky mindful intelligent heart felt and generous
spirits, at this great haven of hope that is the
spirit of Hotel 17...

Shaun and Louis men of the earth, who truly love the
city and are ensuring the island is touching the earth
and not just edges of consumer waste Shaun and Luis
are dedicated grounded men, passionate in their pursuit
building a “garden of delights!”

Food that will alarm and food that will delight...
Chelsea Pier a refreshing breeze that gives one
hope for more breath and the blessing of the

A city not for the fainted hearted my loved
ones thrilling exhausting intense and well
worth walking from Battery Park to Queens,
the elegant Upper East and the gutsy west
side that takes no prisoners!! All very much
a must do on a balmy New York morning,

Central Park at dusk Midtown for a show and
the Russian Tea Rooms for an elegant high tea...

One must keep the fluids up though loved ones.
Gladly armed with a Blue Berry Smoothie created by
the beautiful Medina or fun loving Melanie from
Cornet and Conley on East 17th....Goddess’ who
know where they have been and very aware of what
is going on in the City of Dreams!

Love on a Bangkok breeze that has engulfed the
city this summer...

Vita in the city

Monday, Aug 18 2008

Vita's picture /existing with empathy  -  @ 10:36:am
Sometimes, ONE may FEEL entrapped or captivated by
someone or indeed a situation that leaves one with
fear and faulty judgment?That in reality ONE may
well have created this situation ones self?

We must not deny what ONE really wants or who ONE
really IS ?Yet consider and incorporate the needs
and wants of the other?Try empathy not fear?

Love is NOW ?So modern so now so necessary??

Always be willing to expand ones existing dreams
and desires, we must ALSO be appreciative of what
we truly already have and honor those gifts that
are current...

One must be transparent with ones love and life?
Then one can make informed decisions simply make
time to show ones true feelings to the other.

Then one is truly free to love fully and without
fear?Expressing and living by what we truly needs
is so much more thrilling and deeply satisfying.

Suppressing not expressing our truest needs and
desires will always cause internal conflict and
unfulfilled LIFE'S/VITA!!

We can all benefit through seeking comfort and
shared understanding from one we feel able to
express ones REAL thoughts and feelings with.

So now, so right so real..
So?Picturesque? so Statuesque

For Ger who died on the mountain last week

Monday, Jan 21 2008

International flights to VITA  -  @ 08:58:am
It is a moving banquet here at
Vita?s luggage retrieval area can be as busy
as JFK Airport (in New York), on any day of
the week, in all four seasons, in all of our
known hemispheres!

The transit lounges at VITA has rarely less
than 200 at one sitting. Visitors here at VITA
can soar to over one 1000 visitors pressing on
my .com in one day. That is on the higher flying
day with an easterly wind,in high season at Vita..

Happy travelers to VITA are felt, and often
heard screaming,with absolute-joy and relief..

Many have said it is a pleasure to press on a
.con of great substance and depth .

Substance and depth could well be a new, and
very modern extreme sport or at least a very
wholesome pursuit. Very vital and VITAESQUE

One can often hear the pleasure from far
away places at a great height. Visitors
can get very excitable, waving their very
own boarding passes to ?VITA," with a great
deal of Vigor?

As I am sure, the Latvians are doing as
they arrive from Riga.That is of course
to see hear and read the pearls of wisdom
from my very well chosen adorable ?VITA/LIFE?..

It would appear from the consistency and
growing audience at over
the last 8 years, that my audience/world
is growing and is constantly evolving.

Visitors are keen to broaden their outlook
and are in hot pursuit of loving, & indeed
very lyrical content from the site?.Stay
tuned for my up coming product range!

Ah ya ya ya, more on that later?

Yes indeed, it seems the world is eager
to read consume and revisit this site.
Many daily, some on the hour wanting
more more more...

It becomes apparent that readers are not
only intrigued yet delighted by what they
see and feel at VITA. It is a very loving
and ?naughties? place to play/ So now!!

As we Say HERE at "Vita." Oh yeah lets make
it the total ?Goddess experience?. Some have
said ?VITA? is "so divine very current and
21st century..." "She must be playing a
key role,in the incredible "Julia/Maxine

There appears a renewed interest and an
excited willingness to look for genuine
LOVE in all the right places! VITA/LIFE
is indeed that place, according to my
peoples research!

Love is not like choosing lunch
is it or is it? After all genuine
love is Tibetan Magic and just
that magical.. Not limited with
just a list of ordinary sandwich
Ah ya ya!!

