Julie’s ‘Choice’ Julie’s ‘Merit’ the sharp edges of the ceiling

DSCF1100“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” Ernest Hemmingway

 Well as I mentioned on September 06th 2013 Australians have gone back in TIME and voted in a 20th century government, effectively not listening nor hearing their own needs for a 21st century world!

It is very doubtful their needs will be met by their newly anointed ‘Abbott’. His ‘slow and steady’ approach may well take Australians back to a point not seen since Edith Cowan was elected at a state level of government.

It took  some time longer for a woman to step up at a federal level of parlaiment and show her ‘merit’ as the incumbent goverment might say  ! Interestingly Edith too was a Western Australian woman as is the only woman in ‘The Abbotts’ “broad church’ nominated to the inner ministry! See below for more on womens history!



The little aussie battler’ in the marginal seats appears ‘TO BE’ still under an illusion the patriarchy will save them, fix the ‘problems’, and create solutions on their behalf! They are still attached to a patriarchal framework that someone else will take ‘control’ of the situation on their behalf,  


The Australian voter appears to think simply by voting their job is complete for another 3 years clearly operating from a place of disempowerment and  possibly too disempowered  to consider what they have chosen or not as the case maybe!

They clearly believe voting for more roads that make their commute to the growth corridors easier, is a viable solution to all their ‘problems’. It could well appear they have driven into a cul de sac Their belief that refugees without cars or rights will make their commute harder simply by existing seems a very flawed idea

Yet refugees’ congesting the roads was an ill-conceived concern in the western suburbs of Sydney an ill  informed notion that  refugees would ‘ drive in and “make their lives more difficult’ to turn back out of the “cul de sac’ of their outdated belief systems This reared its ugly head and apparently gained traction during the recent election in Australia.

One wonders whether they realise they have voted on a road to nowhere (which is pretty much, where refugees have ended up that were escaping to Australia by boat to seek refugee status), or have they simply voted for the past comfort of complacency, as it now appears to be! Check out this site below. 



It is alarming to see ‘TA’ (no thanks) the Australian PM ‘elect’ has no COMPRENSHION to creating equity in the social fabric of a society based on his new ministry of men!

Clearly 50 per cent of the population are still unrepresented in his new government in 2013! Astounding and as others have said embarrassing then the Liberal Party have never genuinely advocated equity for women, they have a nebulous concept of ‘merit’it would appear!

Amanda Vanstone an ex Senator for the Liberal Party from the Howard years, seems to believe if he changed his Ministry he would be breaking an “election promise” to the boys maybe in the Liberal Party but not to the electorate! Another ex Howard Minister suggested “oh we will get another one’ on being questioned on late news about the lack of women in the ‘Abbotts’ Ministry.

Julie Bishop the new Foreign Minister has stood by or behind ‘her’ man (hard to tell which she prefers),over 3 leadership spills, so of course she does not see herself as  a token woman or sees the glass ceiling!

Hmm in some societies, she could be seen as wife number 1! Julie may well still maintain that status as women of ‘merit’ begin to ‘knock on the door’ and she plays the gender game with the ‘ceiling/gate crashers who may well take her on!

It would have been very interesting if Sophie Mirabella had won back her seat in ‘Indie’ in Victoria for the Liberals. 1 wonders, would they have supported each other or just gone along with the boys club to maintain the status quo!

Maybe Julie does not see the glass ceiling as she has been sitting on the edge of it not under it and the sharp edges of patriarchy have dulled her understanding and empathy for other women!

‘Bishop said she had never considered herself as a token woman: “I believe in people being promoted on merit.’” I don’t see a glass ceiling,” she told ABC Radio. Interesting use of language possibly meaning I don’t want to see what other women see OR EXPERIENCE. I wonder how often she throws stones!

“I learn from my own daughter that you don’t have to be awake to cry.” Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

On election night, 2013 Julie  had a rather “Thatcheresque: feel about her as she planned her descent to secure her place in the boys club. Beware Julie of that legacy consider what happened to Baroness Thatcher when the men in her world found no use for her anymore!


One wonders whether Julie considers herself a feminist! One wonders whether she will be chastised for being “barren’ or childless as Julia was. One wonders what ‘merit’ means to Julie given she is been anointed by her ‘Abbott” using a patriarchal paradigm of ‘merit’.

One wonders how she sees other Liberal women as mentors or threats. The newly anointed ‘Abbott’s’ insistence on taking it ‘slow and steady’ may well leave Julie sitting on the edge of the ‘glass ceiling’ for some time alone and maybe that will suit her that is until they no longer see her “merits” .. One wonders does she see herself as a role model or mentor to other women with “merit!

One wonders how she sees other women does she have empathy for the other, Has Julie’s world been so small inside the patriarchal bubble TO BE able to comprehend another woman’s experience of patriarchy. One wonders whether Julie cares whether women sit on the edge of the glass ceiling with her or not.



Baroness Margaret Thatcher was not an advocate for women as such either and clearly loved playing “top dog” and used her ‘iron fist” very effectively with her governments. She clearly had no empathy for women and only supported breast screenings for women, as it would save money!


One wonders what JB’s legacy will be on the familiar stage of patriarchy One wonders what role she will take to help women of ‘ merit’ enter the sheer pane/ pain of patriarchy and the rule of her “Abbott” over the next 3 years.

One wonders how long it will take before Julie is blamed, for her choices as she weaves her way through the malaise that maintains the old world order of patriarchy! http://www.digitalnpq.org/archive/2010_fall/09_nafisi.html

As I have mentioned before and say it again what is worse than a misogynist man yet a misogynist woman that believes him.