“Imagine ALL the people” that will gain

Emerald green in Central ParkAs one of my favorite men said recently to me 2013 was PAIN 2014 is GAIN so let’s give love and peace a red hot go loved ones! As our brave Julia said let’s MOVE FORWARD and seriously embrace the women’s century!

This is simple request and heartfelt hope for the world inspired by great people that include John and Yoko Lassya and Mal! People who brought and bring the gift of themselves to the world!  We  must strive to ALL  contribute to life on earth with compassion respect  and integrity! We must ALL strive to enhance and participate in ways that are conscious collaborative ways in our walking /working giving and receiving in the world!

We must ALL strive to offer our best to the WHOLE,  in ways that lift ourselves and the other up  to create our best selves! WE must All strive to be inclusive and take the other by the hand nurture and honor the other as we would have ourselves honoured! This is way of the TRUE self the bigger self that is in ALL of US!

We must ALL strive to  participate in ways that  bring love  encouragement acceptance  joy kindness truth and humility to the world! This is our  opportunity to pay ATTENTION listen and hear  the world come whisper “Yes we can” We must ALL strive to USE  our sensory based thinking emotional intelligence and the truth of caring for ALL Souls!

NOW is OUR opportunity to do so as we live on this fragile earth!! WE must learn to grow evolve love and live as ONE! When we are fully AWARE we are ABLE to  decide to  relax repair processes and make the world a  better a place! We must ALL endeavor to honor the self the other and the world we live in with respect and genuine loving actions!

A healthy humility is imperative when we are creating our futures with productive healing  judgments and ACTIONS that uplift us ALL we can ALL be uplifted and the world can be as ONE!!

Ive been through it all and nothing works better than to have someone you love hold you.” John Lennon


‘We are Women  and very determined to do something about climate change” and all things that birth the world  and make it a better place! http://www.1millionwomen.com.au/who-we-are/

For my darling friend Lassya who passed in to the star of Goddess women, on Xmas day 2013! A woman of Ukraine a woman of the world! A woman who lived her TRUTH without fear and incredible resilience! A woman who lived and loved a courageous impervious life with creative vigor the strength of a Lioness and the elegance of a peacock at dance! She was a gift to the world that will never be forgotten!  Our heart will always hold you and our lives will always be enhanced by being loved and loving you Lassya