Vita is a place some say to raise ones
self esteem consciousness quite possibly
ones vital bits, or prey tell ones very

Visitors to are eager aware
often aroused, biting at the bit to ensure
their favorite positions. The site is full
to the brim, with a diverse, exotic banquet
of local and international guests, who are
obviously very willing-witty and wise.

The French adore The elegant
softly spoken Swedish are extremely taken
with my style and progressive vibrant content.

The Ukrainians cannot get enough of ?Vita.?
The Japanese are all thrilled with my unique
Zen approach and are considering naming a
'Nori? roll in my honor.Ah yes the VITA roll!
Very delicious and possibly an agile new and
naughty Karma Sutra position...

They totally GET it and indeed understand the
LIFE/ of VITA! (More on that later must speak
to my divine solicitor on naming rights for my

The Chinese are often looking for expansive
import and export Vistas at ?VITA.? The sexy
speaking Germans are offering up new exciting
technologies and new media platforms, so as I
can practice new ways of playing, at ?VITA??

The Americans come in their thousands just to
be seen and blessed by ?VITA?. Often saying
?that?s awesome I want we she-has. ?Can we
have that to with a side of scallions with
blue cheese dressing a very soft cushion
and a twist of lemon grass?

We are thrilled to announce the first divine
Afghan has just dropped in via a connecting
flight, or was that a click on

Regardless we are extremely delighted they have
made their, maiden voyage here. The lone Afghan
has come so far to have a look-see at ?VITA.?

We here at VITA are certainly blessed by Afghan
warmth and the rare and yet lovely "LAPIS" of the
White Mountains.

See you on the continent and or New York


Sunday, Jan 06 2008

Goddess point of view  -  @ 03:48:pm
Take a Goddess/bird's-eye view of ones love and life.
See and feel how it alters ones perspective. Love and
laugh within the face of ones outdated paradigms and
false fears. Now, remember things can and do move
forward.. Life/Vita moves further when we let go of
outdated reactions and old emotions.

Be playful daring, delicious divine and determined.
Be motivated ambitious impressive and willing to
grow into that, which one wishes to become...That
is ones bigger soul/self.

Value how far the journey has taken one. LOVE what
it has taught US and what it can bring?Integrate &
assimilate new knowledge.. That is new truths
to ones consciousness.

Share ones relationship of ideas with the other.
Communicate ones ultimate dream with the other
and then live the dream?.Engage and create a
genuine loving dialogue of trust and shared
beliefs? Then let love in and the learning begin.

Allow ones valuable experiences too abound?As
my divine Goddess, friend Scout would say,?Take
life by the horns? and allow VITA/LIFE to offer
so much more more more?

One must take and believe in the ultimate steps
that take one to ones mountaintop. Experience,
feel see and taste the love of another. Be brave
be bold be confident. Live and love right now?

Thrilled with the opportunity to love and travel
with ones ultimate one..We will sing and step on
the soil of many countries....


Wednesday, Dec 26 2007

VITA goes Junkanoo  -  @ 12:08:pm
It is that time of year when all wee Goddess\'s should be seen and heard at the
annual Junkanoo festival.. A favourite cultural event .... An annual event myself
and Minnie have often frequented over OUR many life times..... So as Minnie
would say toodle pip my loved ones and see and feel US all in the fullness of time...



Friday, Nov 23 2007

Exotic travel and best friends  -  @ 05:15:am
An adaption of Rudyard Kipling's

If you can keep your head when all about
you Are losing theirs and blaming it on
you,If you can trust yourself when all
others doubt you...But make allowance
for their doubting too,

If one can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too

If one can dream--and not make dreams ones
master,/mistress If one can think--and not
make thoughts ones aim; If you can meet
with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two
impostors just the same;

If you can BEAR to HEAR the truth you've
spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for
fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to,
broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and
sinew To serve your turn long after they are
gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in
you Except the Will which says to them:

"Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your
virtue, Or walk with royalty-- nor lose the
common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends
can hurt you; If all wo/men count with you, but
none too much,

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more-- Then you'll be human and
vulnerable my loved ones

Willing to go the distance Trust ones self
and trust the other.


Saturday, Aug 04 2007

New York big handsome and intense  -  @ 12:32:pm
Hey loved ones well New York is hot intense and worth
the walk to Central Park..... Fast and full of fabulous
people where the volume is turned up...The East Village
filled with varenki and higher love.

