“TO BE” empathy is TO ‘BE’ respect

831Empathy for others is clearly something that is innate and clearly not something “TO BE” taught. Empathy is stimulated by ones genuine experiences and a ability to understand another’s experience. Empathy is a genuine desire, to acknowledge the others experience, and acknowledge that experience with interest and compassion.

Empathy is fundamental to whether an idea a community a group a town a city a country or society has the ability to co exist and respect and honour the others experience as they would choose to be  respected and honoured.  

However, it could well appear patriarchal greed and narcissism may well have eroded this core soul felt experience and is now clearly damaging core values of trust love respect honesty that come with empathy.

Perspective for the whole in every present moment is something that we must always engage in. Empathy and foresight for future logical collaborative outcomes will always serve the whole and has a reverberating truth and honesty that will prevail