“It’s truly Time ” for a culture of empathy and compassion

Re creating our language and beliefs

“Only a renewed consciousness of the worth of
each and every one of us can provide a viable
beginning of a new politics and of community
that could bring us together.
Jim Wallis in “The Soul of Politics”

To create this new consciousness is a formidable
spiritual and political task. We can make it possible
through practice courage and good books on the issue.

To practice this thought: Be conscious of one’s own role
in this change. Consider how it impacts on the whole.
Consider one’s own self talk and how one speaks, thinks
and acts! Consider how it impacts to create a better
world for all.

See what George has to say on the issue very current
very now considering it is a response to a previous
times and yet still so current!


Oh and another very relevant book to consider reading by a
very evolved man of compassion and respect for the other.
Published 10 years ago experienced by Tony over 30 years ago
and yet so very current very NOW!!


Don’t ask what compassion is doing for one ask what one is
doing with emapthy amd compassion!