Hip staff and international guests at Hotel 17 on East
and third ...Sophisticated friends just in from Paris..
Home delivered "Monster Sushi" in the west village ...


A plethora of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring art..Bargains
at Barney's and Buddhas's in China town.. Latte by
the gallon in Little Italy on Mulberry and Spring......
Pizza by the acre and iced green tea in Lincoln Square.
Fast talking spiritual NYPD on 32nd and Broadway.

Everything is bigger than a Cecil B De Mille film and
sold by the pound. Perfect days on the Hudson kind women
from Barbados looking for a new life...Sad men from
the upper west side wondering why his siblings died...

Hot new talent in Brooklyn Mexican Musicians
on Third ..Handsome Germans on 17th and whole real
food being created at Chelsea Market..

More from the Big Apple later...


Sunday, Jul 29 2007

News from Chicago  -  @ 02:16:am
Everyone who has been in Goddess blogsphere land
over the last 10 years was seen or being seen at
Navy Pier on day one of Blgher Chicago. 2007.....
Divine exhausting and feeling very Marlene Dietrich
Bring on day 2


Friday, Jul 27 2007

sharp lingus and good manners  -  @ 03:32:am
Well I have arrived in the windy city, Chicago
via LA....Ah ya ya LA a city where they take
nothing on board nor prisoners. However it would
appear quite keen to strip one of possessions.
Particulrly ones fluids, and essential sharp items.
Lucky ones lingus (tongue) is attached...Lucky for
them I was parched and not in New York mode YET.....

Letting go of their lack of manners but holding firmly
on to my CDM luggage (see my link to Catherine Mamuell
on the right)... One may need to refresh the page ..
I am now relaxed and fed and being whooad wowed and loved
in fabulous Chicago...

Having left cyper space I have now earthly contact
with my the divine and delightfu Blogher teamm....
Leaving the way open to intimate dialogue and fresh liquids
in a world full of goddess's.....

Ready for more moisture and good manners....
I must away...

Tuesday, Jul 24 2007

A northern summer  -  @ 07:42:pm
"To speak Gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to
enact Gratitude is generous and noble, but to live
Gratitude is to touch Heaven."

Heaven it is! May the journey of gratitude make
us noble and able to live with graciousness and
glee. Let us all love our journey's as will be..

To fully live our inspirational stories, we must
engage and witness ourselves and our immediate and
global families shifts into new patterns of being.

We must allow ourselves to grow evolve to forgive
and to flow into the NOW with Grace kindness.
and Gratitude for what has been and what will

We must allow everything to flow into place and
proceed everyday with Faith and Wisdom. Letting go
of old patterns linear~ness and always trust that
everything is in order.

Leaving on a jet plane and in the flow of a northern


Tuesday, Apr 17 2007

Ultimate Travel  -  @ 04:58:pm
"The Way? exists but not the traveler on it."

For the traveler the road is home. Reaching ones
destination will always be within?.Definitive acts
of freedom are essential to create ultimate and life
- changing commitments.

These are the actions that make ones life really,
superb and encompass the magic and defines the divine.
One can make it even better with ones creative gestures,
and genuine love. Leave ones doubts behind and act
on that love?..Ride the wave of the good energy and
commitment to loving ones life fully.

The one who sets out toward ultimate things is a true
warrior / goddess In this also lies the polarities of
watcher and the participant of life. The watcher
travels as far, sometimes with immense zeal and courage,
gathering up memories and adventures. Always a wondrous
tale to tell @ then returns the same person as the one
who departed.

There is often unexpressed sad clutter of belongings the
watcher unpacks back at home. The true traveler is very
different. The traveler resolves that when they return
one will not be the same person as the one who set out.

So be the special place and live the significant journey
of ones life? ?Pilgrimage is a passage for the wild reckless
and subtle. One must be prepared to shed the holder of ones
personality @ even the body like a worn out skin.

Prepared for ultimate things


Friday, Apr 13 2007

Stimulating Journey's  -  @ 11:17:am
Begin and be the new adventure in ones life journey? It's
the time to have optimism and excitement ?. Allow ones?
feelings to be expressed and acted on? Be the new
beginnings in ones life!!! Take the risk and love it
with ALL the pleasure and delight one TRULY deserves?

Be stimulated and enthused to step on to the Mountain
of love?.that awaits one? Feel the thrill @ exhilaration
of the next stimulating part of ones love filled journey..
Take the luxury of dancing with Jupiter/ transformation....
One can peak on the mountain top with our wildest and
fabulous dream.....Live the reality of that dream.....

