Measures of abundance and white noise in Social Media

Sound bytes of fame and short-lived wins are just not, where it is “at”. As the French philosopher, Simone Weil said, “absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.”

Some have said love and attention is often times done in silence and as the runes say ‘patience is the reward of patience!’


One wonders about the “passive voice” and aggressive marketing what are the advantages and disadvantages of either. As they say, there are ‘many ways to measure abundance and success’.

 It could well appear subtle communication is rare in these times of 24/7, conversation it could well appear the spillage is loud fast and it could be said often full of ego and instructions or worse the 10 best 10 worst things to do say  etc etc…. These are very limiting patriarchal concepts and frameworks of thinking, which offers a very small construct for the “art of possibility”.

Interdependence and collaboration are bandied about yet are they truly valued in the new world order, or is it  what’s “trending now’ that people prefer on the “day and value as the only oprtion available that they accept.’  One begins to wonder are trends the only things valididated and focussed on. There are an endless array of of Social Media Tools, where one can go, to be heard, or seen depending on one’s approach to a presence in the 21st century world of ‘cyber speak cyber look.’


One could concede the best approach in any communication whether face-to-face or at a distance requires hearing listening and taking in what others articulate. Best practice is not to assume what others are saying or doing. More importantly seeing what is and what is not is more useful.

Assumption is a poor excuse for listening seeing and hearing the other. Responding in an open healthy way empowers a situation and can evolve idea and communication. A more profound connection to the whole is far more enticing, not to mention a useful process to create better communication.     


The white noise of SM is a sad testimony to really the fragility of human nature and its tendency to project fears judgment and frankly, an inability to pay attention to what is actually said! It could be said it is the difference between controlling casual, careless connection and genuine flourishing relationships of depth… So always, listen to the motives of one’s heart and intentions.  Best practice is  be sincere with one self and the other, share explore grow and evolve so all are lifted to a higher place of understanding a deeper love for an evolutionary future for all.