Dance of the future to be learned and loved

* Anlayana sivrisinek saz, anlamayana davul zurna az.
>> Literal translation: To one who understands, a mosquito is a lute, to one who does not understand, a drum and zurna are little.
>> Meaning: A good listener needs only half a word.

IMG_2884Well you may well ask where ‘Vita’ has been some have said  she is weaving the future and creating new dance steps! You may well have noted ‘Vita Classic; has left the site. Indeed that is the case however it is symbolic of creating new futures new beginnings! Vita has been on sabbatical reinventing revitalizing revaluing the future!

Vita New York will continue bigger better more elegant, Content from Vita Classic will reappear in a new divine Sienna setting with the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Never to be forgotten as ‘Muse of Goddess ‘Vita Classic is of to conquer  a new mountain! As we move forward let’s love the past for what we learnt how we loved and take the learning with us!


As a dear friend recently wrote to me and said who in fact is celebrating their birthday today\

Every person is a mystery

That must be learned (and loved in fact)



With Care


and Pain

And is never learned completly

New York August 2010 278Yet as we all know time dances and we must move with the music allow the melody to soak into our hearts and let the dance lead the way to our future. New vista’s must be viewed and visualized to create a new vista new thrilling pathways must be re invented to embrace the future. That is the job of bounty hunter a curve shaper and indeed the brave!
* Aslan yattığı yerden belli olur.
>> female translation: You can tell a lioness from where she dwells.
>> Meaning: A person’s character shows itself from her surroundings

Don’t ask what the future is doing for one ask how one is creating the future