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New York August 2010 295

Dear Readers

Muse of Goddess /Vitalingus is evolving and is  being upgraded in line with my 2017  priorities and new directions! Vita’s New Directions to be announced soon on this site. . Be mindful and aware as change takes time and new directions will be forth me


The Vitalingus site/magazine is an online digital magazine. It is imperative to understand that this magazine concentrates on Ethical 21stt century sustainable behaviour and best practice.

The objective of the site is to discuss promote and develop a view and perspective of, Business Community and the Arts in the 21st century. The site over 17 years has covered politics food, belief systems, design wearable ethical locally produced services clothing or products.

The businesses we are committed to supporting specifically relate to cultural arts driven business, “consume and replenish business, ethically driven business that care about the source and the impact their business has on the whole!


My website ‘Vitalingus’’ is particularly interested in Australian and New York made products and services. The overall concern and ethics of the Vitalingus web site is particularly focused and passionate about Australian and New York driven arts community, as well as products and services..

My site  also aims to engage  and promote philanthropic organizations that work to give back to those with less.Business that cares about their carbon foot print and that is committed to sustainable organic principles

FullSizeRenderVita/Classic my original site is no longer available online however we are reshaping that in another form from this site in 2017.

Vitalingus is open to dialogue for advertising submissions from international companies that promotes ethical sustainable values in their business.practice ..The site is also committed to sacred ethics and community organizations wanting to promote a project, event or looking for support to create a project.

For further information, please make contact at the email address below and tell us your story. State your best intentions with a light carbon footprint.

For advertising inquiries and product reviews contact us at [email protected]