Vita’s Endorsed People 2023

 This page will be re updated soon by Vita in 2022
Melbourne Online The hosts with the most!  Melbourne Online has been Vita’s home for over a decade, a sustainable business with a low carbon foot print  Melbourne Online are hosts that offer a range of services to create ones own web presence.
Web Hosting Australia A happy place for your site to dwell – a launching pad for your message to the world. Follow the link to find the finest place (we think) to live and place one’s very OWN DOMAIN

Are you loving and enjoying what you have read
on Vita? Are you committed to a sustainable world?Do you find ‘Vita’ engaging and uplifting? Is your business keen to
participate in creating an ethical sustainable world? If so then a presence on
Vita’ may be the place to be seen and promoted on. Go to Vita’s Contact page for
how to get involved in moving our world forward.We at Vita Management are keen to work collaboratively with
and promote ethical sustainable business that enhances our world
Give a little to gain a lot! Participate in making the world a better place
Be current and very present very NOW!!

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