Spring is the season of love new growth now 23


Spring is a time for love regrowth our time to remember our love and the way we can trust that love.

Spring is the season to know we are so loved and able to offer our love to those who honor show and are resolute about that love.

Spring is the key reason to allow love in and live in and with our love .

Spring is a time to revalue the past a time to remind us we are loved and can B love in every moment, without fear or judgement from our self or others

Spring is an opportunity to honor our love and the way that we trust it, Spring is the joy in our step the laughter we share and the love that we have for all that we offer and   for the love we receive.

Spring is our opportunity to offer our love those we love, without hesitation. Spring is the moment to let go of old feelings that did not serve us.

Sprig is our opportunity to speak to love and love every sacred moment we spend in and with our love. Spring is an opportunity to honor and share our love.

Spring is here so jump right in and love  the one ya love  a love TO BE  loved in all seasons, and many lifetimes to come. Spring is our time to VALUE what one has created and what one can create within the safety of love NOW. Spring is here so explore ones inner love, embrace that love and love with all ones life force..


For my DSB and our Ella who we never got to play with but will always love…

This is for all those walk with me on the journey of love and for those exploring their heart felt love

Vita xxxxxxxxxx

Don’t ask what love has done for one Ask what one is doing with the best of  our love always