Clearer days and the uniqueness of our souls

Clear days in Lower Manhattan

Clear days in Lower Manhattan


We have to ask what was the sadness in Phillip Seymour Hoffman that bought him to the point  of ‘finding refuge in a false history’, that clearly overwhelmed him and sadly took him from US! His death is heart breaking really such an evolved man with incredible talent compassion and emotional intelligence It is gutting that he could leave before his time!    


There is nothing monochromic about what has occurred and really just reminds us to love the other as we would wish to be loved! To see hear and support the other in times when the other needs a leg up a hug and genuine compassion! Our heart goes out to is family and those that loved him dearly! It is heart breaking he is no longer with US!

We could not have necessarily seen this coming but it also reminds US of the fragility of life and the importance of caring for the other and sharing their tears! Many tears are now being shed for a profoundly beautiful man!

As the very talented and beautiful Bethany Whitmore did in fact, as her character (Mary)  in  the VERY MOVING Australian film  


(Mary) sends Max Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character (Max) a container of her tears as he is unable to cry due to his condition of Asbergers Syndrome .

Mary’s completely profound and beautiful act of love and kindness is so moving, it reminds us to share our love and give the best of our unique self in every moment, be it our love and happiness or our tears and our fears! We must be allowed to share who we are and where we are in every moment!

The authority of our love is the Goddess of our happiness and our sadness

That is to say if we are paying attention being gracious acknowledging the pain and the pleasure of living the yin the yang, the extraordinary and the ordinary, the dull and the exciting, we are truly loving our self and the other!  

We are all connected we are all one degree of separation, as human beings as Phillip says we must live with death as death with live We share the pleasure and the pain commonly known as empathy the flip side of suffering

As  Simon Critchley says we crave a ‘tranquil death and of course we crave a tranquil live which is the total conundrum  we all live with our entire live

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Franz Kafka