A long journey takes resilience and humanity

journey's of a generationPATRIARCHY AND ZEALOT BEHAVIOR 

Well it appears to the naked eye that the menace and evil of patriarchy is shaking the world over! Kicking and bullying at a micro and macro level world wide. Shaking the essence of every one of us, that is if one is paying attention . As Hilary says, it takes genuine ‘resilience’, to rise above the BULLIES THE THIEVES AND LIARS!

It takes a strong will and a belief in humanity kindness integrity transparency and genuine clarity a belief genuine collaboration to do this, These qualities take insight honesty and guts to truly live the humane path.

We are in  women’s century so let’s ALL embrace that and step up and move forward love the other as we wish to be loved!  Speak the truth not ego ridden self serving nonsense! We must all work with a common goal with  the essence of humanity as our bench mark!   http://www.dalailama.com/

New York in Summer (16)The world is at a crucial cross roads so trust and hang on to ones resilience and belief Allow trust humanity and integrity to shine through These are best practiced at all times by each and everyone of US! The humble worker the ‘so called” world leaders must find common ground and a recognition that every one of US is a human being deserving of love safety food shelter!   \

Everyone of US deserves to be treated with mutual respect.When we respect ourselves we respect the other if one is not attached to the EGO!      

Liberation does not come when you conquer your ego, silence it, or through repression and denial get it to behave ‘properly.’ Liberation comes when we release our attachment to the habitual conditioned nature and structure of our temporary egos.
Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi, “Liberation”

Don’t ask whether one is given respect ask whether one respects the other The Australian government could well start this process and show respect to these people who are clearly being shown no respect what’s so ever! Patriarchy has suppressed the world not embraced humanity at ALL! It is truly time to let go and liberate humanity in the women’s century.  


Don’t ask what integrity has done to one ask what one has done with integrity today and in fact everyday be aware be very aware karma come around.Humanity through resilience is the way forward leave ones ego behind move on and embrace  the women’s century!