The bravest act is to love and allow love in

Buddha in the  West Vilage  NY

Buddha Love

When one takes photographs, the moment before ones clicks the shutter; one’s mind is empty and open to what will be. Just seeing without verbal language and open to the image is truly being NOW.

When one, sits in front of one’s desktop, about to create an article or paper, one has no idea what will be the final word on the page. One may have a picture or a cunning plan of  how it will be formulated structured and presented.. However the magic is the ‘NEXT” moment of discovery of the NEW idea.

One does not actually know what will appear when one presses the first key. ” Ah yes the best laid plans” Allowing oneself to, begin and create in right timing is paramount to the process of NOW…Only then will the full story emerge and evolve in its fullness….

One must trust the flow of words or the picture that is captured in ones thoughts or camera. Be willing and open to the moment of brave action.

When one is current the mind will always be innovative responsive and spontaneous.  It is ultimately the bravest act we can do. Opening to
ones first thought is the way to being in true action and fully present. We are always freer when one is open to change


Live with the NOW and be willing to see a divine image or story unfold before one…Be thrilled for the surprise in every moment one is GIVEN…

Always ready for NOW and what is NEXT in the process of VITA/LIFE……

Don’t ask what love has done for one ask what one is doing to embrace love