Children living their truth born in evolutionary times 2020

Some have said ‘Vita’ is our opportunity for joy to explore and experience brave new frontiers “Everything passes. bare/bear witness to what we were like. Pass on what is shared and given with love to one from to the other


“When we were children we loved because we remembered love without things to “gain”. When we were children our heart  feeling for our love was far greater than the wanting, then we learnt about pain.

When we were children we knew who we  were, and often  lifted up and learnt how to fly! Then we grew and grew , we knew we  knew we flew, yet others denied  it was our TRUTH!

When were children we spoke our truth and often asked to explain and ignore the pain, put  down with disgust and expected to refrain!

JFK Civil Rights then and now 

When we were children our love was Felt Truth -Innate and we knew not to hate. When we were children our love was ever present without carrying others shame. When we were children, we could not spell compassion yet felt others pain.

When we were children, we knew what magic was and lived our magic without having to explain. When we were children we loved to play and knew all the right games. When we were children, we felt no blame. When we were children there was nothing to regain. When we were children there was no time like the present with only our love to maintain.

Anthony telling the truth about feminism 

EXPLORING OUR MAGIC AND THE DAKINI IN US We can explore the child that is within us all! We all NEED to believe in magic.International music festivals 2021

May one and all have the extraordinarily good fortune to meet the wish fulfilling teachings, which are the source of all true peace, well-being and felicity.” Great wisdom from a child of Tibet  

Traleg Rimpoche Documentary 2020

Don’t ask  what has been done too or for, one’s magical child within. Reclaim ones joy, ask what one is doing for one’s magical child within. Share the magic of ONES  TRUE SELF AND FEEL THE MAGIC OF TRUE LOVE


Ben Lee Gamble Everything for Love