Do what one wants to do despite being afraid
(Arianna Huffington)
See Arianna? link in Vita?s quick links

This from is Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Self-confidence is knowing that one has the ability to do
something properly and being determined not to give up.
Ordinary beings are prepared to make a good deal of
effort for relatively insignificant ends.

We have promised to work for the immensely more
important goal of liberating all beings, so we
should cultivate great self-confidence @ thinking.
Even if I am the only one to do so, I will benefit
all beings."

from : A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night


Wednesday, Apr 11 2007

The open closet  -  @ 06:59:am
Transform and build on ones self worth, to an image of strength
tenacity greatness and goddess/ness?Do not wait to experience
the magic of ones incredible life ????

As my darling and courageous Goddess friend, ?Scout? would say,
?take life by the horns and make it BEG for more more more??
Life is short and delicious and well worth consuming...

As my wee Goddess son always says ?Let?s skip the light fantastic?
and always smell the gardenia?"

Living the dream is to BE self -determining. Offer only ones true self
and trust in a self-sustaining life?Ignore others NEGATIVE @ diminishing
projections? Live ones own truth, attract what one wishes to become?

Love it in every shape color and form? Take on the mystery of the day...
Let go of the Ego?s need to control the open heart inside and outside
one self? Be willing to explore the open heart and love for all one is
worth?Live all outfits in ones hidden closet of the heart??????.

Be the heart soul and passion of ones self and remember to share ones
heart and passion with the other...Be ones essential self, be fearless
consistent current @ impeccable??..

Be the boldest and divine impression one can be??..AND? always
love who one is and LOVE what one can become?Our days in the sun
will always then come?LOVE what one has not what one does NOT....
Open the closet, live, and love fully? Let go of perceived ideas of perfection
and others misgdied projections ...Be the fabulous kind and divine person one
is deeply proud to be.

Don't have/love everything you want; want everything you have/love.


Friday, Feb 16 2007

Right thought Right Action  -  @ 12:57:pm
?Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Right Conduct [Action], Right Livelihood,
Right Effort or Lifestyle, Right Recollection [Mindfulness], and Right
Meditation [Concentration] was preached by the Buddha to his first five
disciples of Benares, These are the basic guide for our lives as Buddhists?.


Life is an opportunity to act from our best intentions. It is
worth considering what intention one holds in ones mind/ thoughts....
Life is an opportunity to explore creative pursuits Life is an opportunity
to be at ease with change and the pleasures it can bring. Life is an
opportunity to make commitment to ones time with the other?..

Life is an opportunity to create caress and comfort the pleasures that are
in front of one. Life is an opportunity to consider the other as one would
have ones self considered... Life is an opportunity to uplift ones self
and the other to our highest aspirations.

Life is an opportunity to relax and reflect on how far one as come.
Life is an opportunity to create achievable goals that open to greater
Insight and generate a broader perspective of ones journey??.

Life is an opportunity to treat the other as one would wish to be
treated. Life is an opportunity to be consistent honest and do what
is honorable for the whole.....

Life is an opportunity to explore and discover and evolve. Life is
an opportunity to forge new thought and new action. Life is the
opportunity to be the journey ??

Life is an opportunity to be mindful with right action through ones
?Attitude thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness,
and meditation, and then doing it--this is our life work?


Saturday, Dec 23 2006

Junkanoo "fire in the wire"  -  @ 09:24:pm
I am leaving the mountain for the southern summer and
taking a well earned rest from my bush fire stricken
Melbourne mountain top and heading off,to the tropics.

Or as we say, here at Vita Management having "pressed
one to many com's" popping of to yet another exotic
cyber holiday destination.

By to the time you read this I will be soaking up the
sounds of Calypso Rose on the Grand Bahamian Island.
As we know this a favourite holiday destination of mine.....

I am very fond of my returns to the delights of Grand
Bahamas?.The Grand Bahamians are a TANTALISING bunch,
known world wide for their entrepreneurial spirit and
a tireless devotion to the great balmy outdoors. As am
I in moments of great leisure and mad dashes at inspired
behaviours?? I must find my fishing kit.....

Mostly likely I will be catching up with long term island
"Grand Bahamian friends?, and the endearing yet elusive
Minnie Mullee.... My world famous travelling friend is
said to be leaving Jamaica for good and prey tell
short listed for the role of Creative Producer of
"Junkanoo, 2007?"

