Talking about evolutionary Leaders 2020

Let love come whisper from the grandmothers
The Ancestors are listening
First Nation Truth Telling

Leaders think and talk about our evolution. Followers think and talk about the problems. – B Tracy and Vita

Zen is not a repository of belief, either positive or negative, relying instead on the circumstances of the moment to dictate what needs to be done without imposing any preconceived intent on the situation at hand.


What matters is love. What matters is honesty. What matters is caring for us all…What matters is integrity what matters is truth… What matters is kindness and gratitude for what we do and what the other does for one… What matters is to allow love in and to share our love. What matters is courage not fear…

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As a world we  need to evolve change grow, embrace the new embrace the whole. We must ‘move forward be inclusive. We must not fear being inclusive If we DO NOT behave in a inclusive manner grow share embrace the other, as ourself we are not really living an inclusive genuine truth as world. The major value in our life is not what we get. The most valuable thing in life is what we become and how we share that with others.The more anger towards the past we harbor, the less willing and capable one is of loving in the present.

Forgiving others is essential and allows positive energy to flow from us. Forgiving oneself is the first fundamental step when we vent anger at others and have resentment toward ourselves; one is not moving forward and living right NOW!

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To live our lives consciously each day, we must think before we speak and assess it’s effect on the other. We must continue to learn new ways of being, validate the others experience Respect the others perspective if it offers love not fear or hate. We must love the other as we would wish to be loved.

When  we are unkind, and have behaved in a less than loving manner to the other, we are unkind to ourselves. As a world we need to rethink how we validate and honour the souls and hearts of those we meet…

One must find the inner strength to forgive ourselves for our past behaviour if it has judged the other harshly.. The past has gone it may be who one once were,or were led to believe we were then. Never allow others to shape and project toxic beliefs as impacts on all souls who walk in the world. Let go of ones own limiting beliefs of others and  onesself.  

We can all create and collaborate to evolve  a better future. We all have the ability and freedom to start new satisfying love filled life’s, we are capable of being vital current and happy We can all be the person we truly choose to be.

Don’t ask what leadership has done to one ask what one is doing with leadership

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Communication works for those who work at it. – John Powell