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Vita is a well-known Goddess who lives on the only Mountain in Darebin. Her column is an inspired look at her world and her attitudes to love, spiritual matters world politics and the less examined issues of life in the 21 century.

Friday, Dec 28 2007

Benazir and meaningful intentions  -  @ 12:21:pm
Benazir the truest embodiment of a goddess as left
her body and left us her spirit and courage. That
is to love fully to speak from the heart, love who
we are and love who we can all become together.

?Bhutto?s death will have a lasting impact on
Pakistani politics..
Salim Bokhari, Editor of The News. Forbes

?They (Pakistan) don't want democracy. They don't
want me back and they don't believe nor want women
governing nations. So they will try to plot
against me," Ms Bhutto said before her death, at
the political rally she was attending yesterday?.
Benazir Bhutto the Former Opposition Leader of

One must be prepared to live and love with the
truest and most meaningful intentions as the
opposition leader Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan
did for Pakistan...

Life became extra challenging but she walked
the talk and died for the truth of Pakistan to
act out that truth? To achieve this one must
have gracious goddess inspired integrity as
Benazir did.

She has left her body form/knowing, yet her
spirit of truth and bravery lives on in all
of us.. We must all live courageously and
always believe in our higher/ bigger self?.
We must live that higher self in every moment
as Benazir did....

When one is current, the current is strong?
ONE then will fly on the mountain as Benazir
did ?Benazir was a true living Goddess that
was blessed with poise, discernment and deep
felt compassion.

When we behave as she did then and only then
can we all truly live the dream without fear
or hatred of the other?

Those who do things without being told draw
and live and love fully as I am sure she did
in her loved filled life. When one does this
one will get the most out of life and are
handsomely rewarded for it?

We need to assess as a world whether killing
for the cause or dying for the cause are useful
paradigms to live by... They are so "pre" Julia


For Benazir a true and courageous Goddess?

As an aside it would appear some one has shut
down her official website Mmmm interesting me
thinks? I could not access it ?I hope it returns
soon as it must?


Wednesday, Dec 26 2007

VITA goes Junkanoo  -  @ 12:08:pm
It is that time of year when all wee Goddess\'s should be seen and heard at the
annual Junkanoo festival.. A favourite cultural event .... An annual event myself
and Minnie have often frequented over OUR many life times..... So as Minnie
would say toodle pip my loved ones and see and feel US all in the fullness of time...



Sunday, Dec 23 2007

Best script best practice and best friends  -  @ 11:56:am
"Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day.
Good writers are the ones who see five or six of them."
Orson Scott Card

The insight of growth within US and our inner ability
to love is the BEST script we can create. When we allow
the story line to evolve, we create clarity and a clear
picture of continuity...This is our BEST work and LOVE.
This way of being is all we MUST aspire too?

Find the magic in the self play with that one as one
is able to play with ones best friend...ONLY play with
those who deserve our love and quality play time??

Develop the script and be on the journey but always
return to best friends and those who are willing to
play with genuine love caring and sharing?

ONLY committed to playing, with the best of friends?.
Conflict is never the end of the road it is merely a
learning phase of negotiation. Compromise and clear
communication ensures that we ALL can have better
play TIMES with the best of friends?..

Quality tine is a must have

Wishing all my readers the best play TIME at
Christmas 2007 ... Play for all one is worth
and may 2008 bring the best of quality times
with ones BEST friends who truly love them...


Monday, Dec 17 2007

Living the bigger self  -  @ 10:53:am
We live a world a world of abundance. We sadly
believe our resources are, endless and replaceable
some think even those in their life are replaceable
or even disposable....

This is not the case? We must all learn to love
ourselves, if we are to truly emulate the other...
We can never look outside ourselves for a better
person to love us..We are all as one given we are
living our bigger selves... ?

We must all to learn to consume and replenish the
source/ sauce of our love?If we are to maintain a
sustainable world and a love filled existence..

That is to live an ethical honorable life and to
maintain and ensure a sustainable planet.We must
ALL offer mutual respect & mutual obligation to
the whole.

We must all honor the other, as we would have our
self-honored? We must understand ourself and give
too ourself before we can give to the other

(as an aside the word sustainable is
NOT in Bills Microsoft dictionary Hmmm)!!!

