Germaine good manners and 21st century ‘chivalry’

New York  stairway to heavenMy religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. Dalai Lama

When a child is born, women get to hold ‘heaven in their hands!’ Every child is a gift from heaven! We have arrived loved ones in the 2nd decade of the women’s century. We are indeed birthing new futures, as we have always done  We are creating bigger better lives! We are raising the bar, shaping a new world order in response to how we think, see feel and believe the world can be cultivated nurtured and ‘won!’

We are doing it with love integrity, guts cutting through long arduous hours of excruciating pain, genuine collaborative engagement not to mention sheer tenacity. 

All the while living behind enemy lines it’s not for the faint-hearted loved ones! Mind you, these qualities are comparative to what is experienced as we birth a new evolved  generation! 


Patriarchy it could be viewed, (as I have mentioned before) from a different position and tends toward strategies that engage in conquering  controling, procuring, patronising behaviour Strategies that offer unwanted solutions and a need to manage others lives! Creepy really and NOT entirely inclusive techniques that empower the other…


As Germaine mentioned on the Australian ABC show, “Q and A” some weeks ago on the issue of chivalry in current times, suggesting quite rightly that chilvary is not gender based but manners based behaviour.

Indicating that it has very little to do with being a man’s domain or an obligation to basicly be polite.  Just common sense really!  It’s simply about good manners for all to engage in if one is aware enough to particpate without judgement.

As she suggested, chivalry is as it stands, is really a contrived reality that comes from the notion that women need men to ‘perform certain tasks on their behalf!” As a one of my favorite men on earth often says, ‘chivalry comes from a position of shared rights and justice’ not to mention what is best practice to offer toward another human being!

It becomes very apparent that aspects of this misunderstood behavior and paradigm are still, being trotted out to entrap and lessen a woman’s ability to be a self-determining person in her OWN right! It could be viewed as disempowering women or as others say looking after “the weaker sex” or do they really mean, creating a sense of  obedience and grateful for good manners?  

Below is an interesting version about the history of Chivalry over several centuries. More convenient truths 

In a future article I will discuss the “Birkenhead Drill” that was conceived after the wrecking of the Royal Navy troopship HMS Birkenhead, in 1852. It is very interesting historical event, about a contrived reality of a “weaker sex!” 


In the 21st century, this is seriously not acceptable; we all need to extend chivalry to the other as normal for all to participate in.  It could be argued that it is often used as weapon. “I did this for you so now I want something in return”.

As is the case with, “NO really does mean NO” to a woman. Pretending otherwise is an excuse for bad behavior!  There are endless television drama’s that show how this misinterpretation is acted out at women and it is consequences for women!!  I’m entirely sure producers of these shows think they highlight the problem or do they perpetuate it? 

Many manmade behaviors appear hard wired in some and could be seen as genetic memory Whatever it be, it needs attention and decoding. As these ingrained strategies are very much used today to control whoever is seen as a threat by both men and women. As I said before “what is worse than a misogynist man is a misogynist woman who believes him!”


Some have suggested chivalry was a man’s domain a very convenient truth that people seem fearful of losing! Chivalry is not exclusive to men like the Melbourne Club in Melbourne Australia  or indeed “The Knickerbocker Club (known informally as The Knick), a gentlemen’s club in New York City founded in 1871.” 

Below is a list of well known men’ s clubs that have in some cases taken up to a hundred years to allow women into their domain as so called “equals”. Admittedly, the architecture of these clubs is a lot more interesting than the belief systems of some of the men who frequent these venues

“Two extraordinary young women are working to change the hearts and minds of Pakistan.”

As Miki-san said … ‘do you truly want a person’s dream to come true? Or is it that you want to be that person’s savior for making that dream come true?