Vitaesque existing with empathy

Love is our own image

Vita’s picture /existing with empathy

Sometimes, ONE may FEEL entrapped or captivated by someone or indeed a situation that leaves one with fear and faulty judgment. That in reality ONE may well have created the situation one’s self!

We must not deny what ONE really wants or who ONE really can become! Yet consider and incorporate the needs and wants of the other. Best practice in life is too negotiate, collaborate! Be considerate be open to change!   Try empathy not fear! Try encouragement not judgment Try freedom try trusting the self more often! 

Love is NOW..So modern so now so necessary! Always be willing to expand ones existing dreams and desires, we must ALSO be appreciative of what we truly already have and honor those gifts that  are current and well worth pursuing…

One must be transparent with ones love and life! Then one can make informed decisions simply make time to show ones true feelings to the other. Then one is truly free to love fully and without fear. Expressing and living by what we truly need is so much more thrilling and deeply satisfying.

Suppressing not expressing our truest needs and desires will always cause internal conflict and
unfulfilled LIFE’S/VITA!!

We can all benefit through seeking comfort and shared understanding from one we feel able to
express ones REAL thoughts and feelings with. So now, so right so real.So Picturesque so Statuesque…..So…Vitaesque!