Pure Life and casting light

Emu on the Plain
    A bleak consolation

Though the times are inauspicious,
and the window blinds are drawn,
the healing waters withered in the drought,
a messiah or a rock star is nowhere about
and your carrier pigeon internet is shot,
when finer classes of drones release smart alec bombs,
and humans are ringbarked at their own hand,
preferring taller high-rise to old sacred ground, 
when you’re limp like a freesia past its best vase days,
when your nation disappoints you at dicey ballot box,
and jihads are raging like peace talks when in session

            koalas are not yet extinct
            there’s emu on the plain.

Kevin Pearson Black Pepper Publishing 2019


‘However, in my Pure Land faith, there’s no self-conscious examination of our transgressions. We feel that we can naturally flush away these negative aspects with a sincere, continual recitation of the nembutsu.’

Abbess Fushimi was (born on December 1, 1938, in Tokyo, Japan)”