Coretta Martin John and Yoko know all about what love is

Tibetan MagicCoretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., said ‘that if she had to pinpoint the most important message she has learned in her life, “it would be that love is the most powerful healing force on earth, and it is available to us all’.

If we can ALL learn how to love one another, there is nothing we can’t do.” So we can rise above, and rise in love, when we practice the art of loving with our world 

It resonates if one is paying ATTENTION When we value ourselves we are able to value the other As Jude says practice practice practice and do it with meaning When we ALL  are able to be honest with ourselves and speak the truth we are able come from a place of genuine love and move forward. 

If  we give our best  self we honor  our highest values  of trust respect love kindness! When we act from this place we are all rewarded for being love not hatred and fear (which are surely the words of patriarchy) they are NOT words of those that the birth the world.

Acting from honesty and our higher selves is essential if we ALL PREPARED to act with integrity This is the only way to create better more evolved ways of being in our world in our communities in our towns in our villages in neighborhoods in the streets and in our human bodies; When we carry the weight of the child inside us we carry the weight of hope and happiness!    

These are the ways of the women’s century we may  have to reintroduce them to people as  essential core values and do away with concepts of  mandatory detention controlling borders and fear of the other    When we honour love our intentions and commitments are matching our words to our deeds.  Not when we impose patriarchal rules that steal NOT heal from our genuine human spirit!

Another great song by John ( Lennon) that is he understood love as it lived his love!