Life before and after climate change in New York

  There are several realities now being played out now climate change has impacted Manhattan.. Acts of great kindness communities pulling together and the haves  becmomg the have nots.. People having to see things as they truly are.. A redefining of what really matters in the City that never sleeps! Where winner takes all and narcisstic behaviour has been acceptable when clearly it is NOT acceptable

“That we all in this together”  is a new concept to most people is so disgraceful That it takes the destruction of an affluent city to really get the message across is absolutely alarming…

Giving support, creating a dialogue with others offering care and looking after the other without judgement clearly needs to be addressed!It is quie clear comminities matter and are motivated to act in such situations and do. Social Media clearly played a part in getting information  and action on the ground happening… “Occupy Sandy”  are very clear on their approach they  ” are not interested in just giving out survival items. Rather, they strive to empower people and build lasting networks to mitigate the problems of poverty in the long term.

Take  heed from these words  it is what is needed at a global level.. Collabaration consensus consideration compassion and consicous effort to evolve and grow as a world…

“Seeking the truth and practicing compassion – that is the way that life becomes meaningful”