Growing Community in the Women’s Century


Tibetan Magic , does  exist in the real world. We all need not  enter our inner  world to experience that.  One can in fact live in the garden of ones delight. if we all value the other as self ….The plants and seeds of desire planted so long ago can be realised if we are all willing to work together . We must all be brave be bold be confident  see the watering and nurturing of our dreams as truly possible!

Tibetan Magic

Examine onese needs and take gradient steps to make them possible…. Be gracious and have grattitude for what one has.Allow ones spirit to grow.  Work step by step with ones creative ideas. As is written If one can concieve it one can create it.

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It is possible that we can all honour the dream when we value what truly matters.  Allow the self and the other to live fully in that reality. Never deny,  that Tibetan magic is with us all the time.Love all ones moment. and live a delicious NOW….Share ones pleasure, open ones heart…If we all participate  and are encouraged to play role, we are all nourished by our ability to see value and be valued