Loving the City and Joy in the Village 2020

Peaceful spaces in the West Village Manhattan

This article is a re issue from my earlier days in Manhattan. As we pray meditate and sing songs of hope in these tumultuous times of the dreaded Rona’ pandemic.  A pandemic not seen in the city since the 80’s Yes I mean ‘Aids’, which we all know was also a global crisis and dealt with in a very different manner .. 

This particular pandemic is proving to be the great leveller, showing us it is NOT about you NOT about me but is about all of us ! This Pandemic is brutal and swift in its redemption A pandemic  that is wreaking havoc not just in the ‘city”  

A devastating plight that is eating  away at the core of courage, that is required to survive in my beloved ‘Big Apple” We wait we isolate we live with courage and a yes we can yes we will get through this  awful and destructive  as this is  being written

Creative Destruction in the City


OH, la la loved ones 25 days on the island (Manhattan) a joy to be loved licked and danced with . A journey that is.simply sublime a delicious adventure Big handsome  blue eyed joy, ready to play for all it is worth, it is an  eternity in every moment. A city of endless pleasure and delicious journeys, that never end. One hungers for more and lives with the joy of knowing great love  will come again and again.. That is New York.


Manhattan is a conundrum, a city with desires a city waiting and working toward living the dream… A sadness and isolation acted as “flat out and ready to dance and fight for the dream for several lives times “


A city that is listening yet not often hearing, or feeling out loud, a city that wants to know but is flat out rushing into its future! Clean dog’s elegant women, cheeky men and crushing poverty, endless garbage those who’s offer savor are not often valued as they must be honored  Thanks, seems an unfamiliar term. ( I am speaking about what we have only recently embraced ALL those on the front line

Shopping choices that leaves one spent and rethinking Zen on the lower west, side..

I have updated this article in May 22 ! When I wrote this article in 2020 Century 21 was still open sadly a fabulous shopping icon is gone now a business that has NOT survived the pandemic!

. Century 21 Department Store

A humble and respectful home in the East Village, that gives comfort, genuine humor a recognizable kindness, not often seen in the city… My beloved East Village is a vision of humility and days gone by.. A genuine community that values its identity culture and respect for the other . Indeed, a place one feels at home!  

New York offers very raw gutsy villages within a city that lives 24  seven, A city lost for words with the volume turned up! New York lives with wild abandon and a very apparent weariness that is skin deep… 


A city desperate to love fully to speak from the heart and show of it’s splendor, A city that carries the rich memories of 7 generations in the palm of its hands. A city, that demands ones attention and often times leave one hungry for silence

A city that is fiercely proud and willing to tell ya so…New York is on wheels flat out moving into the “Transition Decade” with hope and an unfamiliar fear and pain of what the future will hold!  A city where sincerity and follow through will refresh the spirit of the heart….This link is not resolving properly but it is Alicia Keys singing New York

A multicultural banquet of fear and hope, that gives blessings via the food it creates. Food is in fact love made visible…Manhattan has it all both love and fear!  Fatty fast food that can cause havoc 
on the body and soul paralleled by delightful memories that often times takes one back to previous lifetime!

Vita’ eats well on her travels

Organic whole foods in Union Square that reminds one there is still hope, for a healthy future. Organic Produce that give one faith we can all grow and share together as a world!

With Deep and passionate love for my my beloved New York big handsome and well worth loving for many life times.. Don’t ask what great love has done for one ask what one is doing with ones great love.. With the best of my love for my New York