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Bossy Billionaires Best Practice and How Best to Move forward .. Settle in and have a read this article has been updated with new content since JULY 31st 2023

Fame Infamous, and or brimming with knowledge, and willing to share are, being redefined at Twitter  It is very off putting and is being monetized in a very grubby money hungry way and  space!

To add to the drama WordPress sites are being challenged with a significant Technology glitch that is NOT working in the dance of collaborative action and dialogue !  It is partly a communication issue from the Twitter end of the process.and lines been drawn in the sand by other providers  So, if one has been trying to read this page on my site

 Vita’s Social Musings  It currently says if you click on the page  “nothing to see yet,” THIS IS NOT THE CASE in fact.. Below is a perspective of the actual reason why this is so!  It could be perceived as Twitters new ‘leadership, stepping way over the line of good manners and Collaborative platform sharing protocols .. 


Clearly being a Billionaire does NOT guarantee or ensure, good decision making nor viable leadership Or prey tell graciously,  collaborating with other social media platforms with shared intentions…It could be said when EM was a .“com kid,” it was circumstance not necessarily leadership that has positioned him to just buy whatever he likes now.  

Buddha in Chelsea


Clearly like Robert Mose (Google him ya self if ya not sure who that is and, DT (we  all know who I mean) who came before ‘EM”.. are procurers of of spaces.. Robert Mose Manhattan infrastructure and well we know DT’s thing is Real Estate…

EM’s thing it could appear is too own, virtual spaces and clearly wants” a larger slice  of the the Social Media landscape! In fact a Social Media site on this occasion, that he clearly has ZERO insight about.

EM could well try saying ‘I don’t know” and learn something new ! Like hearing and listening, then validate and respect those that built Twiters presence as a Social Media platform since its inception in March 2006…

All 3 men  mentioned  above, have clearly limited hearing and actually,  listening skills, that need to be right, which is NOT helpful at all for anyone…..In fact those in the know are very AWARE being heard is far better than needing to be right and in charge! So last century so not NOW!   All that is very very exhausting, and tiresome behavior…So Patriarchal  so last century and NOT effective  Such behavior,  can turn a kitten into a Lioness very quickly. if that line is crossed …OH and yelling not helpful as one who loves me dearly says ‘don’t yell at others unless they are in danger ‘ .Very helpful when you have a lived experience of the ‘Lingus”family .Haha figure out what I just said !!

‘Some have said ‘Vita is a Funny girl  not to mention a very gorgeous wee goddess’


To add to the drama WordPress sites are being challenged with a major Technology glitch that  is NOT working in anyone’s language !  It is an issue from the Twitter end of the process .. So if one has been trying to read the link  on my site  at Vita’s Social Musings  It currently says nothing to see yet !  NOT TRUE…….However check this MASHABLE  story out below.   An interesting article on how Twitter’s new business strategies are affecting other Social Media platforms 


MMMm a perspective from Mashable that is worth reading the full article  It gives clarity to an emerging issue.. As ‘distracted Billionaire shoppers scoop up  new media platforms and interfere in right process and free speech..A very sad state of affairs and not helpful, in maintaining strong collaborative Social Media communication.

That is literally what is occurring with Old Media as local news across America! is scoped up by those with no understanding of democracy, freedom  of the press, community or social justice. within  actual communities.

It could be said the theme thread of this destructive behavior. is very potent and vivid. I will add an excellent article on the issue later.  This  type of behavior s so stepping way over the line of good manners and Collaborative  conversations and local ownership not to mention how that is disseminated with platform sharing protocols. 

For one who has gone the whole distance as an early adopter. I’m very Grrrrrr and very Lioness about the issue.. We at ‘Vita” are astounded, how this is being played out at Twitter. It could appear that it gives no regard for users of Twitter accounts and questions the future nature of Social Media Platforms…  

The article above is well worth a read, on the Social Media players  and their relationships, existing  technology glitches and how collaborative  work is playing out in the third Decade of the women’s  century..


Noting sadly that we still have a way to go in these massive virtual spaces as equal playing grounds for all.  More on the history of women’s virtual owned spaces soon..

Indeed  five years after my own arrival online with my personal Column  online”VITALINGUS’,

On the West Coast of America Elisa Lisa and Jory gave birth in 2005 to a brave endeavor, ‘BlogHer.  Mmm indeed a brave act, that has been the gift that keeps to giving to them ..They were the creators and co owners of BlogHer which continues on today in an evolving and spirited form for those who remain in that space NOW!

A very well timed virtual  creation that certainly played a key role in creating ‘women’s spaces online . BlogHer was indeed, part of the great surge forward, by creating a collaborative  virtual space for women in the first part of the Women’s Century!

It would be fair and  justified to say, Social Media platforms owned and run by women still has a long way to go. I spoke way at BlogHer way back in summer July 2007 in Chicago! For purposes of genuine sisterhood here is the back story to what it has become since 2005 to now in 2023…

Bloghers Backstory 2005 to 2023

It will be absolutely, fascinating  to see how the Social Media  dance will evolve in the next wee while. MMMmm what new spaces will be created and how trust in Social Media platforms integrity will change and grow for the generations just arriving !!

On the issue of Social Media and Best Practice go deep and research the benefits of social sharing and building respect and trust, in the spaces we all go now. Examine ones own dance within the spaces and see all the choices we have created in 25 years..What matters is how we use and behave in all these spaces. Mmm love and respect with good boundaries, is entirely what Matters.

“Always was always will BE’ Linda Burney  quote 


Clearly being a Billionaire does NOT guarantee good decision making or a natural ability to build contain communicate and maintain a business you have no knowledge or skill set in…

It could be said that when EM  was a .com kid, it was circumstance  not necessarily leadership  and genuine insight that has led him to where he is NOW! Lets see how this evolves..As an aside this Film below is based on The New York .com crowd  in 2000


It could be said EM, was the outsider like “DT” and Robert Moses before him. They all wanted to be on the inside and so have invented themselves as power brokers! That is Patriarchy in action ! ‘Boom: as some say in LA ! Yes it is theme being playing out in the dying days of patriarchy


So check out “We Live in Public a  great back story on where we have been and how that is playing out now in the whirl and wild times of Social Media A New York state of mind   a different man with a free spirit and quite likely more collaborative,  insight than the men mentioned above…

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