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New York Times the ultimate time to speak easy with grace

New York Times the ultimate time to speak easy with grace

Well the time is NOW! As Hilary holds her ground and says yes we can yes we will succeed!. She has done the hard yards for 25 years, regardless of one’s politics, one has to admire tenacity to keep moving forward and not listen nor hear the nay Sayers..As a we say at ‘Vita’ When we are current the current is strong! That is why women are able to birth the world! We keep on pushing forward introducing US all, to the next generation.

Just as Julia stepped up and named things for what they are.and bless her for naming it for what it is.Outing bullies is a must do and bullying is well known crime world wide! Julia is a truly courageous woman/soul She too has stepped out of patriarchal paradigms and totally moved forward stepped up for all of US

Respect the next generations approach to language and the new choices they are making…As they will indeed inherit the earth we leave behind. Respect the blog.Respect news ways of communicating while maintaining what works NOW!  Respect the dharma in all domains. Respect the words and deeds of woman kind.

 Fresh Fruit from the Yarra valley


Respect those that birth the world Respect others way of being. Respect one’s self. Respect one’s own space and voice. Never allow others to bully control or manipulate ones Journey Let’s all see what what we can create together! As Yoko says War is over.One must always challenge the past our inner caution and others t fear of the unknown. Patriarchy is so not NOW! It is last century.

 Patriarchy it could be said has been the war and mysoginy the weapon! So last century, so unnecessary, so time wasting! The world is now 16 years into the women’s century. It is time to truly love it and live it! 

Teresa and the apple

Teresa and the apple

It is time for the Patriarchy, to embrace the women’s century! Come with US, It is collababrative it is conscious it is courageous and comes with a Tardis and if you pay a little extra a jacuzzi may be installed! (I do love a little value added loved ones!)

Be delicious be proactive and pick up the theme, go with the flow, enjoy the journey. Keep pushing forward  to create a better tomorrow. Open to new ways of being Seize the moment seize the day. Live fully in the women’s century.One needs a lot of adventure in one lives so be IT!

Be the new be the brave be the bold be flat out glorious in ALL one’s actions and creative pursuits……Be honest with one’s self and the other Be wonderful. Be inquisitive be bold… add hypertext or just add a footnote of love…Be strong yet aware.. Be VERY informed and current…. Be open to learning more and what is going on NOW on the NEW frontiers of human communication, in the women’s century.


Be forgiving aware kind, cautious ,calm yet colorful with one’s presence Expand one’s reach, be it Twitter Podcast or a VBLOG.or old fashioned dialogue. Challenge the past and create the future. Always be willing to grow and change with the times and always be considerate of the other.Be the true maverick inside one’s self

Dare to do things differently every day…See & respect others point of view.Never judge or compete with the other. Walk with others be open to difference and sameness…Be political be visionary. Be VITAL be very NOW….

Stand out speak up never hide one’s creative political self. Be one of a kind but be very kind. Attract and be what one truly believes in… Be bold be brave be confident. Offer one’s best. Never be guided by those who do not share or support ones way of being

Just an old-fashioned ‘Blogher” yet a very modern woman, living with real currency in the women’s century.

That is totally committed to Passion Mission Business in the women’s century