For all my evolutionary women and revolutionary men friends

Seek out the substance and not just the sizzle

Sunday, Dec 16 2007

Clive Western Sahara's voice in Melbourne  -  @ 11:49:am
The blight and fight for freedom in the
Western Sahara continues...

So be at the .....
Incetic Pivot AGM
20th December 2 pm
Melbourne Exhibition Centre 2
Clarendon St
Southbank (just over the Yarra
river on Spencer St.)

Clive the camel says "may the fleas of a
thousand camels infest the arm pits of any
one exploiting the resources of Western Sahara".

Incetic Pivot, Wesfarmers and Impact are 3
Australian companies that are unconsciously
importing phosphate from the disputed zone.

We are intending to inform the shareholders
of Incetic Pivot to the major Social and Ethical
issues that are effecting the refugees in the
Western Sahara.

Volunteers and interested parties if you
could meet at 1.30 pm to distribute material
and lend your support in a peaceful assembly
it would be greatly appreciated by the current
refugees of the Western Sahara, that do not
have a voice in Australia.

Clive will be on the back of a Ute visiting
the business sections of Melb through out the
morning. Could people/US/WE MAKE time to call
the talk back radio stations to speak on this
crucial issue.

Hope to see you there for a chat with Clive.
More from OUR ABC in Australia


Don't ask what our world is doing for US...Ask
what WE are doing for the world ....


Friday, Dec 14 2007

Summer at Angels Trumpet  -  @ 03:08:pm


What is Astrology? & how do we apply Astrology
to our everyday living? At the time of our birth
we all have a map an astrological placing. Our
sun sign is only one aspect of our personality.

Through astrology learn how to utilize every
Part of your personality, so you can truly live
a meaningful life.

This Introductory Course will help ONE understand
ONES SELF and others, by learning more about:


Facilitator: Suzan Cimen
COST: $209
Run over 3 Sunday?s fortnightly
February 3rd 2008

Learning to relax with Frank La macchia
You don?t? have to be a guru and sit on
a mountain top to meditate. Anyone can do
it .If you can breathe and sit in a very
comfortable position you can meditate.

Healthy people do the things that others
are not prepared to do. Stress is one of
the primary causes for diseases (DIS_EASE)

Tuesday nights- 6:30 pm-7:30 pm
(1 hour) weekly for 8 weeks
$169 includes book and cd

January 22nd 2008
Would you like to read the cards?
Interpret there intuitive nature?
Then this is the course for you!!!

4 day course run (11am till 5pm)
fortnightly on a Sunday
January 27th 2008

You will need a pen and a deck of
Rider Waite Tarot or universal rider
Waiter writing material supplied)

Blessings to All

"Tumeyarah" for the good of all

Angels Trumpet

256 High St Northcote 3070

9486 6262

Angels trumpet will be closed from 1st /7th
of January OPEN 8th of January 2008.

Living the blessings and magic of Angels Trumpet


Monday, Dec 10 2007

United we grow together  -  @ 09:58:am
Whoever Sees US has seen themselves. Those
who don?t can not see the whole of US!!

Well what splendid TIMES we are in the previous
Federal Government are heading out to sea and
could well become a VERY MINOR PARTY .They
are certainly NOT part of my new feature film
and will certainly have NO DIALOGUE written
for them.

They are part of a very bad dream that went on
for far too,long. Maxine Penny Julia PG, Kevin
the rest of the NEW LIVING DREAM team/crew have
arrived. They are, well ensconced in Canberra
and cleansing out the old negative energy left
behind by a very shabby crew, who created a very
B grade movie?

Australians have had their voice heard and they
have spoken through the tyranny of the past and
spoken their TRUTH and asked for better dialogue,
A dialogue that is filled with transparency love
and compassion for all of US....

They NEW Australian Labor Government sworn in and
it would appear committed to great verbs, and very
prepared to act on then in a meaningful way, that
incorporates the whole. They are getting on with
the business of good governance sustainable
kindness compassion and a well-defined evolving
script ?.

?Our days in the sun of come ?as the lovely Adam Elliott
would say?. Bless him and his new project?

