The speaking is easy at “Vita”

Who is Vita they ask? You may well ask and if you look feel and see, you may discover the “Essence of “Vita.”

Vita is the present Vita is the past Vita is the sky Vita is the earth .Vita is a whirl of light and motion… Vita is a fleeting moment of joy. Vita is a life time of bliss.  “Vita is a Goddess. Vita is a girl… Vita is the genuine courage inside a man. Vita is a hunter. Vita is gatherer. Vita is a lioness, Vita is a kitten. Vita has courage, Vita has tears. Vita is laugher Vita is sadness….

Vita is our opportunity to speak from the heart Vita is a delicate shadow across the Mongolian plain that melts in the sunset.  Vita is the bubbles in French champagne… Vita is the “bee knees and the twist in a “Bronx”.  Vita is the dance in a 1920’s speakeasy!

Vita is the smell of gardenia in summer and the crunch of “fall” leaves in Central Park! Some have “Vita is the wheels on a 1960′s Vintage Vespa!

Vita is gracious and steps lightly on the souls of others…Vita are wisdom of the past and the discovery of the future… Vita is the opportunity to make sustainable choices…Vita is freedom… Vita is our opportunity to “relinquish control Vita is the opportunity to grow and evolve…

Vita is our opportunity to love fully without fear. Vita is the love inside all of us. Vita captures the essence of intimacy. Vita is our willingness to love every exquisite moment. Vita is tenacity and growth…Vita is commitment to what we choose to create!

“We do not inherit the world from our parents; we borrow it from our children. –Native American Wisdom”

With gifts from heaven and earth, that taste like honey and a splash of lime…