Silent works/walks and witnessing the world



Evan S, age 7  New York
“The Buddha was a guy who sat under the Bodhi tree until he understood the meaning of life.”

Well it has been some time since ‘Vita’ has spoken.Clearly the world is in deep change and turmoil! Governments have changed, more women are raising their voices and the patriarchy are now deeply terrified of losimg their self proclaimed power in the world!


We are at a tipping point that has evoked confusion violence, fear anger power struggles on a global level. However if one is paying attention this an opportunity to cease this unproductive negative behaviour cease  the power struggles ,It is actually TIME  to work collabaratively embrace the women’s century. Gough Whitlam  Helen and the United Nations were ready in 1975 for the women’s century!!

Goggle I am Woman  by Helen Reddy and see her song there

Trust in BuddhaOne man who clearly understands the imperative nature of this moment in TIME, is Barack Obama! A man courageous enough to work /walk behind enemy lines , who gets stuff done and speaks a genuine truth

He has given his time created change but sadly it appears the average voter has not noticed so here are some of those things below.

This may appear to be a list, Yet over time it  will impact and be valued if people begin to see hear and listen to a man who has been prepared to examine the meaning of his life . He had only 8 years to change a culture that is clearly not living the dream  ! Yet he has  taken a YES WE CAN attitude against so many odds!

His work/walk will  impact on others truth if they choose  to take courage for a YES WE  CAN, CHANGE and GROW appraoch! He has created the bud of the future,  but we must all breath life into the growth of that future. We must  utilise the good compost of the past to water the seeds of the future.

We must keep moving the world forward with an attitude of courage kindness and compassion!

Don’t ask if we can move forward just know we can move forward if we choose too!