Delusions of patriarchy & collabaration in the women’s century

Banquets and New York 074Here is the thing loved ones when it comes to gaining vital support and.perfect solutions that engage the whole it takes a community, a country a world of like minded people to ensure it happens. It takes very responsible human beings, noble folk with true vision and genuine respect! It takes people with no fear personal agenda’s or sabotaging behaviors to ensure the world is a better place to work and play.

As ‘Curtis’ says below (I paraphrase and add some very precise behaviors). When bullying lying and stealing are the core beliefs and actions, it is suffering and cruelty,  that become the ruling paradigm!

That essentially could well define patriarchy over 2000 years! It could be said patriarchy acts from delusion not collaboration NOR prey tell love!  Some have said misogyny control and blame are the delusion and very ‘rich fantasy’ of patriarchy.  


‘Our suffering is proof not of who we are—violent because of “human nature”—but of the fact that we are deluded, that we don’t know ourselves, and that if we are to end suffering we must, as Nietzsche says, become who we really are’. Curtis White The Science of Delusion


When we EXAMINE karma we get cause and effect.  When we EXAMINE  cause and effect we get empathy.  When we EXAMINE  empathy we get the gentle art of agreement which equates to shared objectives.

When we EXAMINE  our  predisposition to merge we move toward intimacy. When we EXAMINE  intimacy we then have the insight that we can embrace and  EMPATHIZE with all beings. When we EXAMINE  poise and GENUINE DISCERNMENT  we could well discover the goddess within.  

Collaboration is our  ability to create common cause and a desire to unite to create greatness that uplifts the whole, Collaboration is the ability allow unions partnerships and societies to let love come whisper ‘YES WE CAN’.

This is a really useful article below worth reading if one is living right now and has let go of patriarchy and the paradigm of ‘knowledge management” among a range of other patriarchal management styles (I will discuss in a future article)..

As the article indicates “two decades ago, companies were fixated on the idea of ‘getting the right information to the right place at the right time so that it could be valuable for the organization. These efforts largely failed because it required additional effort by employees to actually share what they knew and categorize that knowledge, without any guarantee that others would benefit from it.’

 We are in the women’s century let’s move forward into loving collaboration and a brave new world let love come whisper yes we can with consciousness care and consensus    A fabulous woman that steps up has empathy and lives a true present in  the women’s century. Goddess bless our Tim as well he truly is a noble soul!

Don’t ask what collaboration has done for one ask what one is doing in collaboration with the other