Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Brunch with “Vita”

Vita New York 10.08.2012 020The Goddess within is always present in all of us, when we are well fed with love respect and genuine compassion. The Goddess within US is always amusing loving filled with kindness and great empathy! The Goddess within us loves fully speaks from the heart loves who and what we become! This occurs in US all when we value our higher self not the ego self!

 When our minds unite with the soul, we can ALL allow our highest ideals and our considerations to be met and truly valued. The Goddess within us ALL is filled with joy and is well versed and willing to express our happiness to flow through US! Without peace love and happiness as the ONLY true benchmarks, “lines in the sand” will be necessary to draw as the poor language and behaviour of patriarchy is exposed and let go of as we move into the “women’s century” and embrace the whole honour man and woman as EQUAL partners friends relative neighbor community and country.


Whether summoned or NOT the Goddess within all of US remains resolute As is brave gentle Julia who stepped up moved forward  through whose genuine  courage and practical know how,  has made the  world a better place, to love live and play in regardless of the nay sayers and the sceptics she walked amongst!

 Below is a fab book with content from genuine Goddess is who talk the talk and climb every mountain that patriarchies have put in front of them for 2 many centuries!


May they continue our work our play and as our brave brave Julia says ‘move the world forward” (well I added more content, however I know very well  that is what she actually meant and in fact has done) ..

Thank the Goddess Julia is now free to write her OWN script, show the world who she truly is Frankly loved ones, she did in part most people were clearly NOT paying attention and did not want to see her greatness. Julia   gave it her best shot, considering she lived and worked behind enemy lines for far too long !) So we say here at “Vita” Hooray for Julia you are free now and ya did just fine in fact great under extraordinarily DIFFICULT circumstance!


We at Vita” NEVER felt her “people” had her best interests at heart, nor wrote good enough speeches nor offered enough belief in what she offered the world. It could well be said she was offered neither considerate thought, nor HELPFUL content on MANY occasions. Hmm and seriously old media “do not get me started” on their poor behaviour over the last 3 years!



Some said it was “not her TIME” nonsense it was clearly her time she named the past for what it was pure evil. ! It could well be said, that Patriarchy is EVIL that is the opposite of LIVE! The last 2000 years are gone and our Julia truly named the situation for what it was and OUTED a true misogynist for what he is! “TA” ( no thanks ha HA)


 Never mind we can now do brunch and add better verbs and adjectives to content and actions she is now FREE TO MAKE REAL CHOICES! Julia has been set free and can speak her truth without blame from the last century Political patriarchal paradigm she worked within,  not to mention flat out misogyny she endured, during her magnificent 3 years as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister !

 This article is for Julia and all the women who worked walked and held their ground before her and those that continue her genuine legacy into the future. Maybe see you in Manhattan for high tea at the very lovely  or a leisurely wander round the very relaxing and gorgeous

 Don’t ask what the Goddess within, has done for one ask what one is doing for one’s inner Goddess!