Ignoring ‘Mother Earth’ the ultimate misogyny

Chelsea MarketIn a democracy, the poor will have more power than the rich will, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. Aristotle

Well one wonders how Australians view their own choices and their strength, now the ‘Abbott’ has whisked them back to a previous century! One wonders do they have the will to move forward’. Clearly the government don’t know which side their bread is buttered they are about to discover the power of the people and what it really values ! The governments self proclaimed ‘mandates’ will never rise and become quite inedible and deeply unacceptable!


Clearly sustainable housing climate change refugees and equity for women are of the agenda for another 3 years oh and do not speak of science! Out of sight out of mind more convenient truths as the ‘The Abbott’ and his merry menacing men “destroying the joint’!  

Meanwhile genuine climate change is in full swing and a disturbing denial of the consequences are not of the ‘Abbotts’ concern! Ironically the current governenment some how think sacking ‘champions of change’ will stop the dialogue and bury the issues that are effecting our futures! Clearly they are unaware that people create their own mandates ( interesting that word) and are prepared to keep the issues that actually matter real and current




One could surmise that ignoring ‘mother earth’ is the ultimate misogyny. As David Suzuki aptly suggests the neglect of the planet is an ‘intergenerational crime’.  Neglect of the earth is the ultimate war crime we need to address as we would other man made wars. 


One has to ask why we allow this to continue. The world continues to acquiesce to patriarchy, ‘I am right your wrong’ that’s mine not yours’, user pays narcissism greed corruption war! We still find patriarchy hanging on ‘for dear life with its strangle hold on ego based belief systems that stifle genuine dialogue and common ground that could well be more productive.

People often ask others what do you do who do you work for, and they will say the work for the ‘man’. Well that time is over and we now all need to pay attention and work for (as we often say at Vita) ‘we work for the next generation that is the only job; we must all pay attention too now!


Gross domestic happiness is gaining traction and well worth investing in! We are responsible for the earth and our relationship to it. The health of ALL our futures is only possible when we all collaborate, create genuine dialogue and love the other as we have our self-loved