Genuine engagement & collaboration

New York Monks Uppper East sideSome have said, ‘Vita’ is the art of exquisite heartfelt strategy filled with action and possibility. Futures brimming with fabulous moments will increase our joy for living and sharing.When we fully empower others and ourselves we are acting from best intentions and our highest integrity

 It is a well-known fact the great leadership is a collaborative process and requires a strong foundation of give and take. It is NOT about bulling controlling and cajoling others as the past patriarchy of centuries gone by would have us ALL believe!

Great leadership is NOT acceptable or achieved, by slippery truths, made up facts, grandiose ideas or fanciful wants, the ability to bully or a need for perceived popularity. These things simply feed an individual’s ego and address their low self-esteem or desire to be popular and a desperate need to get their shallow needs met. Have a look at every dictator over the last 100 years see what you think feel and see.

Far be it from ‘we’ at ‘Vita’ to leave the ‘so called’ democratic cultures and countries out of this dscussuion. I will leave you the reader to mull over what is happening in ones own back yard  region or county! It is quite clear dictatorships and democratic societies may well have much more in common than they dare to see here or think about.

A paper worth reading keeping in mind it is American so has it own perspective and approach to the issue at hand!


Embracing the needs of the whole is best practice and will always allow the best results. When we acknowledge and take in the needs of the entire group community, neighborhood, apartment block, co-op our streets region state, city country into FULL CONSIDERATION we are taking the braver step that creates greatest benefit for the entire group!

‘One person one vote, shared vision shared benefits,’
It takes clear thoughts clear objectives clear strategy and shared belief in shared resources (not to mention rigorous honesty,) to create a focus of unshakeable commitment to shared outcomes.

Solutions can then genuinely BE created when consensus is met using these beliefs and behaviors mentioned above. That is what uplifts the whole and allows things TO BE achieved. It takes genuine empathy and shared goals for all the members in a group/ society to achieve shared outcomes… Practice Practice Practice TO BE THIS (thanks Judy)


It takes genuine perspective in the present moment and an honest ABILITY to have foresight for shared dreams goals and lives for well-formed future outcomes to be envisaged. So be clear that progress is discussed planned explained examined and agreed upon by the whole, so that outcomes are seamlessly managed and ALL are included. These are the true creative leaders who lead by love not fear.

DSCF1058This is the true nature of how ‘TO BE’ actively engaged in the world! This is the true nature of how we genuinely achieve our best work our best lives.

Those who lived and created creative leadership at the Chelsea in New York, are still doing courageous work today.

Patriarchy has tended toward convoluted controlling ideas and methods that often times left most of the population out. It was generally identified as “ my way or the highway”

Below is some interesting current content on men and leadership that will enlighten one and see gradient steps are being evolved to address this issue. Do your own reserch on how the world is moving forward away from the “ME memtality’ to a more useful and inclusive mind set.


Genuine diplomatic leadership NEVER ENGAGE in petty power struggles nor do they  create malicious dynamics nor construct, or engage in perceived power plays with others.

Genuine leaders have no ego always capable and willing to facilitate others to be competent and empowered leaders as well. Those qualities are worthy skills and knowledge to act upon at all times. Genuine leaders have no desire to control do   not engage in ego based actions that only benefit some. Genuine leadership raise the bar empowering processes and engage all involved so that ALL will benefit


This kind of leadership is at ease with the process of collaboration this is the style and quality of a genuine leader we look for and value in the 21st century. This kind of leader always breaths joy and exuberance to a situation to ensure shared outcomes are realized. This way of being is delightful useful and uplifting can be expressed when see that we are all as ONE. The journey takes time to build this kind of leadership and harmony. Time, preparation and a practiced experience with life itself is the key.

Some have said ‘Vita’ is our opportunity to live our enduring resilience with love peace and shared objectives that embrace the whole