(See the link below for more on the Junkanoo Festival)

We will no doubt catch up with 2006?s Grand Bahamas?
Masquerade Committee and join in the famed "Junkanoo
festival" on Boxing Day & January 1st....With Minnie onboard
next year it will rival the cricket in Barbados in 2007....
or Moomba in Melbourne .....

Junkanoo Festival The origin of the word Junkanoo is "obscure."

"Junkanoo is a procession of masked dancers in bright
colourful costumes parading or 'rushing' through the
streets, creating music with goat skin drums,
cowbells, horns and whistles.

Oh the times I could tell you about at Junkanoo
in the last century....Hmmm maybe Minnie may remember
the specifics of that....!!

Junkanoo devotees spend up to a year before the parade
creating and pasting' their exotic costumes in Junkanoo
'shacks' while practicing their theme songs. Minnie and
I have had a bit of a tinkle in the home studio remixing
ONE our Calypso Rose inspired pieces, that we may well
belt out on the day.....

Mr. Jackson Burnside III, one of the leaders of the
"One Family? Junkanoo clan in Nassau put it best about

"Junkanoo remains constant and an abandonment of ALL
emotional restraints. A free expression of self, and
a time to get together to celebrate our way of life and
to release a whole year's frustration. Therein
lays the strong link to our African heritage."

A mantra to live by indeed????


After a wild time at Junkanoo we may well settle in
for some Marlin fishing and delight in gathering some
of our local friends and revisit favourite "Grouper
cutlet" and conch receipes...


I am hoping Minnie will spare a little ?E? and ?B?
(exciting and bliss filled) storming time to discuss
my new lick/able, luxurious beauty range of products ?

Something NEW on VITA ?. I have planned for 2007 it may
well challenge Anita Roddicks Body Shop range in keeping
with the wild spirit of Grand Bahamas? in mind ?. New
NOW and slightly naughty.....

One can never discount the gentle blend and the combined
benefits of tropical juices and almond oil. An excellent
soothing tonic when one has had too much sun not to
mention the list of its more exotic uses..PAPAYA juice is
rather delightful amd particularly potent in this blend..
And has often been said that it can leave one weeping for
more more more...... Ah ya ya........


Being very outdoorsy I may well catch up with the famous
Brown?s (long term residents on the island) and have
a snorkel and a snuggle down at Paradise Cove?

Minnie and I are also contemplating a prod about at the
archaeological dig at Deadman?s Reef to earth/beach up
some Lucayan Indians artefacts....

Minnie who is always in the know suggests Curacao may well
be in/ on the cards as A fun side trip by all accounts one
can get speed boat tours to Cuba for the day.........

As Minnie would say toddle pip?.. May all your tonics be
rubbed in this final week of 2006???See you my loved ones
in 2007......

Best of Vita

Friday, Sep 08 2006

Extra/ ordinary travel  -  @ 09:36:am
Over the next wee cyber space time/ "NOW/OUR time." or
when ever ONE arrives at VITA ....This column will
reveal an EXCLUSIVE background ON the LIFE /TIMES/
HISTORY of Vita and this "com'...


Begining from inception at the begining of the
tumultous naughties..... to current TIMES..There
will be a look at ones visits/ visitors to VITA...
How often & why they come?

Seasonal changes & countries that consistently drop
in ....Some "HARD" hitting facts aboout the history of
the net".....Thoughts on social media and the voices
of several generations as we move elegantly in the

Key words that bring OUR people to VITA....How long
they stay and what they say..... Snippets on the
history of where it began and why......

Many/mind/ magical/ miraculous adventures will be
revealed here at MY "com"...

What they have asked??

Does she wear makeup? Where does she sleep or does
she sleep? Can one eat at Vita's "com"..How young is
TIMELESS? Is there room for a juccuzzi or just Mahnlo
Blahniks? Does VITA where sensible shoes or does she
go barefoot and always remembr to smell the roses?

How extreme can it all be....All this and maybe more....

Life in the fast "com".............

Sunday, Aug 20 2006

Extreme women " will " travel  -  @ 09:33:am
An exploration OF what is ?good/ goddess/ god enough?
for ALL of US?

We all strive to reach our potential, to have & maintain
our inner vision and inner voice fulfilled. To achieve
this we must ALL, look-see feel listen and then Act
on our highest goals? We must believe in these higher goals
and encourage this behaviour in ALL of US.......

