War is over Peace is Essential


Well summer is over in Paris winter is on its way and the city is now weeping in fear and loss! The tyranny of patriarchy has taken hold; many have died many maimed for life. This is NOT an act of violence on a city. It is a seething long-term anger that has been identified as extremist behaviour from a particular group of people, however that is an over simplification in it’s self! “Experts” on the issue are mixed and varied on this issue. Have a look it is endless who thinks who is to blame and how to resolve  the mess the world is in.

The first questions we need to ask are why the first world is so shocked. That is if we consider the role they have played in it is implicit and remarkably enabling behaviour! It could be considered that the first world really needs to look closely at it’s self Yes this is a shocking act of violence on this divine vital vibrant city. Then so is bombing other countries as a response! Who owns the problem is the key question why the young were targeted is a really key issue! My cynicism says it may well be to insight violence in more first world young people.


We need to look at the under belly of the history of control blame war who owns what, what are borders who is a citizen and who are the enemy?? How did this all come about.

Oh hello Patriarchy rears its ugly head despots and those who know little about a shared earth a shared environment! 

It could be argued that the tyranny of T……m ( you figure it out) is the tyranny of Patriarchy it is a very complicated inter generational issue indeed based on Patriarchal ideology that is slowly and systematically destroying the worldI personally have been told by a reliable patriarchal source that blame and control are NORMAL behaviour!!?


Mm control and blame not in my world thank you very much It could be argued these are patterns of very unsound BEHAVIORS handed down from generation to generation of patriarchal practice that has slowly seeped over into SOME women’s behaviours! That is to say what is worse than a patriarchal misogynist man is a woman who acts out these behaviours

Like MT during the 80’s her tyranny now affects a third generation that are disenfranchised living in poverty with limited choices available to them! So hello does this sound familiar. Years of control blame winner takes all etc.

Mmm a culture of war and tyranny tends to perpetuate hate greed violence and have an adverse effect on people. So it is bound to rise up in acts of extreme behaviours that we are now all too familiar!

Whipped up by patriarchy with words of sovereign borders war on T…m coalition of the willing or ‘ rightful winners’ is possibly the underlying message in that concept

Next ‘ world leaders” will be telling us all, people effected by all this did not die in vain and war is necessary to stop the situation! The G20 crew may like to consider other options, than installing ‘preferred’ governments into other countries! Clearly history has shown that approach is a very poor choice and HELLO creates more grief and just a different set of problems. Perhaps Respect neogiation genuine dialogue collabaration and not controlling others way of being would be helpful in the process of healing the world!

The use pf controlling behaviours and using outdated paradigms should be avoided. A better way or  useful skill set maybe to work from respect , love of the other as self kindness and as I have mentioned collabaration and the desire to embrace the world not conquer it! These are things that will be HELPFUL to to heal the world These are key criteria and may well be imperative to use,  as opposed to I am right your wrong I am good your bad!

As a world let’s all step back breath and consider the others we would wish to be considered.


Don’t ask what peaceful practice has done for one ask what one s doing in peaceful practice

Below is a man who dares to bear witness and bless him for his grandmothers gift of  love her strength through her suffering and her ability to offer compassion and bear witness