Hold the new moon we now can begin new ways of being

New days and nights with Buddha in our hands


Vita is always the consistent, current “black” (as
opposed to the new black) and the light of a Tibetan
Moon…We are definite that Vita/life is indeed the
dark and the light, the sad and happy…Some might
say delightfully alluring and elusive….



First steps for human kind post naughties!!!
“Compassion trust and integrity are outstripping
the DOW Jones!! Wall st is becoming more and more
alarmed!! More later from the lower east side~!!

Compassion means letting experience in then allows
us ALL to share the love the joy the suffering and
pain of others…

Compassion and empathy allows us ALL to be party and
part of the journey we are all on together….

Ones meditation is silent and listening, trusting and
initiates hearing the voice within us that name’s our
desire and commits to our future Prayer is that same
aspiration transformed and then vocalized….

Diligence persistence and perseverance are the tools
we must use to pursue the rewards that follow when our
highest thoughts, hearts and actions are clear and very

As Izumi who lived in the tenth century says

“Watching the moon at dawn, solitary, mid-sky,I knew
myself completely. No part left out.”

When we are open to all parts of ourselves and to
others across the world, Tibetan Magic happens and
we have touched the moon the sun and sky of our real
potential. We can then connect with one another fully
with genuine love trust and compassion.