Where we are NOW The COVID journey 2021

COVID 18 months later …


It could  be said the world has just come through a shared experience of deep inter generational accumulated grief That’s right I have NOT added content to ‘Vita’ since May 2021. Phew survival of the most resilient and super positive has been the focus and cut through necessary, as we face the pandemic at a global level!  

The COVID pandemic allows us to reconsider what matters who matters and keeping humanity in mind as the main game How we hold the world in our hands as we sit in limbo, as we reshape who we are and who we become as a world. Navigating deep grief and personal loss of loved ones over 1 year is a journey that has been part of the COVID dance!  Bearing /Baring witness to a world in absolute chaos and trauma with 7 lock downs, that’s now been pushed out till southern Spring 21 is doable, but again takes deep resilience.

I will say navigating, life as a world citizen in a so called “first world country, ‘is blessed however still not for the faint hearted. It keeps one on one’s toes and alert aware to self and the other’s needs. In such times where love and strength are the answer, I always lean into the words of one of my favorite mountain climbers, on such occasions as we are in right now.


‘Just keep making decisions’ Joe Simpson


Which without reservations and ‘goes without saying”, incorporate decisions that benefit the whole (my adjunct to his pearls of wisdom from JS). For those not in the know, Joe fell off a mountain and crawled out of the Andes and lived to tell the tale. See link above. Profound words in times like these.


As my other favorite climber says “perseverance and self-reliance” are key to survival and self-preservation With our PSR in place there is room for self-respect and love to blossom. Only then does love and prosperity for all have the space to grow. In times like these it is NOW imperative this all matters, so we all arrive safely at the pinnacle or back to base camp knowing we followed our truth achieved our goal and shared it equally.

It could be said the world is adjusting through a shared experience of deep grief and collective pain.as COVID takes hold of the world’s The global population is being shaken to the core as we move into the 2nd year of COVID. It could be said karma has come around for the first world to discover how it has created a patriarchal belief of ‘them and US.


As can be witnessed the responses vary from well thought through swift strategies to deeply Chaotic rigid reactions to the pandemic.  In the USA the rapid loss of life in 2020 in New York was deeply alarming and showed the massive neglect of the previous Regime population
The link below is so worth watching from an Australian Journalist living IN New York 12 months ago from Australia’s ABC https://iview.abc.net.au/video/NC2026H010S00 Gut wrenching stuff and that was NY consider the plight of those in India the polarities are enormous yet the pain and grief are the same intensity at a human level..


Down under, as we moved into 2021 it appeared we were on an island with no paddles, witnessing poor Federal governance, the blame game on State governments and very shabby, self-focused Federal leadership was the consistent theme leaving multilingual communities bearing the brunt of blame and families with no childcare support millenniums being starved to death and self-retirees terrified of nursing homes. Google some of these issues ya self. It is highly recommended to keep oneself, alert and aware and very self-reliant.


The wagging finger of patriarchy is not a useful source of power and empowerment. As we say in my world let’s not talk about last century behavior and ‘top-down leadership, but YES let’s expose the toxic misogyny that has shaped the ‘halls of government, it just adds to the drama of the last 18 months and the turning away of truth telling by the patriarchy . See previous article on Vita…

Below is an Australian based article from mid-June 2020, that outlines some Federal decisions that may give the impression   of ‘pop ya head” under the school desk and it will go smoothly.Those who lived through the cold war will get what I mean. If one can tolerate witnessing the Australian PM’s rhetoric it is consistent with “father knows best’ with a thin veneer of genuine strategy that benefits the whole.

Looks good on paper but try convincing an Australian Citizen stuck in London Thailand Fiji New York or Milan how that all works in August 2021.! Or for that matter Sole Traders trying to stay afloat in 2021. Too many stories I know. Then there is what is being experienced in India Africa etc etc..

In Australia it is gob smacking the chaotic blame game that played out over the last 18 months as Australia has had minimal loss of life, and a slow confusing trajectory’ for the vaccine roll out that has been alarming, for all involved and it could be said deeply flawed and bordering on negligence to an entire NATION. The old the young carers regional hubs and more importantly first nation people. What is coming to be incredibly apparent is communities self determining resilience and stepped up into their power. As a last century government plays out the last days of patriarchy that could be seen as pure neglect or plain disregard for ALL it’s Citizens. Thank the Goddess the people will take matters into their own hands when the patriarchy play their last pathetic hand under the guise of father KNOWS best governance.

Bless our first Nation resilience and the new generations stepping up in the third decade of the women’s century


“We didn’t wait for the Australian government or anybody else to tell us how serious [COVID-19] was,” said Pat Turner AM, CEO of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

Don’t ask what resilience and love has done to one Ask what one is doing with love and genuine resilience

I know massive images Word Press has updated something I will conquer tomorrow with resilience