Trust amplified voices and perceived distance in the 21st century

Every Street  in New York Some have said “Vita” is an opportunity 2 connect our motivating power one moment at a time.  

To evolve the world we must move forward gracefully with the natural pace & patterns of life. We must all be resolute and trust in that all things can be seen for what they are when one is living a true present. All things come to the light to those with eyes to see, what is genuine and uplifts the whole!

When we work, together we are powerful and heal, cultivate and make the world a better place! We learn to play love and enjoy with clarity and trust together, then and only then have we have truly succeeded.

Situational awareness is very current and yet very old fashioned consider the virtues of resilience this is essential in ones daily practice whether in our work or play.  Everything requires a compusure for altruistic trust and sacred virtues. Never give up on ones intuition and awareness of what is divine and motivating.