A life Time of Endless Loving Brotherly Words

Due to very annoying Technical Issues this Page is being redeveloped thus why it looks a tad out of alignment It is a work in progress VL May 21

Vita is more vital than ever Kevin Pearson Black Pepper Publishing July 2017

“Hindsight in the rear-view mirror brings you back to where you are!” Kevin Pearson 

“Vita  said “Where in the world does Iceland sit Kevin?  “It depends which way your facing” KFP

Black Pepper Publishing

OH Lis/Vita you are the most hands on Executive Producer I have ever met BG

Oh Lis/Vita you have such a great view on the global perspective BG  


Quotes below are from my JFK he is a very international man full of integrity great kindness and much love he offers

To launch is to love! Champagne must be sacrificed!” JFK 2012

“FTP still lives on JFK 2012  Relax get your FTP in the hammock of  “Vita” JFK 2012

Lis /Vita is always evolving and revolving JFK 2021

Lis/Vita is always unique and alert to the best news JFK 2017)

Dusk Sky in Autumn 21

Vita is the full Sufi Dance JFK 2021


TK A man of great talent, who always has the best word rare woods

One must always be prepared to go the “Full TONK” As ya well  know Vita TCK



I can’t keep up with myself I am so prolific TCK

OH yeah full tote odds on TCK

I came I saw I delivered TCK

A well told story is something we carry with us through our lives,” .TCK


Never yell at others unless they are in danger CK7

Stand Back she is coming through CK7

Chris Kennedy Production Designer


I swear you’re needed by these airwaves AE 

Adam Elliot

Go Girl! Make em Twirl,Or Swirl l!!! You are so Burlesque..Baby- Adam M ( Practicing Buddhist Monk)

“So in the spirit of the moment we shout VITA ! The ITA for the Naughties and way beyond with a capital spread” Verne

“Darling make sure your leotard is correctly fitted for trapeze work”LM

Vita is a whirl LM

Lex Middelton -Designing Dreams Vimeo

On the pulse baby MM

Your my favorite bubble of distraction PF


A hymn to the goddess of compassion (whose strains no man can resist) Verne

“An original on the other side of the world.” TA

Vita is always uplifting. original and exciting. TA

Thanks be to Vita!”TA 

Yours is one of the only voices I’ve found on the web that comes from the heart. TA

Buddha in the West Vilage NY

Buddha Lo

Vita–these are great thoughts–exactly what we expect from you. I’m glad I took the time to read them today. TA

Tony Anthony is the Author of Beneath Buddhas Eyes

Director of Fearless Mountain 

Fearless Mountain  

his latest book Tony Anthony

Don’t ask what love is doing for one ask what one is doing with ones love

Vita you’re a jolt of power unifying our existence,  It is so refreshing for so many more of us.  Anon


Beaucoup d’amour toujours