An organic enlightened future

583Since all habit belongs to either the deluded panic of samsara or the noble path of enlightenment, it is best to develop the positive habit of the path of enlightenment that always creates the positive energy of love and faith, until we attain the selfless appearance of the buddas.
– Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, “Continuous Mind

A Continuous Journey of the Conscious Mind

As we move further into the women’s century it is absolutely imperative to be alert and aware, able to move with the “TIMES” and raise questions and evolve the world, We must all be open to change to hear the others needs, be open to courageous  and generous acts of humanity! We must all be diligent and dedicated to where the the continuous journey of the Conscious Mind will take US !


What we to have to ask in the world right now is who and what is being valued? As we move through the transition of patriarchy and truly embrace the women’s century it is essential we truly take on board integrity working collaboratively sustainably consciously Seriously the good of the whole, compassion, kindness hearing and listening to our true nature are they way to go ,
It would be genuinely wise and in fact vital that we all reassess revalue re acknowledge the other as self. It is blatantly apparent the old guard and the paradigms of who is deserving and who isn’t clearly needs to be addressed.

What is valued who is being valued and why are the key questions that so need to be examined? The old paradigms of bullying, greed fear of the other, misdirected protections ( the big end of town) narcissism,  vulgar projections and toxic misguided fears,, anger control judgement of the other are so vile and needed to be completely invalidated for humanity to move into a conscious love filled future!


Such things as ‘I am up your down’ I know you don’t,’ I am expert trust me ‘ THIS IS HOW IT IS, are habits, language and beliefs that are  NO LONGER relevant nor useful in the women’s century!

This book below is worth a look see a new generation have come to reshape the world! Let’s hope they embrace weave, dance and speak from the heart, as they use the new tools of technology, that embrace their way of being in the world.

Patriarchy as a belief system is dying!!!Belief systems on how  we should ALL live a life based on these paradigms above are no longer relevant nor useful for anyone! In fact are MEAN SPIRITED . The old paradigms of do as I say not as I do are the toxic waste of patriarchy! Such things as ‘we have always done it this way” it is ‘how it is” are NO LONGER a viable nor appropriate excuse for poor behavior.


409We must rise above and banish the nay Sayers, the fearful the manipulative the control freaks, the so called rule makers, To be cruel to be kind just does not work and is NOT VIABLE! We must rise above the thoughtlessness the selfishness and greediness in the political and personal arenas on a global level! The habits of the deluded past that was patriarchy are NOT NORMAL it is a poor excuse for VERY VERY POOR BEHAVIOR,

The behavior of patriarchy has no place in the women’s century! It is redundant and worth being revolted by loved ones! These old beliefs will NOT lead US to an enlightened place of compassion. love genuine integrity and an enlightened world.WE must ALL  step up and love the whole! It is time to embrace the new and yet what is innate in us all, GENUINE KINDNESS LOVE INTEGRITY HONESTY We must embrace the whole not just the sum/some of US.

We must all step gently in the world and revalue what is our true nature of love and kindness equity for all! We are all sentient beings that must be honored and respected When we touch the earth and walk in the world be aware be mindful of the AFFECT one has in ones immediate environment what one says what one consumes and how one cares for the earth and the other.
It really is useful to consider the other as one would wish to be considered and valued! Think about and consider what one bequeaths to the world and the earth we ALL inhabit