Otto and Spike Australian made and international warmth


Some have heard tale Vita is in constant motion elegantly
being thrilled and spun in a whirl of warmth and pleasure,
by her favorite cutting edge textile people in Brunswick,
Otto and Spike!!

Their current 2012 product range for the season is out
and about and now being worn worldwide.. Otto and Spike
it is well known to provide international dialogue and
comfort on an international scale, with warmth and deep
heart felt gratitude…

Otto and Spike provides glamour and warmth in winter,
from Sweden London New York New Zealand and throughout

The Otto and Spike range includes Homewares, Clothing,
and extensive range of hats, beanies, scarves developed
over several years of production. They have created a very
sustainable range of cycling accessories. A product range
for those keen to lighten their carbon foot print, while
looking very glamorous practical, and so warm….

See their retail STOCKISTS at the link below

Otto and Spike stockist list

The new range is a versatile range that covers the needs of
the whole! For bike riders have a look at their frosty range.
They are a comfortable perfect fit and deliciously soft and
warm under ones bike helmet!

We at Vita are very take with their new fingerless Glovettes
(in wrist or elbow length)… An absolute must on those early
morning sessions in the office when one is waiting for the
open fire to heat up the room!

As they say themselves they are always up for a true yarn
on all things Australia has to offer in past and future of
the textile industry…Being one of the few textile companies
that are left in Australia they are well placed to speak on
how things are spun and woven!

The Otto and Spike magic and innovation live on in the bright
future of the third generation of this fabulous family,
to maintain the integrity of the Australian textile

Otto and Spike products are an absolute MUST see and wear,
as they weave one into a place of great warmth and magic,
through their latest creations. Come see and explore their
site their history their process and their well designed
and divine love filled product…

An Australian textile company with longevity and always up
for a good yarn! Otto and Spike can be seen live and warm
in July 2012 AT


Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Melbourne

Thursday 19th of July to Sunday the 22nd of July

Click on the link below for the back stories on where
they’re going and where else they have been –

Otto and Spike blog


Don’t ask what warmth is doing ask whether one is wearing
the warmth of Otto and Spike

For more back stories by Vita about Otto and Spike from
previous years visit Vita Classic.