The Afghan Girl returns for world peace now


The Afghan Girl Now  and Peace on Earth 2016

I wrote this article  on January 29th 2003. Thirteen years later, it compels me to reissue the article, to remind us all how far we have come in the Women’s Century, and yet how far we still need to go.

Yoko’s latest creation, reminded me of this article today Yoko, released  her latest, loving act and contribution to the Women’s Century, that could well be  a very powerful installation that acknowledges women’s pain and happiness . (see Yoko’s link at the bottom of this article) With some observations that are current in the world NOW!

This article from 2003 is worth consideration and still resonates today.


As one reflects on the state of the world as it stands today, what are Mr Bush and his allies pursuing? To what
end and to whose benefit will war make the world a much better and more peaceful place for all?. Or will it just
benefit those that participate and play “ball” with power hungry people calling the shots? Check out what the UN is dealing with right now ,,

UN Women


One must question and examine the bigger picture, and how it impacts on others. The validity and meaningfulness of Mr Bush’s tough talk ‘by all means, including military,’  is indeed a frightening and indeed tragic, position to be talking about. He tells/ (told) us? If you want to keep the peace you’ve got to have the authorisation to use force? We have to ask what is permission to go to war really actually about?

Yet is this potential war about authorisation or force? SERIOUSLY man made language  “authorisation” to go to war what is that?’  ‘Certainly not good manners to invade another country!  Vita’ has a sneaking suspicion it may well have more to do with self- proclaimed authority, ego and force. This is all just highlights levels of control and who has control in the world. This type of rhetoric and tough talk just highlights a very dubious  ‘constructed’ reality, that creates despair and fear throughout the world .FullSizeRender


Here at ‘Vita’ Love is essential to move the world forward. One has spoken of loving the other, as you would have ONE SELF loved  genuinely and means it (call me old fashioned.) So best practice is to value and love the self. first Accepting others uniqueness for what it is and loving the sameness in us all is best practiced.

Self love is shared love a recognition that we are all human beings and deserve mutual respect. How many more generations of people all over the world must lose their life’s, their dignity their family, their homes,communities their health, their crops;, under the guise that war truly is a viable means to create peace?. So last century and so not useful for all who are affected..


Then there was the hauntingly beautiful Afghan girl who cane into the mix, We saw her eyes and sure her beauty, fear and bewilderment..  As you go through your day consider the plight of all the Afghan girls that have had their life’s changed forever. An affluent first world photographer, who’s intention appears inquisitive, catching a moment in time of just one of these girls and then capitalizing/ witnessing that moment.

Bread and honey

Seventeen years on it appeared a honorable gesture to find and identify this girl. But is it helpful? What do we learn about this girl Indeed it is a miracle she is still alive, yet still living in abject poverty, She has birthed the next generation, giving an impression of hope. Remarkable really given the way her country has been ravaged and destroyed over her lifetime. by many that brought their own “weapons of mass destruction” 

Afghan Girl Peace Now

Independence and Organic produce

Indeed a philanthropic fund has been established to help the afghan girl?, but is this is too little too late. In this emerging situation will another, compassionate,  well-meaning photographer photograph an Iraqi girl and track her life over the next 17 years? What will it mean for us all?

Will her life be changed forever because of war or because of peace? War is not an option for world peace. Bless Yoko for being the visionary she is and creating an opportunity for women’s eyes to be seen on a mass level.

After so many years after writing this article  how many women’s  life’s are being broken by lack of acknowledgement genuine love and respect, The ground swell of respect is now becoming stronger.

The belief of equity for ALL, in the women’s century has cut through at so may levels. So here is Yoko’s latest endeavor which is so turned on. Let them see our eyes and the courage we have and to hold, while continuing  to birth the world.

Testament of Harm

With deep love courage, deep sadness and yet genuine hope for us all in women’s century. 13 years on from writing this we need to question how we love and honour the other. as self  John did!

For Yoko a true lover of love and art

Speak with love not war! “Judge a person by his questions rather than his answers.”

Don’t ask what love has done for one ask what one is doing with love

For Hilary and all courageous women and evolved men who commit to justice and peace on earth