The Conundrum of Manhattan and the mountain’s we climb




More love to have and mountains to climb The fury to

succeed and the wearieness to succeed are skin deep in

Manhattan the  give and the take! The push and the pull.. The fear of others pathetic 

projections and the genuine objective  of success one can taste… It can leave one

breatheless with joy or disgusted by others toxic objections and sorry for their own

lack of goals ! ..Breezes on the Hudson, lofty heights and extreme garbage in old

elegant midtown that at 6.30am can appear like the remants of last  nights wild

party where the gate crashers took control!  Oh my and sharp talking dudes, on

the upper west, clean food at “Caravan of dreams”.  

All this can be had on just one day in Manhattan …Elegant women with handbag

dogs and yesterday’s garbage,  still lingering as they skip lightly along 3rd and 9th

in their Arche shoes! Men looking for love and buying takeout…

Rice in many forms in very hip Brooklyn…

Live music on the East river and magical views of the Manhattan Bridge.

Clear days with the “the Lady of Freedom” and men from Montreal. Saddnes

and yet more unanswered questions that must be addressed on the subway

down town ..Wee little Italy reminding us of the old country… A Brazilian

Goddess’s offering  fresh raspberry smoothies on East 17th with a look of

desperate hope and a need to get  home to her mountains…Himalayan art

and more mountains to climb in the west village it is all there the bliss and

despair of life in New York….