The ‘Abbott’ little man behaviour and one way streets

 DSCF1116“It is amazing the quality of human beings that are in this world if we can just get past people not dressing the way we want them to dress.”, or behaving as we wish them to behave..  Some rather alarming thoughts and belief systems from Australia’s  self anointed “Abbott” .

 Post this article we will never speak of him again or only in “hushed tones’ at “Vita’ nor add links about him! However it is not a secret, the world needs to know who the ‘Abbott truly is ! Hilariously and ironically he actually is very transparent as can be seen by what he says and what he does not say!

 Ah yes loved ones we are in the final throes of patriarchy.  Over 2000 years of man made language is just not cutting the mustard anymore, and whoops they have just begun to notice or have they?

 The current Australian government are madly (and I mean madly), clinging to their absurd ideas and erroneous thoughts on international diplomacy, The latest “spying” debacle is, leading the charge in international waters between Australia and Indonesia “..

 Absolutely disgraceful no matter who’s watch it was on, The Abbott needs to “man up” and find his bigger self and stop the nonsense! Clearly he is so set in his paradigm of” I am right your wrong” this is how we have always done it, he is incapable of creating a better way to “move forward”! The old ways of diplomacy are clearly not working gone bung!

 ‘The Abbott would be advised to  find a more evolved belief system that will  create a dialogue that is more transparent and trustworthy!. Call  me old fashioned but genuine dialogue is always best to maintain trust and understanding !

 Hilariously  the Indonesian Presidents twitter “people ” voiced his distaste in a very direct and modern way using Social Media the communication of choice of the Modern Ms .. A very current and transparent  approach that got the Indonesians’ truth out there!  


Strangely the story goes it is “normal ‘ to spy on your neighbors in international circles oh but Goddess help those that identify the countries that do, poor Julian etc !!  It is very clear that the “Abbott has embraced the “misrule ‘ approach to governing !


Then of course what to do with all those aging clandestine chaps and their agencies.? Possibly they could  reinvent themselves re skill and move into more sustainable industries! Now that would be productive and far more useful than spying on others!

The rules of the past are being dismantled seen for what they are.  Concepts that are misguided patronizing  outrageous controlling bullying behavior ” do as I say not as  I do”. no longer holds fast nor is it useful or true ..

The “Abbott ‘ as we speak of him at Vita has found himself to be a very little man in a much  bigger world, that he has NO  control over and clearly is clueless to why that is the case.  Interestingly his token woman the Foreign Minister prey tell has had nothing to say on the issue! Clearly the patriarchy she plays with have found it best to silence her too!   It would be hilarious if it was NOT so embarrassing to witness!  Goddess help Australians as they grit their teeth until this little man falls on his own sword in the fullness of time as they say!!

 “If we judge ourselves only by our aspirations and everyone else only their conduct we shall soon reach a very false conclusion.” ― Calvin Coolidge