See his link in VITA's quick links

The backbenchers in the Liberal Party have had their
third eyed opened and appear to be thrilled to see
the back of John and his friend Peter...
Or was he John?s real friend Hmmmm?)

A lot of soul-searching will need attention at the
Liberal Camp.It would appear to me that possibly
their chakras need to realign before there would
be any progress at all. Their exploration for new
talent may well be a fool?s paradise...I suggest
a good composting of the whole team maybe in


Article 23.

1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of
employment, to just and favourable conditions of work
and to protection against unemployment.

(2) Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right
to equal pay for equal work.

(3) Everyone who works has the right to just and
favourable remuneration ensuring for them self and
their family. An existence worthy of human dignity,
and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of
social protection.

(4) Everyone has the right to form and to join trade
unions for the protection of their interests.

Article 24.
Everyone has the right to rest and leisure,including
reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic
holidays with pay.

A goddess prepared to walk new frontiers
with the Chaser goddess crew and go to where
no Goddess has gone before...

Always the visionary and at the NEW frontiers

Thursday, Dec 06 2007

Kim Gandy is very NOW  -  @ 03:34:pm
Vita talks to Kim Gandy President of "NOW"
National Organization of Women (America)

Part one of two

How many women are using your website as a
resource for political information and as
a means of activism for themselves?

I think it's over 100,000 hits per day, and
we have just under 200,000 members who will
consistently participate in our Action Alerts
system and get our every-two-weeks email
newsletter of actions and news.

Does "NOW" know the breakdown of who these
women are? (geographical socio economic)

This isn't information we've tried to obtain
about our own members, via the website, so
of course we don't have it on those who aren't
NOW members but will simply use our website
for activism, information, research, etc.

What are the issues that are paramount and are
consistent over the time you have been involved
with NOW?

I've been involved in NOW for 34 years, although
the subtexts of the issues have changed over time,
the six priority issues themselves have been pretty
consistent (they are in no particular order, as we
consider them all to be equal)

a. Equality for women (trying to put equal rights
for women into the U.S, constitution, that will
end discrimination. Equal educational opportunities,
equal job opportunities in both professions and
previously male-dominated occupations,

b. Reproductive rights ( having access to birth
control and abortion, including access for young
women and low income women.. Ending oppressive
measures such as forced or the involuntary
sterilization of women, forced use of birth
control such as Norplant Basically the right
to decide whether or not to have children

c. Ending violence against women this is of
course self-explanatory, includes rape, sexual
assault, domestic violence, stalking, violence
against abortion clinics. Federal funding for
the prevention and services.that offer support.

d. Lesbian rights (freedom from discrimination
based on sexual orientation or identity, including
employment, housing, public accommodations, and
other benefits available to heterosexuals.In the
past 10 years this has also included the right to

e. Ending Racism (women of color, obviously, suffer
from dual oppression, and we work to end all kinds
of discrimination that affects women This includes
strong support for enactment and enforcement of civil
rights and hate-crime laws)

f. Economic Justice (equal pay, access to the workplace,
women-friendly and family-friendly workplace policies,
social security and pension laws, living wage laws,
housing discrimination, etc.....

And of course there are so many more issues that
we work on, like women's health, body image, images
of women in the media, misogyny in the media and
elsewhere, increasing women's representation in
elected office, etc. etc.

What impact to you see the NOW website having for
women accessing information and being empowered
to have a voice? Do you see the impact of change
happening via the use of the NOW site?

We get a terrific response from women who appreciate
the comprehensive nature of our site and the fact
that they can take action on so many different
issues at one time. We often get a very quick
about-face on issues when we bombard a company
with email messages from angry women!

See part 2 of this interview tomorrow on
VITA's late edition

Click on this link below to see more about
Kim Gandy

Also see more on Vita's quick links at the
NOW site


Wednesday, Dec 05 2007

Women creating the future  -  @ 03:33:pm
Vita talks to Hutch Hussein, National Co-Convenor of
EMILY?s List.
Part 2

How has the use of the EMILYS List website enhanced
grass roots activisms influence and reach to women
who may never had a voice before?

Directed donation of money to candidates which neither
major party allows you to do via their party machinery ?
ensures that EMILY?s List provides choice and doesn?t
shy away from only supporting ?progressive women?.

