A gracious life and natural resources

“Although we hold the bowl open for an offering, the practice of takuhatsu [collecting alms] does not teach us to be dependent upon society, asking for something that is not earned, or pressuring a community for an entitlement to food or goods.”
Rather, it teaches us the fundamental lessons of the Buddha: to be inter dependent on everyone, to live our original homelessness, to include the homeless in thought and deed, to share everything, to accept what comes to us, to be generous, to be humble in society, to recognize the timid, to resist fame, to be modest, to resist the acquisition of goods, to throw off ego, to have the courage to be fully visible in practice.”

Western Sahara Down Under Supporting the Freedom to live Equally

Below are people graciously living to secure a freedom that is well deserved

Buddha and chocolateNatural resources are at the core of Morocco’s continued illegal occupation of Western Sahara. Recent oil drilling explorations off the coast of Boujdour have injected a new urgency into the issue, as the discovery of oil will exacerbate
competition for control over Africa’s last colony.

Phosphate from Bou Craa mine at the port of El Aaiunawaits shipment around the world Unemployed Saharawi youth join with former phosphate workers to claim the right to their natural wealth.
An impressive array of international and local speakers will outline the background and current situation in the former Spanish Sahara, discuss the risks of exploiting resources in an occupied territory, explore the question of
ethical investment in Saharawi natural resources, and finally, offer solutions for ending the conflict and illegal use of resources in Western Sahara.

Information and Registration
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Conference fee: $105.
For more information about the conference,
please visit www.awsa.org.au
Dinner: William Angliss Restaurant 550 Little
Lonsdale St,
Conference: The Deakin Edge, Federation Square,

Co-hosted by Centre for Citizenship, Development
and Human Rights at Deakin University and
Australia Western Sahara Association
Michael Koutrouzas,
senior financial advisor at Bell Potter Stockbrokers