The taste of discernment and smell of Gardenia

Strutting across Manhattan in Summer the perfect journey and full of the smells of summer

Acceptance of discernment

Considering the path from judgment to discernment
These are some considerations from Carol Bridges one who
has acted with discernment

“Egotistical self righteousness “I am always right
Blind dogmatism “My group is always right”
Prejuduce and judgmentalism ” My value’s are better
than others”
Discrimination ” I can tell you to the smallest detail
why one thing is better than another”
Discernment ” I can see a reason for it all and the part
I play in it’s creation I can CHOOSE not to play a part”

“Discernment is a willingness to look and listen attentively
to information before you. Whether that information comes to
you in the form of a person, a creed, societies, pressure an
event or even the simpliest words and actions. Take the time
to reflect and absorb the reason it has been placed in your
field of AWARENESS. You can accept the part you played in
drawing it to you.

“If you do not like it, you accept your role in dismissing it
from you. Discernment is an opportunity to make CHOICES of
your own making. Discenment is a liberation of from “victim
or oppressor” You have ascended. You may now TRUST yourself
to carry out the divine will by trusting and acting on what
feels RIGHT to you in every moment.”

“Your mind spirit and emotions are a co-ordinated unit acting
with full ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of your RELATIONSHIP to the whole.

The mind body spirit and emotions now know experientially always tell us WHAT WE SOWWE WILL ALSO REAP.

The circle of life is clear” So be aware of what one grows….Always ready for the smells and sight of  Gardenia in full bloom