To achieve this one must be current, consistent, resolute
& remain steadfast with what is within and what MUST be
done. (As"it is in heaven" apparently)

We must never go without or be left wanting. We must
build the bridges & create the tapestry. This will
in TIME BUILD the vision of our lives work? We must
ALL look beyond, below & WAY outside ourselves
to remember this..That is (the vessel we use that we
call, me myself I)

We must learn see,understand and LOVE the universal
map of what can BE Life/VITA.....

We must go beyond the obvious. Maintain the vision
we are ALL capable of BE/ing and indeed on earth to
do? We can all travel and share our "rights of passage."

The Bush & Howard appraoch to rights of any KIND/passage

In patriarchal terms & times (a distance and days
GONE by prey tell, so 20 century!!.)
It has been often times suggested to have ?just enough?
was GOOD enough? Then they said actaully we will determine
what is good enough and when..... Hmmm bring on the
evolutinary women, we say here at the VITA "com"/pound

(See Gert/rude's site below for days gone by and what
her vision was and still can be!!)

OUR ?right of passage? is there, for ALL of US. We must
trust our independence, trust our intuition, and trust
our right to travel the path of our own choosing?

We must be self-trusting, receptive self-resourceful
like great traveling Goddesses of the past:

Visionary Women Travellers

Gertrude Bell. Isabella Bird and Lady Anne Blunt

See link below for Gert/rude and on the right for
Isabella and Lady Blunt.......

?We shall, I trust, make it a centre of Arab
civilisation and prosperity" ? Gertrude Bell to
her father as British troops entered Baghdad,
March 1917?

Always ready with/ for vision travel & bliss

Tuesday, Jan 03 2006

Relishing the open heart and optimism  -  @ 12:19:pm
Choosing to live with optimism and non-judgment of
others offsets the energy of fear rejection and lesser
states of thought. State ones mind, be current clear
and consicious of the effect one can place on the self
and the other.

But never fear speaking ones deepst truth...... It can
be as exilarating as the first views from the mountaintop
One must go through the fire of thought to find freedom in
the heart.

Always be conscious it is all a journey of discovery wonder
and acts of immnense bravery. Act and speak with words that
empower ones self and the other.

Open to new patterns new ways of opening the heart to
deeper and more intimate and long hidden heartfelt desires.

Relish and recline in this NEW found freedom to speak from
the heart. One can maintain independence yet remember it is
still possible to share ones heart and magical moments
with another...


Thursday, Jan 20 2005

In the drivers seat of freedom  -  @ 06:07:pm
"Constancy of purpose is the secret to success."
Benjamin Disraeli

Being clear about your intentions and purpose are
essenital to create true happiness

Clarity and clear communication are the best ways to
allow on going cooperation and others into your life.
This appraoch goes hand in hand with respect for each
ones individual ways of being. It will always open the
door to an ongoing love filled life.

Accepting ones own uniqueness allows the joy of accepting
others uniqueness.

An ability to grasp the big picture helps to resolve
percieved conflicts. Go vision questing and find new
ways to relate to old habits. Be present now and feel
the freedom.


New percepton and unexpected ways will free one to offer
and accept higher levels of intimacy into ones life.
Free to just be in the moment

Saturday, Jan 15 2005

Sacred ways in Ladakh  -  @ 05:00:pm
Ladakh land of pure heart

Ladakah has been described as "a world before which
one has to relearn how to look, with the large wide-
eyed gaze of a wonderstruck child."

A heaven on earth where ones heart can climb to the
clear Himalayian skys above the mountaintops, without
fear of falling into the egoself.

"Ladakh has often changed names, all of which give a good
description of the conditions prevailing in the region:

Ladwags-land below the mountain passes; Bladwags: land
of the lama; Maryul: the red country; Muah Ris bSsor
Gsum: land to the west of Tibet. In the West it is
sometimes referred to as Moon country and Little

This is indeed a long list of names for an area of only
59,000 square kilometres having one of the lowest population
densities in the world: 2 inhabitants per kilometre, 59,000
square kilometres of rocky desert, apparently inhospitable
mountains, a world of bewitching silence, framed in a
parallel fashion by two of the most imposing mountain ranges,
the Karakorams to the North, the Himalayas to the South."

This is indeed a magic place that honours love and sacred ways
of life and being as one......


In the west we have let go of sacred rituals and ways of
honouring the other...... Unless you really do value the
"shopping' experience at Chrtistmas as a meaningful ritual?

