Vita’s generation Barack speaks about his journey

journey's of a generationSome have said, ‘Vita’ is our opportunity to “let every moment win”

To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the myriad of ways and the vast sources; we are nourished by in the world. Embrace the love and nourishment from the people we love the people we are genuinely loved by and the environment we create!  



My generation have worked and walked alone yet gathered our people as we grew. My generation believes in ‘Passion Mission Business’!  My generation takes the world by sun not storm. My generation lives from love not fear.  My generation always dances in the rain and takes the “walk on the wild side.”

My generation question outdated paradigms and builds more innovative paradigms that are inclusive not exclusive, in fact deeply attached to collaborative conscious participation. My generation embraces creative futures and values the past contributions to the process of change. My generation has ‘dreams from our father’s  and relish in ‘the art of possibility.’

Barack speaks about his journey prior to becoming the US President very interesting compassionate, emotionally intelligent reflections of a life well loved and lived.


My generation has always “seized the day” with both hands with fear courage and yet sheer delight. My generation understands the mentors of the past and values the mentors of the future. In fact, some would say we birth the mentors of the future.

My generation considers the implications of our actions. We understand karma that is to say ‘consequence of our actions’.  My generation considers the other as they would consider them self. So be very careful that next time you speak ill of the past and future mentors.

My generation has raised the bar, my generation thinks before we speak. My generation leaves our ego at the door. My generation speaks our truth without fear. My generation commits to creating solutions that better the world. My generation embraces sameness and differences.

My generation “consumes and replenishes”, and takes it very seriously (thanks Faith) for being who you are! . Her Brain Reserve site was down on the publication of this article.

Goddess love Faith, Lys (Marigold) and Giselle…


My generation walks between two worlds and builds bridges not bombs. My generation loves the other, as one would wish to be genuinely loved!  My generation is fearless about creating a better future. My generation is inclusive not exclusive.

My generation is so not into ‘toeing the line’. My generations climb mountains and often explore the crevice! Often we climb up the other side of the mountain. My generation are a can do generation. We say it is a can do situation ‘because we choose to make it so’. My generation is willing to step up and make the world emerald green; we question what has been and what can be done better!

My generation carries the hearts and minds of 7 generation. My generation embraces the next generation as part of our soul as a part of our past We rejoice with then that they too will step up recreate and relish our futures.

My generation understands there is no you or me there is only US. My generation is committed to right now and low carbon foot print futures!  My generation see hear and feel very deeply what we can ALL choice to create together!

Therefore, come work walk and play on the mountain become a meaningful part of “our generation’. We are all in this together

For Barack his family my family JG her family and my darling DB and his family