Vita is under reconstruction

On the move in Manhatan Whoops I updated WordPress  and clearly it removed some of my branding and key aspects to my site! So we have to recreate the previous look of Vita so bear with me as I redo my previous look loved ones! Ah well ya live love and learn !

Stay tuned to Vita as we climb  back up the mountain and redo my widgets  and categories Vita all will come back into the lovely New York feel we have created and live at “Vita! All content is still up and my current clients can be found at ‘Vita’s People”. To Access Vita Classic go here 

My musical interlude previous images of New York and much more will return soon ! Current clients can be found at ‘Vita’s People” at the top of the site! New clients coming soon to front page and my rotating banner of current clients  will return in the fullness of time!

If you wish to see Vita @ Twitter go to @Vitalingus  my tech skills are  in development.  so you will have to log in for now till I figure out what went wrong with the twitter URL! widget!   Anyway as my dear friend Adam says onward and upward ! We will work our way back to the Upper East side for a sharper smarter stylish view of ‘Vita’ very soon until then keep on reading the pearls of Vita! The content will continue as it does and the images of her world will become bigger and better here at ‘Vita’! The world and ‘Vita’ will realign very soon!

Clearly there is a meltdown in the WordPress world and new skills to be learnt in the whirl  and swirl of Social Media! As my friend  Minnie Mullee  says Toodle Pip loved ones as I go forth up the East Side to take new images of Manhattan to show in all their glory here at ‘Vita”