In Ladakah living and loving fully is sacred. Happiness
is sacred. Honesty and kindness are sacred. Making time
for the other is sacred.

link www.pug,

Honouring and valuing the other as you would have yourself
honoured and valued is sacred. Remembering your love and
the way that you can trust it is sacred.
Honouring and valuing my sacred love

Monday, Nov 08 2004

Traveling the path of integrity  -  @ 05:14:pm
The internet is an incredible way to get ones message
across, to make meaningful links communicate worldwide.
It is a wonderful way to make fabulous connections with
great inspired communicators / writers, and those who
love fully worldwide.

I personally have been inspired by those from the Yarra
Valley in Victoria, The Dandenong Ranges Bittern, Nth
Fitzroy Collingwood, San Francisco the northern coastline
of California, Connecticut, New York, and even as far
south as Georgia in the US...


These are people whom I respect and value who, are very
inspired and inspire me in my work They have provided me
with mutual respect and sound links to my site. They are
a constant inspiration to me. I value their pursuit of good
thoughts and sound actions. They have honest intentions and
actions that embody true integrity. This is the path we must
all follow if we are to make true and loving connection in
this global network we live in.

However, through my pursuit of excellence and clarity, my
attention has been drawn to the fact that there are those
among us, some who come from a place of greed and spineless
"commodity ethics" Those who are, misusing the
privilege of connection without due permission.

There are those who wish to profit illegally if not by
immoral means from others sites. It does not make sense or
"adsense" to ones site. Nor have these arrangements been
negotiated, at all in fact.

So if you have a site check who else is linking to you
through ?search engines?, to ensure all as it should be.
When in doubt check it out.

As the saying goes "Don?t let them tell you go see?.

In fact if in doubt contact the search engine direct for clarity
and then your lawyer! There are hefty fines for this kind of
negative carry on
Geeks and,expats with financial woes are not welcome in
the garden of delights that Vita grows.
Unprepared to tolerate nonsense from "adsense"

Monday, Sep 01 2003

Mongolain Wisdom the triad of love  -  @ 04:15:pm
When you have walked alone on your Mountain wisdom will come whisper
as will love if you listen to the wind and the desire to love another.
Be as one with your love, let love come whisper and travel to where
you feel most at home in your heart.

Below are some of Mongolian wisdoms worth living by

"A traveling fool better than a sitting wise.
Suusan tsetsnees yavsan teneg deer

Customs of every country are different, grass of
every meadow are different.
Nutag nutgiin zan oor, nug nugyn uvs oor.

Go as a blind person where blinds are, go as a lame
person where lames are.
Sohryn gazar sokhor bolzh, dogolongiin gazar dogolon
bolzh yav.

Stay alive and one day you will drink from a golden cup
Amid yavbal- altan ayagnaas uuna.

A horse released can be caught, a word released never.
Agt aldval barzh boldog, am aldval barzh boldoggui.

If you say ?Yes? don?t sigh ?No?
Za gevel yogui.

The blindness of heart is more dangerous than the
blindness of eyes.

Nudnii sohoroos tsezhnii sohor hetsuu.

What is joke for a cat will be death for a mouse.
Muurand togloom, hulgand ukhel.

An ill-will besieges itself
Muu sanaa biye otno.

A gossip is worse than a poison
Khov khornoos door

Then there is always ?Composing verses and Guardian Knowledge

This is also a very important skill for a Guardian.
Knowledge is complete only when one?s spirit is open to beauty.?

Triad Poems' Paradox

Called 'world triad,' this kind of verses represents a
distinctive form of the oral literature of Mongolian nomads.
Main theme of these verses is different phenomena of the Universe classified according to similarities. What are three most faraway
things of the world?

Sun is far from sleeping one, home is far for a tired horse,
and end of the year seems far for a poor person.

Or what are three whites? Teeth are white when grow, hairs are
white when old and white are bones after death.

According to researchers, triad verses served first and
foremost to stir the imagination, the ability to associate
various things and to help to understand the Universe.

Therefore, this form of poetry is very light and can easily
changed depending on the context. Variations are countless and
renowned writer Tangadyn Galsan who has a hobby of collecting
triad verses already recorded more than 6,000 of them.

It is not a coincidence that verses have three lines, because
the number three has a special meaning in the culture of Mongolian
nomads reflecting the three sided aspects of the Universe like
past- present- future or beginning- continuation- end or
sky- earth- man.

