An opportunity to be our own inner strength give peace a chance

Sculpture in NY

Some have said ‘Vita:” is our opportunity to be our own inner strength a courageous creative thinker that allows love in and ones heart to shine bright for the good of the whole. To love the other as ONE would choose to be loved and respected.

 Apparently the bible says ‘we are all born equal”  so let’s start giving it chance “TO BE” SO! Whether one is a woman a man straight or gay white or black rich or poor these are non-issues to assess as viable guages of valadation in the world. We must stop debating these as seperate issues NO MORE! It is tiresome and so not necessary!  It is TIME to move on and address the real issue of PATRIACHY!

Patriarchy is a paradigm that has created violence hatred jealousy cruelty control abuse bullying I could go on the list of appalling behaviour that Patriarchy has inflicted on genuine human nature.

These beliefs and actions are ALL very questionable qualities that need addressing. It is  not whether people have a right to love another human being, live in peace marry, and create the next generation!

For goddess sake therein lies the issue of whether we ALL evolve as a species and embrace the whole not just the few. Be not fearful of the other be fearful of ones own inner anger and attitude to the other!

Too love and live our true human nature and acceptance of the other is what matters DO IT with love kindness and grace. That is all we really need to do to honour and love the other as we wish to be accepted by them.  The rest of our greatness we create as we go if we love who we are and love what can become.

‘Ones true human nature is in fact full of light love respect acceptance and to fully love and embrace the whole, as we can clearly see at this moment time as our genuine nature comes back in to alignment   I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.” John Lennon


Ah yes we are now travelling in the last days of patriarchy and misogyny! The current issue it could well appear ‘ARE we ALL equal?’ Do we all have equal rights that embrace the whole! It depends whether one includes the despots the dictator’s bully’s liar’s thieves and those who choose to judge others and attempt to wrongly try to control others way of being?

Ah yes THE PATRIACHY tend to deem others less and themselves more! Patriarchy has created a FALSE REALITY that ultimately that has destroyed them their demented reality. Patriarchy “could well be”, DISCUSSED as an evil fictitious and extremely insidious belief system that lessens the world and our ability TO BE AND MOVE FORWARD!  

The current focus on gay marriage has been brought out into the open, Penny has stepped up and named the disgraceful attitude that has she says ‘is illogical and basically inhumane! It is just another aspect of what a patriarchal world has created!

We must all raise the bar, love, and live above the evil of others disgraceful behaviour and fearful attitudes! We must raise the bar and break down the tyranny of fear and abuse of the other, poor judgement bad assumptions, abstract rules and out dated belief systems…

That my dears is where patriarchy and religious dogma have come undone by building false  laws perpetuating fear and loathing ruling with a iron fist, while all the while assaulting and humiliating their so called “flocks and constituents’ .” 


Hmm one has to ask are the nay sayers bullies lawmakers created by the “gods” is it their TRUE nature to behave badly? Do these people have a RIGHT to take hold over others walking, bully lie or steal from their homes! Do they have a right to lessen others existence and experiences in the world, or have these sad creatures been created and seduced by the ‘nature” of patriarchy.

“Perhaps if you were with me I might possibly take more pleasure in the kindness of those I meet here. But, as it is, everything seems so empty.” Mozart

Some have said Vita is our opportunity to ensure deeper connection to express our heart’s desires at the right moment, which is in every moment so share the love to ALL who work and walk with one!