It gives progressive women a voice in a political
process beyond their vote. Since 1996, we have
facilitated these donations 30% used to come
via our website and that is now 50% and that
is $650,000 that women candidates previously
didn?t receive and in some cases it may have
meant the difference in going into debt post
a campaign. The biggest impediment for women
not running for office is often lack of

As an aside were you aware that 58% of blogging
sites are by women and in fact maintained
longer than men?s blogging sites!

No. interesting fact.

How has having the website changed your
sense of influence and activism for women?

It definitely gives us wider reach and also
allows our expat members to stay in touch
and still have the opportunity to shape the
society of their home country. Websites are
a powerful tool for the global citizen and
has expanded our influence and opportunities
for activism for women.

Given what we have just witnessed in Australia
with the Federal election, do you see that
women are leading us into the 21st century in
global framework.

Yes indeed, it allows women to be much clearer that
joint partnerships are shaping our society our world.

Is it is happening and has the internet
influenced that change?

Yes, it provides a different sort of
accountability and a different form of
activism (apart from rallying in the
streets) and influence.

For Maxine McKew - Member for Bennelong
and JOY who is indeed a mentor of the

Monday, Dec 03 2007

EMILYS LIST offering real choices  -  @ 05:51:pm
VITA talks to Hutch Hussein,
National Co-Convenor of EMILY?s List.

PART ONE OF TWO .............
See Part 2 of this interview on Wednesday 05th
ON the late edition of Vita.....

How many women are using the Australian EMILYS LIST
website as a resource for political information and
as a means of activism for themselves?

We are actually in the process of updating our new
website to feature a mechanism to count the official
?hits?, as well as make it more interactive by
allowing people to participate in our interactive
polls as well as providing opportunities to lobby
on key issues.

Lots of women currently use it to find out accurate
statistics on the number of women in parliaments,
within the ALP. ALP?s history and record on affirmative
action and on what issues we have been active on via
our news room?s press releases.

What are the issues that are paramount and are consistent
over the time you have been involved with grass roots
activism particularly for women?

The consistent issues for women that have been paramount
over the 15 years that I?ve been involved with grass
roots activism are actually very similar and revolve
around EMILY?s LIST?s core principles which candidates
must endorse in order to gain "EL" support

These being- equity, diversity, pro-choice, and the
provision of equal pay and childcare. Sadly, given the
constant attacks on them by conservative governments,
the battles continue.

What impact does the EMILY'S LIST website having for
women accessing information and being empowered to have
a voice? Do you see the impact of change happening via
the use of your website as ?new voices?? HOW?

The EL website allows women whether they?re in Warburton,
Wollongong or Wooloomooloo to gain knowledge,empower them-
selves about the issues and to assist in the campaigns
of progressive Labor women candidates..

Our ?Donate? page allows for the Donation of ?Money,
Time and Resources?. So people can choose to

a) Donate money ? EL has NOW channelled over $650,000
from progressive men and women from across Australia
to the campaigns of progressive Labor women candidates.

For many members, their involvement in EMILY?s List has
provided a new freedom relating to how they spend their
relatively small amounts (or sometimes larger) of their
disposable income.

It?s about progressive people using their financial clout
to be instrumental in change. By choosing to be a member,
you?re contributing to making a difference as part of a
nationwide network. If you then contribute to candidates
of your choice during elections, It allows women to be part
of creating significant change. That is how progressive people
can spend their money to have an influence on genuine
change in government.

b) Donate time to the campaigns of candidates. Progressive
women and men are realizing that they can transfer their
intellectual clout into political clout and that is what
EMILY?s List is about. Believing that this bridges the
gap enabling a greater number of progressive women are
elected to Australia?s parliaments.

c) Donating resources to the campaigns of candidates.
Individuals or businesses offering a service to EMILY's
List or candidates eg. box of stamps, reams of paper,
printing, venue hire, prizes for fundraising etc.

All these ensure women have a voice beyond the electoral
box in determining the kind of society they want. The
website definitely allows us a reach beyond our membership
to do this.

See VITA's quick links for the both the American &
Australian EMILYS LIST links and check out Koori
women who are inclusive and mean business below!!




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