Three endless
Skies are endless,
Wisdom is endless
Stupidity is endless

Three beautiful
Beautiful is a camel foal struggling to its feet
Beautiful is a cub just opening its eyes
Beautiful is a baby recently born

Three dark
Dark is a person without education
Dark is moonless night
Dark is the house without herd

Three treasures
Knowledge is supreme treasure
Children are highest treasures
Material things are lowest treasures

Three fastest
Clouds fly fast when windy
Thoughts fly fast in sober mind
A good horse runs fast

Three blues
Blues is the endless skydom
Blue is rainwater in a pond
Blue is water in flowing river"

Understanding the triad of heart felt love.
honour your love
open your heart
share your love

Willing to share the love

Sunday, Aug 31 2003

Mongolian Love and Nomadic Bravery  -  @ 01:04:pm
The freedom of being a child is always there within us, to speak from
the heart and say it how it is. To become fully intergrated as a person
we must allow ourselves to speak the truth and act with honesty
both as a child and an adult. Some more pearls of wisdom from the
Indigo children

When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and
little stars come out of you." Karen - age 7. You really
shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean
it, you should say it a lot. People forget.Josh 6

So do not ever be left wanting be in the moment speak from
the heart offer your true self to those you love and be sure
it was a brave idea that you implemented and be certain of
success. Always encouraged by the success of loving and the
bravery of others to share their love
Bi chamd khairtai... (Mongolian for I love you)

Wednesday, Aug 27 2003

Mongolian Light  -  @ 06:26:pm
The desire and inspiration to change, evolve and grow are
inevitable if you follow the seasons. So prepare for a
Southern Spring and a Northern Winter Act with determination
and persistance whether planting the seeds for Spring or
cocooning for the winter.

Give your willingness power and act on your dreams. Make
them come true, attract what you wish to become, bring your
people to you and follow the Mongolian light. Allow your
dreams to become reality. Travel and learn pick your self up
give light where there has been darkness. Remeber to bring your
heart home full of new adventures and stories to share with ones
you love.
Loving the Mongolian light

Sunday, Jul 13 2003

Committment to loving  -  @ 11:00:am
Be a beacon of optimism and clear of what you truly need now.
Remember how far you travelled and who you travelled with. Redefine
revalue reactivate what can be yours. Create the next part of the
adventure with one you truly love. Be it alone with yourself or with
the love of the other. Consider your heart felt intention and live the dream now. "Put your intentions out there" and love for all your worth.
Priceless and Precious

Thursday, Jun 26 2003

An island retreat for two  -  @ 01:41:pm
Mid winter in Melbourne where would Vita rather be you may well ask??? On her favourite island retreat in the Adriatic Sea, spending quaility time with the one she loves. Bring on the spring awakening and the sun to shine again on Vita's Mountain yet again.


Ischia, LISSA (Serbo-Croation Vis; Lat. Issa). This is a tropical island in the Adriatic sea, forming part of Dalmatia, Austria.

Lissa lies 31 m. S. by W. of Spalato, and is the outermost island of the Dalmatian Archipelago. Its greatest length is io| m.; its greatest breadth 4! m. In shape it is a long, roughly drawn parallelogram, surrounded by a
wall of rock, which incloses the fertile central plain, and is broken,
on the north, west and east by natural harbours. Its culminating point
is Mount Hum (1942 ft.), on the south-west.

The island, which belongs to the administrative district of Lesina, is divided between two communes, named after the chief towns, Lissa (Vis), on the north, and Comisa (Komizd), on the west. Lissa, the capital, has a strongly fortified harbour. It contains the palace of the old Venetian counts Gariboldi, the former residence of the English governor, the monastary of the Minorites and at a little distance to
the west the ruins of the ancient city of Issa.

The islanders gain their livelihood by viticulture, for which Issa was
once famous, by sardine fishing and by the distillation of rosemary oil. Pop. (1900) 9918, of whom 5261 belonged to the town and commune of Lissa, and 4657 to Comisa."
Looking forward to Spring love and quality time on the Adriatic or other exotic locales.

Wednesday, Apr 09 2003

The Tropics in the North  -  @ 01:55:am
Barbados is the most eastern island in the Caribbean, and is a tiny dot on most world maps with an area of 430 square kilometres. Barbados has a population of about 260,000 - which is quite high considering its size. With 97 kilometres of coastline, Barbados has much to offer its visitors in terms of water sports and beach activities: Enjoy the extreme water sports in this delightful tropical paradise. Loving the sun and traveling in the tropics.



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