The Lioness the Kitten the Goddess in the Girl 2016

Summer Drinks on East 14th

Summer Drinks on East 14th

Some have asked who is Vita?  They ponder and show intrigue for her presence? ‘Her” light and vitality are met with anticipation and quiet joy!!

Some have said “Vita” is the news we are all waiting for.

Vita is a Goddess. Vita is a girl. Vita is brave. Vita takes risks. Vita is tenacious. Vita has patience. Vita is willing to go the distance! Vita is a hunter Vita is a gatherer.  Vita steps carefully but is willing to pounce. Vita is a lioness; Vita is a kitten. Vita has real courage. Vita is the song. Vita is the dance.

Vita has tears Vita sometimes expresses real fears. Vita is often the courage inside a man. Vita loves fully without any fear. Vita is humble. Vita is kind Vita steps up when injustice is quite clear. Vita loves the journey the valleys and the mountains. Some have said Vita is the marathon the merry go round the joy in our day,



Some have said ‘Vita is the news we are all waiting for.

Vita is joy. Vita is laughter. Vita fly’s high and rarely drops out of the sky! Vita is the chicken Vita is the egg. Vita is a journey. Vita is a destination. Vita is a moment to play for all ya worth.

Vita has real time and cyber time! Vita is a life time. Vita is an adventure. Vita is the trapeze at the circus. Vita is the work Vita is the play. Vita is a banquet! Vita often fasts! Vita is a tonic that lasts and lasts!  Vita is Manhattan Vita is Upstate.  Vita is global! Vita is local! Vita is a creator Vita is a thinker a dreamer a doer Vita gets stuff done and loves and laughs as she does!

Favourite doorsNew York August 2010

Vita is life balance. Vita stands tall and see’s the other eye to eye.  Vita captures the essence of intimacy and genuine truth. Vita is willing to love every exquisite moment.

Vita is a being from earth and often shares gifts from heaven that taste like honey! Vita is a hint of ylang ylang lemon grass and cinnamon. Vita is universal love! Vita is the love inside all of us.


Just in case you’ve  missed the meaning  Vita +Life+ Love is essential! Vita is the skip in our step Our willingness to well being

Some genuinely believe and Cherish Vita /Life for ALL US!! Yes we do Yes we can.