Being a conscious curve shaper with a healthy attitude

IMG_1031Some have said “Vita” is an opportunity 2 create happiness and joy in our lives 2 end destructive patterns and to replace them we ones that embrace positive healthy ones!

 Below is brillante book by a brillante tenacious and forward thinking Goddess! Giselle is a true curve shaper living a true present every day! Giselle is a woman who creates the future and cares about living and being very conscious and caring in all that she does! Indeed, she is a true friend of the people! She is another pioneer for change and creating a healthy planet!

As we say at ‘Vita’ what we see love and respect in the other, we always have in our self! So attract what one wishes to become! Be conscious creative and capable of embracing those we wish to emulate! Love who one is and love what one becomes! Embrace a better more joyful loved filled world!

Don’t ask what others have created for one ask what one is creating to change and better the global food chain! These people below have contributed and loved their land their sky their water their sacred places forever and so must we all!

Grow evolve be global live  local and whatever we do be very conscious of what and  how that affects ones love, friends neighbours colleagues, street home community and as our darling Gough would say our “comrades” yet ultimately ones country environment and indeed the earth! Be aware be very aware this is our world and we must love it fully! We are as one we must step up and act as one!

With love care and conscious genuine kindness