Vanessa’s Dumplings in Summer

Views and Beliefs with "Vanessa's Dumplings"Well summer has arrived in New York and we are so up for dumplings on the Terrace.  We LOVE Vanessa’s Dumpling House.

They are a delicate taste of heaven a gentle breeze in Spring in Japan, comfort food after flying in from the madness of LA . A kind reminder that authentic inexpensive REAL food can be found in Manhattan and well worth the walk to the East Village on a steamy Manhattan day..One can even get supplies to take home and as they say pop them in a steamer and serve with their rather delicious.

Vanessa’s dumplings can be a full healthy dinner or a great lunch pack as you rush down town on the Union Square subway to pick up some bargains at Century 21 or there salads are excellent for a small soiree with friends at Battery PaGoddess love the Combination Platters Can not go past the C5  for those not in the know it  is  a magic pack of “assorted dumplings” and very reasonably priced

Very taken with “Vanessa’s”chicken dumpings in a fresh broth made on the premises

Washed down with a Honey Dew 160z  Smoothei aren’t Americans so old fashioned

with their perceptions of good measurmennts loved ones!



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